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June 2023

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Member Since:

Sep 15, 2011



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

5k: 17:20

10k: 35:34

Half Marathon: 1:18 (Snow Canyon 08)

Marathon: 3:06 (Beaver 20)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Qualify for Boston Marathon (Run a 2:55 marathon)

Help PV athletes develop a love for running. 

Be the 1st male athlete to run all 4 years at Dixie State University. Done! 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Be a life-long runner

Favorite Blogs:

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Miles:This week: 22.01 Month: 29.77 Year: 2042.54
Hoka Rincon Lifetime Miles: 742.47
Hoka Clifton Lifetime Miles: 531.68
Saucony Ride Lifetime Miles: 805.46
Hoka Cavu Lifetime Miles: 86.29
Hoka Napali Blue Lifetime Miles: 335.18
Hoka Napali Red Lifetime Miles: 468.76
Hoka Instinct 2 Lifetime Miles: 288.34
ASICS Noosa Fast Lifetime Miles: 104.21
Nike Pegasus 32 Lifetime Miles: 354.64
Launch 4 Lifetime Miles: 470.04
Hoka Clifton 5 Lifetime Miles: 304.12
Hoka Speedgoat 3 Lifetime Miles: 482.59
Hoka Clifton Blue Lifetime Miles: 400.15
Hoka Carbon X Lifetime Miles: 427.57
Hoka Carbon Rocket Lifetime Miles: 110.25
Brooks Launch 7 Lifetime Miles: 492.70
Kinvara 6 Lifetime Miles: 373.32
Hoka Bondi 6 Lifetime Miles: 347.01
Hoka Challenger 5 Lifetime Miles: 485.68
Kinvara 11 Lifetime Miles: 560.55
Hoka Rincon 3 Lifetime Miles: 709.54
ASICS Novablast Lifetime Miles: 409.89
Saucony Ride 13 Lifetime Miles: 865.48
Trail Runs 2022 Lifetime Miles: 85.00
Hoka Bondi 7 Lifetime Miles: 190.37
Kinvara 13 Lifetime Miles: 690.19
Hoka Carbon X 3 Lifetime Miles: 108.06
Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Lifetime Miles: 272.04
NB XC Spike Lifetime Miles: 9.01
Nike Pegasus 37 Lifetime Miles: 245.11
Hoka Challenger 6 Lifetime Miles: 217.46
Trail Runs 2023 Lifetime Miles: 17.00
Nike Steelers Pegasus 39 Lifetime Miles: 81.94
Nike Air Zoom Tempo Lifetime Miles: 29.27
Saucony Ride 15 Lifetime Miles: 321.24
Kinvara Pro Lifetime Miles: 162.29
Clifton 9 Lifetime Miles: 119.28
Total Distance
ASICS Novablast Miles: 23.24Kinvara 13 Miles: 23.62Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 76.88Hoka Carbon X Miles: 23.07Hoka Challenger 6 Miles: 50.49Nike Pegasus 37 Miles: 35.14Nike Air Zoom Tempo Miles: 10.06Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 13.03Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 17.82Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 13.94Trail Runs 2023 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 197.23
Total Distance

AM- Run to buy Spider-Man tickets. 6.15 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 33/40**

ASICS Novablast Miles: 6.15
Weight: 199.00
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Total Distance

AM- Run to R-Man’s to borrow his truck. Had some calf tightness. 9.02 miles 

AM- Running to find the Summit Rock. My brother and I had a 2 hour head start on the masses and still didn’t find it… .44

PM- Run by Ava. 2.16 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 34/41**

Kinvara 13 Miles: 2.60Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 9.02
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

Started above Winchester. Saw Bruce and Justin. Ran with Justin for a couple of minutes. Also ran with a guy named Lonnie for a couple of minutes. Hit a wall at the park. Good 10 for my first solid long run on a Saturday. 10.3 miles/7:13 mi 

Sluggish and tired but did my best to keep the legs moving until I got home. 4.72 miles/8:02 mi

**Portion Control 😎, 35/42**

*Baja Blast 38/100


Hoka Carbon X Miles: 15.02
Weight: 197.00
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Total Distance

AM- First day of practice. Ran with Miles and some other dudes. Added on my own. 6.7 miles 

PM- Looking for the rock! Got tired of bush whacking and ran to Snake Tunnel. 4.43 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 36/43**

Hoka Challenger 6 Miles: 4.43Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 6.70
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

AM1- A little look around/jog around before practice. 1.28 miles 

AM2- Half and Half. Testing my weak feet with the girls. Then Youngster Activities including dominating Ultimate and a cool down lap with Charli. 4.36 miles 

PM- Taped up my arch, crazy how much that can help. Ran around looking for signs for the dang summit rock. 4.82 miles 

**Portion Control 😣, 36/44**

*Mtn Dew 39/100

ASICS Novablast Miles: 4.82Nike Pegasus 37 Miles: 5.64
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

AM- Warm with Tays, Mas, Ferrell, Jeric, and Miles. Workout with Laney and Alianna. Having calf issues from Ultimate? 5.55 miles 

AM2- Added a little bit after I got home. 2.33 miles 

PM- Slow but nice to get out. 4.18 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 37/45**

Kinvara 13 Miles: 4.19Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 7.88
Weight: 197.00
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Total Distance

AM- Tour de Washington with girls then branched off with Em, Em cousin, Liv, and Gracie. Last minute strides. Made Gaige look amazing in ultimate Frisbee…..4.18


**Portion Control 😎, 38/46**

Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 4.18
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

I’m all beat up from looking for the Summit Rock yesterday. Wish I could have some hours of my life back, also messed up my training. Got out for some fresh air at the cabin.  3.29 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 39/47**

Hoka Challenger 6 Miles: 3.29
Weight: 197.00
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Total Distance

AM- What a tough run. I struggled to get my right calf to loosen up. I was kind of ok with having issues with my right leg (because it never happens). 5 miles of a steady climb was very difficult. I focused on mindfulness to get through. Then once I finally got to the Broad Hollow turn it was a very nice run. Met up with Ross once I got off BH. This Saturday run made up for some of the garbage earlier in the week. 12.16 miles 

PM- Almost got ran over by the Holts 🙆‍♂️ on my way to look for the rock. Running away from my problems. Got down and dirty looking for the dang Summit Rock. Someone needs to find that thing before people destroy everything by exit 13….. 6.42 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 40/48**
*Baja Blast 40/100

Kinvara 13 Miles: 6.42Hoka Challenger 6 Miles: 12.16
Weight: 197.00
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Total Distance

AM- A pre run run. 1.05 miles 

AM2- Out towards Sienna Hills with the girls. Added a little on my own. 6.08 miles 

PM- Quick 3 with Metler and G Money. I wanted to run more but since these milers were faster I’ll call it good. 7:23 mile, 3.01 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 41/49**


Nike Pegasus 37 Miles: 3.01Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 7.13
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

AM- Trying to get more miles in the morning. 3.19 miles 

AM2- Ran with a lot of different groups. Strides with girls. Last couple with Ali. 4.5



PM- Sneaking an extra mile before meeting up with Metler. 1.27 miles 

PM2- Solid 3 with Aaron. 3.02 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 42/50**




Nike Air Zoom Tempo Miles: 4.29Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 7.69
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

AM- Ran with different groups. Started with girls that branched off into Jordyn and Isi. Then with Jasmine and Julia. Hit some strides. Then I went and found Jeric and Tayson. Hit strides. Ran with some of the top girls for their cool down. 6.07 miles 

PM- A little warmer than what I’ve been running in. Felt sluggish but had a good time. 5.52 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 43/51**

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 5.52Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 6.07
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

AM- Hiked Subway with Steve Judd and co. 10.04 miles 

PM- George Barlow mess around. Got stuck/lost in brush by river. 2.27 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 44/52**
*Mtn Dew 41/100

Kinvara 13 Miles: 2.27
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

AM- Don’t have a fast bone in my body right now. Jumped around to a bunch of different groups. Team is looking really good. Added some miles afterwards. 9.33 miles 

PM- Just that afternoon session. 3.24 miles 

*Portion Control 😎, 45/53**

*Chic Coke 42/100

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 3.24Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 9.33
Weight: 195.00
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Total Distance

AM- I had a very hard time getting going, couldn’t breath very well and I had to get my laces just right. I quickly fell behind the group and made a wrong turn. Ran into J, Trey, and Dave at the bottom of everything. Had a front row seat when Dave rolled/broke his ankle. Fun watching the crew crush it up the hills. I was going slow enough I thought I would hang back for Dave. Eventually Dave and I hobbled out. Good last run with Trey (even though I barely ran with him)! 7.6 miles 

AM2- Felt the need to add a little more after getting back to town. 5 miles 

AM3/PM- Spent some time looking for the dumb Summit Rock. I was super close for all 3 really rocks this year. 1.51 miles 

**Portion Control 😕, 45/54**
*Mello Yello 44/100

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 7.51Hoka Challenger 6 Miles: 7.60
Weight: 197.00
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Total Distance

AM- Started out well with the boys. Broke off with the 60 minute group. Trevor told me how he was feeling dizzy so we called an audible to Terribles and back to the school. Then I went back out looking for kids. Ended up with Kate, Katie, Elle, and Coach Will for about 12-13 minutes. 8.82 miles 

PM- Ran from my Brother’s while Marieta shopped. Then she came and picked me up. 2.41 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 46/55**
*Baja Blast 44/100

Nike Pegasus 37 Miles: 2.41Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 8.82
Weight: 200.00
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Total Distance

AM- A little jog in the hood. 1.76

AM2- Half with boys and half with girls. Strides. 4 miles 

AM3- Needed to go to the bathroom so I turned it into a run. 2.03 miles 


PM- Not the hottest afternoon run but still warm. Added 8x1 pick ups just to get the legs moving. 4.61 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 47/56**

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.79Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 4.61
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance

AM- Ran up into Green Springs with the girls. Stumbled across a rock that was used in the hit movie “Dude vs Wild” over 15 years ago. Added a little on my own. Then a competitive Ultimate Game! Gaige was playing like Megatron and Daddy T took a frisbee to the face. 7.05 miles 

PM- The more I ran the better I felt. 5.6 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 48/57

*Coke 45/100

ASICS Novablast Miles: 5.60Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 7.05
Weight: 198.00
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Total Distance


6x 3 min 5k-8k, 2 min steady. 

Warmed with Mr. Mateo then some strides with the girls. Workout with Laney Holt 🙆‍♀️. She pushed well and we worked through staying tough and on pace. Added a little on my own. 8.05 miles 


**Portion Control 😎, 49/58**

Hoka Carbon X Miles: 8.05
Weight: 195.00
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Total Distance

AM- Ran out to and up Lars Fork. Saw some antelope and crossed some streams. 9.71 miles 

PM- Had a hard to breathing. Into the forest. 2.73 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 50/59**

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 2.73Hoka Challenger 6 Miles: 9.71
Weight: 196.00
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Total Distance

Threw myself off an atv going too fast in a muddy pit. Hit my head pretty hard but I was still gonna send it. Got to the VRRT and made my way towards Cascade Falls. I went really slow because of the climbing, fallen trees, and my groin was super tight the whole time. Still a good time! 13.33 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 51/60**
*Baja Blast 46/100

Hoka Challenger 6 Miles: 13.30
Weight: 196.00
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Total Distance

AM- Started at Highland Park. Ran with girls (including Laura) for a little bit. The group eventually branched off to Coach W, Coach Wilson, Brianna, Em, El, and Kate. There were some good climbs. The girls were very resilient going into our 2nd lap. I didn’t feel great but relied on mental toughness. 8.73 miles 

PM- Just a jog around. Need to rest up. 3.72 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 52/61**

Nike Pegasus 37 Miles: 8.73Nike Air Zoom Tempo Miles: 3.72
Weight: 197.00
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Total Distance

AM- Ran with Samantha then some other kids. Ended up with the freshman boys crew for a minute. Should have run more….3.58 miles 


PM- Out towards Sun River then up the newd trail. Met up with George for a mile. 6.67 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 53/62**
*Nectar of the gods 47/100

ASICS Novablast Miles: 6.67Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 3.58
Weight: 197.00
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Total Distance

AM- I finally listened to my watch today. It’s recommendation: 5x 8 min (@7:30 pace). I did 2 minute recovery between intervals. Nothing crazy but I do need to start bringing my pace down in runs. I’ve been running so slow for some time now. 8.14 miles (entire run @7:44 mi pace) 

PM- Ran up the steep trail and then on to TQ. Some drunk hicks joined me and George for quarter mile. Good night run. 4.9 miles 

**Portion Control 😎, 54/63**

Kinvara 13 Miles: 8.14Nike Pegasus 37 Miles: 4.90
Weight: 197.00
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Total Distance

AM- Exploring weird places with Ross. Ran into the Desert Skillz crew out dinking around. 8.76 miles 

PM- Solid 4 with METLER and CODY. MARIETA walked while we ran. 4.06 miles, 7:34 mi pace  

**Portion Control 😎, 55/64**

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 4.06Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 8.76
Weight: 196.00
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Total Distance

AM- I didn’t really have a plan. Just let the wind take me. Ended up in the desert and then into Green Valley. Probably went a little long for the morning. 10.45 miles 

PM- Wanted to see if it was hot outside. 2.05 miles, 7:32 mi pace 

**Portion Control 😎, 56/65**

Nike Pegasus 37 Miles: 10.45Trail Runs 2023 Miles: 1.00Nike Air Zoom Tempo Miles: 2.05
Weight: 195.00
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Total Distance
ASICS Novablast Miles: 23.24Kinvara 13 Miles: 23.62Saucony Ride 15 Miles: 76.88Hoka Carbon X Miles: 23.07Hoka Challenger 6 Miles: 50.49Nike Pegasus 37 Miles: 35.14Nike Air Zoom Tempo Miles: 10.06Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 13.03Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 17.82Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 13.94Trail Runs 2023 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 197.23
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