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Sep 15, 2011



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

5k: 17:20

10k: 35:34

Half Marathon: 1:18 (Snow Canyon 08)

Marathon: 3:06 (Beaver 20)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Qualify for Boston Marathon (Run a 2:55 marathon)

Help PV athletes develop a love for running. 

Be the 1st male athlete to run all 4 years at Dixie State University. Done! 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Be a life-long runner

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Miles:This week: 34.94 Month: 11.05 Year: 1687.88
Hoka Rincon Lifetime Miles: 629.60
Hoka Clifton Lifetime Miles: 531.68
Saucony Ride Lifetime Miles: 803.44
Hoka Cavu Lifetime Miles: 86.29
Hoka Napali Blue Lifetime Miles: 335.18
Hoka Napali Red Lifetime Miles: 468.76
Hoka Instinct 2 Lifetime Miles: 281.03
ASICS Noosa Fast Lifetime Miles: 102.05
Nike Pegasus 32 Lifetime Miles: 354.64
Launch 4 Lifetime Miles: 418.71
Hoka Clifton 5 Lifetime Miles: 304.12
Hoka Speedgoat 3 Lifetime Miles: 482.59
Hoka Clifton Blue Lifetime Miles: 400.15
Hoka Carbon X Lifetime Miles: 296.00
Hoka Carbon Rocket Lifetime Miles: 62.38
Brooks Launch 7 Lifetime Miles: 371.18
Kinvara 6 Lifetime Miles: 336.38
Hoka Bondi 6 Lifetime Miles: 347.01
Hoka Challenger 5 Lifetime Miles: 349.55
Kinvara 11 Lifetime Miles: 499.88
Hoka Rincon 3 Lifetime Miles: 338.97
ASICS Novablast Lifetime Miles: 205.23
Saucony Ride 13 Lifetime Miles: 529.16
Trail Runs 2022 Lifetime Miles: 37.00
Hoka Bondi 7 Lifetime Miles: 89.44
Total Distance
Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 525.93ASICS Novablast Miles: 194.22Kinvara 11 Miles: 243.55Saucony Ride Miles: 36.69Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 56.03Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 37.00Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 236.45Hoka Speedgoat 3 Miles: 10.76Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 135.44Kinvara 6 Miles: 17.86Hoka Rincon Miles: 60.52Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 89.44Hoka Carbon X Miles: 72.24Hoka Carbon Rocket Miles: 8.72
Weight: 189.43
Total Distance

Tonaquint Cemetery route up towards the N Bluff and made a loop out of it. Got really cold in the shady spots. 10.11 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 10.11
Weight: 201.00
Total Distance

Sunday night jog. 1.14 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 1.14
Weight: 209.00
Total Distance

AM-Sullivan with the team. Ended up running with AJ and Wes. My ankle was hurting and swollen so I adjusted my shoe lacing. Did 5 pick ups. 5.01 miles 

PM- 2 mile jog with Marieta then 2 more by myself. 4.10 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 5.01ASICS Novablast Miles: 4.10
Weight: 207.00
Total Distance

AM- Slept terribly so I decided to sleep in instead of going to practice. Unfortunately I still couldn't fall asleep for very long. Did my own run out by the New Aspiration Point. 6.03 miles 

PM- Afternoon run around the neighborhood. 3.61 miles 

Saucony Ride Miles: 6.03Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 3.61Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 207.00
Total Distance

AM- Chilly run with the girls around Shinob Kibe with 5 30 second intervals (@ 1600 pace). Good conversations. 5.15 miles 

PM- 2 with Marieta then the Bloomington loop on my own. 5.16 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 5.16Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.15
Weight: 206.00
Total Distance

Running around with the boys and then the girls. Watched the team run the 800. Team looked good. Fun to see Trey run some of these races for the first time. 7.1 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.10
Weight: 205.00
Total Distance

2 miles with Marieta in Tonaquint Cemetery. Added by myself by running to Confluence and through Bloomington Hills. Almost made it back to home. Had Marieta pick me up on Sugar Leo. 10.01 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 10.01
Weight: 205.00
Total Distance

AM- Leg 9 (Dam Road) trying to keep up with the boys. Took forever to warm up. Highlight of the run for me was watching Holt yell at his dog. 6.50 miles 

AM2/PM1- Chasing deer out by Hop Valley with Ross. It was fun but not ideal for classic running. Saw a ton of deer but no elk. 3.07 miles 

PM2- Santa Clara trails with Marieta. Had good relationship conversations. 3.81 miles 

Hoka Speedgoat 3 Miles: 3.07Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 3.81Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 6.50Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 2.00
Weight: 205.00
Total Distance

Sunday stroll. 1.07 miles 

Kinvara 6 Miles: 1.07
Weight: 204.00
Total Distance

Run with the girls. Fun watching kids run the 1600. Arms felt really heavy on the cool down. Then 2 miles with Marieta. 7.19 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 7.19
Weight: 204.00
Total Distance

AM- Getting into that Aaron Metler training plan with a cold morning run. 8.07 miles 

PM- Desert above Middleton. Got 3.3 miles before jumping in with the boys. Flipped with AJ, Wes, and Jamin. 7.06 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 7.06ASICS Novablast Miles: 8.07Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 203.00
Total Distance

AM- More running in the cold. I wanted to run more. Just get tired of the cold. 5.33 miles 

PM- Track workout. I was supposed to do 5 1000s. I did what the team was doing instead. Warm and strides. Then 6 600s. I pulled out of the 6th interval because I got light headed (because I'm a wuss). I'm pretty sure each 600 was around 2:22-2:27 range. Then after cooling down I figured I should hit one 1000. Ran a 4:03. So all in all still covered some ground on the track running decently fast. 8.23 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 8.23Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.33
Weight: 203.00
Total Distance

AM- Over towards Bloomington Hills then looped back home through Tonaquint. Feeling better the more I run. Hope that continues as I get more weeks into this. 8.35 miles 

PM- Dinking around by the Middle School with the boys. Striders after. 5.03 miles 

Saucony Ride Miles: 5.03ASICS Novablast Miles: 8.35
Weight: 202.00
Total Distance

AM- Really slow morning run. Still adjusting to the cold mornings and long miles. 8.55 miles 

PM- Run with Marieta around Tonaquint and a quick visit to baby. 2.62 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 2.62Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.55
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

PM- Trespassing in duck hunting territory with Ross. He wanted to sneak into Antelope Island. Instead we got muddy and saw a bunch of ducks and swans. The last 2.77 I ran faster, mainly because it was not muddy and slippery. 9.77 miles 

PM2- I needed to run more miles so I had my dad drop me off a couple of miles from my sister's house in Stansbury. I felt stiff from the run and only a 30 minute break. Ran a 7:55 and 7:29 for my last 2 miles. Which for me, at this time, felt fast. 4.52 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 14.29Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 201.00
Total Distance

PM- A couple of weeks back George and I ran parts of the road to the Bloomington Cave. We drove out to where we turned around last time. This time we picked up the trail and ran the trail all the way back to Navajo Drive. It was a perfect route. I think I wore George out. 11.01 miles 

PM2- Add 3 more miles around Bloomington. 3.13 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 3.13Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 11.01Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 201.00
Total Distance

AM- Over to Tonaquint and almost to the Dixie Center then flipped it back. 7.55 miles 

PM- Kids did some track work, some did 800s and others 600s. I ran the last 400 with the  top girls, then 400 with Amelia and Laney, then 400 with Alianna, then 400 with the top girls again. 200 with Bentley. 6.71 miles 

PM2- A little jog with M. Felt tired. 1.05 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.76Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.55
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

AM- I wanted to do 3x1 mile repeats. I got 2 in before I had to find a bathroom. I'm really slow right now. I thought my effort was closer to low 6 minute miles. I'll blame the cold. 6.02 miles 

1. 7:09

2. 6:48

PM- Chill run with the girls into rich Green Springs. Brooklyn was adamant we see the Tony Stark house and touch a moose. Ran fast back to the school with the sophomore girls. 6.18 miles 

PM2- Ran 2 more with Marieta in Tonaquint, we like doing a little run and visiting Ava. 2.01 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.02Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.19
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

AM- Bloomington Loop with random additions. 6.63 miles 

PM- Watmed with girls. Mixed in some tempo with the kids on the track. Cooled with boys. 7.60 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.60ASICS Novablast Miles: 6.63
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

AM- Slow cold run. 7.55 miles 

PM- Hills behind Desert Skillz. Very windy. 6.77 miles 

Saucony Ride Miles: 6.77Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.55Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

AM- Marathon course with 4 miles @race pace, then 3 miles @race pace. Took a while to get warmed up then I felt good. 

1. 8:02

2. 7:42

3. 6:49

4. 6:14  13:03

5. 6:41  19:44

6. 6:47  26:31

7. 8:13

8. 6:46 

9. 6:33   13:19

10. 6:34  19:53

11. 7:31

12. 6:56

13. 7:15

.46. 3:49

1:35:38.7/7:06 mile pace 

13.67 miles 


PM- Didn't finish the miles I wanted because of a family hike so I added some miles after the hike. 2.71 miles 

NEW PR WEEK: 88.59


Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 16.38
Weight: 198.00
From Vis on Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 20:17:41 from

Congrats on the PR week.

Total Distance

AM- Not a great Monday morning run. Should be a better afternoon. 4.64 miles 

PM- Ran from the Middle School and met up with the team to run a Hill Circuit. I did 2 half uphills (2nd was really fast). Did 2 downhill sections with the boys. Then the 2nd half with the girls. 9.01 miles 

PM2- Ran a little with Marieta. 1.52 miles

ASICS Novablast Miles: 4.64Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 10.53
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

AM- A little better outing. Still felt tired. 6.08 miles 

PM- Washington with the girls. Had some good conversations about water and marriage (led by Adri). Added a few miles on my own, including when I got home. 8.22 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.08Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 8.22
Weight: 199.00
Total Distance

AM- Better morning run. 7 miles 

PM- Was a little too selfish this afternoon. The morning cold scares me away from speed workouts in the morning. So I decided to do my workout while the kids did theirs. Supposed to be a pyramid of 400, 800, 1000, 1600, 1000, 800, 400. I put in some decent efforts but wussed out on the 1600 (became my 2nd 1000). It's all good though, still early in my speed play. 8.19 miles 

400- 1:24 

800- 3:03

1000- 4:03

1000- 4:12 (started out as a 1600) 

800- 3:03

400- 1:22 


Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 8.19Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.00
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

AM- Forgot to swap the laundry so I didn't have any dry clothes for the morning. So I decided to sleep in. I will do my best to get the mileage in this afternoon. 

PM- City Creek multiple times. Some chaffing in the cold unfortunately stopped by path to getting 15 miles today. Oh well on to the next day. 11.15 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 11.15Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

PM- Long slug fest but actually ran faster than my normal morning run. 11.04 miles 

PM2- Ran a couple of more while waiting for Marieta then 2 with her. 4.01 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 15.05
Weight: 200.00
Total Distance

AM- Goal of 17 for the day. Basically the same course as last week. Started to get a blister on my right foot. I need to work on pushing harder and not just being a product of favorable miles (which is my go to thing). 12.53 miles 

4 fast:

1. 6:54

2. 6:13

3. 6:41

4. 6:34

3 fast: 

1. 6:49

2. 6:47

3. 6:56

PM- Taped my blistered foot and ran slowly with George and Marieta. 4.75 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 4.75Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 12.53
Weight: 199.00
Total Distance

AM- Desperately wanted more mileage this morning but my stomach had other plans. 3.17 miles from

PM- Mixef afternoon run. First ran with the girls and talked about dances and kissing. Then once we flipped I grouped up with the boys, felt good to run fast with Gianno and others. 5.29 miles 

PM2- Ran from the Dixie Center to my house and ran 2 miles with Marieta. Then back to the Dixie Center with some extra miles. Saw Noe. 7.78 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 3.17Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 13.07
Weight: 198.00
Total Distance

AM- Better go around Bloomington. 6 miles 

PM- Runing around before and after the kids ran either a 400 or 1600. 5.04 miles 

PM2- Added some random miles around town. Saw Patrick Lameka and Paul Durant. Started to get chilly and windy. 5.27 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 10.31ASICS Novablast Miles: 6.00
Weight: 198.00
Total Distance

AM- The mornings are still rough but made something out of it. Did 1 mile fast then 4 800s. 400 recovery between intervals. I know they are not fast....I guess I don't know how to run fast in the cold mornings.  7.04 miles 

1600- 7:06

800- 3:24

800- 3:20

800- 3:26 (thought this was going to be my fastest one)

800- 3:20

PM- Temple Quarry with the girls, I can't really keep up with the boys or else I'd run with them. Very windy and chilly! Milked some mileage chasing down Holt because he was recovering Macy's jacket. Then added even more by myself. I tried to do another 800 but best I could muster was like a 7 minute mile pace. Cold is not my favorite. 9.23 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 9.23Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.04Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 198.00
Total Distance

AM- Tired of the cold and chaffing, hope for a better afternoon. 1.42 miles

PM- Washington with girls. Then ended up running with Brooklyn and Adri. Added more mileage on the Mayors Loop. 10.97 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 1.42Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 10.97
Weight: 198.00
Total Distance

AM- 3 miles on my own listening to JRE and then met up with the team to warm up for their 800. They were tough in the cold. Cooled with boys. 7.27 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.27
Weight: 198.00
Total Distance

Sickness has finally found me at least during the night. Barely got any sleep last night. I was feeling ok today so I snuck in some miles. Ran from Larkspur down to the trails then into the desert and home. Felt good to get something in. I'm trying to be patient with myself and not force more. Just need to get healthy and roll into next week ready for some great runs. 7.11 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.11Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 198.00
Total Distance

AM- Had a sick day with Marieta. We slept in to try and kick this stupid sickness. Went out at about 9 and ran a Bloomington Hills to Bloomington loop. Saw too many bikes, dogs, and quail. Ran by a Hot Air Balloon. Could tell I'm running skinnier (a lot of experience with weight fluctuation). I've lost 8-9 pounds since doing Aaron's diet. 10.6 miles 

PM- Out to the desert after 2 miles with Marieta. Once again had a dog running towards me. 6.43 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 6.43ASICS Novablast Miles: 10.60Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 191.00
From Vis on Wed, Feb 09, 2022 at 18:26:13 from

Whatís this diet you speak of? Also, get well, son.

Total Distance

AM- Morning grind, didn't feel great but got some miles in. 5.04 miles 

PM- Felt more sick in the afternoon than the previous days. Felt like I was carrying around a corpse as I ran the rollers (multiple time) by Shinob Kibe. I ran miserably trying to keep up with the team once I found them. 8.23 miles 

Saucony Ride Miles: 8.23Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 5.04
Weight: 190.00
Total Distance

Terrible night of sleep, this is the most sick I have been in years. 

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Had another sick day at home feeling better as the day progressed. Ran over to South Mesa to hitch a ride with Marieta. Felt skinnier but limited energy. 8.51 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.51
Weight: 193.00
Race: Root Beer Mile (1 Miles) 00:08:30, Place overall: 2
Total Distance

PM- Since I've been sick I thought maybe I'd drop out of the Root Beer Mile after a lap or two. I felt obligated to race for the kids that sponsored me. Then the race started and became competitive. I remember Talmage, Trey, and Coleman getting out early. I assumed some of those guys would throw up so starting 4th wasn't bad positioning. Trey threw up I think after the 2nd lap and Coleman after the 3rd? 2nd place was handed to me with Dave chasing. Talmage showed no slowing down and easily won. Kate Jones won for girls. Honestly, even before the root beer, I felt worse than yesterday. Seems like I'm alternating days when I feel like garbage. 1.16 miles 

PM2- Added 2 miles with Marieta in the hood. I wanted to get more mileage but I don't see the point right now. I keep hoping a new day will bring me some physical refreshment, maybe tomorrow? 2 miles 


Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 3.16
Weight: 193.00
From Vis on Fri, Feb 11, 2022 at 20:05:11 from

Nice work. I hope you get feeling better.

Total Distance

Runnin down by the river with George. Down below from where Travis runs on Saturdays. I didn't feel great (still) but was happy to get out. 6.08 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 6.08Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 193.00
Total Distance

AM- Exhausted morning. 3.17 miles 

PM- Coughy afternoon hill circuit. 8.18 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 3.17Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.18
Weight: 195.00
Total Distance

Forced myself to be asleep by 8:30 last night, hoping more sleep will help me feel better. Today I felt much better. Still climbing out of what ever this thing is. Maybe it's because I drastically changed my diet? 

Ran all over the desert by Dino Cliffs before finding the team. Added with top girls then another branch off with Adri and Brooklyn. It was really windy. I probably should've added some more miles but if I keep feeling better I can make up those miles later in the week. 7.69 miles 

Hoka Speedgoat 3 Miles: 7.69Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 194.00
Total Distance

AM- Morning 3

PM- Track workout. My stomach (new day, new problem) was making things rough on me. I mixed in with some different groups and tried to forget about myself. It was really windy and cold so I tried to block the wind for some of the athletes. My legs got all cut up from my shorts again, so hopefully that doesn't set me back too much. 7.03 miles


Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.03Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 3.04
Weight: 191.00
Total Distance

Green Springs with girls and Dalton. Still in a lot of pain with chaffing. Tape up for tomorrow I guess. 5.26 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.26
Weight: 192.00
Total Distance

AM- Taped up my legs but the tape didn't stick so the chaffing was going to continue. .68 miles 

PM- Compression shorts for the win! They didn't ride up where my chaffing problems are. Best run I've had in a while. Into some desert and road. A perfect mix. 10.05 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 10.05Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 0.68Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 192.00
Total Distance


Ran 4 with Marieta on the Mayors Loop. She had to walk the last mile so I ran ahead and around. Made 6.2 miles out of it. 

Then I ran a 4 mile tempo, 3 mile tempo, and a 1 mile tempo. 1 mile recovery between. I knew my splits would be slower than when I bomb down the marathon course. 

4 mile: 7:17, 7:08, 7:16, 7:06

3 mile: 7:06, 7:13, 7:09

1 mile: 7:07

Not my best Saturday but I'm moving in the right direction. Saw Noe again and that always puts a smile on my face. 17.42 miles 




Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 17.42
Weight: 190.00
Total Distance

Great Suicidal tendencies run. 11.63 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 11.63Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 193.00
Total Distance

Conservative run with the boys then a sub group with Porter, Coleman, and Bridger. 4.02 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 4.02
Weight: 193.00
Total Distance

AM- Bloomington out and back with some snow flakes. 4.03 miles 

AM2- Found the boys and ran the Wednesday morning route. Nice to see the numbers grow from last year. 3.03 miles 

PM- Cold with some snow peppered in. Did some 400s as kids did 600s. I remember a 400 with Laney, 400 with top girls, 400 with top girls, and 300 with Bentley. Still chaffing......probably need to let things heal up before going crazier. Very frustrating because I feel good while running except for this random problem. 6.59 miles

PM2- Ran to George's with Marieta and then back home. 2.02 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 7.06Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 8.61
Weight: 193.00
Total Distance

Had a feeling I shouldn't run today so I could have a better outing Friday and hopefully Saturday. Still figuring this stupid chaffing. Took out my frustrations by lifting weights. .26 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 0.26
Weight: 193.00
Total Distance

AM- 2 in Bloomington then Chic-fil-A run with girls. Good convos with Brooklyn, Brinley, and Adri. Crisp striders. 9.05 miles 

PM- Dang stupid Vegas one lane traffic made it so we got to Vegas late. So I had to run in the dark. Hit the abandoned golf course and had several dogs wanting to kill me. Good run. 7.28 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 7.28Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 9.05
Weight: 189.00
Total Distance

Got out on the Mt. Charleston Marathon course. I ran well. Got a little nauseous towards the end. I like the course  other than seeing all the miles in front of you. There was a head wind the entire time so I bet I will be able to run next time. Marieta and her family hiked while I ran and I had to wait for a while for them to come down the canyon. The more I sat around the worse I felt. I asked an elote vendor for some water. He didn't have any. So I walked off and felt the need to throw up so I hunched over to ralph. A couple of minutes later a lady checked on me. Then the elote guy brought me elote, Jamaica, and chips. It helped relieve some of the nausea. 21.18 miles 

1. 6:36

2. 6:25

3. 6:32

4. 6:42

5. 7:02 (eased up for a mile) 

6. 7:00

7. 6:33

8. 6:33

9. 6:29

10. 6:47

11. 6:48

12. 6:52

13. 7:02 (1:28 half marathon split)

14. 7:11 (eased up on my effort)

15. 7:04

16. 7:56 (probably more like a 7:10-7:15, stopped to film me run, forgot to stop watch) 

17. 7:18

18. 7:11

19. 7:10

20. 7:31 2:18:58/6:57 mile 

21. cool down mile 


Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 21.18
Weight: 189.00
Total Distance

Hobble run with team as they prepared for 1600 time trial. Then 2 miles with George in the desert. 6.24 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 6.24Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 189.00
Total Distance

AM1- Jogging around listening to the It's Always Sunny Podcast. 6.2 miles

AM2- Weights with the team, some running after, then sardines. 3.82 miles 

PM- Slow running around. Kids did the 300 hurdles. Legs are still fatigued from Saturday. 5.58 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 5.58ASICS Novablast Miles: 10.02
Weight: 189.00
Total Distance

AM1- Bloomington run around. 3.02 miles

AM2- Running with boys. 3.35 miles

PM1- Jogging (emphasis on jogging) around on track while kids ran 800s and 200s. 5.72

PM2- Bloomington trail with M. 3.02 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.74Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 6.37
Weight: 189.00
Total Distance

AM- Got those miles in and around Bloomington. My plan was to run my miles then get over to PV in time to run with the kids after weights. My run went a little longer than expected so I wasn't going to make it over in time. I added a little more on my own to get to 10. 10.06 miles 

PM- Another jog fest around PV field while kids ran the 400. 6.02 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 6.02ASICS Novablast Miles: 10.06
Weight: 185.00
From Vis on Thu, Mar 03, 2022 at 19:06:31 from

Look at that punching weight! Impressive. I still check your blog, hoping to see a 5-run day.

Total Distance

AM- Chill morning run with the girls. Vented to Coach W for a little bit. I am so glad she is coaching with us. 6.01 miles 

PM- Shake out run getting ready for Lake to Lake. 2.65 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 2.65Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 6.01
Weight: 186.00
Race: Lake to Lake Relay (50 Miles) 06:32:27, Place overall: 6, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

Leg 1: I was really happy with my ability to hold back on this first leg. I usually start out too fast and like to be competitive. I just kept calm. Got rained on with a terrible head wind.

6.05 miles/7:08 pace  Time: 43:08

Leg 3: In all my years of doing LtoL I have never run this leg. They changed it from previous years. Once again calm and relaxed, no need to force anything. 

4.22 miles/7:15 pace  Time: 30:36

Leg 5: Enjoyed this leg because I got to run by Ava's grave and blow some kisses. I tracked down a big buff guy in the last mile. I didn't force anything. 

3.94 miles/7:22 pace  Time: 29:03

Leg 7: During the 6th leg my Dad told me how he was struggling and told me that I might need to bail him out on Leg 10. This made me a little nervous because I knew I would eventually hit a wall, probably on Leg 9. This news changed my strategy for Leg 7 and Leg 9. So I intentionally backed to an 8 minute pace thinking it would be more sustainable down the road. Saw Janz, Logan, and my brother Justin (3 track coaches). He came out to run with me for a little bit. It was nice, I haven't run with him for years. 

4.74 miles/7:57 pace  Time: 37:43

Leg 9: Well well well.....I wussed out. The wind was really bad and it was a very difficult leg. Plus I was thinking about having to run half of Leg 10. After 20 miles my legs start to fall apart, this isn't anything new. I walked a couple of times. When I finally got to the turn with about a mile to go the head wind was the worst I experienced all day. I was in the same wet clothes and I was miserable. I wish I could've been more mentally tough. 

5.89 miles/10:09 pace  Time: 59:50

Leg 10: My Dad knew I struggled on Leg 9 so he wanted to tackle as much of Leg 10 as he could. It kind of came down to who could run faster at this point in the race? I told him to see if he could get through 5 of the 7 miles and then I would run the last 2 miles. I changed out of my wet clothes, put on the Carbon Rockets, and got ready to pound out 2 miles. My Dad was running like a 10 minute mile pace. I was able to run a little faster for the last 2. 

1.96 miles/8:30 pace  Time: 16:37


It was cold, windy, and a little rainy. All in all it was a good day for me. I really feel like I am in good shape and shaping up for a good race at Charleston. This is huge for me because February was a rough month on my training. I am content and loving running again. 

Hoka Carbon X Miles: 19.20Hoka Carbon Rocket Miles: 1.96Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 5.89
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- 2.5 with the boys before falling behind. I was on my own island so I decided to jump back to the girls. Then I noticed Laney was running by herself so I joined her. It was good talking to her and running some tempo and threshold. We got hailed on for a second. Found the boys for a couple more minutes towards the end. 9 miles 

PM- Ended up doing my own random loop into Middleton. Some boys that had to run 30-40 minutes took off zooming and I couldn't keep up. 7.24 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 7.24Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 9.00
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- Just trying to get more miles in the cold morning is a struggle. 6.05 miles

AM2- Weights and 2 miles with the girls. 2 miles 

PM1- Hit the newer trail sections in Washington. 6.45 miles 

PM2- Running around cheering on kids at Panther Relays. 1.46 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.91Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 8.05
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- Tried to do some 800s in the cold. I know they weren't fast and my old watch I used wasn't able to recall the splits. At least I was trying to get the legs moving a little bit. Did 6 800s with a 400 recovery between. 5.25 miles

AM2- Barely caught up with the girls as they headed out for their run. 2.57 miles 

PM- Green Springs with boys. Left quad is sore. 5.01 miles 

PM2- Tonaquint with Marieta. 2.52 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 7.53Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.82
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- It wasn't much but at least I got out for a couple of minutes. 3.64 miles 

PM- Another windy outing with the boys. 4.54 miles

PM2- Ran to see Ava's head stone. 3.58 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 11.77
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM1- Loop in Bloomington. 4.06 miles

AM2- 30 with the girls. Jess joined us. My quad is still really sore. 4.29 miles 

PM- Tracking those steps running at the Snow Canyon Invite. .42 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 0.42ASICS Novablast Miles: 8.35
Weight: 184.00
Race: Sand Hollow Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:31:49, Place overall: 7, Place in age division: 3
Total Distance

AM- Weird out and back course for Sand Hollow Half Marathon. After the first mile my right hamstring was feeling like it was going to seize up on me. I backed off the pace and started to worry a little bit. After the turn around the sun came out and I started to warm up. Still didn't run amazing time but at least I did a negative split. I usually don't do that in a race. Dawson was a couple of minutes behind me. I'll consider todays race more like a workout. 13.49 miles

First Half

1. 6:43

2. 7:09 (Hamstring tight) 13:52

3. 7:24 (Started to get nervous) 21:16

4. 6:58 (Tried to get rolling) 29:14

5. 7:13 (Climb towards GC) 36:27

6. 7:39 (Worst incline, I am a wuss) 44:06

6-6.5. 3:30

6.5 miles 46:38

Second Half

6.5-7. 3:30 (Flipped and chasing 2 homies) 

8. 6:46 (Used some downhill to my advantage) 10:16

9. 7:10 (Boring flat with hamstring tightness) 17:26

10. 7:14 (Wish I was faster) 24:40

11. 6:49 (Wanted a good last 3) 31:29

12. 6:53 (Random turns in Hurricane) 38:22

13. 6:30 (Last mile, fastest mile) 44:52

6.5 miles 44:52

*I probably didn't do the math right, just trying to show my negative split. I'll have Ross double check. 


PM1- Running around watching kids perform well at track meet. Trey got a new school record in the 3200 (9:27). .3 miles

PM2- Ran with Marieta and then Metler and Clinton made me ditch her with their intriguing conversations. First time running with Metler since he officially became my coach. 5.25 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 0.30Hoka Carbon X Miles: 13.49Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.25
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- I should've got up earlier but I was tired and only got 2 miles in before leaving for a trip. 2.03 miles

PM- Exploring random runs in Fruita. Crossed the Colorado River. 9.5 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 9.50Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 2.03Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- Slept in then got in some scenic miles up into Colorado Monument. Hiked there later with Marieta. 9.06 miles 

PM- Farm roads after hiking. 7.03 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 7.03Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 9.06
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- Ran on a country road for miles on end. Decided to do 20 1 minute intervals. Pace in between 6:30-700. Did 1 minute recovery in between. Numbers 16-20 were my fastest. I even added 10 more intervals to get back home. May not be the best workout but I enjoy it when I'm lacking motivation for intervals. 10.26 miles 

PM- After some cool waterfall exploration got out and ran around Dinosaur/bike loving Fruita. Really windy. 6.27 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 6.27Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 10.26
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Another country road run. Last run in Colorado. It's been fun. Finished with some faster miles. 10.55 miles 

PM- Night Bloomington loop. All the Bloomington Criaturas we're out tonight. I started seeing ghosts and felt light. 5.54 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 5.54Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 10.55
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- Trotting around while kids did some tempo. 7.06 miles 

PM- Bloomington Loop with Marieta then adventure run with George. He wanted to hit the rollers around Webb Hill. 10.49 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.06Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 10.49
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- I wanted to mix in some tempo miles this morning but I struggled. So I got 2 sets of 2 miles. Got 8 miles before running with the girls and we hit a negative split run. It was fun and the girls even stopped by to see Ava. Smaller group with Alianna, Adri, Katie, Laney, and Brooklyn. Holt caught us at the end. Then I ran towards home where Marieta caught up with me. I felt really sore and tired for those later miles so I'm glad I had M to run some slow miles. 21.08 miles 

PM- I wanted to run a little further in the morning to get over 100 miles but we needed to get to a family event. I added enough to get over 100 in Ivins. 100 miles! NEW PR FOR ME! This is something I've wanted to do since I started running. I feel fortunate I could pull it off this week. 1.61 miles

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 21.08Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 1.61
Weight: 181.00
From Vis on Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 17:30:47 from

Wow. Nice work.

From Josh Decker on Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 20:31:33 from

Dave and I saw your dad out walking too.

Total Distance

AM- Headed out with the girls which branched off to Laney, Ali, EmmaLee, and Elle. After running back to the school with them. I headed back towards Washington. I found Trey and Gaige who were running a power run. I got about 10 minutes in with them, including a 6:32 mile. 7.2 miles

PM- Ran 2 with Marieta then endured the wind for 7 more out towards Aspiration. 9.32 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 9.32ASICS Novablast Miles: 7.20Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 183.00
From addibc on Mon, Mar 21, 2022 at 22:33:35 from

You're killing it on the mileage, someday I hope to be doing the same haha!

Total Distance

AM- Wanted more but felt really tired. 6.06 miles 

PM- Some bogus and legitimate running at the JV Meet. 4.58 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 4.58Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 6.06
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- Once again not the morning run I wanted. Should be a better afternoon. 3 on my own, 3 with the boys. 6.36 miles 

PM1- Middleton with the boys. Struggled to keep up at first but then found a rhythm. 5.19 miles

PM2- 5 1 mile repeats. I just wanted to stay under 7. Legs felt tired. I ran in my Carbon Rockets because I remembered Aaron said to do my intervals in my race shoe. 400 recovery between. I was lacking energy, should've ate more during the day. 6.76 miles 

1. 6:59

2. 6:53

3. 6:48

4. 6:54

5. 7:02 

Hoka Carbon Rocket Miles: 6.76Kinvara 11 Miles: 11.55
Weight: 178.00
Total Distance

AM1- Exploration around Tonaquint. 6.31 miles

AM2- Run with boys after weights. 2.26 miles 

PM- Sandbergs with boys. Then some minutes with Allen. And finally cool down with some other boys after their workout. 6.74 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 8.57Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 6.74
Weight: 179.00
Total Distance

AM- 2 quick miles on my own then 30 minutes with the girls. 5.46 miles 

PM- Jogging around at PV Invite. .40 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 0.40Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 5.46
Weight: 179.00
Total Distance

AM- Jogging around at PV Invite. Good meet. Marcus got a new state record in the 100. .25 

PM- Too tired to wake up this morning. Track meets wear me out. As soon as the meet ended I went home and took a nap. Finally got out to run around 7pm. Marieta and I did a little Valley View to Dixie loop. She left and I went for more. I tried to do 3 miles of tempo and was devastated on how slow my splits were. I thought I was putting in a faster effort. A week left until the marathon and I am excited to taper. 15.18 miles


1. 7:02

2. 6:56

3. 6:47




Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 15.18Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 0.25
Weight: 178.00
Total Distance

Dixie Rock with girls. I branched off to run with Laney about 20 minutes in. She made it the furthest she ever has on that run. Mixed in some ET, T, and Thres. Caught Ali for the last 20 minutes. Good taper run. 8.11 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.11
Weight: 180.00
Total Distance

Run with the girls. Stopped to pet a cat at one point. Striders then kids meet. 6.07 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.07
Weight: 182.00
Total Distance

Did 3 1 mile repeats. The first one I did during the team warm up on the DI loop. The other 2 I did on the track. I felt good. I was honestly surprised. Other times I tried to run mile repeats I felt like I was pushing so much harder for slower times. Maybe my garmin was off those days or I just had tired legs? Jogged a little with M once I got home. 5.85 miles 

1. 6:24

2. 6:20

3. 6:31 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 5.85
Weight: 183.00
Total Distance

Didn't run with the team because I went home to check on Marieta. Ran around White Dome while Marieta and Star walked. 4.18 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.18Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 182.00
Total Distance

Friday morning convo run with Coach W. Got 2.5 in then hit some strides. 3.38 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.38
Weight: 183.00
Race: Mt. Charleston Marathon (26.35 Miles) 03:25:15, Place overall: 389, Place in age division: 33
Total Distance

Where do I begin? Today marks my 9th marathon: 

1. STG 09'       3:15:43

2. STG 12'       3:13:38

3. Ogden 14'    4:18:30

4. Ogden 15'    DNF

5. PHX 16'       3:31:48

6. STG 16'       3:28:37

7. STG 19'       3:29:26

8. Beav 20'      3:06:33

9. Char 22'       3:25:15


Some marathons I was injured going into it and probably shouldn't have run it. Other times injuries flared up and made it a rough day. One thing that has been a common trend among them is my inability to start out conservative. So obviously going into this one, finally, I would have figured it out. Especially after training more than I ever have and switching my diet.

Nope! I am still a bone head! Every time I hop on a downhill course and those miles come easy, I figure it's all good and I am not using any energy. Such was the case today, I just let the hills roll me into some fun mile splits. In the moment I didn't think it was taking a toll on my body. I knew I wanted to back off to 6:40-6:50 pace but the miles were coming so easy. At around 13 (where the biggest hill is) I was finally compelled to slow down a little bit. I thought perfect I have the 1st half in the books, now for a slower but still moving 2nd half. Things started to really unravel at 15-16 where I started to feel dehydrated and hot. I consumed a lot of nuun drinks and water at the aid stations. Somewhere during 16 my legs started to feel really tight. I kept chugging a long at a slower pace. I figured I could still make up the time. At 18 when I started to get some cramps in my calves and quads. I probably should have stopped and stretched but continued on. Mile 21 right before the turn, I was struck by cramp lightning and toppled over as my quads and calves were no longer relaxed but tight and painful. On my way to the ground I also bumped my watch into a setting I didn't recognize so I have some random splits. I might have hit my head too? Some people helped me stretch out the calves and then I continued on my way. Even at mile 21 I thought I could muster up some 7-8 minute miles to save my race. Unfortunately the cramping didn't stop at 21. It continued the rest of the race and I fell over at least 2 more times. One of the times I fell I heard someone shout: "call an ambulance!" I thought it was kind of funny even in my terrible condition. When I could run a little in those last couple of miles I was really nervous my legs would betray me again. So not the day I wanted. I blame myself for starting out too fast. I am sure that was the biggest factor in the cramping. I also need to figure out better hydration.

So where do I go from here? I am very dissappointed after today. I wasted a big opportunity. My training has been solid (thanks to Aaron and PV). I plan to train for STG and really get into some better speed play with Aaron. I know I can figure this marathon out. I just need to stop getting in my own way! I want to go from a mediocre marathon runner to a decent one. 


1. 6:17

2. 6:03  12:20

3. 6:12  18:32

4. 6:08  24:40

5. 6:15  30:55

6. 6:15 37:10

7. 6:04  43:14

8. 6:00  49:14

9. 6:04  55:18

10. 6:15 1:01:33

11. 6:27  1:08:00

12. 6:34 1:14:34

13. 6:43 1:21:17

14. 6:40  1:27:57

15. 7:02  1:34:59

16. 7:41  1:42:40

17. 8:01  1:50:41

18. 8:41 1:59:21

19. 8:13  2:07:34

20. 8:14  2:15:48

21. 10:06 2:25:54

22. 9:03  2:34:57

23. 9:50  2:44:47

24. 10:10 2:54:57

25. 12:33  3:07:30

26. 14:36  3:22:06

.35. 2:54  3:25:00

Depressing progression of the race (the mat splits are different than my garmin splits): 

6.5         40:55/6:14 mi     projected 2:43:43

1/2         1:22:44/6:19 mi   projected 2:45:29

19.65     2:13:36/6:47 mi   projected 2:58:08

23.1       2:47:25/7:14 mi   projected 3:09:53

25.2       3:12:31/7:38 mi   projected 3:20:10

Finish:  3:25:15/7:49 mi

Hoka Carbon X Miles: 26.55
Weight: 178.00
From Vis on Sat, Apr 02, 2022 at 20:09:25 from

Not the race you wanted, but it seems like youíve enjoyed the training cycle and changes youíve made. Sometimes we donít see the results we want and feel we deserve. The next one will be the one.

Total Distance

Some jogging/trotting around seeing if my legs will function. Feel a little bit selfish because I can't be there for the runners. Soon enough. 2.04 miles 

Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 2.04
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

Up Green Springs. My left quad was still feeling a little sore (a lot of sore) so I didn't see the value in going too far. Turned around at 1.5 and ran back with a potentially broken toe Porter. 3.08 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.08
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

Ran 3 with George in the desert. 3.01 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 3.01Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

Friday morning run with the girls. I really enjoy the friday morning runs. I usually have good conversations with Brooklyn or Cailyn. Left quad is still giving me firts so I am not quite ready to let loose. 4 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.00
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

Abandoned golf course with Marieta. A couple of miles on my own. Good Saturday run with a tender left quad. 8.52 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.52
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- After some ET with the boys I realized my left quad is still hammered. So I ran around the track with Holt while the kids ran intervals. Cooled with girls. There was a terrible throw up like smell that stung the nostrils close to PV and Costco. It's still stuck in my mouth. 6.02 miles

Back on diet this week. 

PM- Missed the 2nd half of school to be with Marieta. Ran 2 miles with her in the wind. 2.03 miles 


Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 2.03ASICS Novablast Miles: 6.02
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

Trail to nowhere with the girls. Then a split with Kate and EmmaLee. 5.69 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.69
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- 25 with the boys. 3.15 miles 

PM- Finally felt good again! Felt like going fast. I did the entire speed work out with the girls, Coleman, Gianno, and AJ. I am excited to run the workouts with the kids moving forward. I want to get faster and these workouts will help. I feel guilty for being selfish with my marathon training (and that worked out so well). Now I can just focus on keeping these kids positive and wrap up the season strong. 7.09 miles

(200, 400, 600, 400, 200 @1600 race pace)

200: 40 seconds (Didn't time but we were moving)

400: 1:24

600: 2:05

400: 1:24

200: 41 seconds

(200 & 500 @800 race pace, 300 Fast)

200: 33 seconds

500: 1:34 (Wish I pushed harder) 

300: 53 seconds

PM2- Ran 2 mile loop with Marieta kind of as my cool down. 1.87 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 8.96Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 3.15
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- Weights and a hamstring strain. I intentionally did less weight on squats but felt like I pulled my ham a little bit. Took the morning run off. 

PM- Rolled out my hamstring during school and had a successful run on it with the girls. Up into GS. 6.04 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 6.04
Weight: 181.00
Total Distance

AM1- Took yesterday off to rest and stretch ol hammy. Then Warner Valley with the girls and Spencer. 5 ET, 10 Power, and 5 30 second hills. Felt good with a little reservation on my ham. Nice pushing with the girls on the power part and hills. 8.2 miles 

AM2- 3 with M while she hiked. 3.04 miles 

Saucony Ride Miles: 3.04Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 8.20Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- A little speed mixing in with the boys while they ran some cvs. 6.13 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.13
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM1- Got some early morning miles on the Bloomington loop. 5.02 miles 

AM2- Joined the boys after weights for 2.15 miles 

PM- Jogging around the windy JV meet. 1.04 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 7.17Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 1.04
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- Normal wednesday morning with the boys. 3.13 miles 

PM1- Washington with girls. Heating up. 6.14 miles 

PM2- Met up with George to run and catch up. Marieta biked next to us. 3.24 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 3.24ASICS Novablast Miles: 3.13Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 6.14
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

Ran to school from parents. Into Sandbergs and Washington with boys (and partly with girls). Holy was running some laps so I joined him for 7-8. Then back to my parents. Either the heat is getting to me or I was just feeling off. 8.02 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.02
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- 2 in Bloomington. 2.04 miles 

AM2- Ran with the girls. Quick little run so I added a little looking for the 35 minute boys. 4.01 miles 

PM- Jogging around at Dixie Invite. .56 

PM2- Around Bloomington while Marieta biked. 3.21 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 3.21Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.05Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 0.56
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- Out on Sugar Leo. Marieta joined me after 3. I enjoy her biking next to me. It helps me (and her) run a consistent pace. Each mile got progressively faster. 7.53 miles 

PM- Hitting up my abandoned golf course in Vegas. I want to consistently hit 6:40-6:45 miles mixed into normal runs to constantly remind myself of the pace I need to run for a marathon. That way I'll have it locked it in for October. Felt good after the first mile. 5.04 miles

1. 9:01

2. 7:17

3. 6:42

4. 7:33

5. 7:18





Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.53Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.04
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- 200, 400, 600 @1600 pace

200, 500 @800 pace, 300F

Warmed up with the girls. 

200- 41 with Laney and Jordyn 

400- 1:32 with Laney and Jordyn

600- 2:28 with Laney and Jordyn 

200- 34 trying to keep up with boys 

500- 1:33 pushing Elle to keep up with top girls 

300- 53 took a head start and had kids chase me down 

Cooled with the girls 

Felt good except I was holding in a poop the whole time. 6.26 miles 

PM- 20 with girls then a little more with boys. 3.87 miles 


Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 6.26Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.87
Weight: 189.00
Total Distance

Slept in to be with Marieta a little longer in the morning. Ran Kick It with the boys. Boston was there too. He gave the advice of being consistent and learning from his mistakes. I compared him to Kyrie because of his inconsistency. Jogged around at kids track meet. 7.17 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 7.17
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- Small 2 mile loop listening to Sunny Podcast. 2.26 miles

AM2- 25 with the boys talking about missions. 3.26 miles 

PM- Green Springs with the JV boys. Started up Kick It Hill. Then helped the boys and girls run their track workout. 6.61 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 12.13
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Weights and jog with girls. Probably joked around too much. 2.02 miles

PM- Washington with the boys then a division with the JV boys. Took Marlar and Sandbergs to get back to the school. Ran through a swarm of bees. Strides. 4.78 miles

PM2- Ran 2 miles with George and Marieta. Then a little more with just George. The heat is starting to make me more tired. 3.83 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 10.63
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- Quick little Bloomington out and back. 2.18 miles

PM- The usual peppy Friday morning run with the girls. 4.01 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.19
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- Progression run as the legs warmed up. 9:39, 8:53, 8:30, 8:23, 7:35, 7:34, 6:52, 7:24. Ran by Logan close to the river. 8.02

PM- Yellow Hollow to Black Gulch to Langes Dugway. Marieta ran the first couple of miles with me and Dawson. Once we ditched her we picked up the pace. 6.58 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 6.58Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.02Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM1- Bloomington 2 miler. 2.02 miles 

AM2- Hospital run with girls. Power Run for the last 10 minutes. 6.70 miles 

PM- Run to Dane's with the JV boys. Pre-Race run with strides. 5.38 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 5.38ASICS Novablast Miles: 8.72
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

Running around Crimson High. On my own then some warm ups with girls then boys. 6.23 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 6.23
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- Morning 25 with the boys. 3.15 miles 

PM1- Easy 30 with the girls out by PVMS. 3.74 miles

PM2- Snuck out to the desert with George and had to jump over a snake. Found some old native american dwellings. 5.63 miles

Hoka Rincon Miles: 3.74Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 5.63Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 3.15
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- A little Bloomington out and back. 1.1 miles

AM2- Weights and run with boys. 2.9 miles 

PM- Up Green Springs with girls. 3.88 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 7.88
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

Got out for night jog after a long day at BYU. 3.51 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.51
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

Woke up early and wanted to run close to the Y trail. Took University Ave then started climbing close to BYU's track. I didn't go for the Y but followed a trail below the trail head. Saw some deer while listening to Plaxico Burress talk about shooting himself. Had a fast fun run dropping back down to the Hotel. 11.52 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 11.52Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Felt cruddy and tired from the weekend. Just glad I got out and got something. Warmed with boys and cooled with girls. 3.69 miles 

PM- Sandstone mess around. 4.59 miles 

Saucony Ride Miles: 4.59Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 3.69
Weight: 188.00
Total Distance

AM- Weights and run. 3.16 miles 

PM- Pre race with girls. I tried to race AJ towards the end. Strides. 5.20 miles 

PM2- A little Bloomington route with Marieta. 2 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 7.20ASICS Novablast Miles: 3.16
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- Bloomington Loop. 3.29 miles 

AM2- DI loop with boys and Holt. 2.02 miles 

PM- Snuck in a short run in the stupid wind. 2.53 miles 

PM2- Running around at Region. Adding this distance to irritate Travis. .23 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.84Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 0.23
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- Late 15 with some of the girls. Then Dave kept running so I followed him. Glad I got a couple more miles. Feeling a little sluggish in my running. Need that summer freedom to start crushing some runs. 4.01 miles

PM- Warmed up with girls and boys at track. 4.07 miles 

PM2- Running around meet. .82

Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.01Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 4.89
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- Reluctantly got out for some Bloomington Loop. 4.73 miles 

PM- Caught up filming a wedding. George and snuck in some miles around 9pm. 4.06 miles 



Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.06ASICS Novablast Miles: 4.73
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- Fartleks with the girls and W. Alli B joined us for a little bit. Good grouping. Good speed. Started at Sullivan. 5.82 miles

PM- I intended to run with Marieta shortly after my morning run. Unfortunately some things got in the way. I noticed there was a nail in one of the crosstrek tires. I have had bad luck with nails the last couple of years. After running some errands and switching to a spare I finally got out to run with Marieta. We did a nice loop around Tonaquint. She got 5 miles in and I finished the loop to recover the car. It was a good run for both of us. I am always glad when I can run with Marieta. 6.18 miles 

PM2- Got out around 10 after the wedding. Full Moon. 4.01 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.01Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 12.00
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Short 15 with the boys. Worked out some pain in my legs. 2.01 miles 

PM- Kids did some speed work on the track. I ran a 4 with Adri and Kate, 4 with Brooklyn, another 4 with Adri and Kate. Then for a fast 300 I took a head start on Trey, Adri, and Kate. Trey and Adri caught me. 5 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.01
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

PM- Heat 30 with the boys. Rough. A guy was handing out water balloons that the boys threw at the girls. 4.02 miles 

Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 4.02
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- 2 by myself. Then 2 with the team. Feel like I lost a pep in my step. 4.06 miles

PM- Off to the middle school. I took my school key to let the girls in for some water. After the run I left my key in the grass, thinking I'll remember to grab that. I didn't remember to grab that. 5.10 miles 

PM2- Marieta wanted to run so drove back over to the high to look for my key. No success. Then ran down by the skim board park. 2.02 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 7.12Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 4.06
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

PM- Snuck in my run around noon. Heat was tolerable. 6.05 miles 

PM2- Running around Nephi with Diego, Porter, and Trey. Then some strides and throwing around a football. I caught a bomb from Sawyer. 4 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 6.05Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 4.00
Weight: 183.00
Total Distance

AM- Dropped Dave and Logan off at State then went for a stroll. Didn't feel amazing but did a negative split. 6.02 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 6.02
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

Too tired from waking up early at State to run. This next week should be much better. 

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Slept in again. Ran 3 miles with Marieta in Tonaquint then on to Popeyes. The top of foot was getting some sharp pains along the way. Super random. 6.61 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 6.61
Weight: 188.00
Total Distance

Tested the ankle out towards the Dixie Center. Saw 2 snakes. 6.77 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 6.77
Weight: 188.00
Total Distance

AM- Progress, I got up this morning and got a couple in. 2.24 miles 

PM- Travis run up Anasazi. Hot run but we managed. Good catching up. 6.58 miles 

PM2- Added 3 more with Marieta towards Sun River. She struggled in the heat. 3 miles 

Saucony Ride Miles: 3.00Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 6.58Kinvara 11 Miles: 2.24Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- That early morning jog. 3.16 miles 

PM- Took a little nap and finished a Wolverine puzzle. I texted George to go on a run. He struggled in the heat as we ran through the desert. We decided to cool off in his in laws pool. Then we ran to his house and from there I ran home. 6.16 miles

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.16Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.16Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 184.00
Total Distance

AM- Chill 3 with M before it got too hot. Saw Gage working at Swig. 3.04 miles 

PM- Ran a similar run as yesterday with George. He ran back to the pool and I carried on and even extended. Nice overcast but still felt hot. 6.81 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 3.04Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 6.81Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Woke up early with little sleep. Hit up the abandoned golf course. Then ran to my in laws to wake up Marieta. 3.61 miles 

AM2- Ran some slow miles with Marieta on the course. Then I added a couple of more on my own. Had a hard time getting the legs moving. 7.43 miles 

PM- Late night jog around Vegas streets with a full belly. 4.65 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 11.04Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 4.65
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Run over Floyd Lamb. Nothing amazing. Right arch giving me some pain. Probably from walking around bare foot at pool party. 8.12 miles

PM- Abandoned golf course with a belly full of sushi. 4.18 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.18Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.12Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Little neighborhood loop with Marieta. 3.33 miles 

PM- Ran some Pioneer Park trails with DAHLSON then down toward his house by Morningside. Saw Coleman by the hospital. Great run with some trail and road diversity. 10.01 miles 


Hoka Rincon Miles: 3.33Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 10.01Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 190.00
Total Distance

AM- Sun River exploration. Found the Bart Anderson trail. I'll explore that another day. 7.23 miles 

PM- Neighborhood jog with M. I added a mile without her. Wore my best 80s garb after watching Stranger Things. Bloomington natives couldn't handle my crop top. 3.06 miles 

Kinvara 6 Miles: 3.06Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 7.23Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 188.00
Total Distance

Got caught up doing other BS things. Didn't end up running. 

Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

AM- Desert exploration, need to get my legs moving more. 7.36 miles 

AM2- Bloomington loop with Marieta. 3.01 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 10.37Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

Ran from Derek's house up to some trees. Saw a couple of white tail and a Turkey. It was raining the whole time so I was sliding around everywhere. I had to be cautious on the downhills. 14.64 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 14.64Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 188.00
Total Distance

Hitting roads by Derek's. It was really windy and I ended up on some busy roads. 10.06 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 10.06
Weight: 188.00
Total Distance

Ran across the tracks and up into Phillips Creek. I did 22 1 minute intervals to get the legs moving. 10.01 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 10.01Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- First day of xc for me. Ran with some of the new freshman then caught up with the older boys. Ran into the desert. 5.13 miles 

PM- Search of Summit Rock. Wanted to run more but spent time with Marieta. .19

Kinvara 6 Miles: 0.19Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.13
Weight: 191.00
Total Distance

AM1- 35 and strides with girls. Did some extra strides with Isaiah. Bestowed the "Decker's Favorite Jersey" to Gianno today. 4.49 miles 

AM2- Ran the trail to knowhere and up 2450. Started to get warm. 4.54 miles 

PM- Hot 3 with Aaron. A little faster than my normal pace. 3.02 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 3.02Kinvara 11 Miles: 9.03
Weight: 191.00
Total Distance

AM- Negative split run with boys up past Sullivan Park. Was in the second group with Diego, Kenny, Porter, and Boswell. Did 23 out and under 22 back. 7:37 mile pace. Added 2 more on my own. 8 miles 

PM- Ran at 6pm in the worst of the heat. Marieta struggled through 3 miles. Then I added 2 more and almost got attacked by a Great Dane. 5 miles 

Kinvara 6 Miles: 5.00Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.00
Weight: 188.00
Total Distance

Ran north starting at the Winchester Hills hill and up past Diamond Valley. Marieta met me at the top and we ran 6 together. It was a little difficult to slow down for her pace, especially going down hill. I'm glad I did though. Saw a little snake. 13 miles 

Hoka Carbon X Miles: 13.00
Weight: 188.00
Total Distance

AM- Ran a little with Marieta before practice. Just hit the loop. 3.33 miles 

AM2- The steps with Liam and Ian. Then I met up with the girls and Holt. Then I added another mile on my own. Had a good book discussion with girls and Martha. Talked about how kids want to be great but won't work hard to be great! 6.3 miles 

PM- Out towards the Dixie Center and back. Swatting horse flies the whole time. 4.54 miles 

Kinvara 6 Miles: 4.54Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 9.63
Weight: 192.00
Total Distance

AM- Snuck in some miles before heading to practice. 4.03 miles 

AM2- Half and half with striders. Ran mainly with Ben and Ian. Ultimate, Kids Club, and wrights after. 5.65 miles 

PM- 4 miles with Aaron. We are back on the same pooping schedule. 4.06 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 4.06Kinvara 11 Miles: 9.68
Weight: 189.00
Total Distance

AM- A little jog with M. 3.03 miles 

AM2- 6 3 minute pick ups with boys. "With" is a little wishful speaking. I trailed the boys for the pick ups. Felt tired from weights or just adding mileage this week. Did some Charlie work in Kayenta from 10-4. 6.23 miles 

PM- Rough outing. Ate at 5:30 and ran 7:20. Guess I didn't get enough time between food and meal. I also felt tired from working in the sun for 6 hours. Had Aaron leave me 3 miles into our 4 mile run. Saw a king snake. 4.05 miles 

Hoka Rincon Miles: 4.05Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 9.26
Weight: 189.00
From Vis on Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 21:23:59 from

Charlie work?

From Josh Decker on Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 21:37:20 from

The crap work no one else wants to do.

Total Distance

AM- Bloomington grind on my own. 4.63 miles 

AM2- Up past Black Bear diner with girls. Good catching up. Hamstring feeling tight so I sat out the striders. Added a mile on my own. 5.42 miles 

PM- Late night hot run in Vegas. Nothing special. 4.07 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 10.05Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 4.07
Weight: 185.00
Total Distance

AM- Slow grind. My hamstring is bugging so I only felt a need to run slow. 5.12 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.12
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Ran from the cottage air bnb to some dusty hills. Was up all night with an asthma attack. Not sure what that's about. My run was not epic but my legs did start to warm up. 6.10 miles 

AM2- Woke up Marieta and ran another route from our place. Ended up being a longer loop than expected but was good. 6.23 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 6.10Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 6.23Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- Solid wake up run around Three Rivers. Felt better as I went around. Ran with tons of turkeys. 10.56 miles 

PM- Late night run in Vegas before heading home. 3.50 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 10.56Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.50
Weight: 186.00
Total Distance

AM- Half and Half. PVMS to 2450 and back with some grass laps and striders. Running sound at Kids Club. 5.89 miles 

AM2- Running from my parents to weights and back. 2.73 miles 

PM- 5 mile loop with Metler. Not too hot. I added a mile before meeting up with him. 6.06 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.06Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.62
Weight: 187.00
Total Distance

AM- Warmed did 5 800s with .20 recovery in between. 

1. 3:29

2. 3:25

3. 3:18

4. 3:17

5. 3:22 

Nothing amazing but decent for morning. 5.04 miles 

AM2- Struggled to keep up with boys as they did some tempo. I stayed close but was feeling light headed. Did some tempo minutes. I did the last 5 minute tempo with Parker, Coleman, and Gianno. Jogged back to school super tired. 7.16 miles 

PM- Ran 1.5 with Aaron then turned around. 3.02 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 3.02Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 12.20
Weight: 181.00
Total Distance

AM- Snuck out for a little bit before practice. 2.69 miles 

AM2- Tour de Washington with Ben and Trevor. Started out with the big group of boys then dropped back to some freshman. 6.35 miles 

PM- The loop with Aaron. Cody Campbell started with us but quickly fell behind. Felt tired towards the end of the run, light headed. 5.18 miles, 7:20 pace 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 9.04Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.18
Weight: 183.00
Total Distance

AM- Dixie Center to Bloomington with Brooklyn, Laney, Katie, and Alianna. Gary joined us too. Ran to my house so girls could meet Topanga. 4.67 miles 

PM- Cedar Mtn shake out. Progressively got faster. From 8:57 down to 7:17. Didn't run as much today but that's ok. Marieta's sickness might be catching up with me. 5.36 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 5.36Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.67Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 182.00
Total Distance

AM- Less than stellar Half and Half. Not feeling great still. 4.42 miles 

PM- Burned laps around Bloomington Park. Oddly legs felt better than this morning, just had intense heat. 2.52 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 2.52Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 4.42
Weight: 178.00
Total Distance

AM- Tired legs and head. Ran with freshman boys. They flippped at 15. I found a struggling Coleman and ran with him. 4.74 miles 

PM- Ran over to see Ava and had Marieta drive over so we could put down some red, white, and blue flowers. 4.17 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 4.17Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 4.74
Weight: 178.00
Total Distance

AM- Washington Steps with the girls. I wasn't able to keep up on the uphill (asthma). I took a short cut and caught a couple of girls on the downhill section. Added some minutes afterwards. 5 miles

PM- Got out late just to get something. 3.04 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 3.04Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.00
Weight: 180.00
Total Distance

AM- Out towards Sun River with Marieta. 2 miles 

AM2- Grass loops at Sullivan with the girls. Added a little on my own up the trail. 5.05 miles 

PM- Ran to drop something at George's and added some mileage in the heat heat. 4 miles 

Kinvara 6 Miles: 4.00Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.05
Weight: 181.00
Total Distance
Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 525.93ASICS Novablast Miles: 194.22Kinvara 11 Miles: 243.55Saucony Ride Miles: 36.69Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 56.03Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 37.00Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 236.45Hoka Speedgoat 3 Miles: 10.76Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 135.44Kinvara 6 Miles: 17.86Hoka Rincon Miles: 60.52Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 89.44Hoka Carbon X Miles: 72.24Hoka Carbon Rocket Miles: 8.72
Weight: 189.43
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