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Mt. Charleston Marathon

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Sep 15, 2011



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

5k: 17:20

10k: 35:34

Half Marathon: 1:18 (Snow Canyon 08)

Marathon: 3:06 (Beaver 20)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Qualify for Boston Marathon (Run a 2:55 marathon)

Help PV athletes develop a love for running. 

Be the 1st male athlete to run all 4 years at Dixie State University. Done! 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Be a life-long runner

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Miles:This week: 30.04 Month: 306.39 Year: 3384.78
Hoka Rincon Lifetime Miles: 734.41
Hoka Clifton Lifetime Miles: 531.68
Saucony Ride Lifetime Miles: 805.46
Hoka Cavu Lifetime Miles: 86.29
Hoka Napali Blue Lifetime Miles: 335.18
Hoka Napali Red Lifetime Miles: 468.76
Hoka Instinct 2 Lifetime Miles: 281.03
ASICS Noosa Fast Lifetime Miles: 104.21
Nike Pegasus 32 Lifetime Miles: 354.64
Launch 4 Lifetime Miles: 457.07
Hoka Clifton 5 Lifetime Miles: 304.12
Hoka Speedgoat 3 Lifetime Miles: 482.59
Hoka Clifton Blue Lifetime Miles: 400.15
Hoka Carbon X Lifetime Miles: 332.77
Hoka Carbon Rocket Lifetime Miles: 100.36
Brooks Launch 7 Lifetime Miles: 419.94
Kinvara 6 Lifetime Miles: 357.70
Hoka Bondi 6 Lifetime Miles: 347.01
Hoka Challenger 5 Lifetime Miles: 485.68
Kinvara 11 Lifetime Miles: 560.55
Hoka Rincon 3 Lifetime Miles: 593.04
ASICS Novablast Lifetime Miles: 304.21
Saucony Ride 13 Lifetime Miles: 778.78
Trail Runs 2022 Lifetime Miles: 71.00
Hoka Bondi 7 Lifetime Miles: 186.06
Kinvara 13 Lifetime Miles: 353.62
Hoka Carbon X 3 Lifetime Miles: 64.80
Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 Lifetime Miles: 64.42
NB XC Spike Lifetime Miles: 7.73
Total Distance
Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 63.33Hoka Carbon X Miles: 26.55Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 11.89Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 17.79Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 3.00Kinvara 11 Miles: 32.78Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 12.41ASICS Novablast Miles: 21.28Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 22.75Saucony Ride Miles: 3.04
Weight: 184.88
Total Distance

Friday morning convo run with Coach W. Got 2.5 in then hit some strides. 3.38 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.38
Weight: 183.00
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Race: Mt. Charleston Marathon (26.35 Miles) 03:25:15, Place overall: 389, Place in age division: 33
Total Distance

Where do I begin? Today marks my 9th marathon: 

1. STG 09'       3:15:43

2. STG 12'       3:13:38

3. Ogden 14'    4:18:30

4. Ogden 15'    DNF

5. PHX 16'       3:31:48

6. STG 16'       3:28:37

7. STG 19'       3:29:26

8. Beav 20'      3:06:33

9. Char 22'       3:25:15


Some marathons I was injured going into it and probably shouldn't have run it. Other times injuries flared up and made it a rough day. One thing that has been a common trend among them is my inability to start out conservative. So obviously going into this one, finally, I would have figured it out. Especially after training more than I ever have and switching my diet.

Nope! I am still a bone head! Every time I hop on a downhill course and those miles come easy, I figure it's all good and I am not using any energy. Such was the case today, I just let the hills roll me into some fun mile splits. In the moment I didn't think it was taking a toll on my body. I knew I wanted to back off to 6:40-6:50 pace but the miles were coming so easy. At around 13 (where the biggest hill is) I was finally compelled to slow down a little bit. I thought perfect I have the 1st half in the books, now for a slower but still moving 2nd half. Things started to really unravel at 15-16 where I started to feel dehydrated and hot. I consumed a lot of nuun drinks and water at the aid stations. Somewhere during 16 my legs started to feel really tight. I kept chugging a long at a slower pace. I figured I could still make up the time. At 18 when I started to get some cramps in my calves and quads. I probably should have stopped and stretched but continued on. Mile 21 right before the turn, I was struck by cramp lightning and toppled over as my quads and calves were no longer relaxed but tight and painful. On my way to the ground I also bumped my watch into a setting I didn't recognize so I have some random splits. I might have hit my head too? Some people helped me stretch out the calves and then I continued on my way. Even at mile 21 I thought I could muster up some 7-8 minute miles to save my race. Unfortunately the cramping didn't stop at 21. It continued the rest of the race and I fell over at least 2 more times. One of the times I fell I heard someone shout: "call an ambulance!" I thought it was kind of funny even in my terrible condition. When I could run a little in those last couple of miles I was really nervous my legs would betray me again. So not the day I wanted. I blame myself for starting out too fast. I am sure that was the biggest factor in the cramping. I also need to figure out better hydration.

So where do I go from here? I am very dissappointed after today. I wasted a big opportunity. My training has been solid (thanks to Aaron and PV). I plan to train for STG and really get into some better speed play with Aaron. I know I can figure this marathon out. I just need to stop getting in my own way! I want to go from a mediocre marathon runner to a decent one. 


1. 6:17

2. 6:03  12:20

3. 6:12  18:32

4. 6:08  24:40

5. 6:15  30:55

6. 6:15 37:10

7. 6:04  43:14

8. 6:00  49:14

9. 6:04  55:18

10. 6:15 1:01:33

11. 6:27  1:08:00

12. 6:34 1:14:34

13. 6:43 1:21:17

14. 6:40  1:27:57

15. 7:02  1:34:59

16. 7:41  1:42:40

17. 8:01  1:50:41

18. 8:41 1:59:21

19. 8:13  2:07:34

20. 8:14  2:15:48

21. 10:06 2:25:54

22. 9:03  2:34:57

23. 9:50  2:44:47

24. 10:10 2:54:57

25. 12:33  3:07:30

26. 14:36  3:22:06

.35. 2:54  3:25:00

Depressing progression of the race (the mat splits are different than my garmin splits): 

6.5         40:55/6:14 mi     projected 2:43:43

1/2         1:22:44/6:19 mi   projected 2:45:29

19.65     2:13:36/6:47 mi   projected 2:58:08

23.1       2:47:25/7:14 mi   projected 3:09:53

25.2       3:12:31/7:38 mi   projected 3:20:10

Finish:  3:25:15/7:49 mi

Hoka Carbon X Miles: 26.55
Weight: 178.00
Total Distance

Some jogging/trotting around seeing if my legs will function. Feel a little bit selfish because I can't be there for the runners. Soon enough. 2.04 miles 

Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 2.04
Weight: 184.00
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Total Distance

Up Green Springs. My left quad was still feeling a little sore (a lot of sore) so I didn't see the value in going too far. Turned around at 1.5 and ran back with a potentially broken toe Porter. 3.08 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.08
Weight: 184.00
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Total Distance

Ran 3 with George in the desert. 3.01 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 3.01Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 184.00
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Total Distance

Friday morning run with the girls. I really enjoy the friday morning runs. I usually have good conversations with Brooklyn or Cailyn. Left quad is still giving me firts so I am not quite ready to let loose. 4 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.00
Weight: 186.00
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Total Distance

Abandoned golf course with Marieta. A couple of miles on my own. Good Saturday run with a tender left quad. 8.52 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.52
Weight: 186.00
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Total Distance

AM- After some ET with the boys I realized my left quad is still hammered. So I ran around the track with Holt while the kids ran intervals. Cooled with girls. There was a terrible throw up like smell that stung the nostrils close to PV and Costco. It's still stuck in my mouth. 6.02 miles

Back on diet this week. 

PM- Missed the 2nd half of school to be with Marieta. Ran 2 miles with her in the wind. 2.03 miles 


Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 2.03ASICS Novablast Miles: 6.02
Weight: 187.00
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Total Distance

Trail to nowhere with the girls. Then a split with Kate and EmmaLee. 5.69 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.69
Weight: 185.00
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Total Distance

AM- 25 with the boys. 3.15 miles 

PM- Finally felt good again! Felt like going fast. I did the entire speed work out with the girls, Coleman, Gianno, and AJ. I am excited to run the workouts with the kids moving forward. I want to get faster and these workouts will help. I feel guilty for being selfish with my marathon training (and that worked out so well). Now I can just focus on keeping these kids positive and wrap up the season strong. 7.09 miles

(200, 400, 600, 400, 200 @1600 race pace)

200: 40 seconds (Didn't time but we were moving)

400: 1:24

600: 2:05

400: 1:24

200: 41 seconds

(200 & 500 @800 race pace, 300 Fast)

200: 33 seconds

500: 1:34 (Wish I pushed harder) 

300: 53 seconds

PM2- Ran 2 mile loop with Marieta kind of as my cool down. 1.87 miles 

Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 8.96Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 3.15
Weight: 185.00
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Total Distance

AM- Weights and a hamstring strain. I intentionally did less weight on squats but felt like I pulled my ham a little bit. Took the morning run off. 

PM- Rolled out my hamstring during school and had a successful run on it with the girls. Up into GS. 6.04 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 6.04
Weight: 181.00
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Total Distance

AM1- Took yesterday off to rest and stretch ol hammy. Then Warner Valley with the girls and Spencer. 5 ET, 10 Power, and 5 30 second hills. Felt good with a little reservation on my ham. Nice pushing with the girls on the power part and hills. 8.2 miles 

AM2- 3 with M while she hiked. 3.04 miles 

Saucony Ride Miles: 3.04Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 8.20Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 184.00
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Total Distance

AM- A little speed mixing in with the boys while they ran some cvs. 6.13 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.13
Weight: 186.00
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Total Distance

AM1- Got some early morning miles on the Bloomington loop. 5.02 miles 

AM2- Joined the boys after weights for 2.15 miles 

PM- Jogging around the windy JV meet. 1.04 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 7.17Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 1.04
Weight: 187.00
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Total Distance

AM- Normal wednesday morning with the boys. 3.13 miles 

PM1- Washington with girls. Heating up. 6.14 miles 

PM2- Met up with George to run and catch up. Marieta biked next to us. 3.24 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 3.24ASICS Novablast Miles: 3.13Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 6.14
Weight: 187.00
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Total Distance

Ran to school from parents. Into Sandbergs and Washington with boys (and partly with girls). Holy was running some laps so I joined him for 7-8. Then back to my parents. Either the heat is getting to me or I was just feeling off. 8.02 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.02
Weight: 185.00
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Total Distance

AM- 2 in Bloomington. 2.04 miles 

AM2- Ran with the girls. Quick little run so I added a little looking for the 35 minute boys. 4.01 miles 

PM- Jogging around at Dixie Invite. .56 

PM2- Around Bloomington while Marieta biked. 3.21 miles 

Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 3.21Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.05Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 0.56
Weight: 185.00
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Total Distance

AM- Out on Sugar Leo. Marieta joined me after 3. I enjoy her biking next to me. It helps me (and her) run a consistent pace. Each mile got progressively faster. 7.53 miles 

PM- Hitting up my abandoned golf course in Vegas. I want to consistently hit 6:40-6:45 miles mixed into normal runs to constantly remind myself of the pace I need to run for a marathon. That way I'll have it locked it in for October. Felt good after the first mile. 5.04 miles

1. 9:01

2. 7:17

3. 6:42

4. 7:33

5. 7:18





Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 7.53Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 5.04
Weight: 185.00
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Total Distance

AM- 200, 400, 600 @1600 pace

200, 500 @800 pace, 300F

Warmed up with the girls. 

200- 41 with Laney and Jordyn 

400- 1:32 with Laney and Jordyn

600- 2:28 with Laney and Jordyn 

200- 34 trying to keep up with boys 

500- 1:33 pushing Elle to keep up with top girls 

300- 53 took a head start and had kids chase me down 

Cooled with the girls 

Felt good except I was holding in a poop the whole time. 6.26 miles 

PM- 20 with girls then a little more with boys. 3.87 miles 


Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 6.26Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 3.87
Weight: 189.00
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Total Distance

Slept in to be with Marieta a little longer in the morning. Ran Kick It with the boys. Boston was there too. He gave the advice of being consistent and learning from his mistakes. I compared him to Kyrie because of his inconsistency. Jogged around at kids track meet. 7.17 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 7.17
Weight: 187.00
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Total Distance

AM- Small 2 mile loop listening to Sunny Podcast. 2.26 miles

AM2- 25 with the boys talking about missions. 3.26 miles 

PM- Green Springs with the JV boys. Started up Kick It Hill. Then helped the boys and girls run their track workout. 6.61 miles 

ASICS Novablast Miles: 12.13
Weight: 186.00
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Total Distance

AM- Weights and jog with girls. Probably joked around too much. 2.02 miles

PM- Washington with the boys then a division with the JV boys. Took Marlar and Sandbergs to get back to the school. Ran through a swarm of bees. Strides. 4.78 miles

PM2- Ran 2 miles with George and Marieta. Then a little more with just George. The heat is starting to make me more tired. 3.83 miles 

Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 10.63
Weight: 184.00
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Total Distance

AM- Quick little Bloomington out and back. 2.18 miles

PM- The usual peppy Friday morning run with the girls. 4.01 miles 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.19
Weight: 184.00
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Total Distance

AM- Progression run as the legs warmed up. 9:39, 8:53, 8:30, 8:23, 7:35, 7:34, 6:52, 7:24. Ran by Logan close to the river. 8.02

PM- Yellow Hollow to Black Gulch to Langes Dugway. Marieta ran the first couple of miles with me and Dawson. Once we ditched her we picked up the pace. 6.58 miles 

Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 6.58Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 8.02Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 1.00
Weight: 185.00
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Total Distance
Saucony Ride 13 Miles: 63.33Hoka Carbon X Miles: 26.55Hoka Bondi 7 Miles: 11.89Hoka Challenger 5 Miles: 17.79Trail Runs 2022 Miles: 3.00Kinvara 11 Miles: 32.78Brooks Launch 7 Miles: 12.41ASICS Novablast Miles: 21.28Hoka Rincon 3 Miles: 22.75Saucony Ride Miles: 3.04
Weight: 184.88
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