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Apr 02, 2005



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97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

2:25:50 Marathon


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Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

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To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

Russian champion tries Crocs, commits to racing a marathon in them

Nikolay Chavkin in the video below did 3x1000, first two in Adidas carbon-fiber models, the last one in Crocs. Surprised by the result (2:52, 2:52, 2:50) with the fastest interval done in Crocs, he committed to racing a marathon in Crocs if the video gets 42K likes and 195 comments (for 42 km 195 m, the marathon distance). Nikolay's current marathon PR is 2:14:00. The video was created by a Russian sporting goods store chain. Their moto is "more sports - brighter life", which we think is wonderful, and also deserves a Like. If you want to see a fast marathon in Crocs, go to the video and click the Like button. And make sure to share it with your friends.

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Baby Jogger Lifetime Miles: 623.95
Kinvara Lifetime Miles: 313.32
Asics TRI Lifetime Miles: 610.65
Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 520.90
Kinvara2 Lifetime Miles: 350.20
Ghost Yellow Lifetime Miles: 374.25
Kestrel Bike Lifetime Miles: 1883.75
NB- Rainbow Lifetime Miles: 57.80
Red Cumulus Lifetime Miles: 594.95
Neon Launch Lifetime Miles: 533.40
DS Trainer Lifetime Miles: 467.77
Green Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 479.75
Lunerglide Lifetime Miles: 276.70
Blue Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 528.06
NoosTri Lifetime Miles: 283.07
BlueKinvara Lifetime Miles: 216.60
Innov Lifetime Miles: 58.50
Ride Lifetime Miles: 207.45
NavPeg Lifetime Miles: 162.50
Green K5's Lifetime Miles: 88.00
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Cumulus Miles: 79.80Glycerin Miles: 97.45New Landreth Miles: 54.80Black Stratus Miles: 61.30Landreth Miles: 24.00Speedstar Miles: 9.20
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13 mile run this morning with Steve and Logan. We ran out by the new airport construction and did a loop around Blue Bunny ice cream area and then back to the Hoopers. It was a nice morning and the run was good. Only my hamstring really hurt again. By the end of the loop I was ready to be done. I was thinking about extending to hit 15 this morning but it just hurt too bad. We'll have to figure that out. Now it's off to AZ to get the teeth fixed. Bummer! 

Cumulus Miles: 13.00
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9.1 miles here in PHX. I ran my regular trail here by the hotel and then up to the canal. I was up way too early for being on vacation but I had to get it over to get in to the dentist early. Here we go...

Well what a day at Uncle Dent the dentists office. We found out that the tooth in the very back on the top, left side of my mouth was so bad and the roots were so wierd that a root canal might not have worked... so I got the sucker pulled. So that kind of jacked the system up- along with the drugs for the pain. So no running the rest of this day. Plus my wife wouldn't let me go no matter what anyways.

Glycerin Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

9.1 mile run early again on the same course as yesterday. I felt pretty good for having narcotics in the system- and a pretty good loss of blood due to the pulled tooth. Back to the dentist again this morning for a couple fillings. blah!  7 min pace avg for the run. 

11.1 mile run this afternoon. I left from the hotel and ran the same rote I've been doing however I just went out a little farther. Out 5.55 miles at 7:16 pace- back 5.55 miles at 6:46 pace. I must have been feeling good on the way back because both directions were very flat but on the way back I had a good head wind and still was much faster. However with two miles to go my diaphragm started to feel really sore on the right side. I've come to two solid conclusions while running down here. 

1. The elevation makes a BIG difference on me. Every time I go running down here I'm doing the same effort as I do at home and I run around 20-45 seconds a mile faster on these training runs.

2. Something about being here in Phoenix makes my diaphragm act up. I've been coming down here with my wife on these trips for the past 6 or so years. 3 or so of those years I've been running while on the trips and every time my diaphragm starts to hurt at one point or another. Why? I'm not sure...

New Landreth Miles: 11.10Cumulus Miles: 9.10
Total Distance

15.3 mile run today. I didn't get in until very late (early this morning). So I was trashed and didn't get up until around 10:30. So I just went out for one good run today instead of two. Went up to the overpass and then over to the tunnel under the freeway and then back around to the house. It was pretty windy out and that started to get annoying fast. But other than that the run was pretty good. For some reason I've got a good size blister on the left big toe! Why me?

Glycerin Miles: 15.30
Total Distance

12.2 mile run this morning around the overpass loop. Nothing really amazing going on, other than it's a little chilly all of the sudden. My hamstring has been feeling better but not good so I'll try and see April this weekend. 

One last dentist note. After pulling my bad tooth the other day and looking things over he said he couldn't believe that I wasn't sick. Because the tooth it's self was full of so much infection he said my body should have been braking down more... and only because I was running and so healthy did I avoid that fate. He also mentioned several times that had I taken care of this issue earlier this year when it first started to really hurt I would have run faster in my workouts and races this summer. He wasn't joking about it either.

So thats my solace for this years not-so-good racing performances. Now if I can fix this hamstring problem maybe I'll put together a very nice 2009?  

10.1 mile run this evening with the club. We did the 7 mile loop from the store and then Dave and I extended a little down to the Pizza Factory roundabout and back. A little chill in the air but overall great running weather. The time change sucks and now we run in the dark for club runs. 

New Landreth Miles: 10.10Black Stratus Miles: 12.20
Total Distance

9.6 mile loop up to the overpass. Hamstring is pretty sore today. Nice and crisp out this morning. 

7.3 mile loop up the trail and around GS this evening. I've had a very long and busy day and this run was the last thing I wanted to do. The first 4 miles felt like pooh and then I started to loosen up a little. Now its off to do baptisms for the dead with the young men or man because only one can come tonight.  

Today I reached two milestones. I hit 4,000+ miles for the year and also passed my 2007 total of 4,015. I guess I'll celebrate with one more good piece of sourdough bread and butter.  

Landreth Miles: 7.30Cumulus Miles: 9.60
Total Distance

18.25 miles run today with Dave. We met up out at Snow Canyon High (and the finish of the half marathon) so we could get our run in and watch the finishers. We headed up to the parkway and out to Kayenta and back. It was a solid little run. We avg. 7:12 for the run so nothing amazing but an even push all the way around. I was way glad I chose to not race today. Race pace right now sounds like death. It was a beautiful sunny morning out and we enjoyed ourselves. 

Congrats to all the stud half marathon runners! Even Logan the Soccer coach? 

Glycerin Miles: 18.25
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Total Distance

8.6 mile run around GS and on the trails. It's always nice to run out in the desert after a good rain. The trails are nice and packed so your not peeling out in the sand all the time. It was really cool this morning, and very wet in the air. I'm not a big fan of east cost type weather. I had enough of that in England thanks. The run was pretty good. It took a long time to get going and I could tell that April had worked me over good because the muscles were still pretty sore. I'm also really glad to finally be off antibiotics. I got some at the dentist last week to kill the infection and the course took forever (6 days). The whole time I've just felt like I was taking med's if you know what I mean.  

8 mile run this afternoon. I did the industrial park loop only I started withe the industrial park first and did the long climb up to the water tank. Ugh! I forgot what a Mutha that one was. Going up the other way on the trails is steeper but it doesn't drag on like this way. Anywho the run went ok once I reached the top.  

Landreth Miles: 8.00New Landreth Miles: 8.60
Total Distance

12.5 mile run this morning. I ran up over the Dixie road to the junction above the running store and then down around the black hill to the office. I never really got going this morning and things felt really sluggish but I still hit the run in 1:33:00. Not amazing by any means but considering I felt pretty flat- a good run. The hamstring feels a degree better than it did last week. Hopefully April's massage on Saturday will start to kick in and maybe it will finally loosen up. 

10 miles this evening. I ran back from Mik'L's friends house out in little valley. She was getting her hair done and I thought it would be a nice change of pace. I forgot that in doing so I'd have to run the hill up out of the fields. I cut it off on Telegraph and went up over by Best Buy and then extended around Middleton. I was surprised when I got home to see that I was right on 10 miles for distance. Avg 7:20 pace.  

Black Stratus Miles: 10.00Cumulus Miles: 12.50
Total Distance

9.2 miles this morning out in the desert and around GS. The hammy was a little more sore this morning that is has been all week. In fact last night it felt as good as it has in months. So I'll most likely spend some time rolling it out on the softball today. 

I was also going to make a note that yesterday was the first day this fall that you could see snow on Pine Valley Mt. I guess winter is coming.  

7.8 mile run this evening. Same loop as this morning but not extended. Nothing really cool or amazing to say other than it's in the books.  

New Landreth Miles: 7.80Glycerin Miles: 9.20
Total Distance

6.5 mile run at 3 p.m. I didn't get out this morning and was busy all day until this afternoon. Felt really good and tried to just stay relaxed before the club run. I just did the standard GS loop before having to go pick Mik'L up and then head to the running store. 

9 mile run at 5 p.m with the club. We did the 7 mile loop and then laps around the running store shopping complex to get to 9. I felt pretty trashed on this run.  

Black Stratus Miles: 6.50Cumulus Miles: 9.00
Total Distance

0 a big fat goose egg today. I didn't have time to run, nor did I feel like it. I took a trip up north and back today to buy a Jeep. After all the messing around I finally got home and was dead. 

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Total Distance

9.2 miles this morning up around GS and home around Middleton. I slept in and was out the door by 7:30 (how's that for a Saturday). It was a beautiful morning and rather warm for the time of year. After the run I came home and spent the rest of the day with Mik'L before she left on her trip to Arizona, and Florida. 

 16.6 miles this afternoon after I dropped Mik'L off at the shuttle that takes her to the airport. Now me and the doggies are home alone and sad. The run however was pretty good. I started at the Dixie Center and ran up the trail to the top and then back to the DC. That put me at 9.1ish. Then I got a drink and took some sports beans and ran down around Bloomington and back to finish off the day. I hit the entire run at 7:07 pace and never really pushed it. Knock on wood but my hamstring is starting to feel a little better. I can really tell a big difference from last week. So I'll stick to my plan of running easy miles with NO tempo, or speed work of any kind until this thing feels 100%.  It really makes me happy that it's at least moving in the right direction for the first time in months. 

After the run I stopped by In-and-Out Burger for two cheese burgers and some fries as my recovery supplements. I needed to refuel my protein and fatty Omega 3's. 

New Landreth Miles: 9.20Cumulus Miles: 16.60
Total Distance

9.2 miles up the trail and around GS. I didn't leave until around 8:40 or so because some people were pruning our bushes around the side of the house and the dogs were getting crazy. Anyways by the time I was out running it was almost too hot. The weather is just magical right now. Last Thursday the 13th of November I saw kids out having a water balloon fight up in GS. Man I'm glad I live here! 

I felt good on the run. Just a little click of pain back in the hammy. I'll try to nurse it along this week and maybe have April work on it this Saturday. 

9.2 miles tonight. After a long day of cleaning and painting the nursery I finally got out. Not a bad run at all. I finished off the desert right at dusk and it was beautiful out there.

I posted a picture of my new set of wheels. As you can see my "green" all biking phase only lasted about 6 months. Hey I tried... 

Black Stratus Miles: 9.20Speedstar Miles: 9.20
Total Distance

11.1 miles this morning up around part of the overpass loop. Another great morning with sunny skies here in Zion. I've got a stack of honey-do's a mile long so it's time to get going. Mik'L can crack the whip from Arizona or Florida. 

8 mile industrial park loop. About the same time as last night run. It's really peaceful up there that time of day. The hammy is a little sore today, but I ran a little harder on Monday than I should have because it was feeling really good. So I'll have to keep the pace easy.  

New Landreth Miles: 8.00Glycerin Miles: 11.10
Total Distance

8.7 miles this morning around GS and a shorter Middleton extension. I was flat this morning. Just could not get any turnover at all. Hope to eat good today and get some more rest and hopefully I'll be able to feel better before tomorrow. 

Landreth Miles: 8.70
Total Distance

4.5 miles on the treadmill this morning. I was feeling pretty trashed last night and woke up with a cough in the middle of the night. So I took some cough medicine and that knocked me out the rest of the night and into the morning. I got up and finished painting and doing some work in the nursery then got a mini workout in. Hopefully I'll be ready to run tonight for the club run. 

10 mile run tonight with the club. We did an out and back on the parkway. Nothing amazing we just chatted and kept the pace at laxi taxi. I can still feel a little of last nights sickness or at least the medicine I took. 

Glycerin Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

4.5 miles today. Actually I did a bike ride that and I'm not sure how far it was but it took a little over an hour. It was a killer ride over on part of the Bear Claw and Poppy Seed trail. My heart rate was bumping like I was doing a tempo or track workout. It was a serious killer- but way fun. I came home and was busy finishing some honey do's for the rest of the day. Then some family members showed up and I didn't have a chance to get out and actually run. That was kind of a good thing because I am still feeling a little sick. I guess we will see what happens on Saturday with a run or not...

To finish off the day I hit up In-and-Out for dinner and ran into Greg Harris. I'm on a kick with that place lately. That is the 3rd time in less than two weeks. Good stuff! 

Total Distance

No real running again today. I had a chance to do some biking again with one of my cousins and so we went and did the same ride I did yesterday and it was killer again. Then we came home for a hour or so and went out again up to the Church Rocks loop and did it. I'm drained like I did back to back speed workout days of running. It was a lot of fun and a nice change-up for the legs. 

Next week might not be that hot for running either. I'll be out of town most of the week and will be in Torrey and Orem/SLC. I hate trying to run when it's cold. I'll try to get in what I can up there and enjoy the week just the same. However I'm looking forward to the week after that when me and my wife will finally be home and have our normal life back. So I guess you could say until then everything is going to be a push. 

Total Distance

10.4 miles this morning here in Torrey around the regular "loop". It was cold out (31) when I was getting ready and then it did warm up a little on the run but not too much. The first 2.5-3.5 miles really sucked. I was pushing a good wind uphill into Teasdale and my calves were way tight. I just about turned around but thought it was possible that they might loosen up once I finished the hills. They did and I actually felt really good after about 6 miles. I saw several deer and a Golden Eagle.

Glycerin Miles: 10.40
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Total Distance

10.4 mile morning run here in Torrey again. It was a little cooler this morning than it was yesterday. However I didn't have the headwind the first 3 miles or so and that was nice. Once I got warmed up I settled into a solid stride and ended up being 3 min's faster than yesterday with an avg of 7:15 pace. That's pretty good on this loop with 5 extra pounds of winter running gear on. 

Now I'm getting ready for a day of exploring for indian and spanish treasures up in the cliffs above town. Most likely it will be just a nice bike ride and hike up in there. But you never know when you may find a spanish gold bar?

4 miles this afternoon made up from my bike ride/ hike. I was out for over 3 hours and my garmin lost it's signal due to the canyon's and stuff. I ended up taking my cousins dog a 2 year old lab. It was a lot of work trying to keep him with my on the bike and riding with one hand. Then once we started hiking he was pretty good. By the time I got the poor guy home he was trashed. Still the morning after he hasn't come out of his house yet. Poor Jetter!

We didn't find any spanish gold or even any real indina artifacts. There was a small amount of potery and some chips made from making arrowheads. Our coolest find was a massive pectrified (sp?) tree laying in this was. We were miles from anyone and I dout it's ever been found before. Even if it was due to the area there is no way someone could haul it out. It was really cool. In all my exploring I've never seen such a massive amount of prehistoric wood laying together.

Black Stratus Miles: 10.40
Total Distance

No running today. I spent much of the day getting stuff ready to go... and then we ended up just coming back to STG instead of going up to northern Utah. That made me happy! Anyways by the time we drove home and got everything ready for Thanksgiving I was dead and it was dark. 

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13 miles this morning with Logan. We had a nice little Thanksgiving run up to the powerline trail and then over to the top of Middleton trail. From there we went over to the new overpass and back around. It was an nice relaxing pace and the weather was soothing. Overcast and no wind. Looks like it could rain a lot later today. 

Black Stratus Miles: 13.00
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Total Distance

10 miles this afternoon. I was too lazy to go out this morning and really  struggled to even go at all. But after all the procrastination I ate some left over turkey and stuff and hit the road. I ran over to GS and then up the trail to the Iceburg trail and I took that steep, rocky thing up  to the top of the mesa and then followed the mesa across to where I dropped off- that part was without a trail and for the most part it was smooth sailing but I did hit some really rocky spots and about rolled the old ankle. This turned out to be a challenging but fun run. 1:27;33 for 10.04 miles says it all. 

Cumulus Miles: 10.00
Total Distance

14.1 mile run this morning with Logan, Dave and Ruth. We did part of the JEM trail above Hurricane. There are so many trails out there that we could have easily gone 20+ miles. It was a nice easy run. I think it took us just under 2hrs to do the run- so as you can see the pace was pretty slow. Overall a nice run and nice to get out and visit with everyone. 

We kind of put this together on a last minute. We were planning on going up to Zion and then some guys had things come up and we also decided there might be too much snow. 

Glycerin Miles: 14.10
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Total Distance
Cumulus Miles: 79.80Glycerin Miles: 97.45New Landreth Miles: 54.80Black Stratus Miles: 61.30Landreth Miles: 24.00Speedstar Miles: 9.20
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