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Apr 02, 2005



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97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

2:25:50 Marathon


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Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

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To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

Russian champion tries Crocs, commits to racing a marathon in them

Nikolay Chavkin in the video below did 3x1000, first two in Adidas carbon-fiber models, the last one in Crocs. Surprised by the result (2:52, 2:52, 2:50) with the fastest interval done in Crocs, he committed to racing a marathon in Crocs if the video gets 42K likes and 195 comments (for 42 km 195 m, the marathon distance). Nikolay's current marathon PR is 2:14:00. The video was created by a Russian sporting goods store chain. Their moto is "more sports - brighter life", which we think is wonderful, and also deserves a Like. If you want to see a fast marathon in Crocs, go to the video and click the Like button. And make sure to share it with your friends.

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Total Distance
Total Distance

10 mile overpass loop. The legs felt heavy, slow and blah this morning- plus it really felt hot. I struggled through the run and made it back home to jump on the scale- 145 lbs. Fairly low for me. Also saw a little snake on the dirt road up by the freeway.  I didn't get close enough to see what kind it was... I hate snakes.

(Red Stratus) 

12.8 mile bike ride = 3.2 miles easy running. Out in the heat on this one. I had to go all over town on this one after 10 a.m. Bike shop, church clothing store, and the mall. I finally got home right at noon. Actual biking time was 1:10 

6.7 mile GS loop extended a little for water. It was 105 when I left the house and the heat caught up to me on the last two miles. It must be a combination of the hill yesterday, the bike ride today and the heat with all of it. Because I really lost it on the run tonight. I struggled to even keep running and I never get that way. Anyways got home and got some fluid and now I'll hope to sleep it off and start over in the morning.


Total Distance

12.2 slow miles this morning around the overpass loop. When I went to bed last night my legs were crampy and I thought I had about a 20% chance of running this morning. I ended up being able to get out and make it through the run but I struggled. I'm guessing the hill workout really trashed the system. Plus the diaphragm was tight this morning for the first time since the Thursday before WBR, and my shoulder is really jacked up. Anything else...

Looking forward to going to Torrey this weekend and getting out of this blasted heat. I'll most likely keep all the miles nice and easy the rest of the week, and only do the 5K if I'm feeling very spry Saturday morning.


5.8 miles on the treadmill. The Spectrum web site said it was 119, mine said it was 112 and I'm guessing out on the blacktop it was even hotter. So I stayed in and hit the machine up. I had to cut it a little short because I'm going to the driving range with the young men... that should be fun in the heat? I may jump back on when we get done or maybe I'll just pack it in for the day.  

Total Distance

13.5 mile run this morning. Over around GS and then up the Millcreek trail to the PL trail and across it to the water tank, then around industrial back home. I really, really didn't want to go out this morning. The shoulder was killing me and I decided it's time for a Dr's visit. But I went out anyways... and it wasn't too bad. In fact I had a pretty good run overall. Climbing the couple hills up to the water tank about killed me but other than that I really felt pretty good. The legs seemed to swing from the hips very well along the trail portion and through the sand which usually is rather challenging. 

(White Cumulus) 

7.2 mile run today at noon. It was 97 when I left and 104 when I got home. We are driving up to Torrey this afternoon so I wanted to get the run out of the way. It wasn't too bad out, and I felt like I ran better than I've been running all week. Glad it's over and now up to 6,800 feet at my uncles house. Hopefully it will be cooler.

(Blue Stratus) 

Total Distance

8 miles this morning from Torrey down to Capital Reef and back. Nothing amazing. I did hit the first 3.5 miles at tempo effort... very hard at the altitude. 


12.9 mile insane mountain bike ride = 3.3 easy miles of running. Worked my tail off going up, up, and up some nasty sandy trail. We had a great day fishing on the Boulder and then I came back and road the Sandcreek loop on the bike. Hopefully some of this altitude training (WBR, Park City last week, and Torrey this week) will start to open up my lungs. 


Race: Steven Abraham Lincoln Hooper MemorialOC (20.8 Miles) 00:02:24, Place overall: 1
Total Distance

I decided to do an extension of the race that the guys ran yesterday. I'll call this the "off campus" version. I did a 10.8 mile hilly loop (twice) around Torrey and Teasdale, Utah that roams from 6,750 ft to 7,500 ft in elevation. I set up one aid station at the halfway point with a Gu and a water and one potty stop about 5.5 miles into the run. There was a lot of trouble at the start... Me and Father time, and he never slows down. 

I got going very slow and didn't care too much. The altitude seems to really work on me here. I hit the first 8 miles in 1:00:04 and was having a hard time getting going- I hit the halfway point in 1:15:45. Then around mile 12 I started to loosen up and hit 16 miles at 1:54 something and then 20 miles in 2:18. Thats 3 min's slower than the 20 miles I ran last week in STG. However this course was at least 15-25 seconds per mile slower. So actually I ran pretty well. I finished with a 2:24- just about a 6 min negative split. On the second lap I really felt like things were rolling and was happy I did the run. I've been running pretty crappy for a few weeks and today was a positive that I really needed.

It was a nice morning. A little warmer than I thought it would be because there was some cloud cover last night that kept things cool. However once the sun came up those same clouds kept the sun away longer.

Now it's time to eat, and relax the rest of the weekend up here.

(SS- ) 

Total Distance

Drove home from Torrey. We had some Taco Bell in Richfield and it will prove to be a big mistake. There was heavy rain from Richfield to New Harmony and then it stopped. 

Total Distance

16 mile run this morning on the normal loop but extended onto the Coral Canyon Mesa and then back around. It smelled like rain when I went out early this morning but I'm not sure a drop ever touched the ground. It must have been the wind blowing from the north. We drove through rain all day yesterday on the way home. However it did feel just a little cooler this morning and I was pleased with mother natures effort. 

A very smooth effort today on my part on the morning run. 8 miles in 1:02 and 16 in 1:56. I didn't really pick it up a lot on the second part just less climbing on that portion. I had some Taco Bell on the trip home yesterday and it put me trail side twice this morning for potty stops. Once I burned out all the Taco Bell I actually felt great for a Monday. So hopefully the rest of the week will work out the same.

( blue cumulus 421.25) 

10 miles for Monday Night Meat Grinders. It was 104 when I pulled into the parking lot and some of the guys were late so it could have cooled down a degree or so before we left. However this week didn't seem as bad as last week. I kept a more consistent effort and really wanted to make sure all of them were under 8 min's.

1. 7:38- Really didn't feel like I was working too hard. I packed a water bottle up on this one and just plugged along.

2. 7:42- I was really shocked when I got to the top and saw this one was slower than the first. I pushed it pretty good, but went out really slow at the first and that must have been why it was slow.

3. 7:34- I really wanted to make sure this one was under 8 min's so I tried to push a little harder than the last one all the way up. When I got up I was pleased to see that it was the fastest one of the night for me.

Overall not a stand out performance tonight, but a well rounded/ solid effort. I really have a hard time pushing myself hard during these workouts. My mind kind of goes into survival mode and I do just enough to get by. I'd like to train my brain to dig a little deeper on speed or hill workout days.

(Blue Stratus) 

Total Distance

14.8 mile loop up onto the Coral Canyon Mesa but cut a little shorter than yesterday. I was very unwilling to get out this morning after the hill workout last night. But once I got out I realized I wasn't as trashed as I was last week. I just plugged along- I swallowed a bug of some kind coming past the turf farm... then from there on home I was hacking away trying to get it out of my throat. That part sucked. 

(Landreth 317.5) 

5.3 mile run on the treadmill. I actually wanted to run on it today. I  had no intentions of going outside- for some reason I just didn't want to deal with the heat today. Nice run on the  mill- Did it in 10 songs on the I-pod.


Total Distance

Big workout this morning. 17.5 miles with 5.25 at tempo pace effort. I ran part of my normal run but up onto the Coral Canyon mesa and went to the park (8.6 miles out) for a drink and restroom. Then I ran back the same way until I was at 9 miles. From there I started the tempo back up the road on top of the mesa and then dropped off the hill by the watertank (steep and rocky) and made my way back over to the new overpass. I ran up over that and down to the intersection by the fire station- then up the dirt road (killer hill at tempo) and back down into GS. I stopped the tempo at the fence. From there I did a cool down of 3.25 miles up to the water coolers on the golf course and back home. 

This is a tough area to run way fast on due to the terrain, but the effort was solid this morning. It's that time... I really need to do at least one good tempo every week or I'm going to be stuck with no improvement. Hopefully from here I can finish the week off strong and then have a good taper week next week to run Bryce on.

(white cumulus 409.3) 

4 miles on the treadmill this afternoon. If the distance is low the treadmill isn't too bad.  

Total Distance

16.2 mile run this morning. Up over the new overpass and along the freeway to the spooky tunnel that goes under the freeway. I've wanted to run under it and follow that trail for a while so today was the day. At the tunnels entrance I shouted to make sure there wasn't a vagabond sleeping inside and then I tip toed through the whole time thinking a group of snakes were going to attack me in the dark. Anyways I made it through and ran the trail up over the hill and back down around to GS- then home around Middleton. 

Good run. I really enjoyed running on the trail. I was there right when the sun was coming up and it made for a nice morning. The hamstrings are very tight and I just want to hold on to this week before getting a message on Saturday or so. I may be heading up to Provo today to meet someone who is buying my car.... we'll see if it all works out. 

(Red Stratus)  

5 mile loop around GS. I'm selling my car to a lady in Ogden and am leaving today to meet her Friday morning to make the exchange in SLC. So I wanted to get the run over with before driving.

I'll be back Friday afternoon so I'm still in for the run on Saturday morning. Logan if you want to do the NEMC (National Elite Marathon Championship) course I'd be down with that.  Let me know what you guys want to do. 

3.2 mile out and back little shake out once I got up to Orem. I guess it's real- I'm really selling my car tomorrow and I'm sad now. For some reason I kind of hope it falls through and I can keep her a little longer. Not really but this is the first time I've been sad about selling off a car.

Total Distance

Out and back 9.5 miles each way. I left at around noon here in Orem and it felt better than it does at home at 5 a.m. I left Orem and ran up the the Provo river trail and took it as far as it would go. Then I hit a park and I jumped through a fence and ran up the canyon a little more on the rail road tarcks. Out in 1:07:48 (7:06 pace) and then back in 1:02:47 (6:35 pace) I was going to get up way early and get a run in but the hammys were as tight as banjo strings. So I went to SLC and took care of the car... all bye, bye. Then came back and had some time while I waited for Mik'L's dad to golf so I went out for the run. A pretty good run overall. I felt really good on the way up considering it's all uphill. Then on the way back I didn't try to push the pace, I tried more to just let the downhill pull me home. Anyway glad it's in the bank and now to recover so I can run with the club in STG tomorrow.

(Blue Cumulus 440.25)

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Race: National Elite Marathon Championship (20.4 Miles) 00:00:00
Total Distance

I ran the National Elite Marathon Championships today with the STG Running Club. We stuck together as a pretty tight group working off one another until we all pulled out early to DNF. It was a very muggy morning. It rained last night and then it stayed overcast to keep things more like the east coast than typical STG. It was very nice to see the town get some rain and I'll always be happy for water. The course runs from the Dixie Center down into Bloomington (part of the Painters course) and then up around Bloomington Hills to be a 12.3 mile loop. We then dropped back down into Bloomington to do the first part again and then all stopped at around 20 to take a DNF for the race. The race directors still need to work on a few miles here and there around Bloomington Hills to get it certified through USATF- but there is some great potential for things if the director gets his stuff together. Dave, Logan, and I all got comped in, however the high schoolers, James and Bill had to pay the ultimate price. We were all covered in bugs by the end of the run and because of the muggy weather we were extra sweaty. Logan's shorts were soaked 4 miles into the race. Maybe due to the competition he peed his pants I'm not sure... I don't know about that kid?

Good run on only 3 hours of sleep. We didn't leave Orem last night until 9:45 and then drove home, and by the time I got to sleep it was 2 a.m. Then the alarm went off at 4:30. Nice!

I got a solid week of training in hitting solo runs of 16, 17.5, 19, and todays 20.4. A great base building week. It didn't do Jack for my speed which is what I really need to work on but I guess that will come the rest of the summer.  

(SS 148.5) 

10.3 mile bike ride = 2.5 miles of easy running. It was so nice today with the overcast sky's and the moist ground I just couldn't stay off the bike. I had to go out for a big ride. So this will be the only bike miles I've counted all week, and I earned every one of them. I left the house and road up the trail to the powerline and then over to Millcreek trail and back around the fire house and then home. I was really proud of myself for being able to peddle up everyone of those rocky hills without having to put a foot down- ever. I'm not the best bike rider in the world but those hills are step and rocky. My bike climbs like a goat.  By the time I got up to the top of Millcreek I was sweating so bad everything was soaked, and the camel back was running out fast. I made it home just in time before the front tire went flat? Anyways it was a great ride and great weather until later in the afternoon when the sun came out and it's insane hot again.  

Total Distance

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Total Distance

12.3 mile morning loop. Regular overpass loop for the most part. My stomach had 2 too many lasagna servings sitting in it from Sunday afternoon. So that made for some nice memories. 

(White Cumulus 421.6) 

Marathon morning around town on the bike. Not really too many miles just the time it took at the stops. Finally home at 2 p.m.

10.4 miles on the bike = 2.6 miles of easy running.  

9 mile run tonight with the club. Weather was picture perfect. A small rain on the first few miles and then just a very pleasant evening. We don't get this too much in STG. I ran a few more miles today than I had planned but due to the lovely weather I couldn't help myself.

(blue Cumulus 449.25) 

Race: 1st annual Chelsi's run 5K (3.05 Miles) 00:16:00
Total Distance

10 mile run up over the hill and down into GS then around Middleton a few times to make it an even 10. I went to April yesterday and she really worked my legs over. They didn't really bother me too much last night on the club run but this morning they were like rail road ties, the kind that have been ran over by the train already. Anyways I'm going to start my taper now and maybe take the rest of the week very easy to see if I can even race. About half way through my visit to April last night she said "So you've got a race next weekend"? and I was like "no this weekend". The she was like "oh". So hopefully things will come together.

(Blue Stratus 422.7)

5.6 miles of bike = 1.4 easy mils of running

Peer Pressure is a unique thing. I went to this race tonight to just go support the event and se some friends. When I walk up to the event however I see Logan with a glow stick around his head and he say's "they are giving out some cool stuff for the top 3, "eye on the prize". So my plans change from wanting to run an easy jog with my wife to now trying to warm-up with Logan and wishing that I hadn't eaten this massive PB and honey sandwich within the hour of coming. We ran the course for a warm-up and it was a 1.53 mile loop around St. James place.

1. 4:55- No this wasn't one of those cool downhill miles. The course is an oval that sits on a gradual side hill so every step you take down- you also climb back up. I'd say this mile was about half and half. We went out fast with all the high school kids.

2. 5:19- Now Hayden, Logan, and myself have dropped everyone and we just settle into the tempo run.

3. 5:45- At the start of this mile I realize no one was going to catch us and when Logan says how are you doing I say I'm going to back off because there was no need to hammer it. So he and Hyaden kind of gap me a little for a while and then were nice enough to slow down on the last 400m and we all ran in together. I had the course at 3.05. Pretty close for not being certified. Steve O had it at 3.07 so right there depending on the tangents.

1 mile cool down.

This was a great race. A really great turn out and very fun to see so many old friends from around town. I think there were around 600 people there and all the proceeds go to track scholarships for local high school students. Really cool.

I knew Chelsi from her days as a cheerleader when I coached at Dixie high. She was always so positive and made sure to support everyone on our team not just the studs. Hopefully this will be something that continues to happen every year and that it will only get bigger. I'm really glad my wife and I went.

Total Distance

7.2 mile run this morning up through GS and then over the trail back home. Last night could have been a big mistake. The legs are very trashed now. After the deep tissue work over with April the other day I was going to take it very easy until the race on Saturday. Then like a bone head I went and ran this race last night and now I'm in the boat I'm in. The diaphragm was tight this morning for the first time in a couple weeks, but by the end of the run it felt o.k.  The plan for the rest of the week is to rest and run everything very easy, and short.

(Landreth 324.7)

10.5 mile bike ride with Mik'L = 2.6 miles of easy running. 6.5 miles this morning and 4 miles tonight over to the church and back. 

I decided not to run this afternoon because the body is just trashed. I'll put in a solid core workout and then go to a ward party.  

We went to the ward party on our bikes. Mik'L bought a bike yesterday and now we can go on cool bike rides together.  

Total Distance

6.8 miles this morning. Ran up into GS to the golf course and then did 1.25 on the grass in the five fingers and then back home. The legs felt sluggy but better than the last couple of days.

(Red Stratus 5.55)

6.9 mile run with the club tonight. Just an easy little diddy. I really needed to go about 5 miles into it but held off until I got home.


Total Distance

4 easy miles this morning. Out and back up into GS. I need a miracle between now and tomorrow morning before the race. I just feel flat. I just feel like my body needs to be zapped by electricity to wake up. Hopefully one more day will give me a chance or this could be ugly.


3 miles this evening in Bryce with Dave. Just a little final shake out before the race tomorrow.

(SS#2- 33.2)

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Race: Bryce Canyon Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:10:51, Place overall: 7, Place in age division: 4
Total Distance

I road up to the race with Dave H, his brother James H, and their dad and we slept in James camp trailer in the town where the race finished. I owe a big thanks to all of them for letting me tag a long and for being so generous. You guys ROCK and roll!

The race today went good. It wasn't an amazing performance where I felt like I was really able to let it go, but I didn't have any issues (stomach, diaphragm, other) and was able to just run so that was very nice. Coming into this race I've been telling Mik'L all week that I could end up running a 1:12 or 1:14. I've just been feeling "not fast" what so ever. My training also has been pretty rigorous and not conducive to speed. So under all the circumstances this was a good race. At the start there was a lot of trouble and I just wanted to run my own race. So when the gun went off the 6 guys who beat me all went out pretty aggressively and I just slowly worked into the race. By mile 3 I was a good deal back from all of them and had to spend the rest of the race trying to reel someone in.

1. 5:29- Everyone goes out fast and I'm in 7th and stay in 7th the rest of the race.

2. 5:38- Trying to get warmed up. I should have did a 3 mile warm-up like I'd planned.

3. 4:55- The step downhill.

4. 5:00- Trying to stay relaxed as I watch everyone get farther and farther away.

5. 5:11- Holding my own.

6. 5:12- Doing better here than last year at this point.

7. 5:15- A good mile as the course flattens out. Now I'm slowly starting to come back on some of the guys ahead of me.

8. 5:30- My two worst miles mentally are 8,9

9. 5:47- Losing it.

10. 5:41- Actually start getting back on the bus and wanting to go after someone.

11. 5:33- I'm coming back.

12. 5:39- Still feeling good and gaining on the Italian and Dave, but now I'm running out of course.

13. 5:34- Ran fairly well through here.

:21 seconds on the last .1... Finished the race feeling good and just realized I lost too much in the first 3 miles of the race. But it's o.k.

Not bummed at all about place or time really. Not thrilled either because there was a lot of cash up for grabs and for the second year in a row I couldn't get my hands on it.

After talking and eating for a while we went for a cool down and now I really feel how trashed my body is. I'm really sore at this point. It's over and another one in the books. Now to push my training into St. George turbo gear so I can get ready to pound that one out.

I finished behind. 1. Logan, 2. Mike V. 3. Cedar City kid who is at BYU 4. Mike V's friend from Runners Corner, 5. Dave the Brave Holt, 6. The Italian guy.

(SS#2- 49.4)

7 mile bike ride = 1.75 mile of easy running. I went out because my bike was crying to be road and I wanted to see if that would help the legs bounce out of the coma they were in.

Total Distance

Hurting. My legs are in a coma. My legs are in a coma. My legs are in a freaking coma from the race in Bryce Canyon yesterday. I'm not sure why they are soo much more sore than last year but they are.

Plus the British Open really sucked. What a big joke. No Americans played well enough to even be around the top, and then Greg Norman pulled off another Sunday choke leaving it to Paddy. Boo! 

Total Distance

8 mile run this morning. It was supposed to be an easy, recovery run. Well the pace was slow enough (7:55 Avg.) but there was nothing easy about it. I was right on the edge of calling it off and waiting to run when things didn't hurt so bad. But I went out and they still hurt real bad. First two miles in 18:40 and then I stopped looking. I tried to use the stick last night but it just hurt too bad to apply any pressure.

Isn't post race recovery great?

(Red Stratus 424.6)

6.2 mile run this evening. My wife wanted to go to her mom's so I had her drop me off at the Post office by River Road and I ran one lap on the loop course there and then over to her mom's in the Boulders. It was a pretty good run because the weather has been a little cooler than regular. My legs still hurt every step of the way but maybe not as bad as this morning. 7:26 pace Avg.

(Blue Stratus 428.9) 

Total Distance

0 miles this morning. I woke up with an upset stomach. All I had for dinner last night was Key Lime Pie and a shrimp cocktail. In that order, and I think the shrimp was just a little too old. 

The legs are still trashed anyways so I'll give them the morning, or maybe the day off and maybe I'll be able to get going again. The crazy thing is that last year on this day after Bryce I was in SLC and ran the last 10 miles or so of the Des News Marathon with Sasha. It wouldn't even be an option today with these legs.

Can anyone give me a logical reason why everyone is so much more trashed this year than last? 

21.3 mile bike ride mid-morning. In 2:13:05 = 5.3 miles of easy running. Although in two hours and some change I could get more than 5.3 miles in. This ride was around the world and back. Well from the house up to new overpass and out Grapevine trail, around Church rocks, through the tunnel, up to the Coral Canyon Mesa park, back around Coral Canyon and home via Dogtown. I opted to ride the bike because of the stomach issues and it worked out. The jury is still out on how the legs will respond to it. Pretty good workout.  

10.5 painful miles on the treadmill this evening. It wasn't cooling off so I went out on the treadmill to try and get things taken care of for the day. When I got on there was a slim chance that I was going to say on for the entire time... somehow I managed. It was like 1:22 or something- that makes over three and a half hours of training today. A little much maybe? 

Total Distance

12.2 mile morning run. Regular overpass loop. I'm really slow coming around but I guess in a few days I should be good to go. Finished the run pretty dehydrated and jumped on the scale to a new all time low of 144.5 lbs. No wonder I felt absolutely crappy this morning. 

(Landreth 340.9) 

7.8 mile run in the afternoon heat. It was 109 when I left the house!!! Up over the hill and down into GS. At the upper golf course restroom I stopped for water and a potty break. I had carried water to that point and it really wasn't too bad. Then I tried to take off again after stopping and the last 3 miles were a killer. The beauty of it is that by 5:30 or so I was done for the day and in the shower. 

(Blue Cumulus 457.05) 

Total Distance

15.2 mile BIG WORKOUT this morning with Dave and Logan at the DC. I've been stressing this workout since Bryce. The legs have been extra sore and I just didn't know if a harder workout was even possible. But I thought I'd show up and start it and see what happened. 

4 mile warm-up, 7 miles at around an avg of 5:57 pace, 4.2 miles of cool down.  We warmed up and cooled down above the DC and we did the tinman tempo down around Bloomington and back. The tempo course was very fair with a few ups and a few downs. I wanted to bail out the whole time but somehow stayed on board and actually went a little faster than planned. Now I'm sore- but really glad to have gotten a very solid workout in. I forgot my garmin so I don't have any exact details but this is the nuts and bolts of it.

(ss- 163.7) 

Total Distance

12.2 mile run at 4 a.m. around the overpass loop. It's nice out early. I just tried to relax and take it easy- things actually felt pretty good. After I got home I got some food and liquids in the body and then laid down for 2 hours with my legs elevated. I slept for an hour and a half of that (good sleep too). Then I got up and started getting ready to go out again. 

(Red Stratus 436.3) 

7.6 mile run at 9:30 a.m. up over the hill and around GS. It was warm and sunny when I went out for this run but not like it is in the afternoon. I've got a lot to do today and had to get these miles out of the way early. Overall I feel pretty good considering the short turn around. Maybe I'll try this method again.  

(Landreth 336.3) 

Total Distance

18.5 miles this morning in a bigger workout. The goal was to run the first 8 miles easy and warm-up good and then do a progression tempo getting faster all the way to the finish. Not anything that will send title waves but a solid workout. The only problem is I've been trashed all week and really haven't recovered from Bryce (1 week ago) yet!

8 miles in 1:00:34 and this went by really fast because I knew the work was coming during the last 10. So for the first part I just tried to relax and spend as little energy as possible so I'd have it later.

10 miles in 58:31... Well maybe the fact that my legs were so spent was a good thing because it held me back most of the workout from slamming out faster times and that really wasn't the point. It's really easy on that portion of the STG marathon course to get carried away and just go nuts. About 5.7 miles into the tempo (the top of Winchester Hill's hill) I stopped and almost pulled out of tempo gear. I felt like I was working too hard for the pace and both the calves and quads were hurting. I stretched out and talked to Logan and then he went on. Then I just started to work back and ended up feeling better, and running faster than I thought I'd be able to. 

The first few miles were at 6 min pace- even coming down Snow Canyon was right around 6 min pace and then I moved to 5:30 pace for a few miles and finished with a 5:16. Then only .5 miles of cool-down back to the running store. 

Glad to have this week in the books. Now the rest of the day and tomorrow I need to heal the legs up Finally after Bryce. Then jump into a fairly solid week of training again.

(White Cumulus 440.1)  

6.2 mile bike ride = 1.5 miles of easy running. I was dying to get out on the bike the evening. I finally got out about 8 p.m and had a good little ride over to KFC to meet my grandma (she had some home grown grapes for me) then back to the house to drop of the grapes and then up the trail above Middleton around and out by the Senior park above the road. Kind of fun to go explore, but I didn't do too much because I'm trying to get the legs recovered.  

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15 mile Big workout this morning. 4 mile warm-up, 7 mile tinman tempo (5:58 Avg.), 4 mile cool-down. We had some conflicting schedules so everyone did their own workout this morning. Not the best idea when it comes to trying to push things. I was up at 4 a.m but didn't get out of the house until 4:40. I warmed up down past Costco and the Dino Tracks. Then started the tempo at the light at the base of Foremaster. I took that new road over to River Road and then cut back over to the Fields up around the corn maze and back to the bridge coming into the fields. Thats where the tempo ended- then I just made my way back home. 

Upon getting out of bed this morning I felt pretty good and fresh. The legs were saying they wanted to run so I put on a new pair of Stratus and went out. The stomach wasn't my friend however. I pigged out all day on Sunday to make for an extra stop along the way. Luck for me it wasn't during the tempo. I started out a little fast on the tempo hitting a 5:50 first mile but then settled into an even effort the rest of the leg. My calves are still very tender... I know it's time for those things to snap out of it.

During mile 4 of the tempo I was running up the road past the old Hooper Estate and I thought I could see a deer or big dog or some kind of animal coming on the other side of the road. It wasn't until we pasted each other that I realized it was Dave (it's pretty much pitch black out). I said hey and he said hey but at that point we were both grinding out tempo miles and your just trying to survive so we both pressed on. Anyways good to see it in the bank- now for a busy day.

(Stratus Black- 15) 

4 easy miles this afternoon. It's hot out but not as bad as you'd think. Just a little breeze that makes it nice.  

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12.2 mile morning run around the overpass. The legs feel totally burned out, and I was drained from getting a horrible nights sleep. Now I'm just a little moody to start the day. 

(Landreth 348.5 ) 

5.8 miles tonight on the treadmill right before we went to the Holt's for an awesome pool/ BBQ party. Those guys know how to dance over there in Dog Town, and so does Steven Abraham Lincoln.... But you'll have to ask Kendra about that one.

Good times- All about memories down here in STG. Thats why Dave, Logan and I will be up at 3:30 a.m or earlier to do our workout tomorrow morning.   

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15 mile BIG workout this morning with Dave and Logan. I woke up at 3:25 a.m to be at the track so we could be running at 4 a.m. 3 mile warm-up in Green Springs, 2 mile Tinman tempo back to the high school 5:45, and 5:50 splits, then 6x1000m on the track, and a 5 mile cool-down all done before 5:45 a.m. What did you do this morning?

1000 split times were: 3:12, 3:15, 3:14, 3:14, 3:14, 3:13 and I was really pleased with how the workout went. I went in feeling like I'd try and keep them all under 4 min's and call it good. But once we got going it flowed pretty nice. Only on the last one did I start dry heaving at the end. The highlight was that I really didn't have any stomach issues. Don't ask me why? Last night at the BBQ I downed steak, chicken, veggies of all sorts, fruit, Kool-aid, 2 brownies, and strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt, plus a little pool water.

Really glad to hit a solid workout like this and feel so positive at the end. It's been a while since I've felt that pumped about my running. So hopefully I'm heading in the right direction. (stratus black- 30) 

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12.2 mile run this morning up around the overpass. Just relaxed and enjoyed the cool morning while the sun was coming up. Now I'm going to go play the new golf course (Sand Hollow) that isn't even open to the public yet. 

(Red Stratus- 449)  

Golf was a lot of fun. The new course is really, really nice. I even chipped one in from 20 yards out- the bad news is it was to save bogey.  

7.8 miles on the treadmill. I'm feeling really good right now! Finally fully recovered from Bryce and mentally starting to prepare for the some good weeks before STG.  

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