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Ice Breaker Triathlon

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Nov 28, 2009



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Just Ran a 4 mile Turkey Race yesterday. Not Too Shabby@26:10

Recent 1mile P.R. 5:15

Ran a Hundred mile week once for fun-not bad for us mortal runners. Going for a 125 week next spring. Why Not?

Marathon. 3:16:42

Half Marathon. 1:30:28 

Short-Term Running Goals:

Races Registered for: 

St. George Half Marathon Jan 23, 2010   Injured Rib

Timp Icebreaker Sprint Tri March 20, 2010 ~1st Division, 4th Overall.

Telos Timp Tri, Sprint April 17, 2010 ~ 1st Place Overall

SGTRI, Olympic Distance Tri May 15, 2010 ~ 3rd Division, 7th Overall

Cache Valley Olympic Distance Tri June 12, 2010 Sick

Scofield Olympic Distance Tri July 17, 2010 ~ 2nd Overall 

BAM Olympic Distance Tri Aug 7, 2010 

The Utah Half Aug 28, 2010 (Half Iron Distance)

St. George Marathon October 2, 2010 

Ironman California Oceanside 70.3 (Half) April 2, 2011 

Ironman St. George May 7, 2011 


Long-Term Running Goals:

Gain  a few PR's~5k PR during Telos Sprint TRI Apr. 17

NASM Personal Trainer Certification-Spring 2010~Studying

Triathlon Training~Coach Heath Thurston~Started Feb.1

Ironman St. George 2011~Registered!

I need some new long Term Goals! ..TBC

Qualify for Kona 


Happily Married for 15 years! :D Have 4 amazing kids. I rock! Hehe.

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Brooks Launch Zeroed Lifetime Miles: 407.91
Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Lifetime Miles: 201.90
Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Pink Lifetime Miles: 15.21
Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Blue Lifetime Miles: 25.00
Brooks Cascadia Zeroed Lifetime Miles: 32.22
Vff's Sprint Lifetime Miles: 4.07
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 1.00
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Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 23.27Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 47.08Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Blue Miles: 3.00
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Happy March everyone! Looks like I need to get to work on my Daily Calendar:


I slept in, in a Major way today....Got kids off to school then went back to sleep till Noon..haha...Was telling Vinh that I never get sick...It has been at least 5 years or longer..Lost count..When I feel low energy I just sleep till I feel peppy again.

Felt very sore yesterday so I took it easy and just stretched spent many days in a row working hard...I hardly get sore so it made me feel cranky and mortal. Was sore this a.m. too, but now while I am writing the soreness has faded to almost nothing.

All I had scheduled for today was Cycling, and I was glad for a change.

60 Minute Spinups

15min WU and WD

Set 1: Reps: 5, Duration: 1min, Cadence: 100

Set 2: Reps: 5, Duration: 1min, Cadence: 105

Set 3: Reps:5, Duration: 1min, Cadence:110

Notes: Rest 1:00 in between  each, As much as possible keep your upper body from bouncing.

Heart Rated Zone: 3 (136-145bpm)

Seemed WAY too easy, but I think I needed it, if I was really listening to my body. 

3pm 30 minutes Leg Stretches

Head out to Sunflower Market after dropping kids off at swim team, and picked up goodies!!!! My kids thought I was funny taking pix of my food just now:


 Take this Cereal for breakfast and throw a Tb. of this COCOA in...Bliss!


I can't wait to taste this!!! I love plain yogurt, but this is loaded with Protein.



 I guess I could make these smaller next time!

Anyhow..I got some other yumyums but You are probably tired of looking...Well I will show you anyhow:


I just realized that I have nothing to eat this with, Will just have to eat it off my finger..I told Sam that I was off toast till March 20th after my Sprint Triathlon. Sometimes I do that tho..will sneak to the fridge and grab a taste of this yummy Almondbutter..


Quinoa..I never get a lot, like it to be fresh.


Been eating Asparagus like crazy since it is in season and on sale. :D

So there you have it. Tomorrow I Have a busy day!!! Will be fun, I am rested and ready for it... 


Total Distance

Today was kindof Brutal...Woke at 4:45a.m. to get my swim in..was going to be a busy day! Had 5 hours of really rocky sleep..woke up about 5 times. Got up anyhow..Mixed up some hot grain cereal with protein powder and cocoa to have a bit of energy for the workout..(I get sick working out on an empty stomach, even 200calories makes a difference.)

Had a 3800yd swim in the works...Had I been on top of my game having the best day ever, The workout would have killed me. I never quit a workout but cut it short 300yds, just couldn't finish the warmdown with good form. I was feeling weak the entire workout, pushing off the wall my legs felt like they were in slow motion...Completed 3500yds tho. Workout looked like this:

200pull 200kick 200swim

Set 1: 3x200yd Hold 3:15 including rest. (Just couldn't hold pace or rest requirements.)

Set 2: 3x300yd Rest :15

Set 3: 3x400yd Hold a 6:45 including rest. (Again, could not hold pace)

Set 4: 500yd Warmdown...Only completed 200.

So I rushed home feeling defeated, got kids off to school and got ready to go to the Salon, My hair was looking bad after not being in for 3 months! Was relaxing just sitting for a change..I could have sat all day...Feeling mushy from my less than Great workout I decided to drown my sorrows in buying stuff...haha...I bought 3 pair jeans, a skirt, two jackets, and 7 hats.


Oooh and look at these Birdie Hooks I got!


Well I guess they are plate racks or whatever, but I thought I would hang stuff on my purses and sweaters that are always on the floor in my bedroom.

So, I get home and fuel up...take an hour nap..Knowing I still have more workout to come...Woke up thinking...UGH, energy still BAD. Ate another small meal 2 hours after the pre nap meal..for an extra boost..Getting a tiny bit of energy. Then right before hitting the track I had half a package of ClifBloks Chews because I knew I needed the bloodsugar.

So I drive to the Highschool Track and there are a bunch of boys playing with bows and arrows...I guess an archery I turn around to find out if the BYU track looks better, it looks clear but I have to pee like MAD, so I drive home, Pee and finally get to the track...30 minutes of driving later!

I start off with a warmup of 1 mile @ 8:30pace

Have 6x400 and 2x600 to do..

Felt really good the first few...felt really fluid and light, though the coach had these repeats too fast for me...Goal was 1:15 for each 400 with 2min rest. I hit the 400's in:

1:15, 1:14, 1:16, 1:17, 1:17, and 1:25.

By the last one I felt like my lungs were bleeding. The sides of my tongue were aching..and my head ached...So fatigued. Quit another workout! So unlike me..I love pain...

Got home and collapsed on the couch and cried for 3 minutes, then went out for a 2 mile cooldown run with my hubby, I didn't really pay attention to pace, and was shocked I ran 2 miles in 23 minutes. Could have run faster if my legs were broken. 

On a better day, I could have hit all the repeats on 1:15, plus the 600's which were supposed to be 2 min with 2 min rest. But My body was exhausted, and dehydrated. Part of me wishes I had postponed the workout till the a.m....Oh well..

So then, I do something new and more torturous..haha....had my hubby pick up a 5 pound bag of ice while I fixed a quick bite to eat, and sat in an icebath for the first time...Within 10 seconds it felt like my bones were being crushed, they were aching so bad..haha...Lasted a good 22 minutes..Hopefully it helps! Do they look cold? I am wearing shorts, you just can't see them:


Hmmm not a flattering picture...haha..

This picture isn't flattering either, it is hard to take a pix of your own face with a cellphone...But I had to prove I wasn't having kinky naked leg pictures, I was still in my running clothes..haha:


It' made me feel warmer being in my shirt..

So then I took the longest shower of my life...and the hottest.

Stretched only 15 minutes Legs...Felt I had done enough for today. 

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 4.50
Total Distance

I feel guilty for torturing you with such a wordy blog yesterday so this is brief:

Feeling fresh and rested, slept VERY well...8 hours, No soreness from the waist down..Maybe I should have laid down in the upperbody is a lil sore. :P

Today's workouts were lite:

Cycle 75 min @ 130-140heartrate. Recovery

15 min Core: Planks, Side Planks, Crunches on Ball.

30 min Leg Stretches

Ate really clean, drank lots of water, got stuff done...Content. :D 

Total Distance

So this day was not my best ever. But I got the workouts done.

Hit the Weights at 10a.m. and worked Back and Rear Delts. Took it easier, didn't push it, I am feeling I worked too hard last week and my muscles aren't ready for it after having almost 2 months off weight training.

So then around noon my body crashes, I end up taking TWO afternoon naps.

At dinner I had some extra complex carbs in preparation for my evening swim, but my body wasn't buying it and my energy was no where it needed to be, so I called my hubby and had him pick up some candy for me and bring it home:

A Snickers Bar and Skittles. Wasn't sure which I would take, ended up using both @ 530 cals..Boy that sugar, Woot! I could feel that bloodsugar going crazy...Ate this 15 min before I got to the gym.

Swim workout was Awesome. Mostly..haha. 

Had explosive energy for a lot of intervals, had some good times..boosted my confidence..BUT...

During one interval, a 100yd Build (each 25yard faster, last 25 all out)...I was getting ready for a sprint effort on my last 25...took a big breath, still Underwater! Aaaaah. Of course I didn't fill my lungs with water, our bodies have really good reflexes and it shut off the access to the lungs..but some water still got in..

Thought I was never going to be able to breathe again...Was gasping and wheezing trying to get air in my lungs but they were locked up...I  put one arm on the side of the pool and the other in the air trying to get my lungs to open up..Wasn't working so I lift myself out of the pool and sit on the side, throw my goggles off across the floor, at this point there are like 10 people staring at me writhe on the floor..haha..felt like it was in slow motion but I am sure it was under 10 seconds..A guy in the lane next to me came over to try and help..he had thought I was having a seizure..Wow, I wonder how spazzy I was..haha...UGH. So anyway, I start getting some air in, then cough for a while, getting water particles to come out. I joked to everyone that I shouldn't have started my swim so late...:P 

So I still have lots more swim..2000yds or so..finished off about about 3700yd, I am too lazy to count.

Didn't stretch, I got home late, as I sat in the hot tub forever with a swimmer girlie I met, she was a highschool swimmer and lifeguard for 6 years..she was one of the ones who came to my rescue..haha..She also gave me form pointers on my freestyle and drills.

See ya! 

Total Distance

Stretch Leg's 30min, 8 mile Run.

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

Mini Brick

Cycle 75min on trainer, 1 min Transition, 2 mile run outdoor.

30 min Leg Stretch-Progress is Great, muscles feel very supple and healthy.

Ooops almost forgot...Worked Chest and Arms at gym. Have all strength back after having had 2 months off..This is 3rd Chest/Arms workout since..Fully back to where I was..That was quick.

I scare the guys when I bicep curl 25# dumbbells..the scary thing is I could do 30's if I really wanted, but I am not planning on any huge gains. Keeping it high rep. 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 2.00
Total Distance

I did just 15 minutes of Core (This is a lot for me since I don't do core..haha...) this a.m.

Then I stretched legs 30min following.

I had hoped I would go for another session of Core and Stretching but ran out of time...Need to sleep now so I can wake at 4:30a.m. for swim..Wish me luck on that..More likely I will turn the alarm off...haha. 

Ooooh and Tomorrow I go pick up my bike! My newborn baby Tri Bike! :D 


Total Distance

Cycle 90 minutes

15 min Leg Stretch

Got my Bikey! 

Total Distance

Speed at BYU track (Men's T&F hurdlers were there, they were nice and let me finish my repeats..I timed my repeats to not get in their way..haha. Intimidating..They were all staring! O.o)

Warmup 1.5mi 

600's 2:06, 2:05, 2:03, 2:08

1200's 4:32, 4:34, 4:32

Warmdown 1.27mi 



Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 6.52
Total Distance

3300yd Swim

Weights-Back/Rear Delts

Cycle 70min

Stretch 30min 


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Total Distance

Speed Hills

.30 hill 125ft ascent

6 repeats gradually faster. 1st at 3:00/Last at 2:20

Downhills were 2min or 6:40pace 

Totals with slow WU and WD 6.2mi 50min 

This may be my fav new workout..Never thought I would say it, but I am loving the hills. 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 6.20
Total Distance

No real workouts today, Was at a NASM workshop in Salt Lake for 2 days. We did however do some core and balance training. As well as self-myofascial release (foam rolling)..

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Total Distance

9:30pm Pretty bad treadmill run. Got home late from Salt Lake. Went to Creamery with Fam and indulged in a double cheeseburger, fries, and rootbeer. Try running with that on your stomach.

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

Was supposed to do this workout Saturday but my workouts got backed up due to my NASM workshop Fri & Sat.

Cycle 75minutes moderately hard effort on Trainer. Wore no socks. Felt fine. Immediately following (like 2 minutes) I ran...again without socks..actually liked it. I had a friend I used to run with, she was a poor college student and never wore socks for running. I think I am quitting toes love it. Makes sense when my shoe of choice 10 months out of the year are flip flops.

So then I start is so funny, you would think your legs would be dead for the run, but mine were hyper and wanting to keep a cycling cadence type stride. Was a good run, very nice weather, and several grandpa's waved or gave me thumbs up...hehe..Love that! 3.21 miles 24:08/7:31pace.

It was getting dark so I only had about 10 minutes and hopped on my bike to ride around my bike is fast.  O.o 

Something funny..I was riding up my driveway and clipped my feet out as the bike was slowing to a right foot was just resting on top of the pedal as I stopped (or so I thought)...well, it wasn't unclipped and so I fell over in my front of my husbands car so no one 


Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 3.21
Total Distance

Hmmm Was supposed to swim today but was not a good day...I will spare you the drama.

Total Distance

Today was FaNtAsTiC! Put's that Lily Allen song in my head...The Fear...Damn*T! I still don't know how to put video's on you go watch it:

"And that's what makes my life so freaking fantastic"

And, well, No, she didn't really say "freaking"....Oh, and btw..I love it when men dance like that!!! :D sidetracked. So I got up and drank a few cups of coffee with toast (yeah I am back on the toast, I am weak) and egg whites.

Drove out to American Fork, couldn't find Scott (Ok no I wasn't really stalking Scott, just being silly) anywhere so I gave up and decided to run the Race course..3miles to be exact. Decided to try out my Hyperspeed's without socks. Thinking I might end up wearing the Launch for the race instead, only because I feel I can pound it out harder in those. We shall see. So I was too lazy to warm up or cooldown..not the wisest choice, just wanted to go loaf around all day instead. UGH, forgot to tell you what else I tried without...Knickers. I just wore my tri pants..well you can imagine what happens to knickers when they are wet and soggy, they NEVER dry. Suppose I could wear a speedo under...I actually asked my coach what his wife wears under her just wear nothing ladies! Well and men go without skivvies.

First mile of course is slightly uphill about 135 ascent. 7:06

Second was at 7:04

Had no idea I was kicking it in this fast...ended where I started roughly so the decent was 135ft. 3rd mile 6:00 (felt more like 6:45 pace)

3mi 20:10 

Headed home and ate some more toast and coffee, with chicken and peas this time...found my way to the gym to swim 2400yd. Again I was feeling lazy, must be spring fever. That or, the gorgeous collegiate swimmer next to me was making me feel like a giant Slow sea urchin. Oh, well I guess sea urchins are really tiny like starfish, but it sounds kinda like how I felt..haha.

Spent the afternoon driving kids to sports, then got an email from Jun! Woot! Bouldering Time!!!! (Bouldering has to be BOLD too don't you think?) Jun was even cooler in person! Don't get me wrong, his Profile picture is pretty cool too. :P He was really nice to let a NUB tag along..I only have a few bloody scraps and bruises. I looked carefully that no dirt or gravel was stuck inside my knee ..Oh and I saw in the mirror I have a huge bruise on my boney forearm from falling still stuck to my bike the other day..haha.

Everyone has to know how wicked cool Jun is..He is going to do a 50 miler on Thurs..he only started running a year ago! Just wait and see, he will be doing Badwater with Vinh and ME!

 Ate some icecream with like a cup of berries on it..WoW that's why I'm hyper..

 Did get a good stretch in tonight..30min legs. 

Now I am sleepy. Nite Nite. I will come visit your blogs tomorrow. Will be a lite day! :)



Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 3.00
Total Distance

50min Bike

Total Distance

Rest Day except for Transition practice at Coaches house. I practiced T1 and T2...hoping to practice more this afternoon (Friday)...Need more work on my running saddle doesn't feel good to land on your saddle ungracefully. Owie.

Have had some Triathlon dreams this of them T1 was more of an obstacle course..had to jump over fences and wade through pools of water to get to my bike. 

More later! ....have to ride the course...transition practice, swim shop, packet pickup. :D <3 

Total Distance

This was race prep day. Fancy Fancy. I ate as normal throughout most of the day...but by 5:45pm my energy was bad and crashing and my muscles looked a little deflated. This is when I know my glycogen stores are low. This sounds weird but I can it see everywhere, but it in my Quads especially, they start looking stringy..haha..kinda gross...Called hubby and had him bring me a snickers bar and a Diet Dr. Pepper, I needed cheater pants energy for transition practice...

So I started off at about noon headed to American Fork since I had not taken my bike around the course..It is a 2 loop said, do it slow 3-4x..But as you know it was pretty cold....and WINDY. I swear I was almost knocked over a few times..haha...Chickened out after 1 loop (5.9mile bike). Very glad I got that loop in tho..psychologically for the race I was totally prepared.

6pm I went to the church parking lot near my house for transition practice. Still windy and cold. I didn't do the full practice where I practice the full T1 and T2. I just did a mini version where I just keep my helm on the entire time, but practice the flying mount. In this my cycling shoes are clamped in the pedal and the velcro is open wide so I can just run barefooted, and hop on my bike once I exit the transition area. Then I pedal with my feet on top of my shoes and get my feet in while riding. Ideally I would get one foot in in one swoop on the flying mount, I am not quite there yet. So once I got my feet velcro'd in I unvelcro'd while riding for the dismount...swing my right leg over my bike and run in. Did that maybe only 10x..Was so lips were turning blue..Well they always turn blue...I'm a cold person.

Went to the gym to  work out any kinks. Did a 1.25mi run on the mill with 3 20sec accelerations for the fun of it. Then did a slow 500yd swim.

Hit Cafe Rio since I still felt I might need the energy. Was half and half on it...50/50...Is this a good move or not? I might tank on the race if my energy is low...I might have a bad race if I wake up retaining water from oversalted food. SO I went with the grub..Pork Burrito Enchilada style HoT..Yes Guac and Sourcream! Ate half of it.

Stretched legs 15 min.



Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 1.25
Race: Ice Breaker Triathlon 01:08:02, Place overall: 4, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

This was my first Triathlon race ever!!! :)

Woke up thinking...ugh...I always do that waking up early tho..5:15a.m. not my favorite hour! Showered, made coffee, and ate breakfast first thing. Then went and pulled everything together..there is a  lot to take to a TRI..I mean I took a bike pump with me, due to not having time to check tire get my bike in a good transition spot, then check tires there. So yeah..Big bike pump..haha.

Arrived at 7:15a.m. to get a good spot for my bike. Parked it right next to David Warden (Owner of Powertri). He assured me it was ok to park in a prime spot with the elite baddies since I HAD gotten there early. We went together to the pool and placed our towels by the exit towel touched his towel!!! was his idea..he said that he would swim faster, so put my towel under his..He was really nice.

The best compliment of my entire life came at the Transition area...David was introducing me to the fellas around and One guy said...hey you look like that girl at Kona...Chrissie Wellington..I was like...HOLY!!! Sweet. :) I like looking like The Ironman World Champion!

8:35 I ate an Oatmean Raisin Walnut ClifBar..ooh lala..There is an indoor track at the American Fork Rec Center so I ran about 5 minutes warmup with 3 20 sec accelerations. Went to the pool at about 8:50 and lined up..We are "seeded" based on what we estimated our swim time at registration. I put 5:40 as my time...many others probably did as my race number ended up being 554. So I went and cozied up with the peeps at around 550. Every 10 seconds they let a swimmer enter..I was watching the fast guys fella I met a few days before the race James Lawrence..what a ham...he was running in the pool for a bunch of it..keeping up with the swimmers..haha.

Swim..My time came..I jumped in like 4 ft out and started swimming... I passed a few swimmers, and had only one guy pass me. The walls were crowded..people stopped there being too polite wondering who would go under the lane line I just found an empty spot on the wall and pushed hard off it angling in to the next lane..The swim is done serpentine fashion if you can guess how that works..I felt my effort may have been 80% max..wasn't sure how hard to push..Time 5:46 for 300meters.

T1..well quite the NUB mess...My coach texted me a bit ago...

 "And what the crap is this eardrop n lipsav in T1?" ..."Ya remember sprint n Olympic is all about transition if u mess it up or take too long you're done."

I got out of the pool and grabbed my towel in slow motion....the locker key fell to the ground that I Had stuffed in there...Ran to my bike drying off with the towel. Well and put in the eardrops to dry out any water still in my ears..and chapstick so I wouldn't get windburn on my lips on the ride..grabbed a sweatshirt, put my gloves in my pocket and zipped it up, noticed grass on my feet and tried to wipe that off...Oh boy..all in transition time was 2:31...This is VERY bad....haha...eek.

I decided against the Flying mount I had been working on in transition practice and adopted David Wardens style..He with all his experience just puts his cycling shoes on in transtion and runs to the mount line in them. I did that..Glad I did..

The Cycling...was fun..It wasn't hard at all..I probably only put in 70% effort if that. I was too busy trying to figure out my gear shifts...I have only had the bike for a few weeks..and only been out on it 1 hour outside total..well only 1 hour outside riding at all total in my whole bike career..haha.... I was slow to start my feet took time to get clamped in..Jitters..then every curve I got all grannie..and slowed too much..the downhill tho..I was very aggressive, passed a lot of people..The dismount was very bad tho..Tried to take my shoes off on the fingers were so frozen, I had no dexterity..I managed my left shoe..but I couldn't get my right shoe off..took 5 tries to undo the velcro while I was completely stopped at the bike finish..Bike time 37:41 for 11.8miles

T2 Ran my bike in barefooted. Got my running shoes on very quick..I had speedlaces attached to my bike helm tho..easy to get off right? Wrong! It took me 7 or 8 tries to get it fingers were too numb to feel...Tried to force it off while still clipped on but it was too snug. Finally I got it open..Put on my baseball cap and ran. T1 time 1:03

Run: Toes were entirely numb...Wondered if I could be running with my toes folded under...Felt that weird. First mile has  a 135ft ascent. I ran it strong but not hard. Second mile was flat mostly, then for the 135ft descent I kicked it in. Started getting the beginnings of side stitches so I exaggerated the exhale hard for quite some time..even tho I wasn't tired...Kept those stitches at bay...Sprinted at the finish..

Did a cartwheel and a girly cheerleader Jump with my arms up at the finish line..Cut my finger bad on something on the grass...haha. This run again wasn't full effort, I felt my pacing was conservative, I could have sped this part up at least 30 seconds in retrospect (if not more)..But it DID feel great to end strong. Time Run 20:59 (3 miles)

Total time 1:08:02.84 (4th overall, 1st in division)...12 seconds behind 3rd place, 40seconds behind 2nd place..Could have shaved at least 1 minute Easy off T1..haha...Oh well...Coach is dallying around in Transition really cost me. I learned a lot today tho..Many mistakes I wont ever make again. :D Not bad for a first TRI tho.

Ooooh! And I met Toby!!! :D I was all goofy at the end of the race..gave her a big hug...and was practically drooling like a madman my mouth was so frozen I couldn't talk right...haha.

I don't take to cold well...I went to my truck and grabbed my ski Jacket and some sweats and put those on..The lady at the food table said..."You need more bodyfat!" Another volunteer said the same thing 15 minutes later..I must have looked like I was dying..I know my lips were blue..the are always blue/purple when I am cold..haha...

I waited forever until the awards..I got a pretty blue medal..I will take a pix of me in it tomorrow maybe. :) 




Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 3.00
Total Distance

Nothing workout wise whatsoever! Ate like a piggie. 

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Total Distance

This would be a more entertaining and interesting entry if I rememberd this many days back..haha..I am writing this in retrospect.

I cycled outdoors for 90 minutes. Was kind of crazy...Rode from my house toward Southfork but near Bridalveil the path had snow on it..and well I am a nub..and thought, I wonder if I can ride on this..well you can't on a I fell over. My feet of course are clamped in so I couldn't stop my fall with my feet..haha..

I really banged myself up..shoulder scratch, side of knee scratch, elbow scratch, GIANT hip bruise that isn't very bad looking but has a knot in it. That was all on the right side. Ended up walking bike up and around the bridge to see if the road was clear..but it was snowy too so I walked a good 10 minutes before I got back on the bike. Had to dig ice out of my cleats (I don't really know if they are called cleats..I'm just calling them that..haha...) with a screwdriver tool I have with my flat kit.

Then riding back down the trail I found I just can't go fast enough to get a workout at all..too curvy with no visibility. Got back on University Ave. Was stopped at a light. I decided to follow a cycling guy..hehehe...He prob thought I couldn't catch him..I followd him for a while when he dropped his waterbottle on the road..I had no time..ran over it..I am lucky I didn't crash! So I stopped to say hi and watch him get his bottle..haha...Then we rode for a while in downtown...Nearly got crushed by a truck as I kinda swerved to the left..I am crazy on my bike..getting better..haha..

This ride was fun, relaxing (excpet for falling and getting nearly crushed.)


This wasn't coaches orders..probably considered a junk workout..ran 3 miles with hubby at 10min pace just for fun. 


Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Blue Miles: 3.00
Total Distance

For some reason, I was tired today, and this run kicked my butt.

Was set to do a tempo.

Warmed up at 8:05 pace 1 mile...should have run slower for a warmup but I had a hard time running mind was go go go.

Next, 6 miles at avg. 7:17pace..Goal was 7:15 so that was pretty good.

The second of 6 miles was a 6:20(mile). Serious downhill..was fun to run it..not hard at all.

Of course this was a loop so I paid for it on two hills later. One of the last miles was about an 8pace it was pretty brutal (hills and fatigue.)

Total time 6.96  miles 51:29/7:23pace

Stretched Legs 30min. 


Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 6.96
Total Distance

10:30a.m. 2900 yard swim fast intervals.


3p.m. 34mile ride from Cracker Barrel in Springville to Lincoln Beach and back. Speed intervals.


This day beat my Hyde. (purposely misspelled..inside joke) 

Total Distance

Thought I would be sore after yesterdays ride...I rode hard and even bought a bag of ice on the way home..intending to have a bath in it. Forgot about the ice and left it overnight in the Suburban. Not really sore today. And pretty chipper.

I went and hit weights at the gym. Worked Back and rear delts. Looked a bit bulky today, "like a bodybuilder" my hubby said...don't you love water fluctuations. It's ok I burned all that water out later and looked stringy instead. 

6p.m. Dreaded this run all day...long and slow. Coach had limits on how hard I could go. I put on the slowest most mellow music on my ipod possible...I don't even know why it's on my ipod..I find it too slow and mellow..haha...found NIN's With Teeth album and listened to that. Kept me on the reins pretty well but not enough..Still was chomping at the bit...Especially when a slow out of shape girl passes me feeling really cool and fast about herself..DRIVES me BONKERS! I started fiddling with my phone pretending that I was checking my messages while running. Yes, I can text, and have phone conversations running. Even at 8pace..haha. Not really faster tho..or I haven't really tried. When I run slow as coach prescribes...I look like I am trotting down the road kinda like a know how it looks prancy and effortless. So I do look like it's easy..It would be worse if it looked hard to run that slow..haha.

I'm not telling how slow I ran. :P 8.21miles..was cold in shorts and a tank, especially when the rain hit. 

I was a good girl and stretched legs 30min. Core and Abs 15min. Now this isn't total elapsed time with transitions between exercises...These are 90 second holds for the stretches..timed and stopped with a stopwatch. So when I say 30min it is truly 30 solid minutes. Then same with the core. I time each Plank or Side Plank or whatever for 60 seconds. Stop. Start next 60. Make sense? Yes I am really into that watch.

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 8.21
Total Distance

I made it!!! Two sick workouts...managed both at goal..or almost 100% 

12noon Hit the pool for this workout:


Yeah I could have cropped that better, I am too lazy..haha. My swim times are improving only after 8 weeks real swimming. The swimming prior for a month were some drills that aren't freestyle..hard to explain. Very happy with progress. I surprised myself. Oh btw if you are too lazy to count..that is a 3450yd swim.

OOOOH I am so megalomaniac excited. Ordered 4 longboards today...Here is mine:


Pohaku Surf Rider! Artwork by David Ray Gould....inspired by ancient Hawaiian rock carvings. :D after ordering the boards, I took all 4 kids to Swimteam practice.

Headed home and really was tanking badly so I loaded up with a 450cal meal to prepare me for a beastly ride.

Oh so while my Food settled some I registered for Telos Timp Tri: That is coming up in 3 short weeks. Weeeeeeee.

Didn't get on my bike till 8:30pm so obviously on my trainer..hehe..watched a cycling race me really pumped up. I was really putting off this workout..was moaning and complaining to my hubby about it.


 Ok so this workout looks tiny and cute?? WRONG! I did one set of the 7min intervals...and I said..."Robert!!!" (yelling down the stairs) "I can't do this I Have no energy, can you get me a king size snickers bar?" Well it was tasty but BOY hellooo cotton mouth. Did the trick tho. 440 calories of pure hyper bliss. Hit the intervals hard. Yarrrrr!!!! Took me 4 of the 3 minute breaks to eat the bar, couldn't eat it fast...haha. (The 3 minute breaks I just sit up on the saddle and spin easy.) And if you are too lazy to count this up as well..100minute Bike Intervals.

Oh look at this lovely new desktop wallpaper my husband put on my computer...


Well Kylie was there on my desktop minding her own business when he thought it would be funny to give her a tattoo of my race # and age group markings. Except he got the number wrong. I was 554. 

Might stretch after a shower right now...See ya! 


Total Distance

Ooops, almost forgot to report on my day. I will make it fast it is LATE!!!

Hmmm. Ok I did Core for 15 minutes this a.m. This is my weak link..not for long tho.

Waited till it got warm for my Brick Workout. Started about 3:30p.m. I wore my tri pants..they hit about knee level. Then just a plain grey Tank..I feel like I look like I am trying too hard when I wear a TRI top as well. SO I like to break it up with something junky looking..haha. Also had some Arm warmers I the only one who thinks those look a I wore them because A jacket would have been too much and just the tank not enough..I had bought them for the Triathlon and didn't end up using them..haha...

Did a two loop course of 10 miles each. It went really fast. On the second loop I was stopped at a light..and two CUTE guys whistled at me from their car..haha. I pretended that I was too cool for cute guys. They were perpendicular to my path so I had to ride right on front of them. Glad I didn't fall over on my mount..haha.

This workout I went harder than planned. I was focused on traffic, bumps, potholes, and sewer drain covers more than heart rate. I  will get better at focusing on all. I figured safety was #1!!!

Immediately after the 20mile Bike, I put on running shoes and a baseball cap, grabbed my ipod and went. It feels so cool running right after riding. Not only do I start charging wicked fast since My legs were moving at a higher cadence for an hour, but I kind of start running with a forward lean since I had been in aero bars for the last hour as well...Takes me a good 5-6 strides to force my body upright..haha. 

My coaches didn't specify speed on the run..just time so I took full advantage..hehe..Let myself push it a bit. 36:20 5 miles. My pacing was pretty even, but toward the end I had to push harder I was getting tired.

My daughter made some cookies this eve....and well I tasted one little lick of frosting and it hit me like wildfire..haha. Ate several cookies with frosting and then I was bouncing off the walls so I took advantage of my energy and hit the gym with hubby. We Parallel he did his weights and I went and Lifted Shoulders  for about 30minutes.

Well and then I have been doofing off the rest of the eve. Nite! <3 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 5.00
Total Distance

Today I drove a short 5 miles or so to the Orem Rec Center where my race will be next month. Rode the 10mile Bike course easy (Two Loops), thought about doing 4 loops but decided the 40miler I Had the next day would be mad at I quit and went to Super Target and bought 5 jars of sugar free Preserves...I have a crazy thing for whole grain toast with good Preserves on it..hehe. Oh, and then like $50 of Easter Candy.

The course is...short. It has a lot of Tar repair on the road...lots of pot holes and sharp turns on a decline...The hill everyone is alarmed about is steep but short. It is a 4% grade. I MUCH prefer the 11.8 mile course I did for Icebreaker. Much more smooth and better taken care of roads. I might hit the course one more time..maybe not..Don't really need to over think some things. :D Will run the course for fun sometime soon.

Drove up toward South Fork to see if the paved stretch between Bridal Veil and Vivian had melted yet. It had not. Dang! Oh well..That highway won't be too scary...:P

Didn't feel like it, but I needed and DID stretch. 30min Legs 

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Today started like many of my days. I am like a Steam Locomotive. Takes a while to get going...but very hard to stop. :D

My morning was bad and cranky so I went back to bed till 11a.m. Woke feeling much better, had some breakfast and coffee. Then got myself ready for my long ride. Weather was warm, in the 60's but most of the ride felt cooler since there was total cloud cover. I wore my arm warmers and glad I did. I was perfectly comfy the whole way. :)

Rode from my house to the mouth of Provo Canyon and then up the RiverTrail for 3.5 miles or so when just after Nuns Park I Had to go and ride on the Highway as I knew the next 2.5 was impassable for a roadbike..(Snow several inches deep on some stretches)..The highway was not as freaky as I thought it would be. I actually have Run on stretches of this highway and it's more freaky running since you are on it much longer. On the bike I was off the highway relatively quickly.

Once at Vivian my warmup ended and time for the real workout, It was 3 repeats up to the top. Had a blast doing it. I didn't mind any quad burn, it is starting to feel easier and easier. (When I first started biking 2 months ago..I thought I was going to die..the burn was insane.) Hey I took some pix for you..once I got to the top. And yes I thought of YOU.


My bike is mad at me for not taking a flattering image of her. But I reminded her that no one has see her yet! Except Toby. :)

After I took this pix of my bike I noticed something staring at me:


Some poor child lost her Triceratops! I thought it fitting it was a TRIceratops as opposed to any other Dinosaur. Hehe. Triathlon. Get it? :P


I actually talk to myself while riding or running, if I am alone. And I said..."haha payback!" to this Hill. The way down I got a bit wreckless...I can't quite see my speedometer well because of where my drink is placed between my Aerobars. But if I twist my head a lil I can see. My downhill speed got to 36mph. That was a total rush..haha. Had to be careful tho, the road is winding. 

So after riding from Vivian to the top of SouthFork (a little over 4 miles) 3x, I sped down and all the way home. That was fun and easy. Mostly downhill. Had a total of 1188ft elevation gain. Grand Total Bike: 42.1miles 

The rest of the day went fast, as I had gotten home at about 3:30...Was nice to take it easy, hubby had taken kids to swim. I showered, hit the grocery store, then headed home to make a quick dinner for the family. French Toast and for Desert I made Tapioca Pudding.

6:45p.m. By this time I was flying out the door, I had a little Seminar I signed up for at Coach Keena's Studio. No she is not My coach...but I was welcome too. :) Justin Su'a, a sport's psychology trainer, spoke tonight about Goals and the Mental aspect of training for Triathlons.

When I got home I made a new recipe for granola that sounded tasty. I was right it IS tasty, tastes more like dessert than Breakfast.


It's always crazy to me how some days I wake up feeling like...there is no way Today will be good..then it ends up being amazing. Very good day! :) 

EDIT: I just forgot to account for the 3x south fork repeats I did with regards to elevation. It was a total of 2572ft Ascent...and well Descent since it was out and back. :) Much more impressive sounding that 1188ft. Go ME!

Just In: Getting ready for bed just now....I have a sunburn on my back..not Bad. But ugly. Ugly tan line. Me no likey tan lines! :P 

Total Distance

Spent ALL morning making Mad Plans for the next Day/Week/Month(s).

It's intense sometimes! :D  

12noon 3000yd swim. Short and fast intervals. Love short fast swims! Well, I was in the pool forever tho..met a fellow triathlete and we were talking about cycling routes, backpacking, longboarding..I think I turned into a prune I was in the pool for so long..haha. Skipped the 300yd warmdown, I had lost my edge.

Went Long boarding with Tom when I finally got home from the pool (He was home sick.) We ended up riding in the neighborhood since we had no time to drive to Provo Canyon River Trail...Not as fun on streets..but was fun anyhow. It was mega windy and dusty out there, anyone in Utah County knows what I mean. Winds 20-30+mph with DUST.


We spotted this snake here, and it was an aggressive little fella! We were a bit close tho..and he was surrounded so I don't blame him.

Speaking of long boards...I found out mine was out of stock so I chose the same board basically but the "girly" one instead. I didn't want to wait 4 more weeks for the board. Need it for spring break! :D

Pokaku Wahine:


So it just got windier! 

At 5:30p.m. I wasn't sure how much energy I had in me for speed/hills. But the weather was exciting and I hoped it would rain/snow on me. No such luck, it was just dark and stormy looking and windy and cool. Still really magical feeling. Kinda like in Mary Poppins! I could imagine her flying down with her umbrella..haha.

I had my hubby drop me off at the Provo Temple and I ran a loop around that 1.13miles for a warmup. Then I started my 1/2 mile hill repeats at the corner of 900E and N Temple Drive. couldn't decide if it wanted the distance to have a 131ft or 141ft ascent. So I choose 141..haha. It is most steep half way and to the top.


What I did was Ran hard to the top. Rested a minute, then ran hard to the bottom. When at the bottom I rested till I was fully recovered. up to 4min. I walked around in the grassy field there and played with my ipod. I was trying to remember numbers for my splits since I had no phone to type it in and my watch was simple..there are laps on it but I don't know how to use them. Luckily my hubby drove by...I was super I drank...I had a runny I blew...haha..Then I grabbed a pen and paper and carried that around for the rest of my workout so I could record precise numbers:

Mile 1: Total up and down 6:27

Mile 2: Total 6:17 (1st Quarter mile down was a 1:10)

Mile 3: 1:30/3:43/4:55 ( <---1st 3 Quarters) 6:21

Knew this was last set so I pushed it harder..well on the way down..haha. Up was a different story. Total Fatigue. 

Mile 4: 1:37/3:45/4:52/6:10 My 3rd quarter was a 1:07(4:28pace)...Had fun seeing if I could break 1:10. Was easy...could have hit it faster but was being safe. Admittedly it was downhill but my legs were still turning that fast..

Oh, one fun thing. I did my downhill segments on the grass, except for the last repeat. It was nice and cushy on my legs!

Total distance with WU WD and Sets 6.5miles 45:04/6:56pace  

When I got home to shower I looked in the mirror and my eyelashes and eyebrows were dusted with white fine powder from the wind. Was odd looking. 

I was so MEGA hyper after this workout..I had to hit the weights. 9p.m I worked Chest and Arms. 

11:30pm Stretched legs 30min 

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be running VERY slow..and I knew I would I went crazy on this run...Had a blast doing it!! Next is a heartrate run so I will be going grannie pace. O.o

Here's another  Snakey Pix for Burt:


Eliza...she wasn't actually scared..she was playing it up for the camera. Oh, and it was dead. 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 6.50
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Some days are like this.

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