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February 2010

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Nov 28, 2009



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Running Accomplishments:

Just Ran a 4 mile Turkey Race yesterday. Not Too Shabby@26:10

Recent 1mile P.R. 5:15

Ran a Hundred mile week once for fun-not bad for us mortal runners. Going for a 125 week next spring. Why Not?

Marathon. 3:16:42

Half Marathon. 1:30:28 

Short-Term Running Goals:

Races Registered for: 

St. George Half Marathon Jan 23, 2010   Injured Rib

Timp Icebreaker Sprint Tri March 20, 2010 ~1st Division, 4th Overall.

Telos Timp Tri, Sprint April 17, 2010 ~ 1st Place Overall

SGTRI, Olympic Distance Tri May 15, 2010 ~ 3rd Division, 7th Overall

Cache Valley Olympic Distance Tri June 12, 2010 Sick

Scofield Olympic Distance Tri July 17, 2010 ~ 2nd Overall 

BAM Olympic Distance Tri Aug 7, 2010 

The Utah Half Aug 28, 2010 (Half Iron Distance)

St. George Marathon October 2, 2010 

Ironman California Oceanside 70.3 (Half) April 2, 2011 

Ironman St. George May 7, 2011 


Long-Term Running Goals:

Gain  a few PR's~5k PR during Telos Sprint TRI Apr. 17

NASM Personal Trainer Certification-Spring 2010~Studying

Triathlon Training~Coach Heath Thurston~Started Feb.1

Ironman St. George 2011~Registered!

I need some new long Term Goals! ..TBC

Qualify for Kona 


Happily Married for 15 years! :D Have 4 amazing kids. I rock! Hehe.

Favorite Blogs:

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Brooks Launch Zeroed Lifetime Miles: 407.91
Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Lifetime Miles: 201.90
Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Pink Lifetime Miles: 15.21
Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Blue Lifetime Miles: 25.00
Brooks Cascadia Zeroed Lifetime Miles: 32.22
Vff's Sprint Lifetime Miles: 4.07
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 1.00
Total Distance
Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 53.63Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 15.75Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Pink Miles: 5.21Brooks Cascadia Zeroed Miles: 4.13
Total Distance

Spent 30 minutes Stretching my legs..SO glad I legs felt awesome after.

I didn't get my run in till 5:45p.m. I went on a 6 mile loop backward so I would have the best visibility when it got dark..That meant more hills for some reason. Had to keep my heartrate low Coaches orders..but haven't got my HRM working yet so I just guessed..Slow stinks but there is a purpose..53:17

Oh wore Hyperspeed again because they feel so good and I run more fluidly. Yeah yeah yeah...not a trainer..whatever. I am a rebel. 




Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

Here we go another Day! Well it is Wednesday but here is Tuesdays report..

6a.m. 2300 or so Yards swim..I don't care enough to Um..

60min on Bike with 8 15 sec jumps. Haven't been in the saddle a Nether Regions are sore this a.m. Lol.

MISSY! You forgot to stretch. >.< 

Total Distance

Ok here we go ladies and gents! You wanted some more entertainment...I am happy to oblige.

Wake up to a happy Comic Strip! :P


Strolled into the gym at 11a.m. for a 2500yard swim. Ate some plain chicken tenders, grapefruit, and a small salad post workout in the truck. Will take a pix next 

For those of you asking about my Tri Coach, Heath Thurston, here he is in his element:


 My new bike is that same model but....without the upgraded wheels. Coming in 3 weeks..they didn't have my size frame in!!!! :P

Have my fancy shoes tho!



So 5:10p.m. I head outside for a 6 miler...UGH....felt like deadweight. Time for :)

Wrote an S on my hand to remind me to stretch before bed...I write notes on my hand every day...usually there are 3 or 4 numbers or letters or whatnot on my hand...  

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

I stretched this a.m. thanks to Kelli reminding me! :) 30min Legs

10:15p.m. Gotta love a late night workout! O.o 80min on Bike. 


Total Distance

Had a Freaky Amazing Day. :) 

12:00 Swim 3700yards (2.1miles) Felt really strong during, and energized the rest of the day!

5:30 Ran 4 miles as the sun went down..was hoping it would rain on me..didn't happen...

Was so Righteous! Stretched 30 minutes Legs...Almost have splits

Well so I put in my work this week....Coach has me scheduled for 2 entire days off! Woah! What will I like I need to get crackin on my Daily Calendar..Still on Jan 5th. Lol..


 Oooooh Birdie!


 To be continued...will have an Origami Parade for you on Sunday..Lol.....Happy weekend Peeps!

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 4.00
Total Distance

Rest! Just stretched legs this a.m. for 30 minutes...and an additional 30 minutes in the p.m. 

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Total Distance

More rest...Stretched legs 30 min in the a.m. Tanned, made Origami creatures and read my NASM textbook. I forget what else I

.....Oh here are just a few of my creations...


This one WAS cool!


Just Wait...Get's MEGALOMANIAC

What is even cooler is my taking pictures of Paper Scraps.

Total Distance

Well...Just ended up Swimming today..2150 yards. Spent half the day in the Fezzari Bike shop then the other half day at the Orem Rec Center Pool..all of my babies had an Inter-Squad Meet. Think I got a chlorine Buzz being in that room for 3 Weeeeeee. And Probably a Rubber tire high earlier in the 

Total Distance

10:15a.m. Headed to the Gym for a 7mi. Treadmill run...GPS was broken and needed to track miles for a specific type of run TRI Coach had me do...Run was TORTURE! Had to purposely run grannie slow for heartrate training..I will not be posting pacing for weeks..I am not comfortable sharing that is painful to my the treadmill info covered with my jacket.

12noon: Ravenous! Lunch Time!!!

Eggwhites with Green Onions and Cheese 

 I love how Crunchy Celery is...I ate 3/4 of it before I remembered to take a picture of it!


Finally Dessert! I Love Love Love my Whole grain toast with SF Preserves. Could eat 4 Pieces if I went crazy..I ate two...


2:30 I was so righteous again..I stretched legs 30 min..:D

9:15p.m. Cycle 32miles.....Did too late...Left me wired...couldn't sleep till 3a.m.

Good Day tho! 

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 7.00
Total Distance

Today was pretty light..Started off sleeping in and Eating lunch..

Tuna with Spinach and a whole Tomato and a Tb. of Balsamic Vinegar...Oh and Coffee of course! 


Dessert were Yams! Ooooh couldn't wait for them to get done cooking!


2:30p.m. Got a quick 30 min Leg Stretch in Before I had to run afternoon errands.

5:45p.m. Not too cold outside..was I think 42 degrees when I head out..wore shorts of course. 5.21 miles.

7:30p.m. Additional 30 minutes of Leg Stretching (90second hold) 

Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Pink Miles: 5.21
Total Distance

Stretched Leggies 30 minutes and Bike 60 min. 

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Total Distance

6:30 a.m. Swim 3000yd

9a.m. Leg Stretch 40 minutes

9pm 4 miles on Mill 



Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 4.00
Total Distance

Nice Slow Run with Rob and Doggie! 5.75miles

 30 minutes of Leg Stretching 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 5.75
Total Distance

Rested. Coaches Orders! Went longboarding with Boys..Was a riot..With the way people stare tho...I must be too old to balance on a skateboard! Or so they think.

Total Distance

Um Don't ask....was a bad day. Lol. Well at least I got a stretch in too! 30 Minutes of leg stretches.

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 3.26
Total Distance

Hiyah! This morning I took my resting heart has been around 55bpm for the past few weeks since I have been taking it...This morning I checked it 5 times because it was so much lower~for a full 60 second count..Anyhow my RHR was 47! Crazysauce.

The Pool was so crowded at 6:00a.m. when I started...Must be the season! Anyhow I will throw in what my workout was if anyone cares:

3300yd "3000 Tempo"

200kick, 200pull, 200swim (warmup)

4x75yd moderate :15 rest

20x50yd HARD :10 rest, :60 after 5

200yd easy peasy

10X75yd Build (Last 25 yd all out) rest :15, :30 after 5

6x25yd 100% sprints w/equal rest :30

300yd warmdown

Saturday and Sunday as you know We went are some pictures I finally got around to fussing with:


That Board doesn't look super is 42 inches.


Um ok there are posted signs we aren't supposed to skate in park..I think I forgot to read them.


Ooooh Blackie (Unique name for sure!) is so pretty! She is a Full Lab..A bit short.


 Actually Higher up than it looks! Tree climbing is fun, I still do Will take pictures next time of me.....this is the only pix of me from this outing:


 I'm a clown.

Anyhow....Back to Tuesday, I Spent 75 minutes doing "Hills" on the Trainer...Kicked my Butt...Stretched Legs 30 minutes as usual and it really made me feel better having done so. Slept long and hard! 9.5 hours (Made up for the 5 hours I got the night before!) 

Total Distance

I am always a day behind on Well one thing is My day isn't ever finished till late..Like On this day I stretched at 11:30p.m.

So I went swimming at Noon. Was a "3000 Long" day..Longer intervals:

300yd Warmup

4x300yd Build (1st and last 50 strong) rest :15

1x1000yd Strong Pace

1x500yd Warmdown 

9p.m. Hit the gym for a late treadmill run 6 miles..Still doing heartrate training. Ran on 1% incline to prevent overstriding. It was a zzzzzzz type run. My body was so bored.

Stretchy Time 30 min. Legs @ 11:30p.m.

My husband is a goof..Likes to mess with my Wallpaper all the time:



He just wishes he could grow a manly goatee like that one. :P 


Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 6.00
Total Distance
0.00 what did I do on this day? Reading my workout journal here...oooh yes! Exciting news....I finally hit the weights again....after nearly 7 weeks!!! The last time I lifted was Jan 1st, the day before I slipped on ice and fell on my rib..Rib is maybe .....97% I'm not lifting "heavy" so I am certain I am good to go.

11a.m. Lifted Back and Rear Delts. Felt so Freaking good! Love the energy I get from lifting..makes me feel huge like a giant Footballer and I own the whole gym! MOVE away from the Weights boys..I am here! :P

Super long day driving kids around to Swim Team and getting my daughters chipped tooth fixed...I actually have pix of that but am too tired to post $200 for the tooth, could have bought say, 133 boxes of Little Debbie cakes instead! That is the first cheap junk food item that came to my mind...I could have bought 400 candy bars! Lol.....oooh ummmm. I had 3/4 of a snack size Baby Ruth my daughter rejected today cuz it had nuts in it..I was like...omggggggggg it's SO mine! Yummy.

Ok...Back to business...@ 7:30p.m. I hit the Oh so comfortable bicycle for 90 minutes w/10min one legged drills in the middle. Watched Women's Olympic Snowboarding halfpipe....was fun...until the mens figure skating came on...looked weird with what I was listening to on my Ipod...The Black Dahlia

Forgot to stretch...need to do extra today (Friday) 


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Total Distance

11a.m. Had a great Swim. Same workout as Tuesday. 3300yards. Felt Much stronger today and more fluid. Had a blast doing the 6x25yard sprints at the end. The guys in the hot tub were staring..I hope it is for GOOD reason and not because I looked like a spaz. Lol. Will show swim details again. Funny thing is I forgot my notes, but since I had them written earlier, I had them memorized:

"3000 Tempo" 

200kick 200pull 200swim

4x75 moderate Kick :15 Rest

20x50 Hard :10 Rest, :60 after ea 5

200 Easy

10x75 Build (last 25 all out) :15 Rest, :30 after 5 

6x25 @ 100% All out Sprints.

300yd Warmdown

I am wondering how many calories I am burning swimming. It's hard to gauge effort in water. As it is I gauge no perceived effort except in racing really. I just don't acknowledge the feeling of working hard, which is why Heatrate training makes no sense to my body, I feel like it is doing nothing for me..IDK....Grrrr

Ran in fluffy snowflakes..Stuck my tongue out to eat some as a I ran...I didn't care what anyone thought. This low very slow mileage is killing me....Need to ask coach if I can do more...O.o 

That is all. 

Brooks Cascadia Zeroed Miles: 4.13
Total Distance

I know I know..why the Hello am I wearing Racing flats for an 8 mile treadmill run....My feet feel like they are suffocating in normal shoes...The Treadmill run was *sigh* long and slow..Felt like walking....My coach is doing his Magic tho.

At least I had fun right before my Zzzzzlicious Treamill Experience. I lifted Weights..yay my Shoulders are pumped! Felt good.

Then before that I stretched Legs for 30 minutes. Ha ha I told the story backward..Fancy.

That was about it, Oh besides cleaning out my closet some more...anything I haven't worn in a while.. I have like 400 pair of jeans and I wear the same two pair of Lucky Jeans that are 3 sizes too big, have tons of Worn in holes and are soft soft soft. Need to find more pair like that..100% cotton is the best...none of that lycra stretchy pants Jeans junk.

OH, one last thing...I saw two college girls trying to barefoot run on the treadmills in front of me....Makes  me want to throw up on this Barefoot running fad..ha ha... 



Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 8.00
Total Distance

Stretch Legs. 30 minutes

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Total Distance

10:45a.m. Weights~Chest and Arms

 4 Mile Treadmill run with 3 sets of 0-8% incline raising 1% each Minute.

2:30 Stretch Legs 30 Minutes 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance

12:45p.m. Swim 2800yds 

10:30 p.m. 65 minutes Cycle w/spinups.

Total Distance

10:30a.m. This swim was a beast. Got tired during the 500yd set.

3700yd Swim

400yd warmup

8x50yd Kick-Hold pace

8x50yd Pull w/Paddles

8x75 Kick/Pull/Swim

added 50yd on to pick up Pullbuoy 

8x100yd Minimal rest :07

10x25 Hard w/equal rest, quality swim

500yd Med, good pace

300yd warmdown


1:30 p.m. Stretch legs 30 min


8:30p.m. Run 5.25 Miles on Mill 1% incline 


Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 5.25
Total Distance

11:30 Stretch Legs 30 minutes

12:00 10 min. CORE....starting least I started.

2p.m. Weights-Back

4:15 Cycle from actually fun, but near the end of my "Hill" segment I was getting delirious my Quads were on fire..Had my eyes closed...Could picture the Mojave Desert, me out there in the heat, so thirsty. I ended up being bummed my Hill segment was over, kind of wanted to do another 10 min set..haha..But just finished up with a 30 min warmdown. 90min Cycle Total. Oh, here are my coaches instructions if you care to know:

Blast, cant copy/paste here..will just type it out then...FINE!

"10 Min Hill Repeats

Good 30 min warmup. In your intervals, there is no real rest, you are just going to bopback to where you started in gears. 30 min Warmdown.

After WU you will start on your "hill" start in the middle gears. And begin to shift down 1 gear every 1:30 so you are mimicking a climb that's getting steeper and steeper. The second time you are going to hold 1 min, 1 min, 2 min, 2 min, 3 min, last minute stand up. The third time same thing except the last 2 gears will be 3:30 min and :30 stand up as hard as you can go. WD."

Was reallly gooood! Was so hyper the rest of the day. :D Nice nice.

7p.m. Stetched Leggies again 30 min. 

Will make a more exciting entry for Friday...I feel lazysauce. 


Total Distance

Today was Freaking on! Good day. :D

Let's seeeee.......

11a.m. Swim 2700yd:

200kick 200pull 200swim 

20x25yd Hard :15 Rest

3x250yd Build :30 Rest

10x50yd Fast n Steady :10 Rest

Warmdown 350yd

Weights Post Swim: Wasn't so wise, but didn't want to hit the gym later so I pushed it and worked a weight session in, Shoulders and Rear Delts. Was extremely fatigued but completed the workout anyhow..Probably low calories, Need a snack next time.

4:30p.m. 7.12 mile run 59:30. Outdoors. Beautiful warm weather, almost 50degrees..Just wore a long sleeve shirt bunched at my elbows and shorts.

7p.m. Stretched Legs 30 minutes with 10 minutes of Core: Planks and Side Planks

My kitty thought he was stretching too!








Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 7.12
Total Distance

Woke up early after only 5.5 hours sleep..I am a more likeeeeee 9 hours..haha. But I had no time for sleeping in..Hit the bike at 8a.m.

Tempo Short Intervals 1:40:00

20 minute warmup

Set 1: Reps:10 ,Duration: 2min ,Cadence:85, Intensity: Hard, Notes: Rest 1 min active recovery. Watch Gears, no bouncing. 

Set 2: Reps: 1, Duration: 10min, Cadence: 90, Intensity: Easy, Notes: Recovery Spin

Set 3: Reps: 5, Duration: 3min, Cadence: 85, Intensity: Hard, Notes: Great steady Pace.

Cooldown for total of 1:40:00 Then went out and rode around with the boys for 15 min...was freaking cold out there!!!

Only had time to stretch for 20 minutes because I had to get the boys to the Salon for haircuts.

5:30ish Chest & Arm Weights 3 Sets each exercise @ 10-15 rep range.

6ish....Got all Junkie like and had to get a fix....went and ran on the mill for 3 miles 20:02. P.S. Don't tell my coach! It was my secret workout. Haha really I called and told him, he said I will be missing the slow easy runs I have been doing very soon..hahah.

Going to stretch here again in a lil bit.....will keep ya posted, because I know you want to know! Snacking on some yummy yums, I bet you want some!


 Trying to make Burt Hungry.


 Here Burty Burty....See so good!


Ok....Stretch time...BRB! Oh, think I will hit the tanning salon tomorrow..I can't remember ever being this white!!!!! O.o

 AWWWW! Epic Fail! No stretchy is 12:15a.m. Sunday, It's a lost cause..will stretch extra tomorrow....PROMISE!!! Writing "stretchy time" on my hand! 

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 3.00
Total Distance

40 Min Leg Stretch

Total Distance
Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 53.63Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 15.75Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Pink Miles: 5.21Brooks Cascadia Zeroed Miles: 4.13
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