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Nov 28, 2009



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Running Accomplishments:

Just Ran a 4 mile Turkey Race yesterday. Not Too Shabby@26:10

Recent 1mile P.R. 5:15

Ran a Hundred mile week once for fun-not bad for us mortal runners. Going for a 125 week next spring. Why Not?

Marathon. 3:16:42

Half Marathon. 1:30:28 

Short-Term Running Goals:

Races Registered for: 

St. George Half Marathon Jan 23, 2010   Injured Rib

Timp Icebreaker Sprint Tri March 20, 2010 ~1st Division, 4th Overall.

Telos Timp Tri, Sprint April 17, 2010 ~ 1st Place Overall

SGTRI, Olympic Distance Tri May 15, 2010 ~ 3rd Division, 7th Overall

Cache Valley Olympic Distance Tri June 12, 2010 Sick

Scofield Olympic Distance Tri July 17, 2010 ~ 2nd Overall 

BAM Olympic Distance Tri Aug 7, 2010 

The Utah Half Aug 28, 2010 (Half Iron Distance)

St. George Marathon October 2, 2010 

Ironman California Oceanside 70.3 (Half) April 2, 2011 

Ironman St. George May 7, 2011 


Long-Term Running Goals:

Gain  a few PR's~5k PR during Telos Sprint TRI Apr. 17

NASM Personal Trainer Certification-Spring 2010~Studying

Triathlon Training~Coach Heath Thurston~Started Feb.1

Ironman St. George 2011~Registered!

I need some new long Term Goals! ..TBC

Qualify for Kona 


Happily Married for 15 years! :D Have 4 amazing kids. I rock! Hehe.

Favorite Blogs:

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Brooks Launch Zeroed Lifetime Miles: 407.91
Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Lifetime Miles: 201.90
Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Pink Lifetime Miles: 15.21
Brooks Burn 3 Zeroed Blue Lifetime Miles: 25.00
Brooks Cascadia Zeroed Lifetime Miles: 32.22
Vff's Sprint Lifetime Miles: 4.07
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 1.00
Total Distance
Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 56.88Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 33.09
Total Distance

Nice n Slow run outside.

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 8.60
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Total Distance

Olympic Brick

Was brutally cold. Rode 30miles outside. I don't have good gear for cold weather, especially a bike. Will hit Powertri tomorrow to get a few things in case it is cold for my TRI on Apr. 17th.

Immediately after the Bike I ran 3.15 miles (feet were entirely numb from cold)...feels really funny to run like this. I could feel it in my achilles because I don't think I was rolling thru my feet properly..couldn't feel the muscles..haha. This was speedy-ish. Wanted to be done. And had to rush to the school to pick up the kids instruments.  Time 22:08/7:01pace.

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 3.15
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Total Distance

Swam 3000yd on 4 hours sleep and early in the a.m. 6:15 is not my friend. Got it done tho.

Spent all day in a Red Cross CPR class. I got 100% on my exam. Haha. I can save you!!!

This was pulling teeth: The last thing I wanted to do after a long day is sit on a rock hard seat in my living room. But I got my 75minute ride in. Was supposed to be an "easy spin" but the trainer isn't really easy unless your cadence is low. And I wanted to maintain 90 cadence.  



Total Distance

Since I missed my ride on Wednesday I made up today. But it was bitterly cold. Did my warmup inside, 30min on the trainer. Then steep hills outside. 5x3:30 Hills. Easy back down. 30 min warmdown inside on trainer.

 Total Cycle 85min.

Total Distance


It's Spring Break ladies and gents. :D Nice not having to drive kids everywhere! Pretty laid back day....

It was another sort of Mary Poppins run...cloudy and a little windy with a few rain drops.

This run included some more lovely hills, the same location as my SpeedHills last week...Today tho, the distance was longer but slow on the way up. 367ft Ascent. I will tell you it was a 1.25mile hill tho it was really 1.26..I figure it will drive some crazy. Haha. So we will pretend it was only 1.25miles.


So anyway..I ran up 3x, down 5x, plus enough of a warmdown to make 10.2miles.

Took a lovely nap. Had a little bit of kids Easter Candy. Bought a CD.

I am going to try and fig out how to do a video..I know someone somewhere said how to put a YouTube vid on here....tbc... 

If anyone can remind me how..It will spare this bloodvessel in my forehead that is going to burst!

 Woot. Thanks Vinh for the info, I would have never thought paste worked till you said it did. I figured out that I Have to hit Toggle HTML Source to be able to paste in my blog entry. Anyhow, I can't imagine anyone really wants to listen to this song....but it's just showing what CD I bought..haha. Danger Wildman! :P

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 10.20
Total Distance

11:30a.m. Swim 3450 Yd:

Coaches Notes: WU 400 swim, WD 300 swim

Set 1: Reps: 8, Distance: 50yds, Skill: kick, Notes: Hold the same pace.

Set 2: Reps: 8, Distance: 50yds, Skill: Pull, Notes: With paddles if you have some.

Set 3: Reps: 8, Distance: 75yds, Notes: (25) kick, (25 pull) 25 swim

Set 4: Reps: 8, Distance: 100yds, Notes: Rest :7, minimal rest.

Set 5: Reps: 10, Distance: 25yds, Intensity: Hard, Notes: Rest equal time, quality swims.

Set 6: Reps: 1, Distance: 500yds, Intensity: Medium, Notes: Good pace.

Felt  Strong.

8p.m. Was busy today can't remember what I was doing but my bike was put off till late. So I hooked it up to the CycleOps. Trainer can be brutal depending on the workout. This was race like effort on the repeats. I felt like puking on the 5 minute intervals. Started thinking about how the hard music I was listening to was delicate and pretty compared to the way my quads were screaming. Thought I was in labor. I was pretty sure I would be curled up in a ball on the floor after this workout but I survived.

Coaches Notes: YOu need to be wearing your HR monitor for this.

Set 1: Reps: 1, Duration: 20min, Cadence: 90, Notes: warm up

Set 2: Reps: 6, Duration: 5min, Heart Rate Zone: 4 (146-163 BPM), Cadence: 90-100/-,

Notes: Rest 2:30 in between each set.

Set 3: Reps: 1, Duration: 20min, Heart Rate Zone: 2 (120-135 BPM), Cadence: 90-100/-

Was a long 85 min Ride 

Total Distance

6mile run outside. Slow.

Went longboarding with kids too. :D 

Almost forgot...Went to gym 8p.m. to Lift Weights: Back and Rear Delts. 

For Kelli: :) 


Oh, almost forgot. I am not the author of the above paragraph on Rear Delt Raise. I found it online. The Muscle-y man on top of it caught my eye. 

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

Swim 3000yd.

Very fun Brick workout. Was a perfect day. Rode out in West Mountain area. Bike 30miles followed by a 3.17mile run 22:06/6:58pace.

Went to Cafe Rio and Longboarding with kids and hubby after. :D 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 3.17
Total Distance

Slow 6 mile Run outdoors. Coaches orders. It's funny when I run really slow, I feel like I look like a lil bunny hoppin around since it is no effort.

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

Another Brick workout. Fun fun!!! :D

Biked 35.40miles. BEAUTIFUL day, again. Immediately following, a 3.03 mile run. 20:09/6:39pace. Slowed on last mile, it was uphill. 135ft Ascent on the run.

Went and made a fire in the canyon with the FAM and ate a HOT DOG! I haven't had one of those in forever. It was 100% Angus beef but it still tasted gross to me..haha. Then I had a couple smores. Now those I could eat 500 of. 

Stretched Legs 30min before bed. 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 3.03
Total Distance

Nothing Whatsoever. Had a great SpringBreak tho...

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Total Distance

This was pretty RAD. I think it was 6 weeks ago I tanked on this workout, killed it this day. My fitness is improving. It wasn't just a good day.

Went to BYU track and cozied up with the womens cross country team, not really but they didn't kick me off either. I timed my intervals so I wouldn't get in the way.

These are my notes for my coach:

Did 1.5miles warmup. 13:18

400's ~ 1:17, 1:17, 1:16, 1:17, 1:17, 1:18

Kept 2 minute rest requirement.

Rested a few extra minutes before the 600's

600's ~ 2:03, 2:03

Felt really strong and light. Well except for the last 400..I lost my focus as my husband surprised me showing up at the track mid interval.

Felt kinda restless and ran extra after, Wish I hadn't now..pretty tight calves the next day. Lol. 3.03mile WD 26:08 


Total Run 6.78miles 51:14/7:33pace

:D :D :D :D :D :D 

Went to the Pool at 9:30p.m. and Did a crazy long Kick Set. My coach is trying to torture me:

Notes: WU 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim

Set 1: Reps: 5, Distance: 150yds, Skill: kick, Notes: make each 50 faster

Set 2: Reps: 5, Distance: 200yds, Notes: Hold your pace, rest :10 in between each, so it might feel a little hard.

Set 3: Reps: 1, Distance: 500yds, Notes: EAsy

Set 4: Reps: 10, Distance: 50yds, Intensity: Hard, Skill: kick, Notes: Try to hold as close to 1 min as possible

I believe I added a 150yd wd. 

Total 3500yd Swim 

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 6.78
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Total Distance

Went and ran Race course, 3 miles. Legs were hashed From the track and Swim workout.

Swam 1200yds of a 3300yd workout. Things were not in my favor. 

Stretched Legs 30min. They thanked me. 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 3.00
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Total Distance

Swim 3350yd.


Bike 95min


Stretch Legs 30min

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Total Distance

Rest Day. Walked 3 miles with my Doggie!

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Total Distance

Run Bike and Swim about 15minutes each. That order. To loosen up. :D That reminds me I should stretch and get ready for my race. I painted my nails. That was important. Black.

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 1.80
Race: Telos Timp Tri 00:58:38, Place overall: 1, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

Had a great race Saturday!!!

Only had 5 hours of sleep but they say it's the night before, the night before the race that really matters. Showered and made some coffee. Ate exactly what I ate for Icebreaker last month.

Arrived at transition and set up my bike in the primo spot. :D Just prior to race start Heath, my coach showed up and fussed with my transition set up and gave me some race/pace instructions.

The Run: Got to the front line and off to the side, where I normally start. I don't like being squished by people in the middle. This ended up being a 5k instead of 3 miles which kind of bugs me. I like to know and plan for exactly what I will be doing (it felt like a crazy maze the last tenth of a mile)


Ran it in 19:58/6:26pace which is a 5k PR actually, best 5k has been a 20:12 so PR..haha. This was not all out however, it was a strong effort, but not to where I would get any lactic acid and stiffen up for the bike and swim. I still wonder what I could do for a pure 5k.

The bike: There were a lot of people to pass on the second loop (People starting their first loop) and many times I got stuck behind. The next race I need to see and plan ahead so I can keep effort high and pass quickly. I could have shaved of several minutes with better planning. 

The swim:  My coach was walking along the deck mimicking arm strokes..telling me to swim long strokes as I started my first lap. With just a few lengths of the pool left he yelled to me, "Hurry, She's Coming!" Well there were two "She's" behind me, one a college swimmer. Source of Nightmares. Lol. As I got to the end of the pool, I inhaled a bit of water as I pushed myself out, kindof fell in the pool gutter at my coaches feet. Must have been a funny site, Managed to "run" to the finish mat coughing and looking pathetic..haha.

This race suit I bought just days ago, was a bit expensive, but worth it. Feels like second skin. 


This picture does it no justice, this really is quite a beautiful medal:


If you look closely my nails are black..matches my bike..haha:


 I can still hear in my head, "Hurry Missy! She's Coming!"

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 3.10
Total Distance

Relaxing day. BBQ at moms. Walked Dog.

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Total Distance

Started off 11:15a.m. Swimming 3800yds.

Took kids to swim team practice at 4pm. Sometimes my coach is there swimming. I was upstairs and had a really good view of the pool, lanes were set up along the 50meter length. (Sometimes it's set short.) I was pretty astounded, his freestyle is absolutely beautiful. It's pretty. I need to video him swimming..haha. He has a near perfect freestyle..amazingly fast and effortless.

Didn't hit the bike till 7:15pm. Hit the warmup outside, then intervals (Hill simulation) on the trainer indoor, and again cooldown outside until it was too dark. 90 Minutes Bike. 

Stretched Legs 23minutes while watching a swim video of Karlyn Pipes-Neilson. She has in interesting crab/spider like freestyle. She is fast tho. :D

Later, My daughter walks in my bathroom and grabs my hand..."Woah!" "Wait here, I need to send a picture of this to Chelsea!" So she comes and takes a picture of my hand..haha. Young people think veins are just crazy I guess.


So she texted a picture of my hand to her friend. I wonder how many people will see this picture..haha. Ugh. 


Total Distance

Was a super gorgeous day!!! Coach had set a pretty slow run, and this bugs me so I am not telling pace..haha. But it was nearly 9 miles. The last 1.64 miles I went totally barefoot and just carried my shoes. Felt good.

Walked Blackie wearing flipflops..Best shoes ever. 1.3miles.

Jun's wife was sick yesterday so Bouldering was cancelled. That didn't get me down, I went and lifted Shoulders at the Gym instead. Oooh and was good and Stretched legs 24min.

Went longboarding with Fam after dinner. No falls today..haha. Have some old pictures you may enjoy! Over spring break things got wild:


Uh...tried for like 20 min to make this pix smaller but my computer is being well. My knee would not stop bleeding for 5 hours. It was deep..haha. Just a few days ago in the pool I saw the scab was soggy and I had to pull it off and wrap it in paper. Gross I know, but it would have been grosser if I let it float away.

Back to spring break.......Dad was at work..what a bum!!! We had fun anyhow...


 Eliza is such a comedian...always making us laugh:


 Two days later we were out again...and OOPS:


Poor Eliza...She's quite the athlete, but fearless.


Yes that is a little glob of fat in there. They ended up snipping it off since it kept popping out through the stitches.


Blue Stitches...Were pretty! :)

Looks like we were having a jolly 'ol time! 

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 7.31
Total Distance

I'm so tired I don't even remember what I did this's now Thursday eve...I do have a diary that has some brief notes in it...

10:30 Seems like same old same old..haha. 3750yd swim. This swim was good, felt some definite changes, felt powerful through the water, more horizontal. Faster. Less effort.

Took boys to Swim Team practice, and just stared at the highschool team swimming freestyle for 30minutes. Ok, not creepy like....I am always waiting up in the balcony anyhow, for my kids to finish swim...usually I am reading or looking at my kids swim. :P Anyhow, They all have similar qualities where they have a  rhythm and are powerful looking in the water. Even the girls with tiny wimpy looking arms have that same power thru their stroke. 

9pm Got to the gym for a TORTURE treadmill run. Wanted to be anywhere doing anything but that run. Lol. Got it done tho. 7 miles. 

Oh, one bad thing.... was so wired, I couldn't sleep till 2am. Late night workouts do that to me.


Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 7.00
Total Distance

Was excited/nervous this a.m. Actually had adrenaline getting ready to go to my Coaches for a meeting. My adrenaline is over the top lately..haha. We talked about Races for 2 hours. This is going to be a wicked amazing year race wise. I will update later which races are in the works.

My next one of course is SGTRI Olympic Distance on May 15th. This will be my first open water swim...Will be practicing in the lake with Coaches athletes April 30th when we head down to watch Ironman St. George that weekend.

I took a short nap since I only had 5 hours sleep. Had a kick my glutes workout headed my way:

Drove out to West Mountain area, I needed miles of uninterrupted road.

Set 1: Reps: 6, Duration: 3min, Cadence: 95-105/-, RPE: 8, Intensity: 8, Notes: Rest 1:15 in between each, good efforts but not all out.

Set 2: Reps: 1, Duration: 15min, Cadence: 90-95/-, RPE: 5, Intensity: 5, Notes: Keep good cadence, but decrease intensity.

Set 3: Reps: 5, Distance: 3mi, Speed: 22-27/- mph, Cadence: 95-105/-, RPE: 9, Intensity: 9, Notes: Start by jumping up out of saddle for full power. Gauge these more by perceived exertion than HR. 1 mile active recovery.

38miles Bike 

I'm feeling really hammered right now. Lol. I'm not quite at 22-27mph, Getting there. I did this workout maybe 6 weeks ago...Today I killed it, had much more power. Progress! :)


Total Distance

Swim has been getting better all this week, but I feel I had a massive breakthrough today. Ok, so you are not impressed with my 350meter race time at Telos..I was very fatigued. That was an 8:12. Horrifically slow. At Icebreaker 4 weeks prior (Swim was first as traditional) I swam a 5:46 300meter. Well today, for example, I swam a 300yd (yes yards and meters are not the same) warmup, Warmup, yes 5:12. Effortless. The rest of the swim continued on this way.  All of my swim intervals I shaved off tons of time...Seconds are Centuries on swim. My mind and body made a connection with the water.

Swam 4000yds (, feels so different now. I could have swam 2000yds more, it felt so easy. This is freaking awesome. My bike is feeling it's at a breakthrough as well. I'm learning the Power in these two new ranges of motion.

Also got my wetsuit tonight (Yamamoto GIGA # 40 neoprene)...Squeeeee!


Total Distance

Olympic Brick:

Coach instructed 30 miles bike at moderately hard effort, and a 30 min run. I'm not really sure what moderately hard effort is, should have Looking back I think I should have been faster on the bike..I'm not good at perceiving effort on the bike.

30miles Bike  1:39:14/18.3mph

Immediately following:

4.5 mile run 29:11 ...This was a strong effort, because I was in the 

This I planed a straight out down hill run (43ft. ascent, 325ft. decent), where my husband was to pick me up in 30min.

1st Mile 6:45

2nd Mile 7:00

3rd Mile 6:20

4th Mile 6:05

.5th Mile 3:00 

I picked up the pace mile 4 because I was worried I was slowing as the mile went flat. The last 1/2 mile I cranked it out on the flat, no decline at this point..I didn't realize my 4th mile was a 6:05, I thought it was a 7:05 and so I cranked that last half mile thinking, sheesh why did I run that last mile so slow. Haha. I am not good at numbers when focusing hard.

The funny thing..I know I am running hard when I lose the gum. Lost the gum finishing mile 3. Spit it out on BYU's grass..haha. I don't normally do that but there gets a point when you just want that annoying thing out. I usually spit my gum out before a race.

Might go lift weights or something...REMIND ME TO STRETCH. Haven't done in days. My hipflexors are turning into stone. Need to do core to. CORE CORE CORE CORE CORE MISSY!

Have a wicked sick weekend! :) 

UPDATE: Did Lift weights, Back and Rear Delts...No stretching tho.

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 4.50
Total Distance

Core 30min

Stretch Legs 30min

Longboarding 2.75miles 

Not even Slightly sore from yesterdays workout. :D 

Total Distance

Let's see now...11:15a.m. 20mile bike with some hill sprinting. 

Nap 40min

6:15 30min Core

6:45 30min Leg stretches 

I can't remember what else I did this day...except for this...something about this potato fascinates my family. We kinda like him:


One of those crazy things...everyone kept commenting on that potato. 

Total Distance

Mmmmm Breakfast...U likey? It's 鸡蛋炒西红柿   ...actually Practically every country has this dish...My version has only the yellows..then tomato and spinach:


11:30a.m. Hit the pool for a kicking emphasis Swim (3850yd)


I Had only had 388calories before this workout...was feeling a bit tired at the 3/4 mark.

Later I hit the track @ BYU..didn't get there till 6:45 or so. Was pretty tired for this workout...Tried taking a nap earlier but just laid there for a half hour.


1mile WU 10:00ish

5x800 @ 5:55pace 

5x800 @ 7:20pace (active recovery between 5:55pace intervals)

1mile WD 10:00ish

Hit pretty close to goal. Minimal rest as needed. 

53:30, 7miles (5 miles @ 6:42pace avg)

Might stretch..should stretch..haha.

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 7.00
Total Distance

My Sundance Hill repeats CANCELLED! Bah...dumb dumb snow. Was looking forward to that. Instead did an indoor bike. 70min with 2x10min hard gear with 1min Hardest gear at end of each set.

Oh, Speaking of hills..My Monday bike I forgot to tell you...I had these 30 second hill sprints..on the steepest part of the hill. SO I go up 30 sec, then turn around and do it again..a bunch of times..I hate this because it looks like I give up when people drive by...haha. Well so I sprint up, then ride down and park for like a minute before I sprint again, and some guys yell out of their car..."You Can Dooo It!!!" I started laughing thinking of this:

I always say "You can Doooo it" to my kids like the crazy guy here. (This isn't the best clip but it's a clean version..haha.)

Hit the gym in the Eve. Worked Chest and Arms. 

Stretched Legs 30min. My legs were really happy I did. It's like self massage. And it's free. 




Total Distance

Swim 2100yds

Run 5.33miles 

Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 5.33
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Total Distance

Ugh. Brutal. 3 hours sleep then:

6:15 a.m. 90min moderately hard on bike (indoor on trainer, snow), followed by 4 mile run


Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance
Brooks Launch Zeroed Miles: 56.88Asics Gel Hyperspeed 3 Miles: 33.09
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