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May 2011

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St. George,UT,U.S.A

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Apr 02, 2005



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

2:25:50 Marathon


Short-Term Running Goals:

Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

Long-Term Running Goals:

To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 364.25
Baby Jogger Lifetime Miles: 623.95
Kinvara Lifetime Miles: 313.32
Asics TRI Lifetime Miles: 610.65
Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 520.90
Kinvara2 Lifetime Miles: 350.20
Ghost Yellow Lifetime Miles: 374.25
Kestrel Bike Lifetime Miles: 1883.75
NB- Rainbow Lifetime Miles: 57.80
Red Cumulus Lifetime Miles: 594.95
Neon Launch Lifetime Miles: 533.40
DS Trainer Lifetime Miles: 467.77
Green Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 479.75
Lunerglide Lifetime Miles: 276.70
Blue Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 528.06
NoosTri Lifetime Miles: 283.07
BlueKinvara Lifetime Miles: 216.60
Innov Lifetime Miles: 58.50
Ride Lifetime Miles: 207.45
NavPeg Lifetime Miles: 162.50
Green K5's Lifetime Miles: 88.00
Total Distance
Ghost Miles: 34.10Lunarfly #1 Miles: 48.10Pulse Red Miles: 46.50Baby Jogger Miles: 19.70Launch 2 Miles: 44.30Pulse Neon Green Miles: 34.40Lunarfly #2 Miles: 53.30Mirage Miles: 39.60Ghost 3 Miles: 9.20Used Blk Launch Miles: 9.10Blk Launch Miles: 17.70
Total Distance

Legs felt like it was a Monday. No not a fantastic Monday a regular Monday. Heavy, slow and kind of clumsy. The left hammy really got tight at the end of last week and despite Mik'L rolling it out twice over the weekend (and not running on Saturday) it's still pretty tight. 

 9.3 miles tonight. If the legs felt slow this morning then they felt fast tonight. I kept finding myself rolling a long at around 6:15 pace and had to continually slow down. Ended with a 6:54 avg. 

Ghost Miles: 9.30Lunarfly #1 Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

River Road/ B-hills loop. It was such a beautiful morning. Glad I could be out running. Nothing too impressive to mention other than how grand the morning was. 


9 miles this evening. My plan was to do a mini workout of 800's. But I didn't want to go to the track so I started running around my hood and tried to come up with a location to do it. Once I got over by the Little Valley Elem School I saw their outside walking path/ track thing. It's like of a big, squareish, paved path that surrounds the grass field. So I warmed up some more and measured it off. It would take a lap and a half to hit .50 of a mile. My warm up concluded at 3 miles.

1. 2:29 @ .52 - I never got an exact place to end so every time I ended a little over. During the warm up this seemed like a good place to do this workout. But the first time I came into one of the 90 degree turns at tempo I realized it wasn't.

2. 2:28 .51- Legs really don't know how to run fast workouts and are really questioning what's up.

3. 2:28 .50- I'm thinking that maybe I'm not as recovered as I thought from SLC. Just feel flat.

4. 2:28 .50- This felt slow and I was happy with the time by the end.

After each set I'd jog .25 back around to the start and it took about 2 min's.

3 mile jog back round Little Valley once I got done. Legs were heavy and slow.

Did this run in my old retired Ohanas.

Pulse Red Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

Normal B-hills run. Legs were really really heavy this morning. After a small taste of a track style workout last night they were in protest of running this morning. So it was a slow one. 

Pushed Myler around the middle B-hills loop this afternoon. It was pretty warm so I wore a hat to keep the sun off my head. The breeze picked up about half way around and it kept me from over heating. 

Baby Jogger Miles: 6.60Launch 2 Miles: 6.60Pulse Neon Green Miles: 8.10
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Total Distance

B-hills/ River Road loop. I was completely trashed this morning. Hammys were tight and legs were tired. It seemed to go on forever. 

Club run tonight. I got there and did a couple or so while waiting. Bill and Aaron finally showed and we did the regular 10 mile loop. It was hot I was not- pace was slow. Ended up feeling pretty good by the end... even the tight sore hammies did ok.  

Lunarfly #1 Miles: 12.30Lunarfly #2 Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

Around Stone Cliff and into B-hills. Right knee was really sore all night but felt alright on the run. 7:05 avg

Launch 2 Miles: 8.30
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Total Distance

Long run this morning. I just did two loops from my house that were 10.6 and 10.5 miles each. Looped out around the schools in Little Valley then over the DC back up the trail and hit River Road home. On the first lap I dropped over to the restroom on the golf course and didn't on the second loop. Hit 1:14 on the first lap then a 2:22 total time. So a little faster on the second. Never went into tempo gear and just felt smooth and EZ all morning. It was a beautiful on too. Hit an overall avg of 6:45 for the run. Came home after the first lap and switched shoes and got a drink with some GU. Mik'L was all hooked up with the bike trailer and was going to ride with me on the second one pulling Myler. But just over 2 miles into it she was struggling to keep up and I told her to just turn around. Had a solid run at the end of a a pretty hard week. I've felt really trashed all week and today felt super. Proly should have did a tempo workout. But the miles were good enough this time. 

Pulse Neon Green Miles: 10.60Mirage Miles: 10.50
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Total Distance

DC loop this morning. Just felt avg for a Monday. Not really crappy not really great. Worked my way around the loop and tried to keep the hips square and the arms in good position. Really trying to get the form as smooth as possible before UV. 

Didn't run this evening. Myler broke his leg today and had to get a cast. I could have gone out in the evening but it was just one of those times where I needed and wanted to be home. Poor little guy. 

Pulse Red Miles: 10.10
Total Distance

Ran the middle B-hills loop this morning with Taylor Stout. He's been wanting to get together for a run so we finally got one in. I didn't have a watch but he said we hit a round a 6:50ish avg for the run. Felt pretty good but had to stop at the park and do a potty break. Felt super after that!

P.M. 10.35 miles- Interval workout. 5x .50 out on the river trail. 3 mile warm up and 3.6 mile cool down with .25 rest between each set. 

1. 2:27-Heading East from the bottom of the river trail back up to River Road. Had a tailwind but also had some incline.

2. 2:20- Still heading East and getting some tailwind but also had some incline as well. My best set and everything else was junk.

3. 2:35- This was half heading East to River Road then some North across the bridge, then turning back onto the trail heading to the DC. I knew this one would be slow with all the turning and hill.

4. 2:38- Heading West from the Dr's free clinic back to the DC. Got pounded by a headwind and couldn't believe how slow it was.

5. 2:39- I vowed to make this one faster after the 4th was so slow... but the wind killed me. I was solid for about .2 and then felt like I was running up river against a swift current. It was a battle and I also got a pretty good side ache right as I finished this set.

Got a good workout in. The times were... whatever I guess.  But the effort was there. The only thing I don't like about running these interval workouts out on the road/trails rather than the track is that I never know where exactly the finish line is. So by the end I'm trying to run and look at the garmin at the same time. Between now and next weeks workout I'll come up with a better solution... or just go to a track. 

Lunarfly #2 Miles: 8.10
Total Distance

Tried to just keep this EZ to recover from last nights workout. I didn't have to try too hard as the legs really were dead and after only a few miles they were asking to stop. But I just slowly made it around the River Road loop. The smell of fresh rain really made it a perfect brisk morning. 

6.6 miles this afternoon with my uncle while pushing Myler. The weather has been wishy washy but for the run this afternoon it was just about right. Pace was slow but steady. Don is making progress as we hold a faster pace now than when I first started running with him and he can make the whole loop without walking. 

Baby Jogger Miles: 6.60Ghost Miles: 6.60Pulse Neon Green Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

EZ morning loop around the middle B-hills run. Kind of achy this morning. But felt really good by the finishing miles. 

10 miles tonight at running club. It was 87 F and I'm not use to the heat. Aaron and I hit a 6:46 avg and the run was pretty good. The legs felt above avg for this time in the week.

.2 when I got home over to Paul's and back. 

Mirage Miles: 6.60Lunarfly #1 Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

River Road loop. I really didn't want to run this morning and almost bagged it. Got out and drug myself around the loop. No watch but I'm guessing it was under 7 min pace. I just wanted to get it over with so I let the groove pull me. Need a good foam roller and stick session. 

Launch 2 Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

Solid long run this morning down the STG marathon course. I was planning on doing the first half of the course as our mock race but the guys seemed to just want to run 20 miles down. It was good because I could use the downhill training too. 

Hit the first 10.1 miles in 1:05 or a 6:31 avg. Dave and I were just chill talking and enjoying a pretty good running morning. Dustin hung with us up past Veyo hill and we slowly crept the pace up. 

8 mile tempo at a 5:27 avg. We started the tempo not wanting to kill it. Didn't want to have a big recovery. Hit the first few miles smooth and EZ. We never took it into full tempo. By the top of Winchester Hill I was feeling saucy and wanted to try and really get rolling all the way down. The legs felt really, really solid. But by around 16.5 into the total run my right foot really started to hurt. I was wearing a (out of the box) new pair of Nike Lunaracers. They felt super through 15 miles but then slowly on the right inner front pad of my foot it started to kill. It felt like there was a small lump coming through the bottom of the shoe. Anyways around 7 miles into the tempo I decided to keep rolling until mile 8 and then shut it down so I didn't end up with a big blister or other injury. Then we just jogged back to Dave's car. Hit a 6:31 avg for our 2.1 mile cool down.

Felt great about the day. Kind of bummed the shoes didn't work out as I had thought I'd found my new marathon racing shoes... now I've got find something else. I stopped the tempo soon enough that I don't think my foot will hurt much more than today.

Total Distance

River Road loop this morning. The quads are really sore. No doubt their more sore now then after SLC marathon a few weeks ago. I guess I needed more downhill training than I thought. This morning I just tried to keep the legs moving in smooth flow as to not do any more damage. Almost cut it short at around 5 miles but decided to do the whole loop. We'll see if I run again today. 

9.1 miles this evening. Same loop as this morning. In hind sight I shouldn't have gone so far today. The quads are really sore and I just kept thinking they'd loosen up... but they didn't. However the weather was cool and fairly nice other than some wind. So I decided to get in a few. The lunch I had was riding dirty today. 

Pulse Red Miles: 9.10Lunarfly #2 Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

Middle B-hills loop. Quads are sore and I have a good blister on my little toe on the left foot. Something else left over from Saturday's run that I didn't realize until Monday nights run. I popped it last night and this morning it hurt. Can't believe how sore the quads are. Nothing else is but they more than make up for anything else. Won't be doing 800's tonight... have to wait until the soreness moves out. 

9.2 miles this afternoon. I dropped Myler off at my in-laws house and just ran from there. Looped into B-hills around the DC and all over eye yi yi. Legs finally loosened up a little. But any downhill made the quads hurt. Still held a solid clip and I didn't have a watch but I'm guessing it was under or around 7 min pace avg. 

Ghost 3 Miles: 9.20Lunarfly #2 Miles: 6.60
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Total Distance

River road loop. Ran into Scott a couple times during his run. I was a little blowy but overall a good, cool morning to run. I'll take the cooler weather as long as it lasts. It seems once it gets hot the summer lasts for ever. Legs felt pretty good but not ready for any type of workout. 

8.1 mile run this evening. Regular old B-hills loop in revers. Windy but I didn't try to push any pace so it wasn't too bad. The cool temps made the run worth it. Things feel more like the end of Feb than the middle of May. 

Ghost Miles: 8.10Used Blk Launch Miles: 9.10
Total Distance

Club run. I didn't run this morning. Met at the DC for the regular loop with the regular guys... but it wasn't a regular run. We were greeted with a downpour. Plus the pace was fast all night. We hit a 6:29 avg for the run and did some faster stuff back up the trail. My legs couldn't take it. Quads were shot by the end. Hope to get them recovered and feeling good again. 

Mirage Miles: 11.00
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Total Distance

EZ run with Taylor this morning. Did the River road loop at a 7:14 avg. My legs are really hammered... just haven't recovered from Saturday and then last nights hard push didn't help. So I was glad to take it EZ and chit chat with Taylor. It was a great morning which started off with some fog and had the nice smell of rain- as it rained a little last night. Now I'm going up to Provo so I'll see ya in the 801!

Pulse Red Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

Long Run. Up at 4:30 a.m. and running by 4:50. We were up in Orem staying at Mik'L's aunts house so I did an out and back from her house up the Provo Canyon. From the aunts house to the mouth of the canyon it's exactly 3 miles then I ran up the trail until it ended then got on the road and went through the first tunnel and a little more then than hit 10 miles out in a 7:03 avg. On the way back I stayed on the road to practice up for UVM. Hit the 7 back down to the mouth of the canyon in  a 5:53 avg. I didn't want to do much more than Tinman effort. The first 2.5 miles were flat or uphill and a little over 6:15 pace. So I really didn't get anything in the 5:30's until around 3 miles in. Coming back down the road ended up being about .3 shorter than going up on the trail so when I got to the mouth of the canyon I just stayed on the road heading to Provo until the garmin clicked to the 7th mile. Then I had to back track until I was heading back into north Orem.

Finish the last 3.3 miles cooling down at 6:30 avg. 

It was a really peaceful and super morning to run. One of the most laid back 20 milers I've ever ran. Seemed like I was a sleep and woke up with only the cool down left. Temps were perfect and just a little breeze in my face coming back down the canyon. Felt good.

Launch 2 Miles: 20.30
Total Distance

Ran my tempo/freeway loop but in EZ gear. Legs really felt like it was a Monday. Heavy. Still worked them pretty good and looped the hilly course under 7 min pace but nothing record breaking. Getting really excited for UVM. One more week of real training then one week of  lesser mileage and then the full taper/race week. 

Lunarfly #2 Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

10.1  miles this morning. Great morning run on the DC/ River Road loop! Just cruised around the loop on pretty juicy legs. They wanted to roll but I held back. I may try some speed this evening. Temps conditions were picture perfect. I love good runs. 

10.3 miles this afternoon/ evening. Workout*** My plan was to run the same loop as this morning but during the loop do a 1 mile and a 2 mile at LT pace. So I warmed up for 2.5 miles around the park and into B-hills. Then did the first mile in 4:59. It was flat and rolling with a net elevation drop. Then I jogged a couple miles to the river by the DC. From that bridge I did a 2 mile up the trail to River Road in 10:33 (5:09, 5:24). Then just over a 2 mile cool down back home via Mik'L's friends house just above our house to stop and see Mik'L and Myler. So that made the loop .2 longer than this morning.

The first mile felt really solid and could have been much faster as I was trying to run hard but not all out. Then on the second set I was starting to get hot. Temps were close to 90F out in the sun and I was sweating up a storm. Felt like I was Logan or something:) The first mile was solid and I was really pleased to see a 5:09 then I knew I'd have to work as the second mile has some little climbs in it and I was feeling the heat. Slowed but not too bad considering the change in course. Nice little workout to get the system use to threshold pace with hopefully no real recovery time down the road.

Ghost Miles: 10.10
Total Distance

EZ recovery run around the middle B-hills loop. Kind of tired and allergies are horrible. My nose won't stop running for 2 straight seconds so I have to just stuff it full of tissue all day. Hope I don't get sick like I usually do when it's this way. 

Pulse Neon Green Miles: 6.60
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Total Distance

Nice morning run around the DC loop. I had to listen to the old bones last night and take the night off. The body was just drained. I was also drugged with allergy med's and laying in bed was basically the only option. Anyways it paid off as I felt refreshed this morning. No watch but a nice solid clip around the loop. Legs feel pretty good too. 

EZ run with the club tonight. I just tried to stay loose and catch up with the guys. It was nice to see Logan's face again. It was also nice to cut the run off and take the short cut across the bridge. It was hot. Just under 90 F.  

Mirage Miles: 6.00Lunarfly #1 Miles: 10.10
Total Distance

Big Workout this morning on the Upper half of the STG course. 3.1 mile warm up. Then 13.1 miles from the starting line to the halfway point. 1.5 mile cool down. Meet up with Dave and Logan. Dave and I were going to try to hammer the workout and Logan was just doing it as a fun run. It was cool with a little tail wind and I felt really good today. PR'd on the course hitting a 1:12:22 or a 5:31 avg. Legs could have turned the second half over pretty fast too. Last time I didn't this workout I ran a 1:14:55 or so. So a big improvement. Some of it was the cooler temps but I'm hoping some of it is a big improvement:) This was the fastest I've EVER ran this section of the course. 


1. 5:18

2. 5:26

3. 5:14

4. 5:13

5. 5:23

6. 5:09

7. 5:13

8. 6:22

9. 5:49

10. 5:52

11. 5:56

12. 5:38

13. 5:18

.1 33 seconds or 5:25 

Blk Launch Miles: 17.70
Total Distance

Ran the normal Teasdale/ Torrey loop up here at my uncles. Legs felt really good for having did the workout yesterday. No soreness. Started out slowish with a friend and ran with him just over 5 miles then I finished the loop solo. Legs kept wanting to cruise at 6:30 pace but I kept reeling it back in. Hit one mile at 6:22 but nothing faster. Really glad the legs aren't jacked. Other than the regular altitude/ lack of breath the run was great and weather was too. 

Lunarfly #2 Miles: 10.40
Total Distance

Good Monday run with Harmer. Around Stone Cliff and back through B-hills. 7:15 avg. I pushed Myler for the first mile then we ran into Mik'L who was finishing her run and I sent him with her. Temps and conditions were great. Good to get Paul back out on the pavement hope to keep it a weekly thing. 

No evening run. Took the boat out to Quail Lake most of the day. When we finally got home I was done and had no desire to run. The wind blew most of the day and it just seems to sap the energy out of you. 

Baby Jogger Miles: 1.00Pulse Red Miles: 9.10
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Total Distance

Middle B-hills run this morning. Started out feeling like a million bucks. Just cruising a long feeling light as a feather. But about half way through the run reality set in and it ended up being just a regular old Tuesday morning run. I'll try and get a workout in tonight. 

5.5 miles tonight pushing Myler around the inner B-hills loop. We had crazy day and my planned workout tonight got pushed out of the mix until tomorrow morning. So Myler and I enjoyed a smooth, relaxing jog together. He got his cast off today but still wont walk on it. Poor little guy is getting some big teeth in the back too and it's bringing on a pretty heavy fever. 

Baby Jogger Miles: 5.50Mirage Miles: 5.50Lunarfly #1 Miles: 6.60
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Total Distance
Ghost Miles: 34.10Lunarfly #1 Miles: 48.10Pulse Red Miles: 46.50Baby Jogger Miles: 19.70Launch 2 Miles: 44.30Pulse Neon Green Miles: 34.40Lunarfly #2 Miles: 53.30Mirage Miles: 39.60Ghost 3 Miles: 9.20Used Blk Launch Miles: 9.10Blk Launch Miles: 17.70
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