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WBR 2008

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Sep 15, 2011



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

5k: 17:20

10k: 35:34

Half Marathon: 1:18 (Snow Canyon 08)

Marathon: 3:06 (Beaver 20)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Qualify for Boston Marathon (Run a 2:55 marathon)

Help PV athletes develop a love for running. 

Be the 1st male athlete to run all 4 years at Dixie State University. Done! 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Be a life-long runner

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Miles:This week: 68.21 Month: 239.74 Year: 1652.94
Hoka Rincon Lifetime Miles: 629.60
Hoka Clifton Lifetime Miles: 531.68
Saucony Ride Lifetime Miles: 803.44
Hoka Cavu Lifetime Miles: 86.29
Hoka Napali Blue Lifetime Miles: 335.18
Hoka Napali Red Lifetime Miles: 468.76
Hoka Instinct 2 Lifetime Miles: 281.03
ASICS Noosa Fast Lifetime Miles: 102.05
Nike Pegasus 32 Lifetime Miles: 354.64
Launch 4 Lifetime Miles: 418.71
Hoka Clifton 5 Lifetime Miles: 304.12
Hoka Speedgoat 3 Lifetime Miles: 482.59
Hoka Clifton Blue Lifetime Miles: 400.15
Hoka Carbon X Lifetime Miles: 296.00
Hoka Carbon Rocket Lifetime Miles: 62.38
Brooks Launch 7 Lifetime Miles: 367.01
Kinvara 6 Lifetime Miles: 332.38
Hoka Bondi 6 Lifetime Miles: 347.01
Hoka Challenger 5 Lifetime Miles: 349.55
Kinvara 11 Lifetime Miles: 494.32
Hoka Rincon 3 Lifetime Miles: 327.18
ASICS Novablast Lifetime Miles: 205.23
Saucony Ride 13 Lifetime Miles: 519.74
Trail Runs 2022 Lifetime Miles: 37.00
Hoka Bondi 7 Lifetime Miles: 89.44
Total Distance
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Ran with Fre, Stevie, and Monty.

Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

Ran with Fre, Stevie, and Monty again, for the first part. Later it was me, Monty, and Tason. Near the end I "Pulled a Kimzey" and tripped on this curb banging my knee up.

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Total Distance

I'm not sure on the mileage but I bet it was up in the 5s. Ran 24 60's, Half were fast real fast, the other jogging. I stayed real consistent, a little behind Trevor, and Kimzey. I felt fast and ready for Wasatch. PV is going to SHOCK THE WORLD!

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Race: WBR 2008 (181 Miles) 21:30:09, Place overall: 9, Place in age division: 2
Total Distance

Pine View Panthers:

Car 1:

Ross Decker(coach), Josh Decker, Aaron Montague, Jeff Frodsham, Steve Ott, Tyler Morris, and Alex Baker

Car 2:

Greg Smith(coach), Devin Gillespie, Willy Heinrich, Austin Smith, Corey Kimzey, Trevor Thompson, Dyllen Cafferty, and Danny Gillespie(injured).

Leg 1:  I was all excited to start this whole Wasatch Experience. Then I realized I was starting with all the fast people and got nervous. I started out too fast and got really dehydrated. I really hated this run but I just hurried and got it done. I was only 2 seconds over my predicted time so that was good.

mile splits:

1. 6.02

2. 6.56

3. 6.58

4. 7.40

5. 6.59

.1. 28 seconds

total time: 35:05/6:55mile


Weight: 0.00
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Race: WBR 2008 (181 Miles) 21:30:09, Place overall: 9, Place in age division: 2
Total Distance

Leg 13: I got the baton from Cowboy right before midnight and was ready for some sweet downhill. This leg started out with some real tough uphill, I was not expecting this. Then I got some of the downhill I wanted. I really loved this run but my stomach was hurting pretty bad. I was running in the dark and couldn't really see anything. The oncoming cars with their brights on blinded me. I wanted to flip them off. I ran this one real well and was under my predicted time by 10 minutes.

mile splits:

1. 8.06(sucky uphill)

2. 5.54         2 mile split: 14:01

3. 5.56         3 mile split: 19:57

4. 6.16         4 mile split: 26:13

5. 6.25         5 mile split: 32:39

6. 6.04         6 mile split: 38:44

7. 5.43         7 mile split: 44:28

8. 5.58         8 mile split: 50:26

.5. 2.40         total time: 53:07/6.18mile

Leg 25: I HATED THIS RUN SO MUCH! I was tired, felt sick and my legs were hammered from my downhill run. I stopped or walked to stretch my calves a couple of times. I was 2 minutes over my predicted time. I threw after and wanted to die.

5.6 miles     total time: 43:29

Total Time: 21:30:09.08 /7:07 mile pace

This year was way fun! I loved our team and we are going to dominate in XC because of this.Congratulations to Holts team, and our Co-ed team. I love wasatch and hope the PV team will want me next year.

Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance
Weight: 0.00
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