Provo City Half Marathon

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Jul 19, 2008



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2015 St. George Marathon (2:44:11)

2014 Hobble Creek Half (1:17:18)

Short-Term Running Goals:


  • 5K - 16:59
  • 1/2 Marathon - Sub 1:17:00
  • Marathon - 2:45:00 

Miles:This week: 12.30 Month: 75.10 Year: 671.40
Kinvara 8 (blue/orange) Lifetime Miles: 451.30
Lunaracer 4 Lifetime Miles: 187.70
Hoka Clifton 1 Lifetime Miles: 600.15
Brooks Levitate Lifetime Miles: 443.75
Hoka Clifton 4 Lifetime Miles: 468.20
Pegasus Turbo 2 (green) Lifetime Miles: 273.30
Zoom Pegasus 35 Lifetime Miles: 475.05
Zoom Pegasus (gray) 36 Lifetime Miles: 388.60
Zoom Pegasus 35 (orange/red) Lifetime Miles: 120.65
Pegasus 34 (black) Lifetime Miles: 76.25
Zoom Pegasus 36 (dark Gray) Lifetime Miles: 53.50
Total Distance
Wave Rider 12 Miles: 14.70Kinvara Miles: 24.70Black Launch Miles: 3.00Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 14.00
Total Distance

8.70 in 1:13:02 (8:24).  Ran 3 on my own around the neighborhoods at about 7:45 pace and then met up with Ryan.  Pace slowed, but I was fine with that.  Actually this was a really good run cause it was longer than normal, but I can tell I'm getting back to normal after the marathon.  

Wave Rider 12 Miles: 8.70
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Total Distance

8.30 in 1:03:53 (7:42).  Ran 2.25 over to the track and then did 8x400 with 400 rest between.  Goal was to hit between 80-90 seconds.  Splits: 92, 83, 89, 86, 89, 86, 88, 85.  Ran back home.  Felt descent and didn't feel like I had to go all out to hit these.  

Kinvara Miles: 8.30
Total Distance

8.0 in 1:09:12 (8:39).  Ran about 1.50 on my own and then met up with Ryan for the rest.  Went up 300 West and back home.  I would go crazy running this kind of pace by myself, but the run goes pretty fast when you can talk.  Plus it does wonders for my recovery.

Signed up for the Provo City half this Saturday.

PM Lifted for 25 min and then 3 miles on TM in just over 24 min.

Black Launch Miles: 3.00Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 8.00
Total Distance

6.0 in 50:58 (8:30).  First 3.5 or so with Ryan and then the rest solo.  Not much energy today.

Wave Rider 12 Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

6.0 in 48:39 (8:07).  Ran around the neighborhood a bit.  Pretty slow and easy.  Plan for the half tomorrow is to try and get 13 solid miles in at 6:30-6:45 pace.  

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 6.00
Race: Provo City Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:31:11
Total Distance

Good workout today on one of the tougher half marathon courses I've run around here. I was hoping to get 13 miles in at 6:30-6:45 pace, but I learned that I'm not quite ready for that. I don't feel race ready and this was a reminder that I need to get training harder.  But despite the fact it wasn't what I was hoping for, I still got in a lot better workout than if I did not run the race.  Splits:

1               6:31

2               6:37     13:08  Feeling descent and settling into things. Right where I want to be   with my pace.

3               6:25     19:33  Looking at my cumulative time, I should be able to throw down a 5k time way under 19 min sometime in the near future. 

4-5            13:11   32:45  Still right on pace and all the runners all strung out now.  Still feeling okay, but starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and doubting I can hold this pace the rest of the race.

6               6:36      39:31  We are heading out towards the lake and this is really where I'm doubting myself now.  Although, I'm still on pace and keeping strong.

7-10          28:09    1:07:31  We cross over the half way mark and this is where I stop at the water table and walk while I take in water.  We are on the trail now and I'm trailing a couple of older guys.  Stop for a bathroom break and to walk a bit and mentally I'm done. 

11-13.1     23:40    1:31:11  A little more walking in here, but I don't walk the last hill that's a beast. 

So, overall I guess I got in a good workout.  It's weird that I actually felt a lot better during the marathon a few weeks ago than I did today.  But like I mentioned before, this was definitely slower than I was expecting (really was expecting between 1:26-1:29ish), but I got a really good workout in and this is good motivation to get training better. 

This was a good mileage week for me and I need to build off of this.  I feel a bit heavier than I should and hopefully I can continue to get my miles a bit higher.  The plan is to really get ready for UVM half in a bit over a month and hopefully I can bring that time down into the 1:25 or lower range.

Kinvara Miles: 16.40
Total Distance
Wave Rider 12 Miles: 14.70Kinvara Miles: 24.70Black Launch Miles: 3.00Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 14.00
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