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Running of The Leopards

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I did 2 on the elyptical while studying physics. YUPEE


Today at track we started with a half mile of warmup, then stretched then a ton of drills. Then I did 2 laps of "Js" so I was at one mile. Then we did 2 miles of speed changes jogging the straights the sprinting the curves then jogging the curves then sprinting the straights. Then I did a mile cool down. Then I went and was gonna drive but the person I was gonna drive with blew me off so I went and did another mile so i could do 7 for the day. Then I walked home which is 2 miles haha 

Blue Mizuno Miles: 7.00
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This morning I did 2 miles before school. I went on the eliptical and studied physics doing so. It was quite boring. 


At track I had to show up late because I had to do a physics lab so I did. When I got to track, tony had me do a half mile warmup then to jump in to the workout. So we started with 2 200s and my times were at 35 and 32. Then we did a 400 and my time was 75. We repeated this two more times. My tiems were 35, 35, and 75. last set was 37, 34, and 88, I dont know what happened on that last 400 but I lost it and did horrible. That put me at 4 miles so far. Then I did a mile cooldown and a mile on the eliptical. Then I did my weights, and all of those other things like crunches, push ups, and calf raises, and the holding up leg things. 

Blue Mizuno Miles: 6.00
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This morning I got up early and did 2 miles on the elyptical while studying physics. 

Blue Mizuno Miles: 2.00
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This morning, before Going to school I did 2.5 miles on the elyptical while studying my life away with PHYSICS!!!!

In the afternoon at track, We did speed. We did a half mile warmup, then we did a mile of Js. So we were at 1.5 miles so far. Then we did 4 400s. My times were 75, 75, 79, 78. I dont know what was going on in this workout because I was totally wiped out today. It wasnt even that hard of a workout but I was so tired while and after the workout. Maybe, hoprfully it was the wind becasuse it was quite windy that day. After I took a few minutes of break, I had to go because I had a physics project to finnish and to go to peer court. So after I caught my breath, I did a mile cooldown and called it a day. Then I went and got 2 cheeseburgers before I went to peer court..... YUM

Blue Mizuno Miles: 6.00
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Today at track, I did a 1.5 mile warm up with bill and those guys, then we did 2 miles of speed changes then another 1.5 mile cool down because tomorrow we have a race.

Blue Mizuno Miles: 5.00
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Race: Running of The Leopards (3.1 Miles) 00:21:12
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Today I had a race so I did a mile warm up, way too far away from the race start. Then I did some strides with stretching, and I still had 20 minutes till the gun went off, I should of continued warming up but I didnt want to loose my spot at the start. So I went and my first mile was 6:29 which is what I wanted it to be, 2 mile time was 13:31 so I slowed down a ton, By the time that I got to the track to finnish I felt so sick that I couldnt kick it in. I just wanted to finnish with out puking but My time was horrible. It was 2.5 minutes slower than cross country regions. Then I did a 2 mile cool down and then came home and did 2 miles on the elyptical while studying physics.

Blue Mizuno Miles: 7.10
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Blue Mizuno Miles: 33.10
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