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Apr 02, 2005



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Running Accomplishments:

97th at Boston

1:09:40 Half Marathon

2:25:50 Marathon


Short-Term Running Goals:

Get healthy enough to enjoy a run again.

Long-Term Running Goals:

To be able to do it... long term. 


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll be... ever again.

Russian champion tries Crocs, commits to racing a marathon in them

Nikolay Chavkin in the video below did 3x1000, first two in Adidas carbon-fiber models, the last one in Crocs. Surprised by the result (2:52, 2:52, 2:50) with the fastest interval done in Crocs, he committed to racing a marathon in Crocs if the video gets 42K likes and 195 comments (for 42 km 195 m, the marathon distance). Nikolay's current marathon PR is 2:14:00. The video was created by a Russian sporting goods store chain. Their moto is "more sports - brighter life", which we think is wonderful, and also deserves a Like. If you want to see a fast marathon in Crocs, go to the video and click the Like button. And make sure to share it with your friends.

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Baby Jogger Lifetime Miles: 623.95
Kinvara Lifetime Miles: 313.32
Asics TRI Lifetime Miles: 610.65
Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 520.90
Kinvara2 Lifetime Miles: 350.20
Ghost Yellow Lifetime Miles: 374.25
Kestrel Bike Lifetime Miles: 1883.75
NB- Rainbow Lifetime Miles: 57.80
Red Cumulus Lifetime Miles: 594.95
Neon Launch Lifetime Miles: 533.40
DS Trainer Lifetime Miles: 467.77
Green Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 479.75
Lunerglide Lifetime Miles: 276.70
Blue Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 528.06
NoosTri Lifetime Miles: 283.07
BlueKinvara Lifetime Miles: 216.60
Innov Lifetime Miles: 58.50
Ride Lifetime Miles: 207.45
NavPeg Lifetime Miles: 162.50
Green K5's Lifetime Miles: 88.00
Total Distance
Kinvara Miles: 32.90Ghost Yellow Miles: 44.70Kinvara2 Miles: 25.70Tour De France Miles: 69.20Pegasus Miles: 37.60Blue Launch 2 Miles: 66.80New Speedstar Miles: 29.20Kestrel Bike Miles: 63.70Asics TRI Miles: 8.50NB- Rainbow Miles: 3.30Cumulus Blu 2 Miles: 7.60
Total Distance

We were going to be out of town today but decided not to leave but that left my running plans vacant. So I improvised and just ran my river trails 20 miler with a slightly different last 2 miles. I didn't want to run this morning- at all. Felt semi sick with a pounding head ache last night and still somewhat this morning. But knew I needed a good long run. Pushed it out the door with no plans on pace or tempo... just get in the miles. 

Hit the first 10 miles in 1:14:00- It felt faster but the clock can't lie. Looking back at the first half spits I must have still been somewhat a sleep. Hit the first mile in 8:22 and my fastest mile that section was mile 9 at 6:48 with 10 at 7:00. The rest of them were well over 7 min pace.

1:04:56- Got to the DC hit the potty and took a GU. Knew just running a solid 20 was a big step. But wanted to up the effort a little. So I did but not a lot. Fastest mile was 6:15 and basically just kept them all right between there and 6:30 pace. The bottom line is I'm really not very fast at all right now and am dealing with a totally different runner than I was 2 short months ago.

Glad to chip off a long run. I keep telling myself if I keep chipping away miles and workouts that eventually I might get my old body back.... maybe. Super hot and muggy this morning. Run started at 5:25 a.m @ 74 F and finished at 77 F by the time I got home. I really ready for some crisp, cool weather and so sick of the humid crap we've had most of the summer.

Kinvara Miles: 20.00
Total Distance

66 F this morning although I slept in until 7 and didn't start running until around 7:30 a.m. Just needed a good lie in me. Took the run EZ as I felt achy and stiff all over. DC/ Secret Street and around LV. Hoping to continue to make progress with just over one month until STG. Felt kind of sad this morning as I hobbled along. This is the time of year when I really really want to be clicking and running well. But injury and illness have me crawling out of a stone well- we'll see if I get to the top in time to even run the race on Oct 6. 

Ghost Yellow Miles: 14.40
Total Distance

13 mile run this morning with 7.6 @ tempo. Met up with Dave and Logan here at my house for the summer tempo loop. With all the hype of LotoJa coming up I decided to call these two LotoDa. They'd get RESPECT on the cycling scene for sure with a name like that. Better get matching bikes boys:) 

Anyways 3 mile warmup. 7.6 at tempo, the rest cool down back to my house. Kind of a progression tempo. 6:20, 6:20, 6:00, 5:45, 5:45, 5:35, 5:35. I had mentally only planned to join those guys through 7 tempo miles but at mile 5 they said take it another mile. Thought I'd just keep going but every step after mile 7 and I just wasn't into the tempo any more so I shut it down at the bridge. Still really pleased with the run. It hurt but it happened. Ankle was tight and will be sore tomorrow but I don't think no more sore than it's been.  Came home and hoped on the stationary bike.

2 hr ride on the spin bike= 10 miles

30 min elliptical= 3 miles

Pretty good long workout. Just need to keep digging them out. It's gonna be a while until my butt doesn't hurt from sitting on the bike. Could end up being my biggest hurdle.

Kinvara2 Miles: 13.00Tour De France Miles: 12.00
Total Distance

DC loop with the secret street finish. Felt really achy this morning. Calves were the worst and ankle was pretty touchy. But I was able to work through the first half without thinking too much about it. Then the next 4 miles felt pretty good up the river trail and back down the inner river trail. But by the last 2 or so miles I was hurting and ready to be done. 

may or may not spin later this afternoon. 

Pegasus Miles: 12.40
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Total Distance

DC loop with bathroom extension. Everyone in this house is kind of sick. Myler has a fever and is blowing chunks. Mik'L has a fever and stomach is starting up. I'm just mentally sick. But fighting off all the other crap they have. So I just kind of felt so so with a rumbling tummy most of the run. Calves are still super tight from Tuesdays tempo. Ankle didn't feel too bad though. 

2 hrs on the spin bike this evening =5 miles per hour

Blue Launch 2 Miles: 10.30Tour De France Miles: 27.40
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Total Distance

DC loop with another potty extension. Woke up at 4:30 a.m just decided to get out and do it. Temps were warmer than I was hoping for at 75 F. Still fighting off what Myler had so my stomach was grumbly. Had to hit the Dr's free porta potty. It stunk so bad I couldn't breath. Don't stop there even if it's an emergency... go down to the river instead. 

Ghost Yellow Miles: 10.30
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Total Distance

Run at lake Powell with Mike W, Steve O and Billy boy. 6:50 avg. We started out super EZ and ran from Stateline marina down to the dam. Just kept it smooth down and hit 6 miles right on the middle of the dam. Then flipped it and still kept it pretty EZ until about mile 9 then Steve and I decided to catch up to Mike who had turned earlier. I hit a 5:33, 5:35, and .5 at 5:30 pace before catching up to Mike. Then cooled down the rest of the way in. Pretty decent on some rolling hills with a headwind. Good short workout before getting back to some playtime. 

Blue Launch 2 Miles: 12.00
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Total Distance

DC with Secret St finish. Felt ok for Monday. Had to stop a couple times at potties for business. Ankle was pretty sore. Post Powell soreness I'm sure. Looking forward to a nice week home with some good workouts throughout. Time to try to dial something in in the next couple weeks. 

Blue Launch 2 Miles: 12.40
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Total Distance

60 min on spin bike = 5 miles

14 mile run with 7.7 mile tempo at 5:49 avg. 

I couldn't get out of bed this morning so I missed running with LotoDa. When I went to bed last night I was feeling sick with lots of congestion and body aches- so I wasn't very committed to get up in the first place. Alarm went off at 4:30 and I turned it off and went  back to sleep until 7:40. That felt good. Got up and hit the spinner. Breathing seemed harder than normal from about 35 min's on to the finish. Got done and tried to hurry with some hydration and nutrition intake. Then headed out in the rain for the run. Ankle seemed really sore and as I got going I didn't like my chances of hitting a tempo. But I did the 3 mile warm up and decided to see what happened when I started tempoing.

5:53, 5:53, 5:43, 6:01, 5:57, 5:47, 5:37, .7 @ 5:51 pace

Seemed to be just an even effort and ended a little faster than last weeks avg of 5:57. Nothing amazing but all things considered it's decent and I'm happy to have gotten it in. The rain was nice and cooled me off but the shoes got heavy by the end and I had some big time mud issues on the final .7 down to the bridge.  

Cooled down with one more extra mile than normal on the way home. 

P.M. 60 min's on the spinner. Hit a new PR on it of 15.6 miles in the hour. Pushed it a most all of the ride. Dripping sweat everywhere. I can hit around 20 mph outside on a real bike not killing it. So I'm guessing the calibration is off a little or something on this spinner. 

New Speedstar Miles: 14.00Tour De France Miles: 29.80
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Total Distance

A long and painful run. Not the distance just the time. Still feeling sick and the ankle is super sore. same old same old... No watch but it the run seemed to drag forever. Temps were nice at 65F but I was super sweaty with the high humidity. Just felt super yuck today. Can't wait until I can run on a full tank of gas again. Wife is sick too, kid kind of sick. Sucks. 

Ghost Yellow Miles: 12.40
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Total Distance

63.7 mile ride up around Quail, Leeds LA Verkin, Hurricane then the back way to Sand Hollow and finally back home. First 15 miles or so were in darkness and I really had to ride the brakes to avoid crashing. Then up around Leeds, LA and Sand Hollow the wind killed me. 3:32:00 or around 18 mph. 

Came home changed, hit the potty and fed the chickens. Then out running. 

13.1 miles around DC and LV in 1:28:48 or a 6:47 avg. A really solid run after the ride. I did a good job hydrating and eating on the bike so I was able to run with no issues. Awesome morning with a low of 57 F. I was actually cold out in the fields early on the bike... cold!

Blue Launch 2 Miles: 13.10Kestrel Bike Miles: 63.70
Total Distance

Mixed it up a little this morning and ran the old freeway loop. It's a good run with lots of rolling hills. My legs felt pretty good as well as the ankle. But overall I was just tired and had no energy. But after the 5 hour workout yesterday it'll take a day or so to recoup. 

STG guys are we doing anything long tomorrow?

Pegasus Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

Had a horrible run down the course today. Temps were amazing. Lots of lads at the start to run with... but I just felt awful, flat and yuck today. Couldn't get any turnover. The ankle killed. Runny nose and body aches. I tried a new pair of shoes for the first time that totally sucked. By mile 16 my quads were trashed. Big bummer with 3 weeks to go until the marathon. I was starting to think I'd be able to scrap something together and run a decent race but after today I'm guessing anything sub 2:50 will be stellar. Blah. Blah. Blah! So sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. 

6:25 avg for the run which time wise wasn't bad considering I didn't have a time goal anyways nor did I really push it. But the way things felt today was the real worry.  

Total Distance

Loving the cooler temps. Not loving the smashed quads from Saturdays run down the course. I've done really no downhill and knew I'd feel it today. Hope to run that thing a couple more times in the next three weeks to help out. But regardless what I do between now and then it's gonna be one to remember come race day:)

6.6 more "always on the run" miles tonight. Trying to get my body use to running a few doubles this week. Mileage isn't the goal. It's just I seem to run better when I'm frequently running. 

Asics TRI Miles: 8.50
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Total Distance

Tempo morning with Da and the new National Educator of the Year. (Came home to open the newspaper and find Lo's picture on the front page - he's doing great things over there with those kids. They could sure use someone like him in ever school- especially Pine View. 

Anyways the run. Regular tempo loop w/ cool down.  I felt so jacked this morning. If I wouldn't have skipped last week with the guys I would have skipped today. But I needed to show my face. Really didn't intend on really doing the tempo because I didn't believe it was even possible with these sore quads and stiff ankle. We did the warm up and I was kind of getting ready to say peace out- but felt like I'd just start and then drop off after a mile or so. Got going and things felt hard but manageable. Just kept it cool for about 6 miles then kind of slowed down on the last mile or so. No watch but it was better than I thought it would be... but that's not saying much. 


3.7 miles this evening out at Quail Lake. Went out to meet some guys to do a swim. So I got there a little early and did a few miles. A few people showed up and we swam for about an hour. I swam down a Lake Powell a couple weeks ago a few times with Mike and Steve O. But this was my first real official swim training. I bought a wet suit the other day and used it. Loved it too! Tonight's swim went much better than the ones down at Powell. It helps to have a wet suit that fits, good goggles, and a proper nose plug. By the end of the night I could feel it in my shoulders from pulling.

Kinvara Miles: 12.90
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Total Distance

Up and out to some cool nice running weather. Too bad from the waist down I feel horrible. Sore hammies, quads, and a super sore ankle. I must sound like a broken record but the run this morning was painful. As soon as STG is over I'm backing way off the running. I need the break to heal and I'll amp up the bike and swim stuff then. 

Pegasus Miles: 10.20
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Total Distance

50 min's on the elliptical in the morning

50 min's on the elliptical in the evening

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Total Distance

80 min's on the elliptical this morning. 

Ankle has been too sore to run on and other stuff is really achy as well. I'm glad I own an elliptical now. So handy to go jump on it.

Total Distance

Long run down the marathon course with Steve, Logan and Aaron. Left from the park and drove up the course 16.5 miles. Ran down to the finish line then extended around DSC and cemetery back to the park. This was another hard run for Superfly. Ankle was again super sore. Couldn't get going and or loosen up. The downhill just jams that ankle which in turn effects the rest of my stride. Quads were pretty sore by the time we got to Bluff st. But I actually felt the best on the miles though town where it's much flatter. 

It became evident that I'm gearing up for possibly my worst marathon finish ever- plus most painful. Ugh! I just want it to be over and in my rear view!


1.4 mile swim at Quail lake in around 50 min's this afternoon. Took the boat and family out- even the dogs and they played while I swam. I love the dogs but that was the last time they get to come... at least Ears the big one.

21.7 mile bike ride this evening. Had a bunch of new bike gear that I was dieing to try out so I somehow found motivation to get out and ride. Actually started really slow but would have ended around a 21 mph if... I wouldn't have crashed. Yep I had my first bike wreck in the Tri era. Not too nasty but enough to chip up some new $200 shoes and cut me up in 3 places. The sad part was I did it by the new pavilion by the DC and about 12 people watched it live. I just laid there in the rocks and some dude said "are you ok". I said yes then didn't look at anyone and hammered it out of there.

Blue Launch 2 Miles: 19.00
Total Distance

3.3 miles running. I'm a complete mess. Went out and could barely put one foot in front of the other. Ankle was sore but I think runnable, as were the quads. However the left hammy hurt horribly bad. After two miles around the park and schools I just decided to come back home. 

Got home and hit the elliptical for 30 mins- things felt so so.

Then 20 min's on the spin bike. I just had nothing in my legs. Tried to keep the effort up but the output was below 50%. It's like I have mono from the waist down or something. I can't shake whatever is holding me back. Going to see April on Tuesday and hoping her miracle working hands can save this sinking ship.

NB- Rainbow Miles: 3.30
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Total Distance

Started out with 20 min's on the elliptical while I waited for Mik'L to get home from her run. Then I felt warmed up and decided to try an outside run. Did 5 miles around Silkwood and LV. Still a sharp pain in the upper hammy on the left side and my ankle is continually jacked- but. I felt way better than yesterday. Good enough that if I would have had time I'd have gone on my normal 10 miler. 

Pegasus Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

Ran the middle B-hills loop and extended through LV at the end. It was totally fugly. No watch but I'm sure it was slow. Ankle has been relentless for over a week. I'm actually sick of it and am trying to line up a x-ray to at least see if the bones are broken. Right now the appointment isn't until next Tuesday....

Labored through the run and for the first time was contemplating not running the marathon next week. The closer I get to the race the more jacked up I feel. I did go to April's last night and she said I was really knotted up- so hopefully in a day or so I'll feel the positive effects for her work. 

I can' t remember ever feeling this helpless physically and as a result it's frying me emotionally- I think I'm actually loosing my mind.

30 min's tonight on the elliptical. Just trying to keep some fitness.

Ghost Yellow Miles: 7.60
Total Distance

12.7 mile run basically on the DC/ Secret street loop but a little extended version on the south side of B-hills. 7:04 avg. Tried some KT tape for the first time and it seemed to feel a little better on the ankle. Now I just need the hammy/ groin/ quads/ hips to all loosen up:) Decided to keep the pace honest through out the run and just try and run though the pain in hopes of trying to "run out the soreness" and work through things. Felt so so over to the DC at just over 6 miles  then from there  up to River Road I ran around 5:50 pace. It didn't feel too bad or like I was crossing the red line. Got to the bridge and then brought the pace back down heading on the inner river trail over into BH. Again felt so so until I was about 2 miles from being done. Then I just got tight- see everything above including the ankle. Really labored the rest of the run hitting around 7:55 pace the last couple to close it out. Ouch. How am I so much worse now than I was a few weeks ago? !@@&(

Kinvara2 Miles: 12.70
Total Distance

Middle B-hills loop and extended around LV on the way in. Ran only 2 hours after eating a big 4 egg omelet filled with shredded pork, cheese and avocado. Then a bag of peanut M&M's. So I was fighting off barfing most of the run- temps around 90 F. 

Cumulus Blu 2 Miles: 7.60
Total Distance

Out early from home. Ran my river trails long run but just cut it off for only 15. Went into the run as my last test before next Sat to see where I'm really at with these nagging aches and pains. 7:01 avg for the run and that's about where I'm maxed at. Warmed up slow and then worked into a few faster miles up the trail hitting 3 at or under 6 min pace. A handful of others around 6:20. But by around 12 miles the stress on the ankle becomes almost overwhelming and I start to really struggle. So not too positive. I'm gonna go out and work my butt off next week and try to break 3hrs but it'll be really close and I'll be hurting big time. Then it's time for a big break from running. 

We're expecting child #2- making it public now. Decided a week ago that with Mik'L due at the end of April next spring that we wouldn't really use our boat much next summer. So I put it up for sale just to see what would happen... Sold it today. Kind of sad because I loved that thing but anytime you can pocket around $2,800 on the deal I say sell and you can always buy another one in the spring of 2014. 

New Speedstar Miles: 15.20
Total Distance
Kinvara Miles: 32.90Ghost Yellow Miles: 44.70Kinvara2 Miles: 25.70Tour De France Miles: 69.20Pegasus Miles: 37.60Blue Launch 2 Miles: 66.80New Speedstar Miles: 29.20Kestrel Bike Miles: 63.70Asics TRI Miles: 8.50NB- Rainbow Miles: 3.30Cumulus Blu 2 Miles: 7.60
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