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September 2008

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Member Since:

Oct 21, 2007



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

Remaining uninjured since April 2007


2008 races

GAsparilla 15k: 1st 56:00

Shamrock Shuffle 8k: 1st 29:03

Riverbank run/US 25k Champs: 5th/3rd 1:35:08

4 on the 4th: 2nd (Katie McGregor was there! WoW!!!) 22:52  this was a really cool experience for a small town race!

Ragnar Great River: 1st Overall 21:??Low..

Short-Term Running Goals:

10k < 34:30

15k < 54:00

13.1 < 1:16:00

26.2 < 2:44:00 (Chicago 2008)


Long-Term Running Goals:

10k < 33:30

13.1 < 1:12:00

26.2 < 2:35:00


I love literature. I have two sons that are 8 and 5, and beautiful, funny, intelligent, and independent little guys! I love being outside!  Married to CAsey GAsway

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

I don't know what it was but I felt awful! I felt like tank @## annie, fat and winded. Since I"m not fat, or out of shape I don't know what was wrong with me. It was an Ozone day, that could be it. All I know is that tomorrow is a new day and I'm glad it wasn't 10/13!

3x800@5keffort (jog 400 rest)
3x600@3keffort (jog 200rest)
3x300hard (jog 100 rest)

Casey saw the last 300 and when I was done he gave me a "knowing" smile and said, "not feeling good today huh" that sure helped the ego... I was hoping that at least I could fake it.

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I felt awful again.

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7.6 m @ half marathon effort 46:55 (6:10pm)

I felt very tired and dead but better than tuesday or wednesday. This is just that section of training where I don't feel 100% or blythe. Mentally I did very well at staying engaged throughout the entire workout. steady rain for the whole run. It was pleasant to have the company, even if it did weigh down my shoes a bit. I just wear trainers for these runs.... a little heavy in the rain! Still I'll take that over snow, cold, or intense heat!

It has occured to me that I know longer know effort is what anymore. My training keeps evolving and my senses are having a hard time keeping up. Like sunday, I had intended on running "easy", due to generally feeling over stretched, So when I got home 8 minutes earlier than scheduled I freaked out and thought I hadn't run far enough... nope. So I say moderate... but I'm not sure if it was or not. My perceptions are skewed right now. I should race or something to find out.

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Still dead.
I was thinking, a dangerous pasttime I know. Will I live in Rochester Hills long enough for Brian Sell to be my dentist? Really brian, what's your timeline on that? Because I'll probably need partial dentures and cooper will need braces. You could nickname me "Moneybags Gasway".

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felt okay. a little more alive than the rest of this week, but still lethargic and mostly dead. it was beautiful morning...Ran 4 alone (27:48) before the club run. Ran the club run with JS (43:03) which was a nice treat! We were sub 7 for our 6.25... and I didn't feel like I'd fall apart...there is a light at the end of this tunnel! a little nervous about next weeks simulator. HOpefully I'll be mostly alive by then. Lord knows I could use the confidence going into chicago!

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2:25:33 (7:16p/m)

I was extremely tired, and glad this was an easy day. I think I'll try to do some strides later today with the boys to loosen up the legs. It was a beautiful morning. Ran with Kevin, Amy, Brad, and Alan.


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4 in the morning.

10x1000m @ half marathon effort (200m jog recovery) cruise intervals.

3:36, 3:43, 3:3?...3:3? then I caught brad and dale the remaining 6 were between 3:23 and 3:33. I was totally intimidated by this workout at the start. It is the most I've ever done on the track. The boys were misbehaving on top of it and that made it difficult to concentrate on pulling my head out of my rear. The first three were a struggle, and I couldn't find a rhythm... but the 4th one I finally got it. The final 6 intervals felt controlled, and moderate definitely a 15-21k effort. I was so happy when I completed this workout that I had been able to overcome both my internal demons and demon spawn to have a good workout. The boys settled down once casey got there and entertained them!

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Felt pretty good. Had my first scary moment since living in Lake county Il. It had to do with a brown and tan 70's luxury econo line van... very creepy. Luckily I was almost home, or unluckily... I did pick up a stalker once that way. still strangly glad my Brother in law beat the crap out of that guy. Though much happier with him (BIL) now.

** So some famous athlete once said, "Act as if you've been there before". Cooper is really good at carrying himself in this graceful, aloof manner. I envy that. I wish I could be like THAT BUT I JUST CAN'T. I exprience life in all it's extremes and share my enthusiasm reguardless of my will (no pun intended... Will is the same way)!

OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD... I get an elite start at Chicago! I might the slowest woman in the elite corral, but I get to be in the elite corral! wooohooo!!!!!! Next time I get the opportunity I won't be the slowest... I promise!

Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

3.5 in the morning:

Best I've felt in a while... Plantar facia didn't bug me, neither did my knees, or my shins. I wore DS trainers. Maybe that's it. Anyway... Casey (King of Understatement) Gasway has helped me calm down and regain a mad-dog mean mentality.... Thank goodness. It was fun listening to his story of his "break through" meet as a freshman in high school... when he jumped 6'5" and had his first ah ha moment, which led to a national title three years and 7 inches later (his senior year of high school). Keep this on the D.L. but he totally inspires me, and I respect him emensely for everything he's been through, experienced, and over come. See we can't go inflating the guys ego! It's my respect of him that initially helped me see past his machismo... ;)


4x2mile with 90 seconds rest.

12:1? 6:05, 6:??
11:58ish (based off of brad...)
Matt's Garmin Got the next two...
11:57 5:56&6:01
11:58? 5:53&6:05? (lost signal on the last mile it said 6:15...the pace was steady at 6:04 until I lost signal so I have no idea what to make of that. That's what happens when you hand me a garmin... it gets messed up!)

Brad, Dave, Alan, and Matt were the main men today...Amy looked spent, she was finishing as we started, and I should've gotten a clue from her. It ended up being REALLY humid. I had some cramping during the run... and felt pretty heavy...I've had serious stomach cramps and the runs all night. My friend Dez Popped in tonight when I got home! she and her hubby moved to Royal Oak MI to finish their Podiatry residency a few months ago, looks like we'll be neighbors again soon. She surprised us totally! It was a great surprise.

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I felt awful!!!

i was totally drained... probably from last night's lack of sleep and worship of the toilet god. The Cooper had half a day, and Willem didn't have school, so i ran on the treadmil... and OHMIGOD I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR FATHER TO GET HOME!!!! I NEED RESCUED!!!!!!! HELP!!! SOS!!!! THESE BOYS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY....

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THat left shin just likes to taunt me every now and then. RAn with shelley in the rain. IT was fun. Due to flooding: deerpath off 41 was shut down... police were guarding it...and grand ave east of O'Plain was blocked also due to flooding. It's amazing I got home! Great day, Great Weather, Great fun!

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"Marathon Simulator"  We start at the Marathon start time, run goal marathon pace, have water stops, take fluids, and goo's.  It's a dress re-hearsal for the real deal.  I tried out a new drink formula since I get to have my own fluids on the course!

3 laps of the Lake Forest loop minus the massive beach hill... half of the course is rolling (a little like riverbank run)...
and showers, last two miles the wind picked up...All of JSR showed (sans injured ones)... Which is awesome! Might I add that much of Chicagoland was flooded today, we got lucky, just a few puddles. (deepest was only ankle deep, and some what avoidable)

I ran the entire thing alone, which is probably how the marathon will go so it was good. I had a really hard time finding a rhythm today, I was all over the place and started out with a 6:22 mile! But on the second loop I got into a decent rhythm and took off, many of those miles were below 6:10 and they felt great. The final loop I settled into a more realistic pace 6:15ish and held it to the finish. I felt great the whole way and feel like I'm ready to run a marathon. I had been worried because I haven't been able to build my mileage to a "marathon" worthy amount, but I think as long as I stay true to what I've trained myself to do, like I did today, I'll be victorious! Based on pace the half marathon spilt was approx 1:21:20.

I have approx. times from each loop (+5.35) I ran a cut down I guess... What does that mean?

33:31 1:07:33
33:03 1:40:36

Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

this did not go well. 6x1 mile (400 jog recovery)

Instead of the GI waiting until the workout was over to act up I had issues every other repeat. It seemed like everytime I let up my pace I'd HAVE TO GO. So the second repeat was murderously uncomfortable, to put it mildly. I never really got to run a decent pace. Plus all the releasing caused serious cramping by the fourth repeat. So I cut it at four and "went" AGAIN, then ran easy.

Casey was there last night after the fourth one I said, "I'm not feeling well" to which he light-heartedly responded.
"I can tell and you want to know how." (laughing)

"YOu know what Casey, I don't find that funny or supportive"

wow I think I was little grouchy.... later I asked him how and he said, "you had no back stride... you looked like you were trying to hold it in"

well I was... And it probably did look funny, but do you know how hard it is to run while pinching your buttcheeks together? It's not easy! Oh yeah and the girls bathroom was locked so I had to go in the men's! The poor high school kid that was surprised by me! But hey when you gotta go you gotta go and you can't care about modesty!

I tried to go to the doctor about this yesterday, considering the bloody mess on sunday. Insurance was an issue so I got that taken care of yesterday and now I should be able to make an appointment early next week! I can't wait.

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well I didn't poop my pants so that's always good. I felt pretty happy during this whole run... it was beautiful out. minimal leg speak, and the tummy was annoying but not mischievous!

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

When I woke up this morning my shin was screaming!  As the day wore on it quieted down a bit.  I must admit that it has me a little gun shy! 

decided to take down the intensity on this one...seeing as I had just gotten the bowls to settle down, and I really need to get my nutrients re-stocked. I didn't want to risk taking two steps back. I was successful. The left shin was fine until I stopped and then it screamed at the beginning of the cool down. I'm taking tomorrow off, and I'm going to focus on getting some good food in my belly.  I think at this point it's mostly about keeping it together physically and maintaining fitness level, staying sharp, 


Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

RAn with casey in Rochester Michigan. We started out on the Clinton River trail, then decided to veer off on a tangent trail... took us to yet another tangent trail (a tangent of the tangent) and we ended up on private property... but the trails were awesome! single track and narly (Jenny I was careful not to hurt myself I promise). We explored and got in some hairy messy spots... in the end we came out on a windy gravel road (I felt like I was "home again in INdiana") it was really fun and we made it back to our car! Which is always good.  I really think that this move is going to be awesome...  Lots of nature, affordable housing.  It's so family oriented.  It's what the family needs.  Running with casey was so nice.  He and I haven't had a "date" in forever.  We had a blast running up and down the Ravines.

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I felt awesome. My dad was with me. We went out first on the road to check out the fog on the lake, and we saw what looked like White, Blue Herons flying through the lower ravines that were filled with fog. It was like a page out of Chinese Folk Lore. Then we explore the trails (what used to be farm roads before the park was a park)... I spent the last 15 minutes on some new Mountain Bike Trails they have out there... Single track and lots of rocks and roots. Great stuff to distract me from the achiness of the end of a long long run. second longest run of my entire life. Next time I go out there I can get in a solid 18miles on the trails without over lapping once!

When we got back Dad and I made "Blueberry Protien Pancakes" Like the normal thing only with an egg white and some protien powder. They were delicious.

Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

4.25 in the morning.  I felt pretty good.

4.6 tempo and 4x400 in the evening (had to cut off two 400's due to time restraints)

I decided not to do the timed mile. Instead I did a "30" minute tempo run with DAve Z. I felt heavy and tight... I stayed true to the "half-marathon EFFORT" as prescribed, even though our pace was slower than our 16 miles at marathon effort a couple of weeks ago. then we came back and 4x400 with jog 100 rest, in the dark. they were in the mid/low 80's... which felt FAST... I think the 24 miler is still in the legs a bit. I'm not worried. I'm looking at the moon, not the fingers... long story....

So Dave asked "Is Will wearing Leiterhausen?" (sp?) and no he wasn't... he was wearing overalls/shorts.. but the sturdy build, blonde hair, and short sleeve oxford, knee high athletic socks, did leave him looking quite "German". This made me think, It's like I gave birth to two different European "ethnicities" I have a stout scandavian, and sleek spaniard.  Given the melting pot of genetics it makes sense, but you'd think they'd coalesce into interesting mixes instead of remaining compartmentalized?  I love Genetics!

Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

So I'm running down Grand Ave headed to the trail. As I cross the bridge I think, "huh what would happen if I tripped over my feet?" then I envisioned myself falling, the upper half of my body rolling into the road, and an unavoidably getting my skull crushed by a passing truck. then I thought "that would be messy and bad"... weird fleeting thought. May explain willem's tendancy to gravitate toward gorry details in EVERY story he tells.

So I've conducted two experiments the last week or so and have results on both.
1.) taping my arches. Today NO SHIN PAIN WHATSOEVER!

2.) Not eatting wheat.. haven't had bowl issues during runs since weds of last week.
today ate pbh sandwhich before the run....gas the whole way had to make a manditory pit stop! I barely made it back to the gowe beach bathrooms with dignity. As I approached I said, "oh please let them be open" When they were open I said, out loud, "thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!" hahahahahahahaha....
I guess Miss Katie has some pretty sound advice ;)

Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

3.5 miles in the morning on the crushed limestone path by my house.... felt good 7:17 avg.

evening 4.5 warm up and cool down...Tried out Jenny's bottle for the marathon!  it's great and cheap...

6x2000m @ half marathon EFFORT... overall time was 44:03 (7:27, 7:28, 7:75, 7:12, 7:12, 7:19) about a minute slower than last month when I did this..(7:28, 7:12, 7:11, 7:09, 7:07, 7:01) But this time the 7:12 pace felt much much easier!  The loop is very rolling, not a flat stretch the whole way, so it's hard to find a rhythm at first... this time was especially hard obviously... but once I got it it was very comfortable.  I like the fact that we do these on this loop it really teaches you how to listen to your body to find the appropriate "effort", and makes you physically and mentally stronger! 

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1:13:41... or 7:22 pace... felt really great.  Ran most of it on the Des PLaines River Trail... which is beautiful right now.  on the way home I got into a slight altercation with an irresponsible driver... but I won't go into details here.  Also I saw a woman this morning that I found to be profoundly inspiring... Kris Carr.  She is living with terminal cancer.. and living to the fullest.  She believes in holistic care... Here is a link to her blog if anyone is interested.  She's also been on Oprah, and several News shoes, as well as Mike and Juliette... Very inspiring woman!

founder of


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felt pretty good. "dropped" off casey, cooper, and will at the skate park by our house and ran the neighborhoods, and their trails. I got back to the park just as my guys were finishing up their session. I guess will tried to climb into the lap of a strange woman, and was pushing her three children out of the way to tell her about himself (WOW! I didn't raise him to be like that... how embarassing). YEt, that's not the first time he's done something like that! He's extremely gregarious! I've tried to teach him about boundaries... and stranger danger. I think he see's stranger danger as an oxymoron, and doesn't understand why anyone else would want boundaries, because he doesn't... obviously! Cooper didn't land a trick and threw a fit, so casey was more than ready for me to be done! I ran the rest of the way home with cooper (I carried his termite board) and we chatted about his tizzy fit. Interesting day. So many intense people in one family! will we all come out alive?


Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

5 miles easy

10miles at a slight level of discomfort (6:30-7:00 target pace)

3 miles at marathon effort (6:10-6:20 target pace)

well this run didn't go as well as I would've liked.  the Gut was giving me problems.  Had to stop in the woods, and then again before the final three miles at marathon pace.  I guess Chili wasn't a good idea the day before this run, and I'm sure the protien packed Bear Naked Granola wasn't too good either, well not an entire bag of it!  I LOVE FOOD!!!!!! And to top it off I forgot to eat breakfast this morning.  Between the gut races and the no food in the stomach I was literally running on empty! 

Since we do effort based training my actual paces were way off my target pace but felt like similar efforts so I got the workout in.  All things concidered what did I really expect!  DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS, MISS ANNIE!  Anyway I started my watch at the first mile marker not when we started so I don't have a total time for htis run, and I really wasn't paying attention to my splits.  Someone said they were just under 7 about half way through... I don't know....

Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

10x800 @ marathon pace (60 sec. rest).... felt awesome! This was way more consistant than the simulator (it was on a track)... so I felt like I got a better read... Plus I got to practice not going out too fast... thanks to Mr. Rob Wiley! I am totally pumped now! EASIEST WORKOUT OF THE YEAR!!!!!!  Bring on the predictions!!!!!



3:11* Missed starting with the group because of Willem...Yelling at cooper and will at hte 400 "SIT DOWN YOU ARE IN TIME OUT!" keeping my eyes on them the last 400"







3:05  (30:40 total... 6:08 pace)

So I was yelling at the boys because Cooper and his buddy shut willem in the long jump area and I couldn't get the gate open during hte rest... Then during my first 400 Cooper gets willem to climb the fence instead of walking around to the other gate. I totally freak when the boys climb fences because one of my athletes (when I was coaching and teaching... 14 hr. days) knicked an artery climbing The fence at the track... "Coach Gasway, Shana is bleeding" "Very funny guys... that's totally fake"... then she turns white... "Why don't you guys warm up. I'm going to drive Shana to the front office"... she lost so much blood she was out for 4 weeks! Those boys sure do make life interesting! I was glad when Casey arrived and took them home. He made me dinner!1!!!!

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