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Snow Canyon Last Chance

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Jun 03, 2013



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Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

I've done track for 3 years now. First time for XC!

1600: 5:35

800: 2:24/p>


3 Mile: 20:56


Short-Term Running Goals:

I plan on going to state this year in track. Hopefully in the 800 or the mile.


I played apples to apples one time and won the cards fabulous and awesome. In the same round! If that doesn't just sum me up I don't know what does :)

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Race: Snow Canyon Last Chance (0.5 Miles) 00:02:28, Place overall: 2
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Am: 3 easy and plyos

pm: went over to snow canyon. Was supposed to run 800 and 4x400 but one of our girls didn't show up so just ran the 800. And it was bad. 2 other girls around my pace and I just wanted to stick with the cedar girl but apparently she wasn't feeling it. So pacing off of her was stupid and my first lap was way slow. Like 1:13/14 or something. So I freaked out and tried to speed up a lot. Maddie zoomed past me but only ended up a second or so faster so not a great race for any of us. Ran the workout of 2x1000's 95% and 2x300's. times were 3:39, 3:29. So pretty good! We did have a downhill tho so that helped. 300's were like 49/50. Idk Mia tracks my times but is behind me so I feel like they may not always be accurate. 

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Am: easy peasy with maskerem and Mia. Actually my body has lots of aches and pains in my knees and feet in the morning so that's no fun

pm:Harts warm then 4x400's all out with full recovery. Hit a very consistent 1:09 each time. Was hoping for faster than that but I guess the wind was making things difficult, actually blew away our high jump matts over the fence! That was crazy. Then Mia and I found two 5 dollar bills!! So we rejoiced and went and got snow cones! (After our 1.5 cool down of course) 

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Am: easy 3 with plyos. Have to be selective with plyos I do cuz some hurt really bad

pm: kosmin test! I used to get so nervous over races and workouts and stuff but now I don't think about it very much which I think helps not psyche myself out. So to treat things normal I had an ice cream sandwich right at the end of school ha. But my knee was hurting so bad all day! It hurt this morning and then I like jammed it or something during plyos, so I started on my warm up and it was no bueno. So just did pizza warm.  Kosmin went really well.When maskerem or Mia passed me on the 3rd and 4th ones I really had to make myself stay with them instead of falling back. So that was good and ended up with a 1336

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Am: 3 easy and then went recruiting at the middle school! That place is terrible

pm: 3 with striders in pays on. It was soo beautiful and had a fun run with the girls exploring and running to the tenple

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4 at the track meet with the girls again. Just around campus

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Race: BYU Invitational (0.5 Miles) 00:02:24
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Warmed up about 1.5 and then went over to the bullpen and waited forever for them to call my heat!! This was a really fun race cuz we all had like the same time but there were so many fast girls! Was worried about being in lane 1 spot one cuz I didn't want to get cut off but I was able to get out pretty well. It was a good pr of 2 seconds but I was looking for a 2:23 at least. And now I'm a little more un satisfied with it as I think back because I should've just gone for state. I know it was a lot to cut off but on the last 100 stretch I was thinking to myself that that's the goal I should've started with. Because if I could've gotten that extra ump hi woulda had it. And now I have to worry about qualifying it at region. 

Did the 4x400 with Lexie, Alyssa and Amber. Qualified for state- 4:11! Ran a 1:03.4 split so pr by like .1 or something. But still we had some really good races. 

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