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Week starting Jan 16, 2011

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American Fork,UT,

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Nov 27, 2009



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Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

St George Marathon

2011 - 4:11:52 

2017. -4:01:17

2021 - 4:03:05

Salt Lake City Full Marathon

2013 -  4:23:03 

Ogden Marathon

2012 - 3:58:35

2013 - 4:17:20

2014 - 4:02:51

2017 - 3:55:22**

Utah Valley Marathon

2019 - 4:05:37 

Top of Utah Marathon

2014 - 4:09:27

Mt Charleston Marathon

2019 - 4:05:33

West Mountain Marathon

2015 - 4:42:34


St George Half Marathon

2012 - 1:55:00

2013 - 2:03:00

2014 - 1:46:00

2015 - 1:48:00

Salt Lake City Half Marathon

2012 - 1:51:00

2014 - 1:44:01

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

2001 - 1:40:00**

2011 - 1:45:00

2012 - 1:43:00

2013 - 1:43:00 

2022 - 1:48:53

American Fork Half Marathon

2013 - 1:48:24

2014- 1:53:23 (pacing Tim)

2017  - 1:47:54

2018 - 1:48:12

2019 - 1:47:50

Timp Half Marathon

2012 - 1:47:18 

2022 - 1:49:40 (AF Cancer course)

Utah Valley Half Marathon 

2011 - 1:55:00 

Top of Utah Half Marathon

2010 - 1:48:20 

The Haunted Half Provo

2018 - 1:51:28


Goblin Valley 50K

2014 - 5:58

Red Mountain 55K

2018 - 7:31:37

Antelope Island Fall Classic 50K

2017 - 6:14:23

Antelope Island 50 Mile

2015 - 10:10:00

Antelope Island 100 Mile

2018 - 26:53



**Personal Best 



Short-Term Running Goals:



Long-Term Running Goals:

To qualify for Boston


Married for 23 years. I have 18 year old triplets and a 15 year old. I love to sew, garden, and run!

Favorite Running Quotes: 


"Sooner or later the serious runner goes through a special, very personal experience that is unknown to most people.

Some call it euphoria. Others say it's a new kind of mystical experience that propels you into a elevated state of consciousness, a flash of joy.

A sense of floating as you run. This experience is unique to each of us, but when it happens, you break through a barrier that separates you from casual runners. Forever. And from that point on, there is no finish line. You run for your life. You begin to be addicted to what running gives you."  

~Nike Poster

2.           A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


You’ve no doubt heard this.  And you’ve probably recited it in your mind on a run or at the gym when you’re just beginning to get in shape.  You have a goal in sight and this quote brings you back to the current moment.


But the problem is that many runners forget all of the steps between the first one and the goal.  If your goal is to run under two hours for the half marathon then you need to be honest about all of the little steps to get to that goal.


…and what I’d rather see you do is to get the goal out of mind completely, but rather focus on the process, not the outcome. -Jay Johnson Process orientation, not outcome orientation.


You should have goals, but you should take it one step at a time.  And you should be honest about the fact that you don’t know how many steps it will take to get there. ~ Vernon Gambetta


3.  Human beings are made up of flesh, blood and a miracle fiber called COURAGE! ~ George Patton 


4.   Find the courage to be patient.

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Miles:This week: 29.00 Month: 12.00 Year: 135.00
2014 - Minutes Lifetime Miles: 28605.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

38:17 minutes

I lifted legs today.  I can't tell you how much I hate doing squats.  HATE HATE HATE!  But I did them and it is over...but thinking about them makes me angry :)

It took me a few miles to shake the stiffness out of my legs during the run.  There were oodles and oodles and oodles of folks (dudes and dollies) at the gym at 7:00am (hooray for sleeping in on a holiday).  But I got to all the weights I needed and a treadmill!


Off to go sledding...my kids really need to burn off some energy.  I got so many "I'm bored"'s this morning.  When I hear those, the chore chart comes out...I got all my drawers vacuumed out and my van!

Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

37:48 minutes

I actually woke up feeling really refreshed (which usually doesn't happen at 4:55am).  My legs are still a bit sore, but that all went away after the first mile or two.  

I love running....even a bad day on the road/treadmill running is better than a day without it!

Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

42:19 minutes (progressively faster each mile)

I felt really good this morning.  Last summer when I was riding my bike up the Alpine Loop, there was a group of runners coming down the mountain.  Single file and bright neon yellow jerseys (smart considering how narrow that canyon is).  They were BOOKING down that mountain.  When I finished riding, I went running on a nearby trail and they were STILL running.  I remember thinking to myself how impressed I was with these ladies because they were fast and looked sharp in their matching shirts AND looked intimidating.  

 Well, one of them ran on the treadmill next to me this morning and she was cooking.  Funny how runners notice each other and all congregate to the same places.

Last night, my hubby got a text from a buddy that a couple had bailed out on this Ragnar team....would we be interested?  Doing that race has been on my bucket list forever and I am SO SO SO excited to do it!  Maybe I will change my mind after running for 2 straight days, but for now I can't wait!


It is great to be a runner!

Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Mile splits:  9:06 (up a big hill),  8:56,  8:35,  8:17,  2:27 (7:56)

First, I got to run outside today because it was BEAUTIFUL!  Blue skies and warmer temperatures!  Hooray for that!  Feeling that fresh air is always good for the soul!

Second, I ran a lot faster than I thought I was going.  I felt like I was totally plugging along (like a 10:00pace) and was pleasantly surprised.  I still have a long way to go on speed, but at least I am running!

 Good luck Painter Half Marathon Runners!

Weight: 0.00
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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

66:19 minutes

Oh what a workout!  I told my hubby I was going to be awhile this morning!  First, I lifted legs and then arms (for 1 hour).  I haven't had a chance to lift since Monday, so I REALLY wanted to get it in.

I got my orthotics this week and stuck them in my running shoes.  They felt like butter - really supporting my high arch.

I started my run and 2 miles into it my feet are on FIRE!  The orthotics were rubbing and rubbing and I was hoping I wasn't bleeding.  The next 5 miles I just tried to plow through.  I would stop periodically to get water and wipe my face (and give my feet a rest), and starting back up was super painful. 

The sad part is my legs felt really great, no ankle pain and I didn't feel like I was huffing and puffing.  I need to get some mole skins ASAP!

Can't wait to read the race reports!

Weight: 0.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Weight: 0.00
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