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Salt Lake City,Ut,US

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Jun 16, 2010



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Age Division Winner

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Training for the SLC marathon. 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay healthy and keep running with my puppy.


Runner and Dinosaur Lover

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Today I did 2.5 as a starter then it started to rain so I planned on going to steiner and finnishing it out. But my dad went and dropped my off 1.5 miles away from my house and I had to run home in the ran to get my 4 for the day.

Blue Mizuno Miles: 4.00
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Today we didnt have school, so I went to steiner and did some miles. I went on the treadmill and did a mile warm up at 6:18 pace, then I went to the bike and did 10 miles at 10 resistance because I didnt want to do 10 miles on the treadmill. I have not biked that long in a long time so it actually hurt a lot. While I was biking I saw Mrs. Shields biking and I said hi to her. Overall it was a very painful day running/biking. After that I came home and did my leg weights, crunches, push ups, and lunges. After I studied for Physics for an hour, I went on a shake out run for 2 miles. The shake out run really hurt my legs because I did a ton of weights so my calfs, shins, thighs and others were way sore. After I started running for a half mile they started to loosen up a bit but it hurt all through the run.

Blue Mizuno Miles: 13.00
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Today at track we did a half mile warmup then stretched. We did station weight things that were sooo much fun. I loved the official workout today. Then we did a half mile cooldown as a team. After that since i needed to do more miles I went on 3 miles with Sarah on a very slow pace just to loosen up the old granny legs of ours.

Blue Mizuno Miles: 4.00
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Today at track was the weirdest day ever! We started out with the normal half mile warm up, stretches and then the drills. Then the distance people went in to Matheson's room and got the talk. After the talk I went on a half mile run to get 1 mile for the day. What a long run for the day.

Blue Mizuno Miles: 1.00
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Just did 2 miles on the elliptical while studying physics. It was a good morning because now i am now done.


Today at track, Me, Amanda, Sarah, Dakota, and Becca did a very hard weights day. We did a ton of moving stretches, then did the usual weights, then did some new ab stuff, then lunges with weights. It was quite hard. After that Becca and I went and did 5 miles as a cool down run and Becca kept up with me for 2.5 miles then that last .5 miles I pushed it as hard as I could. Then we just did a very slow 2 mile run thing back to the school as a cool down. My legs were exhausted after that. Then I came home and did my usual home weights. OUCH my legs are soo much in pain and are soo tired!! 

Blue Mizuno Miles: 7.00
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Today I woke up early and did 3.5 on the eliptical then studied for the rest of the day. After the worst day ever of doing homework I went on the last 2.5 miles of the day So I could get an even 6.

Blue Mizuno Miles: 6.00
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Blue Mizuno Miles: 35.00
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