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FL,United States

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Feb 08, 2015



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Mile: 4:28.0 (Florida, Jan 2020)

5K: 15:12 (FL, Jan. 2020)

10K: 31:44 (FL, Feb. 2020)

15K: 49:03 (FL, Feb. 2020)

1/2 Marathon: 1:10:34 (FL, Feb. 2020)

Marathon: 2:26:57 (WA, July 2019)

100k (63.7 miles, trail): 9:11:00 (FL, Jan. 2019)


I started running in 2010 and have (mostly) kept it a habit ever since!  

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AM: 10+ miles with a 5k tempo at the Weedon Island Parkrun with John and Brian.  I ran a 16:05, but definitely felt weak again today.  Then, I was planning on running a 3k, then a 1k after at the same effort, but John and Brian weren't interested, so I left it alone.  Probably for the best.

Split- (5k) 16:05, (3k) skipped, (1k) skipped

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PM: 8.1 miles @ 8:10/mile pace.  Felt tired and weak, but that's expected.

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PM: 10.3 miles with Brian, John, Darek, and Chris on the road in Safety Harbor.  Workout was 8x half mile with full recoveries, and 2x20 seconds.  Full recoveries make me feel like a monster.

Splits- 2:24, 2:23, 2:23, 2:24, 2:24, 2:24, 2:26, 2:24, then the two sprints

The one abhorrent 2:26 I still felt fine on, I just didn't time myself correctly.  Felt fantastic through four, then felt good all the way through the end.  Only John signed on for the workout, but he did his own paces.  Definitely wish I was not solo on the effort however.  

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PM: Fully expected not to run today, but just laced my shoes up and did it anyway.  Ran on the beach on Honeymoon island.  Definitely was an experience being on effectively an uninhabited island (at least at night!).  Was acutely afraid of stepping on or spooking an alligator in the dark, so I didn't venture too close to the water or brush piles.  8:30/mile pace.

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AM: 11.6 miles in safety harbor and a workout.  Workout was mile, 2:00, mile, 2:00, mile, 2:00 intervals followed by some sprints at the end with full recoveries.  Half time recoveries for the 5:00 intervals, and full time recoveries for the 2:00 intervals.

Splits- mile- 4:55, 2:00 (4:55/mile pace), mile- 5:02, 2:00 (4:57/mile pace), mile- 5:03, 2:00 (4:54/mile pace)

I'm not sure about this one.  I worked pretty hard, but aerobically there was more there.  I think I either chose to go a bit easier than I should have effort-wise, but I felt a lot of soreness and my form wasn't messy, but I definitely didn't feel the strength I normally do.  I think the poor nutrition from this past week really negatively affected me these last couple of days.  I did not improve, but I don't think I took a step backwards- which I initially felt the moment I finished the workout.  As Drew would say, I'm going to throw this one in the woodchipper.  Thursday's workout may be a bit easier/shorter, and then Saturday I'll run a good pair of 5k intervals, or a descending set 5k/3k/1k.  


PM: 5 miles, 8:30/mile pace with Darek, Jeff

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PM: 10 miles, 8:00/mile pace.  Felt sore all over, so slogged through this one.

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AM: 14 miles, 4 fast-ish.  The weather was AMAZING.  Clear, 50s, low humidity, light wind.  I wasn't going to run any fast miles today, but I couldn't help it, so I finished with four miles enjoying the cool air.  Would have been the perfect racing day.

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