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Krispy Kreme Challenge (4 miles, 12 donuts, 1 hour)

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Tallahassee,FL,United States

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Jun 24, 2008



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Local Elite

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Mile- 5:27 Breakfast on the Track, August '09
5k- 18:59 (6:07)  Tails and Trails, May '09 (And two more times! GRR!)

8k- 33:08 (6:39) Sweetheart 8k, Feb '11

10k- 41:38 (6:42) TRBC, March '09

15k- 1:02:46 (6:44) Lake Caroline 15k, Nov '08

Half Marathon- 1:36:58 (7:24) Hoover Dam Half, Oct '09

Marathon- 3:37:16 (8:17) Mississippi Coast Marathon, Nov '08

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Help my knees help me.

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Moving to Knoxville this summer. Hooray for being in a place with a running community! 

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New Balance 903 (Orange) Lifetime Miles: 63.00
Red Flats Lifetime Miles: 44.88
Brooks Salmon Lifetime Miles: 304.65
Brooks Black Lifetime Miles: 131.30
Brooks Baby Blue Lifetime Miles: 116.25
Newtons Lifetime Miles: 0.00
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Brooks Salmon Miles: 15.00
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It's going to take a little while, by getting together info for my 2009 year in review:


Feb 7- Run for the cookies 5k 19:46
Feb 14- Rush to Brush 5k 19:23
March 7- Thomasville Road 10k 41:38 PR
March 14-  Gate River Run 15k in Jacksonville, FL 1:03:43
March 28- Springtime 10k  41:42
April 11- Palace Saloon 5k 19:37
April 18- Habitat for Humanity 5k 19:25
May 2- Tails and Trails XC 5k (a little short) 18:58
May 23- Magnolia Meltdown 5k 19:37
June 11- Baltimore, 4 miler 26:05
June-August- Summer Track every Thursday night
400m- 66, 800m- 2:29, Mile- 5:39, 2 Mile- 12:07, 5k- 19:20
June 27- St. George Island 5k 19:47
Aug 15- Breakfast on the Track Mile 5:27 PR
Sept 5- Red Cross Hurricane Run 5k 19:22
Sept 19- Women's Distance Festival 5k 18:59
Oct 3- Pine Run 20k 1:31:30
Oct 24- Alan Sundberg 5k 18:59 PR
Oct 31- Hoover Dam Half Marathon 1:36:56 PR
Dec 11- Cellular South Half Marathon in Jackson, MS DNF


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Brooks Salmon Miles: 5.00
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400 repeats

Brooks Salmon Miles: 6.00
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Hello everyone. It has been a super long time, and I have to update on the last month or two. Basically it was lots of school work and little running. I will add my runs (all 5 of them) some time soon.

But in exciting news I think I am attempting the Krispy Kreme Challenge tomorrow afternoon. 2 miles out, eat a dozen donuts, 2 miles back. I don't think there is any way I can eat a dozen donuts but I am going to try. There is also an hour time limit that I think seems impossible.  I am thinking 7 minute miles on the way out (or as fast as I can go). 2 minutes per donut (which seems nearly impossible) and 11 minunte miles on the way back (yeah right). So we will see how it goes!! I have never puked from running... I think tomorrow may take that streak from me.

Race: Krispy Kreme Challenge (4 miles, 12 donuts, 1 hour) (4 Miles) 00:55:00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

The race started at 1pm, and I decided it would be best if I didn't eat anything all morning. So I got to the race hungry, and we started off with the first "2 mile" run. It was a little short, I heard my friend say we were running 6 minute pace and we got there in less than 11 minutes.  I figured that was a good thing anyway, I needed all the time I could get.  

So then we were eating. I got my box of donuts and chose the squish and stack method. I ate three donuts at a time, but squishing them down and make a donut sandwich.  I got through the first half dozen with no real problem. Donuts 6-9 were somewhat troublesome. By the time I got to donut 10 I could no longer handle the stack method. I was just taking little bites here and there and trying to get it down. I even tried dunking them in water like my friend Andy did, but that just made them too heavy and slimy.  Some of them I couldn't get down and I just had to spit them out.  I had to take a couple minute break at one point, and then I was finally done my dozen. (They didn't make me eat the pieces I spit out though, thankfully).  

Time for the two mile run back. I had stopped my watch when we started eating, I am not sure why, I just got overwhelmed.  So I wasn't exactly sure how much time I had left, but I knew it was going to be close.  My friends (all male) were done way before me, so I was on my way back on my lonesome. I started talking to a young man Peter who was running near me, but we both found it difficult to talk. It was better to just be quiet and forget where you were.  My stomach felt really good for the most part. At one point my chest started to get a little warm and I got worried and walked a few steps, but I was able to get going again.  I pushed the pace the best I could, probably around 8:30 miles. I made the mistake of looking down while running, and about every 100 meters there was a trash can and writing on the sidewalk that said "vomit here." I had to look straight ahead because every time I read that I wanted to follow the directions. Before I knew it, I was making the turn to the finish. I could hear my friends going "and there is the female runner of the year!" I didn't get my exact time, but I know it was less than an hour and that's all that mattered.  And I beat the guy dressed up as a ranch dressing bottle, which could have been embarassing.

So I am an official Krispy Kreme Challenge finisher! 2400 calories, 144 grams of fat later... and I have a t-shirt that says that just in case I forget!


Brooks Salmon Miles: 4.00
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Brooks Salmon Miles: 15.00
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