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Sky View Logan dual meet

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Member Since:

May 18, 2010



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Pre-high school: I ran a lot of local 5ks and a few half marathons.  I didn't do a ton of training, but I just had fun, and I got more serious about it as high school got closer.

High school: I enjoyed running a lot, especially cross country.  I originally did track to keep my in shape for cross country.  I ran at Footlocker Nationals, the Adidas Dream mile, Brooks PR Invitational, world xc junior championships, and a few local 5ks. 

PRs: 800: 1:56.80-State Track 2014

1600: 4:10-State Track 2014/Mile: Sea Level-Adidas Grand Prix-4:07

3200:Alititude(~4500ft): 8:57.99-State Track 2014-2 Mile:8:53 at Brooks PR Invitational

5K: New Balance Indoor Nationals(2014) - 14:24

10K:USA Junior Track Championships (2014)-31:01

15K: Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run (aided) 48:10(2013).

Half Marathon: 
Utah Valley Half - 1:11:24(aided)(2012)






NCAA finishes:

Cross Country: 10th(2018);

Indoor: 3k-7th(2019) 5k-10th(2019);

Outdoor: 10k-22nd(2018), 4th(2019), 5k-7th(2019)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Make sure I have fun, not get burned out, and get faster.

School records in the 5km and 10km.  


Served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from July 2015-July 2017.  I gained 30 lbs. during the service and came back out of shape; however I knew that if the Lord wanted me to once again run competitively, he would bless me to return to fitness. 

I graduated from Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah. I currently run for Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  

Favorite Blogs:

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Total Distance
Race: Sky View Logan dual meet (3 Miles) 00:15:56, Place overall: 1, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

     Did our warm up.  Got ready for the race.  I knew my competition was Jerrel Mock, who I have ran with many many times before, and I was ready for it.  I got a good start.  Jerrel didn't know the course, so he was just going to follow me for most of the way.  After the first 800 M I slowed down and was going to stay behind Jerrel and let him keep the pace.  He slowed down too.  I had forgotten he was following me.  We then sped up and started going again.  I had a slower first mile then I wanted, but we kept going.  I tried to lost Jerrel early so he couldn't outsprint me at the end.I lost him about a half mile or more out.  After that he slowed down.  Sky View won by far.  Can't wait for region.

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Race: Region V cross country (3 Miles) 00:15:51, Place overall: 3, Place in age division: 3
Total Distance

       Did a warm up.  Was way nervous and I think I might have been getting a little cocky/ a little psyched out.  I knew I needed to stay with Hendrickson again.  He took the first mile easy, so Jerrel and I sped up and led the first mile.  Then Adam passed us.  I started catching him and was almost to where he was.  Then Jerrel passed me without me expecting it.  I stayed ahead of the other people, but I never really caught up to Jerrel and Adam.  Adam won, and Jerrel took second.  I don't know what I did wrong that race, maybe I wasn't feeling so good.  Oh well atleast there is state.  Our team took 2nd by 2 points.  We were soo close.  Tyler finished after me and ran a great race.  Out team did pretty good.

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Race: State XC meet (3 Miles) 00:15:40, Place overall: 2, Place in age division: 2
Total Distance

     Sorry I haven't blogged in a while.  When I got to the meet I was hydrated and ready to go.  The coaches gave us breakfast,  we got to skip school, and we had some snacks.  Everything was going pretty great for me, I don't know how it was going for my team-mates though. We watched the girls meet before we got ready and started warming up.  We had a few hours to kill before the meet which were spent talking and watching the other meets.  We did a warm up and stretched.  I felt fantastic.

      The gun went bang, and we were off.  I kinda got boxed in at the first.  I slowed down a bit because the person ahead of me slowed down and I was pushed to the outside on the first turn.  That's when I saw Hendrickson (the runner my coaches had advised me to stay with for the meet until the end) and he was up there leading everyone.  I caught up on the turn and ran with him in my front.  It was still pretty packed.  There was Adam Hendrickson and a guy from Timpanogus ahead of me.  I was in the best spot.  After a while Jerrel came.  We kept running and got more and more spread out from the pack.  I was thinking if I could just stay with these guys I would be great and could get a spot in the top 5 for sure.  For a little ways a guy from Mountain View, who cut me off and made me lose some speed, came in. We were about a mile into the race.  Then nothing really changed.  We kept running hard.  At the last mile everyone sped it up and we lost the guy from Mountain View.  We lost Jerrel, but then he came back.  Then we went around the pond for the second time.  I didn't know how long I could stay with these guys.  I knew it was state and I had to give it my all, so that's what I did.  After a while the Timpanogus guy was a few seconds ahead of us, with Jerrel behind him.  I just left Adam and tried to catch up to them.  There was 600 M left.  I kept putting it out, know this was the time to push it all.  At the road I started sprinting, and passed Jerrel.  I thought, "YES, maybe I can get in the top 2!" and then thought maybe I can win it!  I started running faster and faster giving it my all.  I saw Jerrel's shadow to the right of me.  He was getting closer.  I almost caught the Timpinogus guy, but he beat me by a half second, while Jerrel was behind me by .3 seconds.  Adam came in ten seconds later.  Later the Sky View guys started coming in, all having slower times then usual.  I later found out that they had gotten boxed in in the first part.  Our team took 4th in 4a and we took 5th Overall.  I was happy about my race personally, and happy that I can say that I gave it my all. Jerrel did great also.  He scared me enough at the end to get closer to the winner. It was a good race and season, and I'm sad it is over.  Time to start training for half marathons again.

Total Distance

     Ran is St. George.  Felt amazing and just had to run.  Had a good tempo run.

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      Ran again in St. George.  Didn't feel as good, but still felt pretty good.  Ran pretty well.  slower than Thursday.

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      Needed to start up with Half-marathon training again.  I didn't feel that good for the first and second mile.  Ran pretty well after that. 

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       Went to the canyon and hit the "sunny side" run from xc.  Felt like a pretty good tempo run until 5 miles through it my stomache started feeling weird.  took the last 1.2 miles slower. 

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     Did a tempo run up the canyon.  Felt pretty good.  Ran hard and fast.  After did a half mile cool down. 

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      Started running my regular 5 mile run.  My calf had hurt after my last run and it had hurt after that also.  I didn't feel anything bad today, so I ran.  At mile 3 my calf started feeling weird.  At 3.5 I stopped to stretch it out, then finished the mile.  After that I walked home, which felt weird.  I almost never walk around there. 

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