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Jun 11, 2011



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

ninth member of the PV freshman 5!

best 800 - 1:59

best mile - 4:26

best 2mile - 9:45

best 3mile - 15:26

best 5k - 16:06


region 9 JV champ

pine view cross country varsity 


3rd team all state xc Utah 3a

9th place at state in the 1600, 4:28


2nd place at state xc by 5 seconds. Team place 3rd.

first team all state xc Utah 3a







Short-Term Running Goals:

short term running goals:

I just finished my LDS mission, so this summer I am getting back into running shape. Run in the morning, swim and light strength lift in the afternoon.

Red-shirt at USU this fall and get ready to compete in the spring.


Long-Term Running Goals:

long term:

Make it on the USU A-team


I just returned from a LDS mission. I served in the Bakersfield CA area. 

Now, I'm a student at USU, running there and majoring in Bio-engineering. 


Favorite Blogs:

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Nike Pegasus 30 Lifetime Miles: 108.50
Total Distance
Pegasus 29 Miles: 19.70Asics Gell Lyte 33 2's Miles: 13.50Infernoz Miles: 6.00Altras Miles: 3.00
Total Distance


strapped on my new asics gell lytes for some "speed" (if you could call it that) today. ran to and from practice for an extra mile. we went up to the dirt mile to do 4xmile repeats. i was suposed to get 6:50 for 80% of my VO2 or whatever but i went like 15-20 seconds fast and finally on the last 2 coach told me to run with abel and i was greatfull because I felt akward trying to keep a conversation going with him like 10 meters in front of me haha! my splits were like 6:20, 29, 35, 33. the pace was easy and abel and I basicaly talked the whole time, but thats probably going to change soon... hopefully. I've been itching to go fast lately!

coach was all ticked off today! freakin weirdo... disneyland did not go well for him I think. Maybe he just needed a hug! maybe the fact that I'm updating right after my run will put a smile on his face! .......    :) 

I signed up for this run for chelsi 5k next monday, I'm hoping to get like a 16:30 at least and I think i could do it! 

 pm: lets say I have had better doubles. i couldent make it to practice with the team, i had to teach piano across town at that time, so i went shortly after dinner and if you know me...well, lets just say i was in a big hurry to get home the last mile and a half! i was about .3 from home and 3 dogs started chasing me! almost scared the crap right out of me literally... then i ran to and from the rec center which was another .7 ish and lifted weights. it was only 102 i think so it wasent as soul suckingly hot as last saturdays run but still quite warm. ive been drinking like a russian alcoholic though (just a joke, dont cry) so i felt allright in the heat:) 3.7 total


Pegasus 29 Miles: 3.70Asics Gell Lyte 33 2's Miles: 8.50
Total Distance

Barefoot on the grass today, 4 miles with striders. The legendary Josh Decker and his beard and the amazing RJ came today. And also this girl named...baylee koyer I think? who cares;) nice easy run, felt grrrrrreat!

Pegasus 29 Miles: 1.00
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Total Distance

ran to and from practice like always, 1 mile round trip

we did 30/30's again today, abel and i did 25 of them with 152 meters durring the hard 30 seconds and at least 75 meters on the 30 seconds active recovery. I'm still amazed at how much the very active recovery changes the intencity of the workout! we got 20 last week, 25 today and opposed to 40 two weeks ago when we would only do 50 meters of recovery and rest for 5 seconds. we all did a mile warm and we just cooled to 5 miles. that baylee koyer person came again today... does she not have any friends? we may never know...



Infernoz Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

went down to hells hole and did some bounders and sprints up the hill

Altras Miles: 3.00Pegasus 29 Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

Pegasus 29 Miles: 9.00
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Total Distance

Asics Gell Lyte 33 2's Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance
Pegasus 29 Miles: 19.70Asics Gell Lyte 33 2's Miles: 13.50Infernoz Miles: 6.00Altras Miles: 3.00
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