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Davis High School Invite 1600m

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Member Since:

Jun 01, 2013



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Running Accomplishments:

1600m: 4:27

800: 1:59

Copper Hills Invitational 2015 1600m Champion.

Ran for Alta and SUU on their Cross Country/Track and Field teams

2014-2015 Alta Track Athlete of the Year

Have a had a couple good placements in mountain races

Short-Term Running Goals:

Stay healthy and and build mileage

Run a marathon in under 3 hours once marathons start taking place again.

Sub 26 for 8k or sub 16 for 5k this fall

Sub 33 minutes at the Deseret News 10k

Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep running

Run the Boston Marathon at least once

Make a glorious return to spartan racing


I ran for Alta high school and was trained by Coach Murphy, he is a great coach, one of the best there is. I ran for Southern Utah University for a year or two. I am currently a doctoral student at Bowling Green State University studying industrial organizational psychology. Right now my main goals are to stay healthy and run consistently.

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 15.80 Year: 310.65
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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

Short sprint workout today that left me pretty sore. We did 2x80, 2x100, and 2x150. I learned that I am a huge amount better at sprints when I have a jogging start. I did the first two just starting of into a sprint, I was terrible and ran slow. Then I started running into them after the first 100 meter rep and I started running a huge amount faster! It was weird, like I couldn't even keep with the other guys before when I was just starting off and then I was running faster then them when I ran into the sprint. I also learned that its a lot easier and helps you go faster to just extend and keep at you top speed than just go all out. I learned a lot about sprinting today, I have never done a workout anything like it! My achilles was hurting during the workout but I think it will be ok. I will definitely do a few more miles today.

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We warmed up and did a nice easy recovery run, 2 miles into the run we did a mile hard, it was pretty hard but I don't know what pace it was. We did another mile after that and then 4 striders. It was a nice day, really windy though. I was sore, at first just my hamstrings were sore but later most of my legs started feeling sore. I am sure I will be recovered for tomorrow after a nice easy day though. I made the Davis invitational for the 1600m and the 3200m so I will be looking to make some huge PRs there. I am going to win both of my races on saturday.

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We warmed up with the sprinters and then did the lower loop for warm up. This workout was tough! I was sore which contributed to that. Today I was as sore as yesterday, my thighs were even more sore! But I am really happy about being sore, this is the time to have soreness! And I will be recovered for the Davis invitational, where I hope to run some really good races. We did 4 600s at goal mile pace, I went out in the first one at 1:42, so 4:32 pace, I would be happy with that time. I ran the next one in 1:41, the third one in 1:43, and the last one was 1:39 or 1:40. So I did this workout at an average of 4:30 pace, which I would be very happy to run on saturday. The last one was probably harder than I should have gone, but I love the challenge! Hopefully a nice easy long run tomorrow and a nice premeet on friday and then I will be ready to go on saturday! This has been a great week of training.

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We did an easy 30 minutes and then 4 striders after we warmed up a mile with the rest of the team. I felt good today, a little sore but I am already starting to recover. Tomorrow is premeet and then we have the Invitational! This is going to be a really fun meet!

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We warmed up with the sprinters, and then we did 4 miles and 4x80m hard. I am kind of tired, hopefully the storm will clear for tomorrow. I am going for the win.

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Race: Davis High School Invite 1600m (1 Miles) 00:04:38, Place overall: 18, Place in age division: 1
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I was a little worried about the race with all the bad weather and everything. I went out kind of slow, I actually don't know the pace, but I was boxed in for the first lap. I came through the 2nd lap at about 2:18. I was pretty far from the lead, so I just concentrated on running a good 3rd lap. I passed some guys but didn't have many thoughts about winning it. I was 40 meters away from the lead with a lap to go, my legs had fealt tired since the 2nd lap but I realized that I still had plent left to give a big kick. I started kicking with 300m left, I passed the first group or 4 or 5 guys in front of me and started chasing the next group, I really had to give it everything, I caught up to them and got in front and held it for the win and a new personal best. It was possibly the best last lap of my life so far, one of the best races, if not the best. I wasn't really feeling good but I had the ability to do it and I did it. Thanks to Coach Murphy's training that has gotten me to this point, and has taught me to race hard even when I am feeling bad! I felt really good after the 1600m, so I went inside and cooled down and just waited for the 3200m. I kind of had high expectations for just a few hours after the 1600m. I went to slow the first lap of the 3200m, the first 200m was good at 37, but the 400m was a 77 which was too slow. The 2nd lap was also 77, I kept slowly passing people every lap until the 6th or 7th when I gave in. I didn't completely fall off, and it wouldnt have really mattered. I stayed on long enough to give a kick and finished right with Davis, we were shoulder and shoulder at the finish but I let him go ahead in line, and also this other kid cut me in line but I didn't really care, I am not going to look at my 3200m time, I don't want to know, just move on. I know if I concentrate on the 3200m on a sunny day, I can run under 10:00. BYU invite is next, looks like just the 1600m right now. I want to run 4:32 or 4:33, maybe even faster. With good conditions, I will run a lot faster. I love the sun. Good 1600m today!

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