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Bryce Canyon Half

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South Jordan,UT,United States

Member Since:

Feb 04, 2008



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

2010 Ogden Half Marathon 1st overall

2010 Bryce Canyon Half 2nd overall 1:12

2010 St. George Marathon 10th overall

2011 American Fork Half marathon 1st overall New PR 1:10:37

2012-Mt. Nebo Half 1:08:00





 2009 St. George Marathon 11th overall 2:31:43

2009 Ogden Marathon 4th place overall

2008 St. George Marathon 2:40:46 18th overall

2008 Tou Half 1:14:35 7th overall

2008 Bear Lake Half marathon 1st place Win. Set Course record.

2008 Provo river Half  PR 1:13:28

2008 Boston Marathon 2:49--Beat Lance Armstrong by 2 minutes.

2008 Ogden Marathon 10th overall.

Ragnar Relay Del Sol 2008--1st Place Team Overall. Set new course record! 17 hours 4 minutes 5.38 average pace per mile!

Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back 2008--2nd Place Team overall. 17 hours 54 minutes.

2007 Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon 1:14 4th overall

2007 Wasatch Back Relay 3rd team overall---Very Fun!

Boston, Rock & Roll Arizona, Carlsbad are my favorite marathons.

2007 St. George Marathon 2:40 with puking!39th overall





Short-Term Running Goals:

My short term goals are to stick to a good regime.

To bring my marathon pr down in mid 2:30's

World Championship Maters Marathon July 17, 2011

USATFLDR Competition Series: Stiders Half, Salt Lake Half, Hobblecreek Half, Heart of Holiday 5k, Running with Leopards 5k, Draper Days 5k, Minuteman 5k, Top of Utah Half.

Great Potato Half marathon--Boise

Running with Ed 41 mile relay. Team Probar

St. George Marathon 2011

Get Sponsors and make money in Masters.

Sponsors so far:

Probar, St. George Running Center



Long-Term Running Goals:

My long term goals are to beat sasha.

To get my marathon time to 2:20's



I have three girls-Sarah, Brooke, and Bailey and a baby boy born in Jan. 2010 named Boston. I own a Concrete Construction company called Quality Footings and Foundations. If any of my fellow bloggers are in need of concrete work just drop me a line or call 801-381-7089 I'll give you the friendly runner discount. Its hard work thats why between work and running I maintain my girlish figure! I own the American Flyers Race Pacers which is on Facebook to join. www.americanflyersracepacers.com 

Favorite Blogs:

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Ran 12 trail miles here at East Glacier up to Cobalt lake and back. 2 hours up 1 hour down. Then we drove to the rode to the going to the sun road and hiked a mile and then ecame down west glacier and ran along Lake McDonald 4 miles out and back to get 20.  It's so gorgeous here!! Ran with my wife of 11 months Bethany.  


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ran from the loop on Going To The Sun up to the Chalet here in Glacier NP. 2200' rise in 4 miles then back down for 8. Then went up to Logan Pass and ran 6 more to hidden lake. 2 miles were in snow. Saw an adult Grizzly bear a day bunch of mountain goats. 

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did a downhill workout to get my legs going for the first time this year.  I ran 12.25 in 1:08 which is around 6:03 pace. I maintained 5:30's for 5 and then felt sick. Probably from junk food and travel all day yesterday. Work in progress. 

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Race: Bryce Canyon Half (13.1 Miles) 01:19:25, Place overall: 9, Place in age division: 1
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first race post op on the shoulder. Man I cannot believe what a role your shoulder has in running. Every time I tried getting in a rhythm it's like watching myself in slow motion. My gate was off and twisted. I had no arm rotation. It was frustrating. I did manage a 6:03 pace but my fast miles I couldn't get below 5:29.  When I winthis race a few years ago my fast miles were 4:40-4:55 for 4 miles. It was fun to watch Brett Hales tear it up! My first mile was 6:04 which surprised me because I was really breathing  hard.  It is at 7500' though.  I needed this wake up call. Get my butt to work. 

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Ran from Bethany's parents house here in Ashland Oregon right onto some cool trails that lead onward and upward to the Pacific Crest Trail.  I ran 4.5 out and back. Good run. Great temps and awesome company. 

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Race: SOB (31.07 Miles) 05:07:03, Place overall: 20, Place in age division: 2
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Started this race skeptical as I had  stomach issues this morning. I was contemplating switching to the 15k. I lined up at the 50k start and off we went. It's starts on an asphalt road the first 1/4 mile. We were at a 6:30 pace. It then hit a logging road that dropped for a half mile. We were then at  a 6.00 pace. We hit the single track and my first mile was 6:30. I immediately settled back to trail pace of 8:00 and watched Hayden fade away with a couple others with him. I made it to the first aid station around 4.7 miles and got water and a few potato chips. I felt ok until mile 5.5 and my stomach started churning. I slowed and let a few pass me and got to a long downhill section so I got into a groove and planned on stopping at the second aid station 4 miles from the first. When I got there I felt fine so I kept going. I only made it 1/2 mile and had to stop and walk and make a plan in my head to go off the trail for an emergency pit stop. But a guy in a green shirt asked what I needed and gave me a big white stomach pill. I chewed it and Immediately felt the urge go away. I started running up a log road and passed the guy up thanking him. At mile 12 I caught DeeDee who was running the 50 miler that started an hour earlier. At mile 14 I caught up to Bethany's dad. The third aid station was 14.6 and I stopped and made my deposit at the porta potti. I felt a lot better. I got some salt tablets and ibuprofen from Bethany's dad and this is where the 50 mile splits from the 50k. We were back on a logging road. It went up a bit and then finally started dropping. I made it to about mile 20 when I had a small twig go in my shoe and start reeking havoc on my toes. I stopped and took my shoe and sock off. I made it back to the 4th aid which was the same as the 2nd. I decided to switch out of my shoes. I took my saucony trail shoes and switched to hoka's. This was the best decision I made in the race. I felt amazing. My feet weren't slapping the ground anymore and my speed on the drop parts got better. This section from mile 8.6 to mile 4.6 is murder! I walked about 3.5 miles of it. I couldn't run at all. Every time I tried a slow shuffle it was as fast as my power hike. Frustrating but I had a week or two of training in front of this race so I didn't have huge hopes anyway. I made it to the last aid which had a coke and sprite. I drank both. Ate potatoes and pickles and took some electrolyte pills. I then thanked the awesome crew helping out and proceeded up the last little up parts. As soon as it dropped I got into a Rhythm and passed 4 people. I ran behind a guy from California and we talked for a couple miles. He was cramping up bad. I then was on my own as I hit the last down hill part. I got to the logging  road that goes up a half mile until the paved road. I was then dropping down to the finish and the road felt awesome. I made it in to the finish. My first Trail race! First race over a marathon distance! I ended up 20th over all, 2nd master and my time was 5:07. 9:53 per mile pace. A little less than 6,000' elevation rise. Amazing scenery on the Pacific Crest Trail! Lots of hikers on it and campers. No I didn't see Reese Witherspoon. 


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 Started at 5:30 AM on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. 54 degrees and perfect temps. Only 2 miles to not the run it was warm! Bethany and I ran down to the ranch making it there at 8:30 AM. We rested 10 minutes and then we went up south Kaibab direction. It was heating up quick and super humid. We were expecting a rain storm by 11 am to cool the canyon down 20 degrees. But it never happened. We were only 2 miles up South Kaibab which has no water aid. We were sweating profusely and drinking too much. I made a call for myself as well as Bethany to turn around and head back. By the time we hit the ranch it was 11. We ate and grabbed a couple lemonades. I could feel the heat kicking in and knew we had to get going. We started up the north rim with a slow jog through the rollers and steady up hill. Every time we would hit a steep climb my stomache would start churning. About 4 miles up I was puking. I knew I needed to get to Cottonwood for water. When I got there I literally bathed in the water. It felt good. Then the next mile and a half was getting to the next ranger station stop before the hellacious up hill battle of 6 remaining miles. I ended up drinking a coke which made me puke again. I took salt capsules and whatever I could. We started the death march up the steep switch backs. I was making it a half mile at a time then went to quarter miles and then tenths. I made it to the 2 mile mark to go and let the water fountain got my head for several minutes. Then power hiked those last miles out. We heard a cougar or mountain lion hiss at us at a mile to go which woke me up a bit. Reached the top and was relieved. I won't do this canyon in this heat ever again. I respect this place and know my limits. I'm glad I listened to my body and turned when I did.  I was bummed the weather wasn't the projected temps of 70 at the top and 85 at the bottom. It was well into the 100's at the bottom and in the 90's the rest of the way up the north side. 

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