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Pre Regions Track 2012

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Salt Lake City,Ut,US

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Jun 16, 2010



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Age Division Winner

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Training for the SLC marathon. 

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Stay healthy and keep running with my puppy.


Runner and Dinosaur Lover

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Miles:This week: 12.50 Month: 90.90 Year: 103.15
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Today I decided to go for a little run because I have to do 10 more miles than last week this week. So I went from my house, on 1900 east over to Sunnyside, up to foothill then along that block with the VA hospital then across on guardsman, back up to 1900 east. I was only going to go 4 miles but I was at 4 when I was starting along 1900 east so I decided to stop at 5 but then I was at 1700 south at 5 miles so I went to 6. I made it to 2100 south before I had to turn around and then I just ran home. When I got home I did my crunches, side planks, and the multiple push ups.  I took it very easy today, a very respectable 7:54 pace. I'm using the recovery runs as a recovery run haha. Then I stretched for a while as I was reading AP Biology, then I took a 15 minute ice bath.

Orange Mizuno Wave Nexus 5 Miles: 6.00
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AM: Since today is a late start, I decided to go for a little run. I went over to sugarhouse park and did a lap and came home.

PM: So I went to bills workout today, we did a half mile warm up, stretching, and drills. Then since we were almost at a mile, I did a lap before we went on our run to make it at an even mile before we started. So the workout was the shriners run, along 11th avenue, through city creek canyon and then back on west temple and back up on 1300 east. I went with Kiley and Abigail for most of it but then about halfway up south temple, I died and they got way ahead of me like 2 blocks. Then when I was crossing across onto 1300 east, I stopped because I was at 10 for the day and I didn't want to go more than that. So I had to walk that little over a mile making it so I was so late coming back. 

Neon Green Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Miles: 13.00
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AM: This morning, since I stopped the run early yesterday, I decided to go for another run. I went over to sugarhouse park and did a lap and came back. Well of course I had my dad drive next to me because there are creepers in the park when it is dark outside.

PM: Today was supposed to be the time trial but since the wind way really bad we decided to bump it tomorrow, but I can't go because its Finals for APUSH march madness:( Anywase so for workout, we did the usual half mile warm up, stretching circle in the middle of the field then we jogged over to the soccer field for drills. We did high knees up the hill, skips up the hill, then sprinted up the hill. We did that three times. Then we jogged over to the football field, we did 5 times of jumping over these one foot tall fences, then we did 5 times of jumping over these blocks that got higher each time. After each time we jumped, we sprinted about 20 meters, then we jogged back over to the start. Then we were done so Dominique and I while I was waiting for my mom decided to do a mile with a few speed changes in there to try out her new spikes. Easy but hard workout at the same time. Fun and very effective! After the jumping things, we did planks and wall sits. 

PS: My 9 blisters HURT SO BAD! To the point that I can barely walk............. 

Neon Green Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Miles: 6.00
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AM: Before school ran over to sugarhouse park and did a lap and came back.

PM: Since today was APUSH Seminar March Madness Finals and I couldn't go to practice; By the way my team got second place for 125 extra credit points!. I decided to do my own workout. I ran over to highland high schools track and met Levi and Ricky to do a workout. Today we were pacing levi in an 800. So We did a mile warm up, a mile of J's then a recovery lap and stretched. Ricky and I started with 2 200s at 35 pace, we hit them at 33 and 35 because the first one was faster than expected. Then we did a 400 at 70 pace, at this point we were pacing Levi in the 800, I did the first lap and Ricky did the second lap. So for the first lap I was supposed to bring Levi through at 70 and I hit 69 so right on. Then Ricky was just supposed to stay with Levi. Levi did a 67 for that lap so he did a 2:16 which is a PR for him. He had a good workout. Then We did another 200 and we hit 31 and then a mile cooldown bare feet because my blisters are killing me!

Orange Mizuno Wave Nexus 5 Miles: 7.00
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Today since we have a race tomorrow we did an easy workout. We started with a half mile warm up which I did barefoot because my shoes hurt my blisters. Then we did stretching, drills and we then walked over to the football field and did 10 60 meter strides. After those we got our uniform part 1 and went for a run. Since I only needed 8 for the day, I went on a run with Chester, Dakota, Sam  and Caden. We went up to foothill, over to the VA Hospital, down to 1300 east and back up to the track. When we got there, Sams mom was already there making us all snow cones:) So we quickly did a mile of speed changes then a grass lap for a cooldown. Then after eating my snow cones I did another mile cooldown to get to 8 for the day. It was a good workout before a race and the snow cones really did hit the spot!

Black Nike Free Run+ 2 Racing Flats Miles: 7.00Barefoot Miles: 1.00
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Race: Pre Regions Track 2012 (1 Miles) 00:05:25, Place overall: 8, Place in age division: 7
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Today was the first outdoor track meet of the season. So when I get to the track, Dakota said we had to measure out and level the shotput pit for the throwers..... Great. So after doing that, I go and change and go to the stretching circle. After doing the stretching circle. Me and Sarah S. decide to go on a warm up while the hurdlers are going on. I do 2 laps with her, then go into my speed changes and I do 2 laps of speed changes. Then I grab my spikes, and go to the starting line. I get to the starting line when they were starting the 100 meter dash so I have time to do drills. I do some drills then do another 2 laps warm up with Caden and Scott. After that, I stretch and do drill and strides with the team. They finally call us up to the line and I was in spot 6. We all line up, the gun goes off and were off.

So I felt like I went out fast but I didn't think I went out as fast as I did, My first 400 was 66 which is way fast for the first lap. So going around the turn of the second lap I was in 2nd place, Scott comes up to me and I stay with him for the rest of that lap and we go through the 800 at 2:32ish. That is when I fell apart. I did this first half way to fast so I couldn't do a negative split. I try to hang on that third lap, in which time Natalie passed me along the home stretch and Dakota was coming up on me. I went through the 1200 at 4 flat. So then my arms were totally exhausted at this point and they are all curled up to my body so I decide to drop them down, for a few meters and give them a rest. With 200 meters to go, Dakota catches up to me and pulls away from me by about 12-15 meters and then we were going the same pace so I couldn't pass him again. Then at the line a judge kid passes me right then. But I didn't care because I looked at my watch and I did a 4 second PR and 9 seconds faster than last Saturday. I PR'd today even with my horrible race and how it played out. I was happy with my time but not with my place or with how I got my time.

Then for a cooldown I jogged around for 2.5 miles then I timed the rest of the meet. Timing is so stressful!!!! 

Black Nike Free Run+ 2 Racing Flats Miles: 4.00Neon Orange Spikes Miles: 1.00
Total Distance

Today I met up with Levi to do a pace him for a 2 mile time trial. We started with a mile warm up, stretched and strides. I was going to join him after his first 800 and do everyother 300 with him. So For the 3 300s I did with him I did at 59, 59, 60 so they were right on pace for an 80 second lap. Then I jogged the 100 to start again. Then on his last lap I just decided to do his last 200 with him to kick it in and we did it in 35. Then I had a 3 mile cooldown I needed to do so we went out and did a big lap around the park then we kept going inside the park till .37 then we turned around and came back. The wind was horrible today because it just kept following us no matter what direction we were running.

Black Nike Free Run+ 2 Racing Flats Miles: 5.00
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Orange Mizuno Wave Nexus 5 Miles: 13.00Neon Green Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Miles: 19.00Black Nike Free Run+ 2 Racing Flats Miles: 16.00Barefoot Miles: 1.00Neon Orange Spikes Miles: 1.00
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