Ethan Cannon

June 21, 2021

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Member Since:

Aug 07, 2014



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

High School:

I broke Alan Webb's HS mile record with a... well, if anyone is actually reading this, I guess I'll be honest:

XC 5K: 15:57

1500: 4:04.55

800: 2:01.05

400: 53.07

3000: 9:18


5000: 13:59.58 (UW Indoor Invite 2021)

Mile: 4:07 (converted from 4:12.06 at altitude; also converted by NCAA to 3:48.8 for 1500)

Indoor 3000: 8:14 (converted from 8:24.76 at BYU indoor race, 1/16/21)

10000: 29:57 (West Coast Relays 2021)

800: 1:55.6@ (solo time trial at Provo high school)

400: 51.84h


Short-Term Running Goals:

-Not get injured in 2020 by really taking care of myself and by not taking workouts too seriously

-Peak at the right time. It doesn't matter how slow or fast you are, it makes a world of difference to be peaking at the right time.

-If XC happens, run at nationals. If it doesn't happen, I'd like to be in sub 29 minute 10K shape. Hopefully we can do some good time trials. 

Long-Term Running Goals:

-Break age group American records or at least get into the top 10 by continuing to find time to train and taking care of my body in other ways, including by eating a healthy diet, long after most people have quit competitive running.

-Break stroller 10K and half marathon records when we have kids. 

-Run Boston pretty fast at least once. 



I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I served a mission in Rome, Italy from 2015 to 2017. I eat a whole food, plant-based diet, which I believe helps my running. I like chocolate shakes on sunday nights and I will always call the Pacific northwest home. 

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 205.00 Year: 1528.00
Adi-zero Tempo 9 Lifetime Miles: 225.00
Nike Pegasus 36 Grey Lifetime Miles: 585.00
Nike Pegasus 36 G2 Lifetime Miles: 619.50
Peg 37 Lifetime Miles: 574.75
Hoka Clifton 7 Lifetime Miles: 837.25
Nike Vaporfly Next% Lifetime Miles: 16.75
Peg 37 B Lifetime Miles: 215.00
Peg 37C Lifetime Miles: 290.00
Total Distance

AM: 10 miles. Only breathed through my nose the last half!

PM: 4 miles. Nose breathing was hard.

Peg 37C Miles: 14.00
Weight: 0.00
From Eva Splaine on Fri, May 07, 2021 at 19:26:19 from

I was wondering where you got the idea to do nose breathing. A friend of mine told me I should be doing nose breathing.

I have been trying to do more of it, especially on easy runs, but when I try to pick up the pace, I sometimes panic and feel I am not getting enough oxygen and switch back over to breathing through my mouth. If I am able to get into a kind of a rhythm with the nose breathing I have no problem, even at a fast pace, but it is sometimes difficult to find that rhythm.

From Ethan Cannon on Sat, May 08, 2021 at 15:00:41 from

So I started reading a book about it. But I do find it really challenging as well. The reason I started doing it is actually that I am at sea level in the week leading up to a long race at altitude, and I am hoping this will help me stay prepared for that. Iím not sure it will. Maybe if nothing else it will help psychologically. But yeah at least on the first few days it has been really tough to do it and would be hard to keep it up if it doesnít get easier.

From Eva Splaine on Sat, May 08, 2021 at 16:08:13 from


Have you ever tried a high-altitude mask?

How about doing short sprints while holding your breath?

But probably, if you are only going to be away from high altitude for one week, you probably won't lose any red blood cells that would hurt your performance. If you were going to be gone for a month, you might.

My friend told me to start breathing through my nose not to simulate decreased oxygen, but the opposite. My friend told me that by

breathing through my nose I would get better quality oxygen and thus better performance.

I have also been concentrating on becoming a better bottom breather (trying to fill the lungs from the bottom up using the diaphragm) than top breather (filling the lungs from the top).

I have found that by breathing with my nose if I get into a rhythm by taking a couple of short quick breaths in followed by a couple of breaths out I can keep it up for a long time.

However, if I hadn't had months of practicing this, I don't know if I would try this technique in a race. I think concentrating too much on my breathing my distract me too much from the race and would hurt my performance.

So my advice is just go out and run your heart out like you always do, and you will be fine.

From Ethan Cannon on Mon, May 10, 2021 at 20:04:09 from

Thanks. Yeah I am definitely not planning on racing like this. I am not sure I buy the idea that nose breathing increases vasodilation. Maybe it is true, but not enough to offset the fact that during the race, not being able to gulp down air would make racing really hard.

I have not tried a mask. I actually asked an exercise physiology professor about these questions. He didn't encourage nasal breathing, especially since altitude at Provo isn't too high (4500 feet - 1350 meters). I have not worked on bottom breathing yet but may in the future.

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