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Murray Days 5k

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Member Since:

Sep 17, 2007



Goal Type:

Olympic Trials Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

2 x Deseret News 10k winner

3 x All-American at BYU (back in the day)

10 x state champion in high school (way back in the day!)

3 x USA team member

Short-Term Running Goals:

I would like to run an Olympic Trials Qualifier in the marathon.

I would also like to run on one more international team before I pack it in!

 Stay healthy!  (My biggest challenge!)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run my whole life, and then live vicariously through my children. (just kidding) , but I do want to pass on a healthy lifestyle to them.

Help coach East High to a state championship. (hope it doesn't take a lifetime!)


I've been running since I was nine.  I'm married to a fellow runner who inspires and supports me.  We have two children:  Cole (4) and Lily (18 mos.)  I help Bill Cobler coach cross country at East High School.

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Miles:This week: 38.80 Month: 83.80 Year: 420.90
NB 580 Lifetime Miles: 49.79
Easy MilesThreshold MilesMarathon Pace MilesTrack speed mileageHill mileageTotal
Asics 2150 Miles: 22.00
Race: Murray Days 5k (3.1 Miles) 00:18:21, Place overall: 3
Easy MilesThreshold MilesMarathon Pace MilesTrack speed mileageHill mileageTotal

Hmmm . . . I really seem to be struggling lately.  I wish I could figure out if it is a lack of proper training, low iron levels, a lack of mental toughness, or a combination of factors.  I just feel like I should be further along than I am.  It makes me nervous, because I worry that I don't have enough time to get in the kind of shape that I need to be in to run a OTQ in the marathon. 

I got up at 5 to do a shake out run of about a mile and a half.  When I got to the race, I ran a three mile warm-up with some of my East Runners. I felt okay warming up. 

After a few strides, the race got underway.  I tried not to go out too hard, since that has been my problem the last couple of races.  I was 5:45 through the first mile, which is uphill.  I knew the next mile was downhill, so I thought I could match the pace or even run a little faster.  I ran 5:51 through mile 2.  I tried to close on Stephanie Talley, who was only about 10 seconds up on me, but I seemed just to stay the same distance behind her.  I think she finished in about 18:09.

I just feel so flat when I run.  There is no spring or sharpness to my running.  Originally, I had planned to skip this race, since I ran a half a week ago, and we had our trip to Cedar City.  I'm sure both of these events were factors. 

I cooled down 3.5 miles.  My left soleus started to twinge during the cooldown.  I guess it goes with my sore right achilles.  My body is falling apart!!!

I guess I just need to keep plugging away, and hopefully I'll see some improvement soon. 

PM:  45 minutes elliptical followed by lifting and core.

Asics 2150 Miles: 8.00
Easy MilesThreshold MilesMarathon Pace MilesTrack speed mileageHill mileageTotal

I think I will be cross training the rest of the week.  My achilles and soleus are really sore on both of my legs.  I'm hoping a few days off of them will help get rid of the pain.  I know it's not real running mileage, but keeping my "mileage" will help me stay motivated and work the next few days.

I was pretty sore from yesterday's lifting fest.  After another night of little sleep (darn fireworks!  Don't people know I have to get up early!)  I stayed at home and rode my spinning bike.  I just did a steady ride, increasing my resistance every ten minutes.  I watched Marley and Me while I rode . . . it is difficult to bike and cry at the same time.  Next time I need a comedy instead of a tearjerker. 

Easy MilesThreshold MilesMarathon Pace MilesTrack speed mileageHill mileageTotal

AM:  I rode my spinning bike again this morning.  I warmed up 10 minutes and then did 4 sets of a circuit.  The first four minutes I did a standing hill climb, followed by 6 minutes of "tempo" pace, followed by a 2 minute sprint, followed by 2 minutes of recovery.  Then, I cooled down to an hour and ten minutes of riding.  More exciting cross training to come.

PM:  I had a headache and didn't feel like going to the health club, but I dragged myself there anyway.  I decided to take a lifting class, since my favorite kick-butt instructor was teaching.  I arrived early, and amused myself watching the Zumba class that preceded the lifting class.  There was a lady in her seventies who was wearing bright green tights and a sequined tutu, and shaking her money-maker with the best of them.  It was worth it going to the club just to witness that spectacle. 

The focus of the class was lower-body.  Oh joy!  I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow.


Easy MilesThreshold MilesMarathon Pace MilesTrack speed mileageHill mileageTotal

I didn't make it out to the health club this morning.  Cole and Lily took turns throwing up all night, so I was going off of very little sleep.  Thankfully, the vomiting has abated.  Now I just have two very cranky kids, and lots of dirty towels and sheets.   Motherhood interferes with my training . . . at least it is worth it. 

This evening I made it over to the health club.  I did an interval workout on the elliptical (the one without the arm thingies.)  I did 2 minutes easy/2 minutes hard for an hour.  The first 20 minutes were at levels 4/6, the second 20 minutes at levels 5/7, and the last 20 minutes at levels 6/8.  Then I cooled down for fifteen minutes on the cross trainer (the one with the arm thingies.)  I wanted to go thirty, but my blood sugar started to drop. 

Easy MilesThreshold MilesMarathon Pace MilesTrack speed mileageHill mileageTotal

I decided to give running a try today.  I met the East High team at Liberty Park.  I thought a little bit of flat running would be the best bet.  We ran a lap warm up, followed by a lap of firemen, and then 2 more laps.  My achilles felt pretty good after it warmed up.  It seemed to like the soft surface.  Unfortunately, my soleus did not.  It started to pull on the last lap.  But, overall, the run made me feel like I can ease back into full training again.  Especially if I keep the strength and cross training up.  So, I plan on some cross training this afternoon, and a mix of running/cross training on Saturday.  If every thing goes well, I will resume full training on Monday.

PM:  1 hour on the cross trainer.  I started at level 7, and increased every 20 minutes.  I set a record for distance covered in an hour . . .7.05 miles. 

Asics 2150 Miles: 6.00
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Easy MilesThreshold MilesMarathon Pace MilesTrack speed mileageHill mileageTotal

AM  I met Devra and Neil down on the River Trail at 5:30 AM.  They were going 15, I planned on 8-10 depending on my achilles tendon.   The achilles did really well.  I think the wost is behind me.  The soleus struggled a little more, but I think with some pampering this weekend, I can get it under control.  Because it kept tightening, I stopped at 8.  I could feel this week's cross training in my legs, so I must be training fairly hard. 

Devra was telling me all about this book that she stayed up reading last night.  When I asked her what it is called, she told me it was called "The Passage."  Coincidentally, that is the exact same book that I am reading right now.  It must be a popular book.  It's good, if you like sci-fi.  

So, off to the health club in a couple hours for some more cross training.

Later AM:  Lifting and spinning class.  The instructor used a lot of Tour De France imagery, which I enjoyed.  She also did a trivia ride about Lance Armstrong.  We had to increase resistance every time we got an answer wrong. (and still had to increase a little bit when we got the answer right.)

Asics 2150 Miles: 8.00
Easy MilesThreshold MilesMarathon Pace MilesTrack speed mileageHill mileageTotal
Asics 2150 Miles: 22.00
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