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Saratoga Springs,UT,

Member Since:

Jan 15, 2015



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

2nd place at Arcadia Seeded 3200 meter 

3rd place at State XC

9th place at Footlocker West

34th place at Footlocker Nationals

Cycling Accomplishments: 

113 mile ride with >20,000ft of vertical gain

Short-Term Running Goals:

Run a few days a week to maintain some fitness while keeping my feet from hurting too bad 


Long-Term Running Goals:

Be able to run a marathon so I can complete an Ironman 


From Lehi and now attending Weber State


Favorite Blogs:

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 94.88 Year: 248.88
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 100.40
Pegasus 34 Gray Lifetime Miles: 104.08
Altra Provision Blue Lifetime Miles: 50.83
Pegasus 35 White Lifetime Miles: 345.48
NB 880v9 Lifetime Miles: 345.29
GT-2k 7 Lifetime Miles: 161.52
Adios 4 Lifetime Miles: 70.82
Road Biking Miles Lifetime Miles: 1018.25
Swimming Miles Lifetime Miles: 12.25
Total Distance
Road Biking Miles Miles: 113.00NB 880v9 Miles: 57.95
Total Distance


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Been wanting to do this for a while now, even if it was extremely uncommon for someone who has been into biking for only 6 months to try. A few days prior to the big day, Bri and Dan found out I was gonna try to Everest and were bombarding me with questions about my preparation. Which they rightfully should have been doing because I could have gotten myself into some serious trouble trying something of such great magnitude. That proved evident when the night before I was originally going to do it, Jeff and I discovered that my rear brake was completely toast. And again when the night before I didn't have the best food options prepared and I hadn't thought enough about making sure my lights and watches would last. So it's a really good thing that other people got involved and helped me out. Jeff and Janeen were a huge help for giving me tons of high-quality clothes for the cold. That made a world of difference in the early morning. 

I started just after 5am. It really wasn't very cold at all at the start. Weather was perfect actually. The air was so crisp and clean. The lights were working great and it was just a lot of fun. The first few hours flew by! Before I knew it,  I was three hours in, the sky was getting brighter and the sun was about to come up. Right at that time, it got SO COLD. It was FREEZING. I forgot about wearing warm socks and my feet kinda froze haha. But we survived. I don't think there's much to say about the next few hours. I was just doing the same thing over and over again haha. I slowly changed into warmer clothes as the temperature climbed. Legs were still feeling good. It started to get noticeably harder at around 50 miles. It was taking me a couple minutes longer to climb. One thing that I need to be better at next time is not stopping as often. If I need to stop to change clothes, that's ok cuz you don't want to keep doing a bunch of laps either freezing cold or sweating a ton. But I need to be better about stopping less for food. I understand how important eating and drinking is don't get me wrong, but I was pretty scared of crashing and I think I just got a little mentally weak and got used to having that break so often. So I can do better with eating and drinking more during stops so I can stop less, or eating and drinking during the laps as well, something I didn't do at all. 

I got to 84 miles I think, and I had a 7-up and some high chews and they made me feel great, like I had a second wind. So I kept on having more of that. At some point after that I realized that I wasn't going to have time to go all the way to 162 miles and 29k due to the stuff I had to do for my group project in Digital Media. (Not sure if my legs and body would have been able to go that long, but I knew I wasn't going to have the choice) and once I knew that it was harder to keep my morale up because I knew I was only climbing to make the number look better cuz I wasn't gonna make it all the way. 

Bri came and joined me when I was at like 95 miles and we did 2 climbs together. Then we stopped for food and Dan got there. On the way back up with Dan, I accidentally got in the rocks and popped my tire :( it had a big slash in it so he had to do the dollar bill thing. It worked and we made it back up. He left for home and I did one more down and up. I forgot to start my watch tho so I didn't get that last part on the watch. My dad got there part way thru that rep. I finished at 6:30pm with 113.35 miles and 20,800 ft of gain. Moving my PR's for distance and gain up from 104.8 and 11k. An incredible day on the bike. Dan gave me a shout out on his strava and said "112 miles and 20k vert. For a guy who's been riding for less than 6 months that is actually amazing." It was a super dope experience. Sadly I didn't get all the way to 29k but I still showed mental toughness and the biking skills that I've acquired this summer. No doubt I get it next summer. If I didn't have to leave early, it would have taken me a way long time, but I was physically capable of accomplishing it. I had climbed it 26 times, that's only 10 more. Tons of fun and if I don't end up riding anymore this year due to the weather, then it was one hell of a last ride!!  

Road Biking Miles Miles: 113.00
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Overnight we had the first big snowfall of the winter which made it beautiful outside. I headed down to Uintah to one of my favorite places to run, the Davis-Weber Canal. Started at the usual spot by the parkway. It was one of those beautifully peaceful, calming, winter runs. 9 miles at 6:35. Let the legs roll a bit. 

NB 880v9 Miles: 9.00
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Pipe. Legs sore from yesterday. 

NB 880v9 Miles: 5.60
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Not a fun run. Rolled my ankle 

NB 880v9 Miles: 7.10
Total Distance

Cedar Hills BST w Salt Boi 

NB 880v9 Miles: 8.00
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Quick one on the JRT. After a mile a mile warm-up I decided to do a few quick miles and went 5:56,47,41. Took a break and decided to do a regular mile and then two more quick ones which were 5:49,45 

NB 880v9 Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

Cedar Hills BST & Mollys 

NB 880v9 Miles: 8.45
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South Ogden. About 1.5 miles hard from the back of the hospital, uphill, to the light on Harrison. Then headed East, down to the bottom of that hill and did 2x hill repeats 

NB 880v9 Miles: 5.30
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Race: Thankful 13 5k (3.107 Miles) 00:17:10
Total Distance

Very fun to get out and push myself. Started a little fast, as usual for a road race. For a good amount of the race, I was going back and forth with a guy who said he runs for AF. Last mile I was closing a little on Isaac from LP but I never fully pulled the trigger to go after him, due to fear of it being too big of a gap and dying off. Should have gone for it. I think my finishing time was around 17:10

NB 880v9 Miles: 6.50
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Total Distance
Road Biking Miles Miles: 113.00NB 880v9 Miles: 57.95
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