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Week starting Dec 16, 2012

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Salt Lake City,UT,United States

Member Since:

May 08, 2011



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

Unaided -  
17:16 OktoberFAST 5K (10/11)
17:23 BAA 5K (4/12)
37:10 Memorial Day 10K (5/11)
1:17:03 Long Beach Half Marathon (10/11)
1:17:21 USA 1/2 Champs - Duluth (6/12)
2:49:01 Philadelphia Marathon (11/11)

Aided -
16:52 Fight For Air 5K (6/11)
17:08 Provo City 5K (5/12)
1:17:52 Top of Utah Half Marathon (8/11)
1:17:54 Utah Valley Half Marathon (6/11)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Run consistently as I get back to 100% health. Stay patient!


Long-Term Running Goals:

Have fun training and racing.

Sub-17 5K
Sub-1:17 Half Marathon
Quality for the Olympic Trials in the marathon


I am originally from Knoxville, TN and moved to SLC with Jake in 2010. I started racing in 2011 and had some great success before a major injury hit me in July 2012. I had athletic pubalgia surgery in May 2013...then again in Sept 2014 and am still trying to get back to my old self. Although running is my true passion, I love doing pretty much anything active outdoors - backcountry skiing, backpacking, biking, etc. 

I've been running for the Saucony Team since 2011. I enjoy representing the brand and really do believe they make the best shoes :)

I work as a Quality Engineer for BD Medical in Sandy.

Favorite Blogs:

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Skinning Miles (1000ft ~ 2.5 Miles) Lifetime Miles: 912.35
Hiking Miles Lifetime Miles: 10.50
Total Distance
Night Sleep Time: 55.50Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 55.50Weight: 112.64
Total Distance

AM - 2.4 miles on the treadmill, 8:20 pace. Keeping it to 20 minutes of running for a while but I felt pretty good. Not as good as skiing would be today, but hopefully I'll be able to ski again before all the powder days are gone.

PM - 2.2 miles near home with Jake.

Night Sleep Time: 10.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 10.00Weight: 111.50
Total Distance

AM - Scheduled day off (unless you count the other 1.5 hours+ of therapy). Actually survived through 6 straight days of running so I probably shouldn't push my luck. Going to try for 25 miles this week!

PM - 30 minutes of pool running with Jake. Alter-G tomorrow!

Night Sleep Time: 9.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.00Weight: 112.00
Total Distance

AM - 30 minutes on the Alter-G at 75% bodyweight or ~85 lbs. 4.1 miles! I felt good...no pain, only a little irritation in the right distal hamstring like always (we'll get to that problem soon). I really feel like I'm making progress. 

Yesterday when I went in to the PT office (Performance Rehab Clinic), I met a guy on the Alter-G that had a spinal cord injury 15 years ago and hasn't been able to walk since. If I heard right, he was on the 1996 Paralympic Basketball Team. Anyway, the guy was so excited because he had been walking on the Alter-G for 20 minutes at 35% bodyweight. The PT said that he might be able to get some of his motor control back and actually walk again. So inspiring...technology really is amazing sometimes. 

Night Sleep Time: 9.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.00Weight: 113.00
Total Distance

AM - 2.5 miles on the treadmill in 20 minutes. 

Yesterday I developed some very specific pain in my lower right abdominal region. I feel like this pain has been coming on for a month or so now, but now it's at the point where it hurts to the touch. It's not bothering me when I'm running - just afterwards. I talked to a nurse that I work with and he gave me a list of 20 things it could be. Oh, the drama of this injury!

PM - 2.3 miles outside in the fresh air!

Running on the Alter-G yesterday -  


Night Sleep Time: 9.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.00Weight: 113.00
Total Distance

AM - 30 minutes of Alter-G running, 4.2 miles of running at 80% bodyweight (~91 lbs). Occasional hamstring aches and groin pains but overall a good run. I can feel my psoas get tired at about 25 minutes right now, but it has made huge progress in the last two weeks.

PM - 30 minutes of pool running. 

I still have the lower abdomen/groin pain to the touch which makes me wonder if this injury is all associated with a hernia. If it doesn't get better in the next week, I'm going to the doctor. 

Also, I'm gaining my weight back! Funny how running again has pushed it back up, but it's a good thing. I need to be somewhere in the 115-120 range.

Night Sleep Time: 9.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.00Weight: 114.00
Total Distance

AM - 2.4 miles on the treadmill. 

PM - 2.2 miles at Sugarhouse and the track. Jake ran in lane 8 while I ran in lane 1 :) A little achy/fatigued this afternoon but nothing a little ice and laying won't fix!

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 112.60
Total Distance

AM - Horsepark loops for 3.5 miles. Most I've run outside in a while and lots of dogs at the park so a pretty great start to the day. Now the ultimate relaxation day, made possible by Jake being out of town :)

Night Sleep Time: 9.50Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 9.50Weight: 112.40
Total Distance
Night Sleep Time: 55.50Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 55.50Weight: 112.64
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