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Week starting Jun 01, 2008

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Member Since:

Oct 23, 2007



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

800 - 2:03 - 1999 Mid-Con. Championships - Kansas City, MO

1500 - 4:12 - 1999 Mid-Con. Championships - Kansas City, MO

Mile(indoors) - 4:34 - 2000 NIFS track - Indianapolis, IN

5K - 16:59(split) - 1998 Mid-Con. CC Championships, Chicago, IL; 17:33 - 1995 Charger Classic, Crawfordsville, IN

8K - 26:52 - 1998 Indiana Intercollegiates - West Lafayette, IN

10K - 37:28 - 1998 - NCAA Great Lakes Regional - Terre Haute, IN

Ran in the 2002 Hood-to-Coast Relay.

Short-Term Running Goals:

Get back into shape and lower my running times (5K and 10K in particular).

Run a half marathon and possibly a marathon.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Still be running 20+ years from now.


I ran cross country and track in high school in good old Indiana and at Valparaiso University in college. I've been married for 14 years now to my beautiful wife Kathleen. We have 3 wonderful kids, and I teach physics, astronomy, and earth science at Lake Land College in Mattoon, IL.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 11.20 Month: 31.40 Year: 348.50
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Eight miles along the trail in the late morning.  It was much hotter than I'm used to in the early mornings.  I didn't make it out to run with the gang this morning because I got to bed really late last night.  I figured sleep was more important.  The ankle felt fine, and I really only noticed it when going up and down hills.  I'm pretty sure I just strained it a bit carrying stuff up and down the hill at the park on Saturday afternoon.  Total time was 58:36 (7:19/mile).

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Ran with the Tuesday gang plus one.  It was Sasha, Jeff, Josse, and Michelle.  Michelle wanted to do a tempo in 6 minute pace.  Sasha and Jeff were going to pace her for as fas as she could hold it up to 5 miles.  Neither Josse nor I wanted to go that fast this morning for various reasons.  I wasn't feeling very well last night and had a headache most of the day.  Josse wanted to be fresh for a 5K she is running this weekend.  We all ran about 2.5 warm-up and then started the tempo.  We stayed with them for the first mile and then backed off.  I came through in 5:58 for that mile, and Josse was somewhere around 6:10.  My head hurt a little after running that fast so I was glad for the slower pace.  We turned around after two more miles.  We kept thinking they would catch up to us, but they never did.  Total time was 68:42 (8:05/mile)

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Ran to Sasha's house, but nobody was there.  Jeff's car was parked in the street, but no sign of him either.  I waited 5 minutes to see if they were looping the block or something, but they never showed up.  I figured they must have gone earlier and took off on my own.  Met Matt along the trail around Geneva road, and he had not seen Jeff and Sasha either.  About a half mile later we met them going the other direction.  Matt turned around at the 3 mile mark while I continued to the 4 mile mark.  It was a nice run.  Total time was 61:39 (7:28/mile).

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Today was an interesting one.  I overslept and jumped out of bed a little after 6 to run to Sasha's house.  They were just heading out the door so I was glad I caught them.  Sasha wanted to run a 200m time trial.  We headed to the track and did some strides to warm-up.  It was 4x100m with 100m jog in between at around 15-17s pace.  Then we did our first 200m.  I came in around 29s right with Sasha.  Jeff was a couple of seconds ahead.  We jogged some more and then tried it again.  My time was 30.5s and once again right with Sasha and Jeff a little ahead.  The first one was from a jogging start and the second from a standing start.  I was surprised at how slow I was.  I have definitely lost some speed since university.  I used to run 28s back-to-back with no problem in training shoes like today.  Sasha and Jeff had racing flats, but it shouldn't make a significant difference.  I felt like I had another gear, but my legs just wouldn't go.  We did another 100m at the end to test timing between Jeff and Sasha.  Then it was back home with a little extra to make it 8 for the run with the gang.

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Ran with Jeff, Sasha, and Matt.  Matt joined us on the trail after about 3/4 mile.  We got to the 4 mile mark, and I decided to do the full 10.1 for my long run of the week.  I don't know if I will have time tomorrow to do it.  I was getting tired towards the end, and my hamstrings and quads were a little sore from yesterday, but overall it went well.  It was quite slow though.  Total time was 1:25:27 (8:03/mile).

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I went longer yesterday because I didn't think I would have time to do it today, and I was right.  We did some cleaning in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.  Then Kathleen had a baby shower with mission friends and former roommates.  After that we had birthday party/picnic with a family that used to be in our ward.  I was able to squeeze in 6 along the trail while she was at her shower.  I am still sore from the 100s and 200s on Thursday so it was slow going.  I've found that if I'm a bit sore from a hard workout like that it helps to do some faster miles.  It helps to work out the soreness.  I did 6x100m with 100 m rest followed by 2x200m with 200 m rest after a 2 mile warm-up.  The first 100 was 20.8s, and it hurt.  Next one in 21.31s, 20.97s, 19.72s, 18.62s, and 18.84s.  The first 200 was 38.32s followed by 38.59s.  I ran the rest of the way home and ended up with a total time of 43:43 (7:17/mile).  Looking forward to some rest tomorrow.

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