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June 25, 2022

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Mar 30, 2008



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

Marathons: Pre-Marine Corp Training Marathon, Marine Corp (5:24), DC Inagural (5:02), Pittsburgh.

National Half Marathon (end of March 2007) 2:18:01 (10:21)

St Pats.Shamrock 8k (Mar. 18, 2007) 45:47 (9:13)

Jingle Bell 10K 2006 60:43 (9:47)

Run for Victory 5k (2001) 27.52.1

Short-Term Running Goals:

In the next 6 months I would like to feel fitter, look fitter, run faster, and not feel like an elephant plodding along. I would like to improve my 5K times, and run a marathon in October. Goal for the marathon is 4:30. Not sure if this is possible....

Long-Term Running Goals:

Let's just get through the summer, then we can talk about long term running goals!


Trying to get in shape through running. Not sure I enjoy it -- I feel it too much, I am too loud running.. it is not graceful. Not pretty. I have had some euphoric moments running, like when listening to Bon Jovi (I know...I know) or Tina Turner (you're simply the best!!) but these moments are not that often. I love how I feel after accomplishing a run.

I love the treadmill.... Love my ipod... blink 182 (are you feelin' this..) and a whole mish mash of other tunes that get me moving. I want to be better, faster, more graceful... and more accountable- therefore I am here.



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check this out people!  a 15 mile run fom Ken-Gar park to Lake Needwoood.    I felt great!   My running group leader said I was ready for any race I wanted to do.  Mike, my running group leader and I actually sprinted back in to cross the finish mark - I was amazed to find I still had a little energy left in the tank to pick it up at the end.   It was great. 

It was very very humid today, but not really that hot, or sunny.   We were well shaded.  A few things made a difference, I think.   Yesterday I added a little salt to everything I ate.   I was also cognizant of the amount of water I was taking in.   Also, I got a new pair of sneakers- Brooks Glycerin- they are purple - my favorite color.   Also, got a new pair of running nickers- Under Armor compression wear... which I love to run in.        Anyway, I am very happy to be up to a great start for the week.   

I think I have been a little inspired by the olympic trials.  Those guys and gals are so awesome.   I am really curious to see how gabe jennings does tonight in the 1500. 

Talk to you all soon!   Jill



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From jtshad on Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 09:59:36

Awesome run! Your training has been looking really good, keep it up!

Can you believe that Alan Webb did not qualify? Whoa!

An in the men's 10,000M, can you believe the results and how low a few of those great runners finished (Adam G., Dathan, Meb)?

And how about Kara, Jen and Shalene in the 5000m finals!

From jill on Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 11:01:43

Jeff-- Craziness... It looked like Webb was trying to make a move, but couldn't do it. Overall, I respect the system, but it seems like so much is riding on one single event! Tyson Gay will not get to compete in the 200. Adam won't get to run the 10,000. (His whole trials experience seems incredibly disappointing). What about crazy Gabe Jennings who did not have the A standard... He is such a weird and fascinating guy. Just did not live up to his own legend. Thanks for compliments on my running... I feel good. I still need to improve speed and also, work on feeling like I am graceful as a gazelle, even if I don't look like one! Have a great week!

From Lucia on Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 17:01:05

Nice work girl! It is the little things that make a difference, isn't it? Congratulations and here's to a great week!

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