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April 2008

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Member Since:

Mar 30, 2008



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

Marathons: Pre-Marine Corp Training Marathon, Marine Corp (5:24), DC Inagural (5:02), Pittsburgh.

National Half Marathon (end of March 2007) 2:18:01 (10:21)

St Pats.Shamrock 8k (Mar. 18, 2007) 45:47 (9:13)

Jingle Bell 10K 2006 60:43 (9:47)

Run for Victory 5k (2001) 27.52.1

Short-Term Running Goals:

In the next 6 months I would like to feel fitter, look fitter, run faster, and not feel like an elephant plodding along. I would like to improve my 5K times, and run a marathon in October. Goal for the marathon is 4:30. Not sure if this is possible....

Long-Term Running Goals:

Let's just get through the summer, then we can talk about long term running goals!


Trying to get in shape through running. Not sure I enjoy it -- I feel it too much, I am too loud running.. it is not graceful. Not pretty. I have had some euphoric moments running, like when listening to Bon Jovi (I know...I know) or Tina Turner (you're simply the best!!) but these moments are not that often. I love how I feel after accomplishing a run.

I love the treadmill.... Love my ipod... blink 182 (are you feelin' this..) and a whole mish mash of other tunes that get me moving. I want to be better, faster, more graceful... and more accountable- therefore I am here.



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Today was beautiful- cherry blossoms are starting to peak.   I had a late conference call unfortunately whcih kept me at the office later than I wanted to be.... I finally left at 6:15, and took the metro a few stops short of my final destination.   I walked 3.5 miles home.    This I suppose is a rest from the running, although still a good workout.  I wear my backpack and walk like a nutcase in my sneakers. It was just nice to be outside and see all the early spring enthusiasts outside getting exercise.   It's like we are all coming out of hibernation....   Welcome spring!   Here I come!  

Happy new day everyone!



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Ran OUTSIDE tonight!!!!!!!!  

Ran with my brother Jason tonight outside.  I got a great promotion today at work- to Vice President- and I think I was still on a high when my brother asked me to go out for a drink to celebrate, I asked him if we could go for a run instead.  

We ran at a good clip- steady and did not stop.   It was a route I had not been on before- seeing beautiful huge houses in Chevy Chase every step we took.  

It was great!   Much harder than treadmilling it, but well worth it!!!!    Talk with you soon!   Thanks blog and bloggers for keeping me motivated!!! 


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Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Happy Friday to you! Tonight I ran on the treadmill after getting home from work... and getting myself pumped with a new Runner's World magazine.

I walked 3 miles in total today- not shabby. Tonight was great to get in a quick run --it put me in a better mood to run before dinner. (Need to remember this next time I am tired and unmotivated after work.)

(For those interested-dinner was Vace pizza-mushroom and spinach, light on the cheese, salad and a few sips of a Miller Light.)

The weather is supposed to be raining this weekend... so I am not sure what is going to happen. Anyway, good luck to everyone, and enjoy the weekend!


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Hello my blogging buddies... While all of you probably had an awesome weekend, and are proudly writing your race reports... I must tell you that I am laid up with my paw elevated. 

On saturday, right before I was about to go for a run, I thought I would get a few things done around the house.   Well, as I made my way to the basement, I missed the last stair and my left ankle definitely moved in an unnatural way! the ER on Sunday morning and left with crutches, an air cast and my orders to stay off the paw for 3 days at least and take 600mg i-buprofen every 8 hours.  Thank goodness, its just a sprain, and not worse, but discouraging nonetheless.

Man, I am soooooo miffed!!!!!!!!   I am into running, into my training... maybe this is my moment to reflect on what I really want out this training.   Lord knows I have at least 48 more hours to think about it. 

So, Talk to you all in a couple days.   I swear I will be back soon!  If the pain is negligable, and I can put some pressure on it... when can I get out there?   Going to the ortho on Wed. so maybe he will have a time table for me.




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