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Seven Hills,Oh,U.S.A.

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Aug 31, 2010



Goal Type:

Age Division Winner

Running Accomplishments:

Toenails Lost: 2.5

Qualified for Boston:

  • TOU    9/17/11 3:09:49
  • TOU    9/15/12 3:04:38

13 Marathons: 3:04:38

7 Half Marathons 1:21:11

1 15k 1:02:08

Short-Term Running Goals:

Stop being fat and start running again. I want to turn my short term goal into a habit of running instead of being a crappy seasonal runner.


Long-Term Running Goals:

Find time for School, Family, and Running while in Podiatry school.

Beat LA




I've been married since January 2008 to my biggest fan, and best friend. We have 3 kids, Mackson, Kaylin, and Linclon. I am from Utah, but now live in Ohio (since July 2015) for Podiatry School.

My Wife

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Miles:This week: 4.00 Month: 26.94 Year: 280.44
New Balance Lifetime Miles: 209.00
Total Distance
Pearl Izumi Miles: 35.20
Weight: 166.75
Total Distance

I was supposed to do 6 miles tonight. I was going to try it on a treadmill (I have read that treadmills are easier on knees). After a few minutes I had to stop because of the pain in my knee. I stopped and put on the knee brace that I use for basketball. I started to go again and was able to go a little further before I had to quit. I guess I will have to "tuff it out" on the roads.

Its not looking good  :(

Pearl Izumi Miles: 0.50
Weight: 170.00
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Total Distance

8 mile run at my parents house.

Kids k with nieces and Nephews.

Really sore knee for the next 2 days. This helped me decide not to run until the marathon to give my knee a fighting change of lasting 26.2

Pearl Izumi Miles: 8.50
Weight: 170.00
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Race: Top of Utah Marathon (26.2 Miles) 03:59:18, Place overall: 641, Place in age division: 38
Total Distance

I set a PW (Personal Worst) on this marathon run. Luckily I wasn't expecting great things. I have only run maybe 13 miles in the last 3 weeks, so I was out of shape. Sasha slept at my brothers house on Friday night, I had told him that my knee hurts so I haven't been able to train for the last few weeks. He told me to give it my all for the first 16 miles, then just try to finish the last 10.2. He seems to know what he is talking about, so I did as he said.

Although my training has been bad, I figured I could at least do 7 minute miles for the first half, then maybe 7:30's until 16, after that I was just going to focus on getting done before 4 hours. But my final goal was to not quit.

I started up at the front of the pack by my brother Jason (3:00:38 I think, Great job). I didn't want to start in the middle and get caught in a group or have to weave in and out to pass people. I figured I'd start up front and stay with that pace for a while.

Mile 1 was ok. About 5 minutes into the race I could feel that my knee wasn't 100%, but I already knew that going in. I picked a pace that felt good with my lungs and my knee and I stuck with it.

Mile 1 was 7.07.96. 7 seconds off my pace, but I didn't want to shoot out of the gate and go faster than I felt comfortable with.

mile 2 was 7.00.24, right on pace. 3, 7.06.54. 4, 6.53.68. 5, 7.06.97. 6, 6.59.42. 7, 7.04.16. 8, 6.51.89. 9, 7.01.9. 10, 7.09.23.

By mile 11 my lack of training started to hit me, and I felt my self bog down. Luckily there was a strong tail wind that kicked in around here, and there was still a couple of miles of down hill.

11, 7.13.51. 12, 7.12.93. 13, 7.18.64. I hit 13.1 with a time of 1.32.07, a whole 3 minutes and 8 seconds faster than I did the first half last year (last year I wasn't going all out for the first 16, I was trying for a good 26.2).

13, 7.18.64. 14, 7.34.3. 15, 8.42.11. 16, 12.10.71 with about a 4 minute bathroom/gatorade break.

At this point I was thinking I was dead. I had no energy and still had 10.2 miles to not get a D.N.F. next to my name. Here comes a lot of super slow jogging, just a hair faster than a walk, but it was all I had in the tank.

17, 9.30.22. 18, 9.58.45. 19, 10.51.22. I pretty much walked all of 20. I started getting cramps in both legs, which made it hard to bend my legs. With walking and stopping to try and stretch out cramps 20 was 14.53.16.

From here until the end I was forced to stop and stretch about every 1/2 mile.

21, 12.10.42. 22, 12.21.91. 23, 11.23.64. 24, 11.38.01. 25, 12.18.78. 26, 11.33.01. 26.2, 2.05.83.

Total time was 3.59.18 (Sasha predicted I would get around 4 hours, he really knows his stuff).

Although this was a personal worst by about 8 minutes (and about 38 minutes off my PR, all on the same course), crossing the finish line never felt so good, or like I had accomplished more than it did for this run.

I was planning on taking about 3-4 months off to let my knee heal, but after yesterday I don't think I will be able to stay away that long. My plan is to take maybe 2 months off. Use lots of rest, ice, a knee brace, and use weights to strengthen my leg muscles (I think I have runners knee).

Hopefully it goes well and I can crack 3:10:59 next time.

Pearl Izumi Miles: 26.20
Weight: 162.00
Total Distance

First run since the marathon. I have gone back to the first pair of running shoes I owned, Nike Free 7.0. I have read the a more minimalist shoe can help runners knee, I am going to test that theory.

I only went 2. something miles to test my knee in the shoes. My last marathon trainings I have treated almost every workout as a race and I tried to set a PR everyday. This time I am going to focus on getting a good base, then do some speed work, all while praying that my knee will hold.

I dont know the exact distance, but it was an easy pace, around 7:50. My knee felt good. I got home and immediatly put ice on it to help with swelling.

Weight: 165.00
Total Distance
Pearl Izumi Miles: 35.20
Weight: 166.75
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