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Jun 22, 2011



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5 K Finish

Running Accomplishments:

  1. Member of East xc team

Short-Term Running Goals:

  1. Consistently beat pr's
  2. Have fun at xc while getting in great shape
  3. PR at races

Long-Term Running Goals:

  1. Be healthy and fit throughout my life
  2. Enjoy lots of different kinds of excersise

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About 3 or 4 miles at Liberty, including 6 hill loops.  It felt pretty good, except my hip flexers felt a little stiff afterwards.  

From Bill on Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 23:51:54 from

Good job Anders and welcome to the blog. We are glad you chose to run XC this season. It will be a lot of fun. Keep consistent and run six days a week. It does not need to be a bunch at first 20 mins a day when we do not have team stuff the next few days, but come to all the team stuff next week. See you when i get back.

Ran in Dry Creek...not a whole lot, maybe 3-4 miles at most.  It felt good.  My hip flexers only hurt a little bit.

about 6 miles at Sugarhouse, played 21


around 3 to 4 miles, with 40 off, 20 on lap at Liberty

0 miles


0 miles


0 miles


About 4 miles from Sunnyside.  Probably walked too much.  It felt fine, though.


5-6 miles at cottonwood complex.  Ran the Regions course.  It felt ok, but I have a lot more work to do.

About 4-5 miles in Milcreek.  It felt really good.

About 3 miles at liberty.

0 miles

0 miles

Race: Desert News 10K (6.2 Miles) 00:55:00

6 miles for the Des New 10K.  I had fun. I walked some of it.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, though.  I probably ate too much before the race, which gave me some problems.

From Bill on Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 01:34:35 from

Happy to see you had a good time. Keep working hard and coming to team workouts. You will see big changes every week.

4 miles at Fairmont.

4 miles a Sunnyside.  I did 2.5 loops at the creek.

6 miles at the JCC.  I had a pretty tough time on the way up.  It was harder than I expected it to be, as I had hoped it would have felt better than the first time I did it a couple weeks before.  The way down felt much better, though.

6-7 miles at Liberty.  I ran 800 repeats.  It was tough, but it felt pretty good.

0 miles

0 miles

About 5.5 miles from the Cemetery run from Sugarhouse.  I didn't run any laps in the Cemetery, though I think I should have run one, as I felt pretty good after the run, like I could do more.  

I ran about 3.5 miles today on my own.  I was able to run 2 laps around Liberty Park on the jogging trail without stopping or walking.

6-6.5 at the Shoreline Trail from Sunnyside by the zoo.  The way up was all right, but the way back was tough. 

Bike and run.  It was a lot of fun.  5 miles running, 5 miles biking.  The biking was a nice way to break up the running.

4.5 miles at Liberty, plus some hiking.  

No running, but I did hike for at least 4 steep miles.  I missed the 5K because I was camping.

0 miles

7.5 miles at Sugarhouse for the start of hill week.

From Bill on Mon, Aug 08, 2011 at 20:43:21 from

Very good today, you are making huge strides as an improved runner. It will be fun to see what you will be doing by the end of the season. Keep consistent.

9 miles at the JCC. Hills.....

At least 6 miles on a hike to Lake Blanch.

0 miles

7.5 miles at Liberty

0 miles

0 miles

8-8.5 miles at Sugarhouse. It was nice to see that I can run at least most of the state course!

7.5 miles at Liberty.  I ran a 6:40 mile, which I am not unhappy about, though I hope to reduce that time significantly. 

o miles, besides a little swimming

5.5 miles at Sunnyside.  I'm glad I did two cooldown laps instead of one.

4 or 5 miles at Liberty.

Race: Settlement Canyon Invitational (3.1 Miles) 00:20:55, Place in age division: 65

About 7 miles in all at Settlement Canyon.  I felt really good about it.  I think I passed quite a few more people than passed me.  I think I should have pushed more, though, because I felt really good at the end.

0 miles

Maybe 1.5 to 2.5 miles on my own.

8 miles from Sunnyside.  It was tough in the heat.

5 miles at the East Track.  I didn't feel to great.

About 5 miles at the East High Track.  I felt much better today.  The speed workout was good.

5 miles from the track to Liberty and back.  Going up the big hill was tough, but I managed.

About 3.6 miles on my own on a treadmill.

0 miles

maybe 3 miles.

10 miles total.  The morning run was nice.

Race: Cottonwood PreRegion (3.1 Miles) 00:22:32

Maybe around 4 miles. I didn't be my time from Tooele, but this was a tough course.  I am glad I was able to kick at the end, though.

10 miles or maybe a little more today.  I missed morning practice, but ran on my own in the morning.  I feel like I did really well on the tempo run. 

Race: Utah County Invitational (3.1 Miles) 00:21:20

I felt really good at this race.  It was nice that it was a flat course.  I passed a lot of people. Maybe 5.5 miles total.

0 miles.  I decided to rest my shin splints.

0 miles

0 miles

About 11 miles total.  I felt stiff after taking a few days off.  I got new shoes today, with orthodics, which I hope will help the soreness in my legs.  

Race: East-Bountiful Meet (3.1 Miles) 00:24:15

Maybe 5 miles total, or a little more.  It was a tough course, which was hard on my time.  I hope I can perform better on Saturday.

About 3 miles.  It felt good.

0 miles

Race: BYU Invitational (3.1 Miles) 00:21:30

Maybe 4.5 miles total.  The race felt pretty good, but I wish I could've kicked more at the end.

0 miles

about 7 miles.  It was a tough workout, but good to get done.

Not quite 4 miles a morning practice.  My ankles were really hurting.

I tried to stretch out my injuries and took it easy, with about 1.5 miles total.

3 miles.  Right after running my legs have been feeling tired and sore.

Race: Murray Invitational (3.1 Miles) 00:23:11

about 4 miles at the Murray Invitational.

0 miles

0 miles

About 6 miles.  My legs and ankles felt pretty good.  

2 miles.  My legs and ankles acted up.  Bill gave me a massage, which I hope will help.

Race: Bouniful Trimeet (2.75 Miles) 00:21:51

Betwixt 6 and 7 miles.  My legs and ankles felt great.  i just hope they don't hurt too much tomorrow, especially in the morning.  I didn't push too hard, intentionally, so as not to exacerbate the pain and soreness.  

2 miles on the track

Race: Bob Firman Invitational (3.1 Miles) 00:22:30

About 5 miles at Bob Firman.  It was tough, but I did all right.  It was a long day.

0 miles

About 7 miles at Cottonwood Complex, doing Bessy 6 times.  It was pretty good.

Maybe 4 or 5 miles.  My left ankle and calf/shin hurt afterwards, as they often do after running, especially when I kick.

Race: Highland Meet (3 Miles) 00:22:24

About 6 miles in all. I am happy with my strong finish.

0 miles

Race: Cedar City Invitational (2.9 Miles) 00:21:40

Between 4 and 5 miles at Cedar City.  My ankles and legs seem to be feeling better, thankfully.  I felt like I could have pushed harder, though.

0 miles

0 miles

A bit more than 3 miles

Around 1 or 1.5 miles at This Is The Place Park.

Race: Region 6 Race (3 Miles) 00:21:03

Maybe 5 miles total. I am really happy with my race, and the whole team.  I pushed and had a pretty good race.  Go East!

0 miles

0 miles

0 miles

0 miles

0 miles

7 miles on a run to the flagpole on Foothill.  I felt really good until the area on the side and back of my knee started hurting, which apparently is indicative of an IT band problem.  I hope it subsides soon.  I'll try using a rolling pin to try to alleviate the problem.

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