Tooele Practice Meet

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Salt Lake City,UT,

Member Since:

Jul 14, 2009



Goal Type:

Recover From Injury

Running Accomplishments:

My times:

400M - 61

800M Run- 2:19

1600M Run- 5:26

2000M Steeplechase- 7:45 

3000M Run - 11:09

3200M Run- 11:40

4K - 16:44 (22mph wind)

5K- 18:25

10K - 40:20 (Freezing temps)

High School:

Freshman year:

Region Champs XC

6:07 mile

Sophomore year:

Region Champs XC

19:25 5k

Region Champs Track

5:44 1600

12:20 3200

Junior year:

18:44 5k

2nd Individual at Regions

5:26 1600 (BYU)

11:40 3200 (Pineview)

State track

7:45 2k Steeple (Great Southwest)

 Senior Year:

Top East Girl

18:26 5k

2nd Individual at Regions

2:20 800 (Medley Split)

5:26 1600

11:38 3200 (State)

State track

7:45 2k Steeple

Overall High School

I've recieved the Performance of the Year award all 4 years for XC and my senior year was named Athelete of the Year. I earned 6 Varsity letters (4 XC, 2 track)

Ran at Utah Valley University for one year and was team manager the next!

UVU Freshman Year:

16:44 4K (22mph winds)

11:09 3K (90 degree weather, ew)

Biffed it in Steeple practice, what fun! Probably the biggest bruise I have ever had.


*Too injured and sick to continue

Short-Term Running Goals:

East High School

Stick with XC Freshman-Senior year(:

Stick with Track Freshman to Senior year(:

Varsity Freshman:)

Break 20 minutes in a 5k:)

Break 7 minutes in the mile(6:59.50, BYU Indoor, Freshman) ;)

Break 6 minutes in the mile

Go to XC State Freshman year

Go to XC State Sophomore year

Go to XC State Junior year

Go to XC State Senior year

Place in top 5 at XC regions 2010 (I placed 5th overall!)

Place in top 3 at XC regions 2011 (2nd place!)

Region XC Champs Freshman year

Region XC Champs Sophomore year

Region Track Champs Sophomore year(I scored 1 point)

 State track Junior year(Medley, 3200)

State track Senior year(3200)

Be East's top girl(:

Run in college!


Utah Valley University

Break 20 in the 5k (xc, ran three 5ks)

Break 11:00 in the 3k (track)

Break 18:30 in the 5k (track)

Break 11:30 in the 3k Steeplechase

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run a marathon

Kick Susannah's pockets(:



Working full time in Downtown Salt Lake.  On days where my body feels good and I don't have a 17 hour shift I like to hit up the trails in SLC and PC.

Favorite Blogs:

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BAREFOOT Lifetime Miles: 263.80
New Balance Cotton Candy Spikes Lifetime Miles: 52.75
Purple Mizuno Wave Precision 13 Lifetime Miles: 644.25
Pink Mizuno Wave Elixer 8 Lifetime Miles: 246.25
Yellow Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Lifetime Miles: 49.00
Black Mizuno Lifetime Miles: 71.50
Total Distance
Saucony Green Racing Flats Miles: 1.50Blue Mizuno Trainers Miles: 18.00Pink Giraffe Nike Spikes Miles: 1.50
Total Distance

Half mile track warm up. For speed workout we did 2 miles warm up and 1 mile of speed changes. My calves are really tight and my breathing is very dry, I need to drink more water and eat less junk food. I put on my Saucony flats and did 6 400s with the awesome distance runners. Then as the others continued to do 6 more 400s, I did a mile cool down to be at an even 6 today. I really need to take an ice bath...

Saucony Green Racing Flats Miles: 1.50Blue Mizuno Trainers Miles: 4.50
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Total Distance

Today we were being filmed by the news, featuring East High Track and Field. It'll be on KUTV at 6:00 tonight. We did our 2 laps warm up, stretching, and dynamics before breaking into groups. Distance then ran to Liberty park for 1 lap of firemen, and Bill split it Girls and Boys, and we got back to the drinking fountain at about the same time, although had the boys not been sprinting at the very end we would've beaten them by far. Then we ran back up to the track for 2 progressive 300s and practicing with batons. The first 300 I was supposed to lead, and the wind in that first hundred was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! For the next one, I got to call out "GO" when the person reached the yellow arrows, so I got to start last and draft. Then we practiced for our Medley Relay tomorrow at the practice meet, and I'm doing a 200. 4 Distance runners in a Medley...

Blue Mizuno Trainers Miles: 6.00
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Race: Tooele Practice Meet (0.5 Miles) 00:02:40, Place overall: 5, Place in age division: 3
Total Distance

When we got to the meet, we did half a mile warm up as a whole team and some stretching. Then I did another half mile when it got close to the 300M Hurdles, and then I did some hurdle drills with the other girls. I did alright, considering I didn't want to do them again this year. But I guess I'm still doing them... The event right after the 300 Hurdles was the 800, so I didn't bother to put my trainers back on, I just did some strides with the other 800 runners and started. My first lap felt great, so my second lap I really pushed. My goal was to be one of the top 800 runners, so being the 5th across the line felt great. :)

The event immediately after the 800 was the Medley. 3 events in a row? Yep, that's me. I'm not a sprinter, yet somehow I was one of the 200 runners... Amanda's hand off to me was the best one we've ever done! Yeah! My 200 felt awful, but I pushed hard through it, and my hand off to Natalie...Well I just felt like I hadn't done it too great, but she got the baton, so it's all good. Natalie brought us up from 3rd to 2nd, and Susannah was getting us from 2nd to 1st, but she says that her kick isn't too great...So we were 2nd, which is really good considering that I AM NOT A SPRINTER.

Thinking we were done, Amanda and I opened a box of doughnuts. Good thing Bill caught us at bite number 2, because he wanted us to do the 4x4 relay. So Amanda, Sarah, Angela, and I formed a team and practiced hand offs. I was our starting leg, and I had us in an okay spot when I passed the baton to Angela. She helped us keep that good spot, and handed it to Sarah, who also stayed strong. Then she gave it to Amanda, who finished us off excellently! :) Good job girls!

Finally, I declared this, "I have done 4 events today, now I am going to go eat food!" It was a good meet, better than last year, when the meet was over spring break and nobody knew about it so Susannah, Bre, and I were the only athletes there...Yes, the only three.

Pink Giraffe Nike Spikes Miles: 1.50Blue Mizuno Trainers Miles: 2.50
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Rainy day, so we met in the commons for track. Matheson never said anything about running 2 vertical laps, he just told RJ, Sarah, and I to lead the stretches. After that we went to the hallway for dynamic drills and such. Then Tolbert told everybody to go to the weight room, except for the ones who had received a text from Bill for a workout, so Tolbert got rid of us. I ran with Sarah, RJ, Taylor, and Chester up to Sunnyside park, where we met up with Amanda. We did a mile there for a warm up, then a ladder run around the field, 4 minutes on, 2 minutes off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off, then a mile lap around the park, then Taylor and I took the freshmen back down to the school to finish off at 5 miles. It was wet, rainy, and now there is snow all around the neighborhood. Oh joy.

Blue Mizuno Trainers Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance
Saucony Green Racing Flats Miles: 1.50Blue Mizuno Trainers Miles: 18.00Pink Giraffe Nike Spikes Miles: 1.50
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