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Salt Lake City,UT,U.S.A.

Member Since:

Apr 14, 2013



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

I am a freshman running up at Skyline, I am currently 15 years old and these are my accomplishments.

  • Lettered as a 9th grader.
  • Ran a 17:42 at state
  • Ran at NXR with a time of 16:57
  • 800m in 2:08.93
  • 1600m in 4:49
  • 3200m in 11:09


Short-Term Running Goals:

Track goals

Break the 5:00 barrier 4:54

  •  Run the 1600m in 4:49 4:49
  • Run the 1600m in 4:39
  • Run the 1600m in 4:29
  • Run the 1600m in 4:19
  • Run the 1600m in 4:09
  • Run the 1600m in 3:58
  • Run the 1600m in 3:50
  • Run 800m in 2:15 ran a 2:15
  • 800m in 2:10          2:08.93
  • 800m in 2:05
  • 800m in 1:59
  • 800m in 1:49
  • 3200m in a time  11:09
  • 3200m in 10:30
  • 3200m in 9:59
  • 3200m in 9:28
  • 3200m in 8:59
  • 3200m in 8:29
  • 3200m in 7:59

 Cross country goals

  • Get to the varsity team
  • 17:59 5k  17:42
  • 17:30 5k  17:15
  • 16:59 5k  16:57
  • 16:30 5k
  • 15:59 5k
  • 15:30 5k
  • 15:10 5k
  • 14:59 5k
  • 14:29 5k
  • 13:59 5k


Win Footlocker Regional. 

Win the Footlocker nationals.

Place top 10 in NXR



Win 4A state

As a team get Skyline a state championship.

Beat Alan Webb's mile of 3:52

Long-Term Running Goals:

Win the Olympics in the 5k, the 800m, the 1600m, the half marathon and possibly the marathon.



 I was born in Salt Lake City Utah, I am number 2 out of 5 brothers, was a district champion in wrestling in eight grade. And in ninth grade, I placed 4th at district due to a broken metecarpel in my hand.


Favorite Blogs:

Russian champion tries Crocs, commits to racing a marathon in them

Nikolay Chavkin in the video below did 3x1000, first two in Adidas carbon-fiber models, the last one in Crocs. Surprised by the result (2:52, 2:52, 2:50) with the fastest interval done in Crocs, he committed to racing a marathon in Crocs if the video gets 42K likes and 195 comments (for 42 km 195 m, the marathon distance). Nikolay's current marathon PR is 2:14:00. The video was created by a Russian sporting goods store chain. Their moto is "more sports - brighter life", which we think is wonderful, and also deserves a Like. If you want to see a fast marathon in Crocs, go to the video and click the Like button. And make sure to share it with your friends.

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Today was a track workout, I did 100m and 200m sprints for 10 laps, felt good until number 6 that's when things got hard after the workout, I was ready to be done with it but my dad said to quickly run a 400m to see what my time was after the workout, whinning because my feet hurt I ran a 400m  just because and I came across the line at a whopping 1:08 this put a little spirit into my heart and I overall felt good. Cool down of one mile on the astro turf.

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Because of the Alpha Timpanoges meet, I just watched the dual meet against Skyline and Olympus.( Stupid thing to do, should have run) I then just ran home with felt good so I was feeling pretty loose for the meet.

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Today was just a slow (8:15 mile pace) 4 mile run, I felt good all the way through with no problems.

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Today I felt like that I was loosing my work ethic so I went out to kind of beat the crap of that feeling out of me.I ran about 3.00 miles which felt good then onto a trail for about .75 miles. i then came to a hill that was a bout as steep as 4500 South :) and nearly 200m long. I then forced myself to sprint up the hill over six times with an extra 100m kick at the top  of the hill with a one minute break in between, after I ran home averaging about a seven mile pace back home again. I did this because I knew that I could rest Sunday and be able to start the week fresh. So overall, good workout.

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Today was a track workout for just the varsity guys(the only male runners who showed up). We started with only three laps warmup then stretching, after we were to run 400m at a starting time of 75s. We then did this four times with each time going down by one second so we ended with 71s( I ended at 69s) we did these speed laps four times for a mile and then did it again for a total of three times with one slow lap in between. I then cooled down two laps then ran home (3.25 miles).

This was also my first day trying out my new shoes, New York Marathoners, they felt great so I hope to work well with these shoes.

I am so sorry for any people out there with friends or family in the Boston Marathon today. It will be remembered by many and I am supporting you.

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Slow easy run(6:30 pace) for six miles on the outer ring of Sugar House park felt nice and loose and couldn't wait to rock the meet at Westlake tomorrow.

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Alright I am peived off pretty badly, here Iwas ready to race and then the meet is cancelled because it is "too cold"heck I could run in -10 degree weather I f I had to, too cold what a bunch of crud, I guess I should do well on the meet this week.

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Well, trying to keep it together here, I did not run the meet in Taylorsville... apparently this meet was for kids that were close to qualifying to state so this week went towards nothing >:0 so I did an easy workout to, "let out my week's anger" Slow run to the Olympus High track for two miles, on the track 100m fast, 100m slow for two miles, then slow run back home for two miles.

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Rode my bike from my Jr. High all the way up to Skyline which was 3.2 miles. I warmed up with one lap then proceeded to do two 800m, four 400m, two 200m with three cool down laps. I then ran some more to finish up at six miles. Felt slow even though I was hitting 71, and 70s every time.(Probably the weekend.)

Race: Tri meet (0.497 Miles) 00:02:15, Place overall: 2
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Today was a tri-meet against Skyline, Murray, and Westlake. I was to run the 3200m and the 800m. For the 800m, I felt good taking third for the first lap them I started to move, first lap was a 67 ( I felt like I had wings not legs) then I passed the second place Murray kid, I was closing the gap on the first place Westlake kid in the last 200m but he looked behind and was able to keep my about five feet away from him, we came in about three feet away from each other. Westlake with a  2:14 and me with a 2:15 so a 5 second drop from UVU invitational so that was great. The 300m hurdles were run next then the 3200m so I had 8 minutes to get ready to run again, I ran around about two laps to rid myself of any lactic acid, then I did a few minutes of balistic stretching, 8 minutes later I am on the start still breathing from the 800m.(By the way this was my first time running a 3200m so I was excited) The race starts and my and another person from Skyline break out, we instantly split from the pack and ran a 75 first lap,(good) I held with Skyline kid for two laps then I broke away, I was now running alone in an event I have not run yet so I slowed down (I need to learn to keep my pace) my first mile was a 5:29 (bad) so I tried to speed up, I managed a 77 my next lap by slowed down again, I then won the race (100m ahead of everybody else) with a time of 11:09. Go ahead laugh. This I beleive is an okay time to start with to chip away from to reach a 9:59 so I believe a few weeks of work is ahead (ya). So first place and second and I set a new PR in each event so good day.

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I was supposed to do only a four mile easy run to stay loose for Saturday but the Skyline guys and I went and did six miles through the hills above Church Hill junior high so that was a "hill run." I still feel good for Saturday though, knees hurt from biking.

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Easy run for the race tomorrow, I am so happy to run I am shooting for a 4:45 in the mile and 2:10 in the 800m so I hope to kit those.

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Race: Tiger Trials (1 Miles) 00:04:54, Place overall: 2
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Today the meet was simply "The Best" I was placed seventh in heat two of the mile with 4:58, the race started out really hard with a lot of kids throwing fists and legs at each other so it was a fight the first lap (loved it) coming around a 68. The pack then thinned out with me, two juniors, and two seniors, we were clipping a long at a nice pace with 2:24 at the 800m I then tried to move but the two seniors stepped it up and I could not pass. I did not hear my third lap nut I guess that it was fast. Final lap I made a break with the two seniors, at the 200m I passed one and slowly closed between the senior in first, final hundred and I was coming up fast on the kid but came in a close second with a time of 4:54 PR which qualified my for BYU invite, so I felt like I just won state but know I realize that this is where the real work begins.

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