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Week starting Sep 20, 2009

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Sep 27, 2008



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Olympic Trials Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

Triathlons are my New sport and I LOVE IT  


Recent last few years  as I havent done much since I was 16/17yrs, on and off injuries, going out with Friends started. Operations on injuries- compartment syndrome front of the shin had small operation to release the pressure on the fascia.

Oct 2007.  Did the great north run.  ( I was in the elite ladies race, against Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe, Im sure u Americans will recall that race).

 I was just in on my previous times from the Bath Half Marathon. I ran it as best as I could off my training & circumstances...


Decided to do my 1st Marathon with London looming in the following April I was in the ladies Elite race again.  So the training was on.  I realise now I didnt give my body enough time to recover as it did break down in the last 5 weeks of my training. Injury bound, with calf and hamstring problems I raced! 

London Marathon, April 08 (Injury calf issues) 1st marathon  3hrs.12mins .30 secs

Dublin Marathon  Oct 08  3hrs.01mins.13  undulating and 1 toilet stuck/stop (LOL)

Bath Half 2007    1.26.35 hrs

Wilmslow half marathon english champs    1.25.39

18th lady  (With piriformis injury ).

Liverpool 10k 2008 Oct 37.42mins midst marathon training 

Wirral 5k 2009 17.41mins off the back off marathon week 

Track 3000ms 10.45mins  hmmm I ran this to get points for my club so I just did tactical and ran on 1st lady shoulder and sprinted at the end !



As a youngster

County Champion for Xcountry and

High Jump

and 1500ms track.

pbs aged 13 yrs old

800ms 2mins 16secs

1500ms 4mins 48 secs

high jump 1metre 53  (cant do this now) and I never trained for it as a kid, just competed alot for points for my club, usually spend 2 hours highjumping, and skip off to do an 800 or 1500ms race then go back to high jump, Wish I took the running more seriously!


Run on more than several occasions for my County against Ireland county of Dublin.

Top 50 finnisher at 14yrs of age in english nationals Xcountry.

Short-Term Running Goals:

Complete my 1st Triathlon    1st lady   Brinscall  ok this was a triathlon with no timed transition i treated it as a training race to see if I like triathlons and I love them.

Complete off road triathlon  2nd lady.. 12 secs behind my age group world champion.  Tameside triathlon

Complete outdoor water race 1 mile   Salford Great north swim . 29 mins yay

Complete Olympic distance triathlon

Races for 2010  Future races.

Winter Duathlon Series Race 1 - December 12th 2010  Won  overall time 1hr 8 mins 43 secs

winter duathlon series race 2

2011  1st Lady overall time  1hr 09mins 04 secs.

Windy very windy

3rd race Duathlon winter series Feb 20th 2011

 Races for 2011

ITU Duathlon 2011 qualifier                                                               Dambuster Duathlon, East Midlands – 19th March 2011  

Qualifiers ITU Sprint Triathlon 2011 & ETU Sprint Triathlon 2012       Speedy Beaver, East midlands – 29th May 2011

Itu Standard triathlon 2011 qualifier                      Shropshire Triathlon   West Midlands 5th June 2011

ITU Standard Triathlon 2011 & ETU Standard Triathlon 2012             Dambuster Triathlon, East Midlands – 18th June 2011

London Triathlon Hyde Park ITU World Championship series race       6th AUGUST 2011  (practice format hopefully for Beijing)


Need to Qualify for GB Team  Beijing World Championships which is on

September 10/11th 2011


new pb for 5k 17.41 minsnext running goal for 5k is sub 17.30 mins Summer Track season and road 10k's & 5k's  

Lots of goals, lots of hard work and no play! ;-)

Long-Term Running Goals:


training pbs


3750 1hr6mins 

2500 41.37 mins 29th May 2011 

1600ms 27.45

1500ms 24.00  8th April 2011 NEW PB 

500ms 7mins 38 


42 miles 2hr 15

25 miles 1hr 15min 00s 

25miles 1hr 9mins 5secs with a decent wind! 11.6.12 

26.25 miles 1hr 12mins boooom :) 

20miles 59.30 mins 

12miles 36 mins 

10 miles 27:44mins new pb after a pb swim 8/4/11

10 miles straight out 26mins 35secs new pb 27/9/11

10 miles on turbo 25mins 35secs 

 Run 9 mile route h/town 1hr 2mins 43secs

5.23 mile route home fishermans coast bypass 

37.04 mins.






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Guestimating 10.5 miles, someone turned off my garmin watch charger not sure who, but the watch conked out at about 8 miles, ppphhhhhhttt.

so I went out easy and found I was running at average 7.30 pace which is good, I just kept this pace up through out and then when we hit back into Formby our town, I picked the pace up big time not sure on the exact pace as no watch but IM pretty sure I was going as fast or faster than marathon pace woooohoooo.   :-)


Weather was warm but slight breeze although I ended up pretty hot and sweaty LOL


Legs felt good, hammy ok,  calves good, my achilles didnt scream at me on first running so all good news and IM on the come back yay ! 


although I have to complain about something my sleeping is well off, I just cant sleep keep waking up, tossing and turning, so not good...... need my yawn sleep  

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 7.00Calories: 0.00
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Okay, nice weather, it's cooler no wind nice autumn weather...


10 mins xtrainer.

leg pull up crunches 15 x3

stretched the hammies out with the foam roller


Ran 6.3 miles. I know, I could have run further or less for the ocd'ing on numbers but today I was just happy to get out and run :-)


Good run, went out real easy and increased as I felt so did okay, half off road sand dunes trails and woodlands, then the other half road.....  5 mins xtrainer warm down, then lots of abs work, stretching out and foam roller.... nothing weird to report but thats good isnt it he he   had a nice warm bath and stretched out again ;-) 

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Two days no running, Dr's Orders....... well im gonna try a run tomorrow cos I am going to be insane otherwise.  

I've been under the weather womens things and need to keep healthy, but at least its not another running injury eh!


short and sweet :-) 


Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00Calories: 0.00
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Okay Resting really isnt in my vocabulary....... 


10 mins of xtrainer

no crunches or anything like that so Ive been good there !


9 miles okay I ran easy (I can just hear everyone telling me off in my mind but hey its me)

I did stop every 3 miles and have a short walk break..... thats good isnt it, thats resting honest!  I dont feel great but this helps me mentally just being out and having a gentle run.


10 mins xtrainer..... so funny I got back to the gym and walked straight into my phsyio she was like OH! your running but she was ok and understood (I said Ive jogged 3 miles) I think she knew I hadnt cos I was a bit sweaty he he...... on the xtrainer theyre were two men next to me on treadmills so funny they were singing every now and again I couldnt help but laugh as all the way around the run Ive just done outside I was singing toooo!


So I didnt do my big session I usually do on a Thursday so thats taking it easy too. now just another run Friday and we are away for the weekend at  A Theme Park Alton Towers, I cant wait, I know I should rest more, but I can go on some rides and sit and watch everyone on the ones I dont like...... and We are staying at the hotel at the park so if I get real tired I can go rest up there...   I get my results or some of them Friday Afternoon from the drs give me an idea of what it is or isnt...  


It was Dylans 11th Birthday yesterday, he got to cycle from school to the towns village centre, and play with his friends, hes played before in the village but not cycled from school, I was nervous about this, and stayed in a coffee shop in the village so I am close by incase anything happens, I know sounds over the top but hes still my little boy! he seems so grown up now too... he has been picked for the school soccer goalkeeper, but he doesnt want to do it, he really doesnt get on with the school coach at all, everything dylan has been taught in his proper goalkeeping training this coach tells him and shouts at him saying hes doing it wrong.  So hes not going to the 1st match and he will see after that.

We had the family round in the evening too for dylans birthday and hes really into bmx'ing he has a decent bmx but we bought him new bits didnt get much as the stuff is really expensive... Dylan was made up with what we got, and cant wait to put it on the bike and go the local skatepark.    




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I didnt go the gym today but ran an old route which is abit like a test, although its a med length run. 6 miles is off road, trails for 1.5 miles to the beach over sanddunes then beach for 3 or so miles then sanddunes and sandy trails back to road. for the last 3 or so miles, its a good run although the wind can be a chore if its against you along the beach which it was today all the way for the 3or so miles.  I felt tired, but ran all the way, no problems with my legs, hammy went tight once so I quickly stretched it out.  the route for my ref, is the around the perimeter of Formby basically ending on the by-pass and home. 


I enjoy this run and did an ok time 1hr 17 mins.... I think my best is something like 1hr 9 mins and thats on a still day with sand on the beach being a little more compact than today, so Ive done ok really.


Now my stomach etc was okay whilst running, but about an hour after I had some pain.... so I have two days off now, with some crazy rollercoasters just to shake me around abit, but If I dont feel good I can always go and rest up in the hotel....... and we have the day at the big waterpark and huge slides etc, so that should be fun toooo I love water parks he he and rollercoasters...... so see you all next week..... which I have mon,Tues, Wed off work too to get some rest fingers crossed.....       ;-) 

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