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June 25, 2022

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Mar 30, 2008



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

Marathons: Pre-Marine Corp Training Marathon, Marine Corp (5:24), DC Inagural (5:02), Pittsburgh.

National Half Marathon (end of March 2007) 2:18:01 (10:21)

St Pats.Shamrock 8k (Mar. 18, 2007) 45:47 (9:13)

Jingle Bell 10K 2006 60:43 (9:47)

Run for Victory 5k (2001) 27.52.1

Short-Term Running Goals:

In the next 6 months I would like to feel fitter, look fitter, run faster, and not feel like an elephant plodding along. I would like to improve my 5K times, and run a marathon in October. Goal for the marathon is 4:30. Not sure if this is possible....

Long-Term Running Goals:

Let's just get through the summer, then we can talk about long term running goals!


Trying to get in shape through running. Not sure I enjoy it -- I feel it too much, I am too loud running.. it is not graceful. Not pretty. I have had some euphoric moments running, like when listening to Bon Jovi (I know...I know) or Tina Turner (you're simply the best!!) but these moments are not that often. I love how I feel after accomplishing a run.

I love the treadmill.... Love my ipod... blink 182 (are you feelin' this..) and a whole mish mash of other tunes that get me moving. I want to be better, faster, more graceful... and more accountable- therefore I am here.



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tonight was the first night of track training....   i thought it was going to be speedwork, but we just ran our sloooooow pace (11:20) for the 4.7.   I guess the good news is that I think I am the stringest runner in my slow pace group...   and I am willing to see this slow stuff through.   Apparently, there was one woman who ran in the 11:20 pace group last year that ran a 3:55 marathon- which is not too shabby in my book.   The idea of the group is that they look at your last race time- I gave them my 1/2 marathon time, and then they have a "formula" that figures out yout LSD run pace group- so mine is 11:40 (BUT I am staying in the 11:20 group...) I can walk faster than 11:40 minute/ mile!

So, unlike my brother who could not stand the pace, and moved up to a faster group... I will stay...   And use all these miles as a base.. and maybe a way to stay in a fat burning zone longer .. by the time we get to picking up our pace and really doing speedwork in August, maybe I will have attained one of my goals.... to enjoy it more and not feel so un-graceful out there.    I am officially signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon on October 28!

So, thanks eveyone for your comments.... !    Have a great night... and a great Thursday!  



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From jtshad on Thu, May 08, 2008 at 08:08:45

If it feels too easy, do this for about a week and start moving into the faster groups slowly. You are right to use this as some base mileage to get your ready to hit the training for MCM soon.

Let me know how you like the MCRR club and their runs. I come back to the Germantown, MD area regularly and have considered joining some of their runs.

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