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Member Since:

May 18, 2010



Goal Type:

NCAA Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Pre-high school: I ran a lot of local 5ks and a few half marathons.  I didn't do a ton of training, but I just had fun, and I got more serious about it as high school got closer.

High school: I enjoyed running a lot, especially cross country.  I originally did track to keep my in shape for cross country.  I ran at Footlocker Nationals, the Adidas Dream mile, Brooks PR Invitational, world xc junior championships, and a few local 5ks. 

PRs: 800: 1:56.80-State Track 2014

1600: 4:10-State Track 2014/Mile: Sea Level-Adidas Grand Prix-4:07

3200:Alititude(~4500ft): 8:57.99-State Track 2014-2 Mile:8:53 at Brooks PR Invitational

5K: New Balance Indoor Nationals(2014) - 14:24

10K:USA Junior Track Championships (2014)-31:01

15K: Blacksmith Fork Freedom Run (aided) 48:10(2013).

Half Marathon: 
Utah Valley Half - 1:11:24(aided)(2012)






NCAA finishes:

Cross Country: 10th(2018);

Indoor: 3k-7th(2019) 5k-10th(2019);

Outdoor: 10k-22nd(2018), 4th(2019), 5k-7th(2019)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Make sure I have fun, not get burned out, and get faster.

School records in the 5km and 10km.  


Served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from July 2015-July 2017.  I gained 30 lbs. during the service and came back out of shape; however I knew that if the Lord wanted me to once again run competitively, he would bless me to return to fitness. 

I graduated from Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah. I currently run for Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  

Favorite Blogs:

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Total Distance
Total Distance

AM-10 miles. Happy new year!  As I have done for the last 6 or 7 years, I enjoyed a great night sleep last night, choosing now to stay up late. 

PM-5 miles.  

Total Distance

AM-18.1 miles at 5:51 pace with Spencer Nelson.  We did a 5 mile pickup at around 5:10-15 average.  I can't really remember.  

Total Distance

AM-12 miles from my apartment. 

PM-6.5 miles with Clayson and Will. 

Total Distance

AM-4.4 mile warm up, 5 miles at 24:47, and just over a 3 mile cool down.  Tempo today.  So, my watch battery died, and I left my charger in Smithfield, so I just went with the guys for the first few.  They told me we hit 5:00 for the first mile, which I would've been fine with at the slowest, but it was really 5:08.  After that, I sped up.  Honestly, there's a lot this time can work on, and one of the things I think is tempo runs.  

PM-6.4 miles

Total Distance

AM-10.3 with Doc.  

PM-5 miles with Clayton.  

Total Distance

AM-12.5 miles total.  4.25 warm up, 2x(mile, 1200, 800) with equal recovery at K park.  It was pretty slick.  Splits were approximate because it wasn't wheeled and my watch's battery is still dead.  I just went off feel, but because it was slippery, it was pretty slow.  5:00, 3:40, 2:18, 4:45 (sun started coming out), 3:34, and 2:20.  Ran on my own for all the reps until the last 800. 

PM-5.7 miles. 

Total Distance

AM-10.7 miles. 

PM-5.9 miles. 

Total Distance

AM-18 mile long run in Springfield and up hobble creek canyon.  It was pretty, but also fairly icy at some places.  I only fell once, and luckily I landed in the snow. 

Total Distance

AM-6.16 miles at the track field.  Lots of grass loops. 

PM-13.5 with Clayson, Matt, and Adam.  Matt just informed us he is getting married on Saturday instead of in Februrary.  

Total Distance

AM-5.2 easy miles of grass loops. 

PM-Michigan today. Splits were 4:22, 4:56(grass), 3:15, 4:50(grass), 2:05, 4:50(grass), 59, 4:44(grass).  Felt great on the track for the first few, but after that I knew I had gone out too quick.  Grass didn't feel as tempo-like as it should, which probably means I went too hard on the track. 

Total Distance

AM-7.2 easy miles with Michael and Clayson.  We talked about what Michael should name his daughter.  

PM-8.7 miles with Elijah.  Strides were added on at the end to get used to the indoor track. 

Total Distance

AM-5.2 with Clayson and a friend whose dad served as a missionary companion with Coach Eyestone. 

PM-9.2.  Did an 800, 400, 400, 200, 200 at 2:07, 61, 60, 27, 27, with 400, jog after everything other than the 200s which had a 200m jog.  I was not having a great day with pacing, and ran everything a bit too quick.  Goals were 2:10, 62, 62, 29, 29.  I felt fine though. 

Total Distance

AM-6.75 miles picking up people throughout.  We started pretty slow, and someone passing us started talking to us.  His name is Zack, he just started running a few months ago and has run a 68 minute half marathon.  After Brady Early, a former teammate, ran into us after we talked about how we were surprised we never saw him on our runs.  

PM-4 miles.  3.2 warm up, then strides, 400m at goal pace (too fast...60... I messed up again), and then 200m at 30.   

Race: BYU Invite (1.864 Miles) 00:07:58, Place overall: 1, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

AM-2.1 mile shakeout. 

PM-Warm up, strides, then we raced.  They put us in positions randomly.  This led to me being on the back line.  Honestly, a four lane track with twenty people is already pretty packed, but the start is the worst.  Kramer let me switch him spots so I could be in the front line.  I was surprisingly more nervous than I've been for a race in a long time, but the nerves settled quickly.  We started, I got out well, Talem paced me for the first 4 laps (5 laps to the mile on our track).  I felt pretty good, but could tell we were slowing after the second lap, so I told him to speed up.  After he dropped, I ran a quick lap(50), and then stayed consistent the rest of the way. My goal was 8:00 to 8:05 if things weren't feeling great, and under 8:00 if I was doing well.  With 800m to go, I saw I needed to run a 2:08 for the last 800m to hit 8:00, so I knew I was on pace.  I didn't speed up that much, but maintained well and finished at 7:58.  Afterward, my throat burned from the air in the facility.  While I do like our facilities, the air can burn your nose and throat sometimes.  Just over a 10 mile cool down after.  The team killed it today, which was really impressive to see.  

From Sasha Pachev on Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 15:45:41 from

Congratulations on a great performance!

From Sasha Pachev on Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 18:15:14 from

And additional congratulations on 13:28 win/PR, and today's decisive win in the "lions' den" championship. Was very happy to see you put a 20 second gap on the formidable competition over the last 1 K. Made me think of Moroni 7 "has the day of miracles ceased?" Keep up the good work.

From Bret on Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 08:44:29 from

Impressive race at the NCAA Cross Country Championships - well done!

From jtshad on Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 16:31:30 from

Congrats on the national championship!

From PRE on Sat, Nov 25, 2023 at 11:47:35 from

Hi Conner, I live in CT. I saw you on the news on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day as you ran the MRR (2023). Great job. Congratulations. I have not been running for the most part since 2018 and have not gone on the Fast Running Blog site in quite a while. Not sure you will get this message as you have not been on the site in a while yourself. I knew back in 2015 that you were going to be doing Faith work for a couple of years and wondered if you would continue running and how that might play out - I see your comments on that in the left hand margin. Congratulations on the Lord returning you to fitness. AND, Congratulations on winning the Manchester Road Race in 2022!!! This is new information to me - so that First place position in 2022 - this for me is like it just happened. Hope all well with your family. Pre.

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