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Member Since:

Jun 01, 2013



Goal Type:


Running Accomplishments:

1600m: 4:27

800: 1:59

Copper Hills Invitational 2015 1600m Champion.

Ran for Alta and SUU on their Cross Country/Track and Field teams

2014-2015 Alta Track Athlete of the Year

Have a had a couple good placements in mountain races

Short-Term Running Goals:

Stay healthy and and build mileage

Run a marathon in under 3 hours once marathons start taking place again.

Sub 26 for 8k or sub 16 for 5k this fall

Sub 33 minutes at the Deseret News 10k

Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep running

Run the Boston Marathon at least once

Make a glorious return to spartan racing


I ran for Alta high school and was trained by Coach Murphy, he is a great coach, one of the best there is. I ran for Southern Utah University for a year or two. I am currently a doctoral student at Bowling Green State University studying industrial organizational psychology. Right now my main goals are to stay healthy and run consistently.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 8.00 Month: 12.80 Year: 307.65
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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

Decent run today, it was warm. Tomorrow I'm going to weights and a track work out, not sure if I'm gonna do a ladder or a mile time trial, or both. Both sounds fun. Also I'm going to start my decision process between going to work in Texas or working at snowbird.

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Ran to the track and did a workout, I did 2 hard 400s and was feeling like death, it was hot and didn't realize I how out of shape I am with track workouts. It was the middle of the day so there was no shade. I had that feeling where your body is dead and overheating and you kind of want to lie down and die. So I just recovered and did 2 more 100m sprints with plenty of rest and jogged back to the rec center and did weights and core, still sore from last time. I was still feeling pretty dead until got home, geez I think tomorrow I will work out during the night so its cooler and maybe try to another track work out. I'm certainly in different shape than I've ever been in, we'll see how all this work starts paying off soon.

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Rough day, rough past month in some ways. But now its time to move forward. Didn't run today, that's ok, tomorrow I will run fast and hard.

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The first day is always the hardest. Felt like crap but got out and ran to the gym and did a good workout and came back. I have the cutest niece in the world, there were good things about today.

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Today started out pretty hard but got better. I had lots of ice cream, I'm going to play basketball with my old friends Nick and Hayden soon. Probably gonna see Devry again too, haven't seen him in 3 years!

Tonight I played tennis with my brother and then ran the cottonwood heights 5k course and back home. My pace was 6:45 so not too bad considering I was going pretty easy. I also did a bunch of pull ups and oh up bar workouts in between tennis and running. Pretty good stuff. Tomorrow I'm going to keep looking for jobs, work on study abroad stuff, study for the gre, and do gym and a track work out. And I'll find sometime to watch ntg as well, oh and more time with my niece and family will be awesome!

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Today is the 6th anaversary of the first time I ran a mile in less than 5 minutes. My hip was feeling weird last night/this morning so I hot tubbed and stretched and now its good. After hot tubbing I benched 3x10 at 185, felt really strong, curled 2x10 and 35, also felt good, did pull ups, and some back workouts. Then I went home watched some tv and did some writing. Then I went back out for my run, I ran up to the rec center and did the 5k loop, then did 10 pull ups, abs, and ran home. Arms are sore, going to do some burpees before bed, perhaps the type Wenda showed me with weights.

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Ran to the park with my brother, did pull ups and a ton of monkey bars, and more hand hold swing things. Maybe this isn't a bad place to train for Spartan.

I'm sore from yesterdays bench workout, that's good, workouts feel a lot more rewarding when you know you'll get stronger due to them. By the end of the summer i want to be benching 3x10 at 225, we'll see how that goes. Next week I mifhrbmove up to 205 for a set and see how it goes. Also want to do more back workouts, will probably do dead lifts. And runningwise I want to be up at 40 per week by July.

Also helped Kiley surprise Jake for his birthday which was so much fun!! Hopefully will go for another run tonight.

So I did go for another run, I decided to run a mile time trial. I'd eaten way too much food today, I was feeling really full by the end of the 2 hour lunch at rodisio grill, then we had desert, then I had a hot pepper, then I ate an entire bagguette. Then I went home after we hung out a little more and ate dinner and desert again. So when I went upstairs my stomach felt like it was gonna burst. So I was like, huh I should work this off, and for whatever reason I decided the best way to do that was a mile time trial.

I went to Brighton track and did a little under a mile warm up and some strethces and then just went at it. The wind was about 20 mph going against me on the backside of the track, so that was rough. I havn't raced in a long time.

I went out and it was feeling hard, I decided if what I was running didn't come in on pace I should probably just do repeats. It ended up being a 70 so that was good, but then I slowed and ran 80 and 80 for the 2nd and 3rd laps, I let the wind hold me back the last lap and then kicked for any chance I'd have but I finished in 5:04.

So not a perfect time trial, my throat is really bugging me now, bleeding and really irritated. I drank some Gatorade and that tasted like blood and my nose feels like death, so I need to lay off the gluten if I'm gonna start this again. Not perfect conditions for a fast time, but 5:04 isn't too bad, I bet next week I can run 4:50. But before then I have some workouts to do.I think I will try to do 2 more mile time trials in June.

After that I will do a pair of 5ks for the 4th and the 24th before the main race pen the summer.

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