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Sep 14, 2008



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

marathon pr:  2:59:49.  Saint George 2011

Praire Spirit 50 mile winner 7:36:30 2013

I accidentally ran 100 miles in November 2013.  it was hard.  I threw up a lot.  decided to do a better job next time

I did it again on purpose October 2014--Heartland 100 winner and CR 17:38:37

Heartland 50 winner May 2014

Psycho Wyco 50k winner February 2012


Short-Term Running Goals:

Run enough to hold off the middle-age spread





Long-Term Running Goals:


Sub 3 hour marathon--SOMEDAY!  Done!


New long term goal: enough to feel kinda like I did when I was fit










I was a single mom.  Two times over.  We all survived, despite the fact that I make atrocious decisions.  Then, I met a man I didn't deserve.  And he loves me so much.  And I love him. We lived in sin and bought a house for two years then hired a judge and officially got married(to our great delight and also the delight of our mothers), then a month later he was diagnosed with cancer.  Well we survived all that and he's 100% fine now.  But, we're really out of shape and really busy with kids and jobs and running just isn't my priority and there's so many other layers to all of it, but I'm running anyway.  This is my failure blog now.  Just to log that one run a week if I snag it.  
Somehow that matters and I want that run recorded.

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Mizuno Waverider 12 Lifetime Miles: 333.61
Nike Air Pegasus Lifetime Miles: 507.20
Pink Pegs Lifetime Miles: 595.58
Pink Nike Avant Lifetime Miles: 624.04
Crappy Asics Lifetime Miles: 146.72
Adidas Adizero Mana Lifetime Miles: 113.32
Blue Avants Lifetime Miles: 653.33
Crocs Lifetime Miles: 18.08
Lunarfly Lifetime Miles: 468.47
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home dreadmill

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one hour fight club, banana, 10.4 along the river in the blustery wind

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I will not be running for a while, but am grateful to be alive.  I was at work last night with my partner and some firefighters at a car wreck strapping a pt to the cot when a car skidded into us at about 70mph and hit us.  I flew about 30 feet.  It tore my knee open and I have some road rash on my head but no broken bones.  They sewed me up and sent me home, will know more about the extent of the damage when I see the doc tomorrow.  I can bear partial weight and hobble with crutches so that is a good sign. Might be better when the swelling goes down my leg is huge.  We all suffered only extremity injuries which is amazing.  We are all very lucky to be alive, that kind of impact is fatal more often than not! I am just happy to be alive, had a fleeting thought for a sec that I was about to die, but hit the ground and my leg hurt so knew I was very much alive.

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good ol DOMS.  much sorer today than yesterday.  every little thing aches, but, it is a good happy reminder that I am alive to ache.  appointment is actually tomorrow morning, not today.  Once the aching subsides I am going to start working out, core, upper body, abs, whatever I can do, and will hit the pool as soon as the stitches are out and I have the go-ahead.  Never thought I would look forward to swimming but the thought of the water supporting my body and floating and moving sounds very appealing and I cannot wait.  One of the wpd officers said we looked like popcorn in our yellow safety vests flying into the air, and the poor original patient strapped to a yellow spineboard twirled through the air like a helicopter blade...and landed with no additional injuries.  Now THAT is a bad day, getting in a car wreck and then getting hit by a car before you can even get put into an ambulance!

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Doctor day.  Scheduled for an MRI.  Have to stay on crutches, no weighbearing allowed.  I have not been a good patient but I am being good now, sitting in a recliner and doing lots of ice so that hopefully the swelling goes down.  I hope it's just the swelling and infammation causing pain and that nothing is seriously torn.  I overdid it yesterday and paid this morning with a massively huge knee, thought it might explode.  Doing much better this eve, the lazy life is kinda boring.  Watching the news--Texas, Boston, all the tragedies--that nips feeling sorry for myself in the bud right away.

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I did a lot of crutching around, hard work.  Then I did 40 minutes of abs and arms at home, modified.  my MRI is Monday so will find out if surgery is needed or not.  Swelling is way down today.

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