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April 2008

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Jun 25, 2007



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Get fit again! Casper Marathon on June 8th in Casper, Wyoming. I don't have a specific goal time for it, as I don't know the course real well, but I'd like to shoot for 6 minute pace.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run for your life! Stay active enough to eat seconds and ice cream without guilt.


Married to a beautiful wife AnnMarie, who is also a 3:15 marathoner and the mother of our handsome 2 year old, Myles and newbie Sullivan. Sullivant was born 2 years and one day after Myles was born. Myles knows only one speed--running all out. Kinda like Prefontaine.  Besides running, I enjoy reading, woodworking, fishing, and chasing Myles around our house.

Russian champion tries Crocs, commits to racing a marathon in them

Nikolay Chavkin in the video below did 3x1000, first two in Adidas carbon-fiber models, the last one in Crocs. Surprised by the result (2:52, 2:52, 2:50) with the fastest interval done in Crocs, he committed to racing a marathon in Crocs if the video gets 42K likes and 195 comments (for 42 km 195 m, the marathon distance). Nikolay's current marathon PR is 2:14:00. The video was created by a Russian sporting goods store chain. Their moto is "more sports - brighter life", which we think is wonderful, and also deserves a Like. If you want to see a fast marathon in Crocs, go to the video and click the Like button. And make sure to share it with your friends.

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

Okay, okay, it's been too long, and people have hassled me too much, I'm finally back, again. February was a tough running month, what with the arrival of baby boy Sullivan Roy Wilson and near-constant sub-zero temperatures then entire month. March was so-so, some weeks would be good, and others were about 10-15 miles per week. Not sure I want to put that out there for everyone to analyze and dissect. But what the heck, right? We're all runners on here, and we all go through the peaks and valleys of a runner.

My immediate goal is go get my carcass ready for Casper Marathon on June 8. I think I can do well at it if I have 5-6 more solid weeks of training like most of April has been, so hopefully I can get my butt out the door each morning for a decent run, and then keep adding some runs in the evenings. I've been going on some hard-day workouts with the Cokeville track team, and I'm reminded of how far out of sprint shape I am. Ouch.

Anyhow, this morning was a solid 7 miles, 10 minutes with the boys distance runners and the rest on my own. I'm hoping to add some evening runs to get my daily mileage over 10/day.

Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

Only time for 5 miles this morning, started with the team, and finished by myself. Thought we had faculty meeting at 7:15, so I cut my run short so AnnMarie could get in a couple miles, and that's about all she had time for. I get to school, and no faculty meeting. Bummer. I REALLY need to get in another run tonight, especially since tomorrow I'll only have the chance to run once, due to my night class in Afton I must attend. Out.


Met my goal of getting in another run, though it was only four miles and not without some drama. I didn't get out the door until about 9:20, so it was plenty dark and I decided I'd better gear up with a headlamp and reflective vest. I ventured east until main street intersects Hwy 30, then turned around and headed out west to the "west side" to my two mile mark, then turn around again and head for home. Basically, my four mile loop. On my way back into town with about 1 mile to go, I see a car approaching from the south--behind me. I move over to the west side of the road, so I'm clear on the other side of the road from the vehicle. As the car approaches, I glance over my shoulder to check where the car is, and much to my surprise/dismay/fear it is no less than four feet clear of me and approaching fast. I jump into the barrow pit, and let out a phrase that rhymes with firetruck. No luck in catching a license plate i.d, all I could do was hope for a train to pass through town soon enough to block this car from crossing the tracks and escaping my wrath. No luck with the train, so the best I could do is finish my run and recount to AnnMarie what had happened. My guess is it was probably some high school punks--probably students of mine, but if I find out who it is, they'll have a broken windshield and tires flattened--but just on the bottom side. Too much drama for 4 measly miles.

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5.5 miles this morning, started out with the team and finished on my own. No cars to run me off the road like last night, just a boring morning run. It's supposed to rain/snow sometime today, so I'm glad I got the run in. AnnMarie got hers in, I'm still working on getting her signed up on the blog.

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