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Salt Lake City Marathon

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Salt Lake City,Ut,US

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Jun 16, 2010



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Age Division Winner

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Training for the SLC marathon. 

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay healthy and keep running with my puppy.


Runner and Dinosaur Lover

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Really did not want to go running today. I was not in the mindset, was super tired from a late evening last night, and just had so much to do for my work trip tomorrow, but Nathan convinced me to go for a medium long run. Started at my house, ran to the trax station, took that up to the U, then ran to the museum so I could pick up my work car and stuff I need for my work trip, then drove the van back to my place, continued the run after. That little detour took much longer than I thought it would... but after we started again at my house and ran to SHP, did a lap around, ran down to 1100 east, took that a while, then ran down to 900 east, ran that a while, then down to 800 east and ran that home. These long runs are getting easier. I'm so glad Nathan got me out the door. I wish we could've gone further, but it was already 7:30 at this point and I still have stuff I need to do before I leave tomorrow morning at 5am. 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 13.00
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Last long run before the marathon! Met up with Nathan on this beautiful Easter morning for our last long run of training. We basically did miles 5-26 of the Marathon course and then finished the last mile running back to my house. I am surprised how good I felt? I did not get much running in last week due to the work trip. We brought 4 gu's on the run and the stopped at mile 8 and roughly 18 for water at gas stations that we ran by. The last 4 miles my legs were getting pretty tired, but they felt good! Took Wilson on a couple of walks throughout the day to hopefully work some of the lactic acid out, stretched after the run, and elevated my legs after the run. 13 days until the marathon!

Kinvara 11 Miles: 22.00
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Took Wilson and Nathan on a lunch time run. We started at NHMU, then ran the shriners run from high school, hopped on 11th avenue and took that home. It was really fun running through the U with my dog, he was so intrigued by all of the people. No achilles or knee pain! I officially have marathon legs, they did not warm up until mile 5. Going to yoga tonight to stretch them out. 

Kinvara 11 Miles: 6.00
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Last long run before the marathon! Nathan and I went on an adventure run, we zigzagged through the avenues, then took the shriners run and then did the foothill loop, up passed the zoo and then in the foothills, then took sugarhouse back to my place. This was the hilliest run we have done and it felt really good! No foot pain, no achilles or knee pain. We even through in some 7:30's the last 3-4 miles. We are feeling ready for the marathon!

Kinvara 11 Miles: 15.00
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Last run before the marathon. Nathan and I took Wilson out 2 miles along South Temple and back. Super easy, felt great! We are ready!

Kinvara 11 Miles: 4.00
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Race: Salt Lake City Marathon (26.5 Miles) 04:08:22
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Marathon day! After an incredibly stressful previous 48 hours, it is time to race. Nathan and I showed up at the starting line ready to go. We hopped on the 3:50 pacer right at the start. The first 4-5 miles just flew by. It ws so nice. The pace was feeling great and it was feeling easy. By mile 6-7 I am still smiling, speaking with the crowd, having a great conversation with the pacer and Natha. Mile 9 we took our first gu and grabbed 2 more from the aid station. The half marathoners split off from here. As we were going up Garfield, I could tell my legs were getting a smidge tired, but still felt great. At this point we had a good group of 6 guys all going for sub 3:50. We make the lap around sugarhouse park. At mile 11 someone yells "you are almost there" and the pacer goes "no we are not, do not let that get in your head. We still have a lot of miles to go" and that just made me laugh. At mile 12 we took our second gu. Going through the halfway point, Nathan needs the restroom, so we stop for him to use the bathroom. Starting again, my legs were tired but still on pace. By mile 15 or 16, I got this pinch in my shoulder, something I have never felt before. I tried stretching it while running, massaging it, nothing would work. It is hurting so bad. My parents were at mile 18 and that gave us a boost of energy to keep going. Mile 19 we take our third gu. We walked up the hill at mile 20 on Highland Drive trying to massage out my shoulder. Still, nothing is working. Going down 2700 south, I knew we were getting close, but I just couldnt move my left arm. At this point, I am just running while holding on to my shoulder. When we finally get to Liberty Park, I see Kayla and Jay cheering for us which helped so much! Then we turned down to the finish line, and we started sprinting just to be done. I saw that 4 hour mark pass and I was super bummed, but again, I did just finish my first marathon!


A few things I would have done different! 

  1. I wish we did 2 more 22 milers, I do not think we had enough miles under our legs. It was hard because for the first 6 weeks of training, I had to bike because of my broken foot.
  2. I wish I strengthened my shoulder. Maybe have done some weighted arm swings? Any advice???
  3. Do not waste as much energy in the early miles weaving in and out of people, just tuck behind the pacer and run.

Overall it was an amazing experience and I am excited to do it again!

Kinvara 11 Miles: 26.50
Total Distance
Kinvara 11 Miles: 86.50
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