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Ogden Marathon

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Oct 27, 2007



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50M : Squaw Peak '10 12:59:57
50K : Buffalo Trail  '10   5:50:24
26.2: Ogden           '08   3:30:39
25K : Buffalo Trail  '09   2:25:10
13.1: Phoenix         '09   1:34:55

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2008 WBR Swamp Donkey's 2nd Place 23:30 hrs
2009 WBR Swamp Donkey's 3rd Place 24:32 hrs


 Marathons   Completed
 Ogden 26.2


 St. George 26.2


 Mid Mountain 26.2 (Park City)



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 Squaw Peak 50M


 Buffalo 50K


 Red Hot 55K


El Vaquero Loco 50K  1

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Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 22.80 Year: 503.40
Adrenaline Light Black Lifetime Miles: 700.30
Cascadia 14 Aqua Lifetime Miles: 321.10
Adrenaline 21 Black Lifetime Miles: 403.85
Race: Ogden Marathon (26.41 Miles) 03:48:54, Place overall: 448, Place in age division: 61
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Well, me hearties - here's my race report! I had planned on running this with my Brother from Cali "the DUKE" and a firend from springville. They both wanted to beat 4 hrs. So the plan from the beginning was to help them achieve that! I was scheduled to run the Squaw peak 50 on June 6th - more on that in a minute. So mentally I knew I wasn't going to "go" for it, but just get them in under 4 hrs. Mile breakdown:

1 - 8:46 - good easy mile holding everyone back.

2- 8:27 - feeling good, but worrying we are to fast.

3 - 8:18 - Still good, trying to hold them back - Duke wants to run away from the pack.

4 - 8:24 - Not back considering GU and water walk at station.

5 - 8:14 - Letting the legs run.

6 - 8:36 - Water walk, good mile.

7 - 8:23 - everyone seeming to be ok.

8 - 8:30 - first real flat mile.

9 - 8:33

10 - 8:18 - reminded the Duke this is a long race, might want to slow it down a bit. Brower fell back here.

11 - 8:27

12 - 8:30

13 - 8:35

14 - 8:42 Big hill climb - Duke looking strong.

15 - 8:49 Water walk - love the ice/cold sponge here.

16 - 8:12 wanting to cruise caught up to Duke

17 - 8:29

18 - 8:20

19 - 8:28

20 - 8:24 Duke starting to run - I let him go. He is looking strong.  

21 - 8:43 Started getting tired

22 - 8:46

23 - 8:31

24 - 9:41 Walked here for a bit water/powerade

25 - 9:37 Walked here for a bit water/powerade

26 - 10:40 Not sure what happened here I think the two aid stations close got me. Walked and drank for 20 yards or so - actually feeling ok.

.41 best pace 6:38 coming into the home gate.

Running the race a bit slower than a normal effort was enjoyable. The scenery is amazing, the runners are awesome, and the GOAL volunteers were great. Nice RACE.

back to Squaw I decided to withdraw last night (last day to do so, to roll your payment into next year) - I haven't put in the time and won't have the time over the next few weeks to get ready, so hopefully next year! - Will update race detail when they are published.


ASICS 2140 Miles: 26.41
From crockett on Sun, May 17, 2009 at 12:31:10 from

Sorry to hear you decided to pull out of SP50. I bet you would have done fine given a 3:48 Ogden. Your mileage base for the year looks good.

From Rob on Sun, May 17, 2009 at 13:14:49 from

Nice race, can't say that I blame you for Squaw peak. You should have decided before the race so you could have gone for it and broke last years time.

From theDuke on Sun, May 17, 2009 at 21:33:02 from

bro, you are a star. Thanks for helping me not burn out in 1st half of the race. It was a lot of fun running with the master.

From Kelli on Sun, May 17, 2009 at 22:09:00 from

What a nice guy and great pacer!!! Glad you were able to enjoy the run. Sorry about the Ultra, but sounds like you know what you are doing!

From gdoc on Sun, May 17, 2009 at 23:10:05 from

Brother, brother, are the man. That was a really nice race for you. great help with pacing and kept Brower alive afterward. Also, I think Squaw will be just fine for you next year especially since you are doing the ragnar ultra this year. Thanks again for the lovely accomodations.

From cgbooth23 on Sun, May 17, 2009 at 23:44:21 from

bring on RAGNAR, I think that is a good move you can focus on RAGNAR and kicking some bootie in St George, you are going to love that one! We need to help each other with speed...

From Walter on Mon, May 18, 2009 at 01:06:25 from

Nick it was a good .25 mile over! I talked with Bill Cobler who measured the course because when I did the striders half marathon, my gps watch was right on the hole way, saturdays were off right from the start. He said they made him change the course twice and didnt have time to change last minute things so we did run further. I would take at least 1 minute off your time vs. other marathons. Maybe even 2

From Burt on Mon, May 18, 2009 at 17:30:55 from

Is Squaw Peak down here in AZ? They changed the name of it because it was too offensive. They renamed it Piestewa Peak in honor of a fallen soldier.

From Ericka on Tue, May 19, 2009 at 12:56:52 from

Amazing! I ran my first marathon with my sis and it was the funest one yet. Way to support the bro!

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