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Week starting Mar 23, 2008

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Feb 10, 2007



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Local Elite

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I was an 800/1500 runner in high school and college, with PRs of 1:55 and 4:08. I've run as fast as 16:15 for 5k and 1:20 for a half, but my bests in recent years are 17:07 5k (Dec. '11), 37:40 10k (Jan. '12), 1:23:49 half (Sept. '08), 2:53:12 marathon (September '10), and 4:45:06 50k (March '10).

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Late 2015/2016 races: 

— Seattle Soltice 10k (Dec. 19)

— Nookachamps half marathon (Jan. 16)

— Toyko Marathon (Feb. 28) 


I'm an editor at a newspaper in Bremerton, Washington and head coach of the Bremerton Jaguars youth track and field team.

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My right hamstring wasn't as obviously painful Sunday and Monday so I gave it a go this morning. Just a short run as a test. It's definitely improved, the sharper pain isn't there anymore and I was able to run pretty freely from the beginning. Still a little tight at some points later in the run; then again, I didn't run very far so who knows what's in store when I run a real distance. If I recover well and the muscle feels good through the day I may try for a few more tonight. Hopefully I can slowly come back now after a few days off, babying the hamstring just enough but still keeping in some routine.

Probably a bit short of 2.5, but in that neighborhood. 18:36 overall. Ice is on it as I write.

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Finally some good news. 4.5 miles this morning on the 11th-Shore Drive route, and no pain in the hamstring. Absolutely fine. A little tired, but that's what I get for taking 5 days off. I didn't really feel a groove at all and it was kind of a cold, drizzy morning, but I was smiling the whole way. 33:20 total, so just under 8/minute miles. Back to the ice, etc. now to make sure it stays this way.

supernova -- 138

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Five on the treadmill. Legs felt loose, no hamstring pain at all. I think Josse's suggestion to find those trigger points really helped (thanks, if you read this). I started a little slowly (above 8/min miles) then gradually worked down to 7:35 or so as my body allowed. It was pretty encouraging. 40:06. Now if only the sun would come out and stay out.

supernova -- 143 

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Four treadmill miles on cold, rainy (snowy some places) morning. Pretty easy pace but I'm feeling comfortable and peppy again; 31 minutes. Another day without pain in the hamstring, so it looks like that's done with and I can get back into a routine next week and get the mileage back up.

supernova -- 147 

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Morning run with the slug club. Ernie was running 18 but that sounded a bit rich for my blood after an abbreviated week, so I met him at Waterman Dock, which is near the 3-mile marker. Left Waterman at 6, nice morning for a run. No snow/rain/sleet like yesterday, and it turned out to be great -- cloudy, about 40-45 the whole time, no wind. We were dead set on a comfortable pace and managed it for nearly the whole time, about the most consistent run I've had on that route. Miles were: 7:38, 7:24, 7:21, 7:49 (someone messed up the mile marker past Manchester when they repainted is the rumor, because the next one is always short), 7:10 (turned around at this point), 7:02, 7:26, 7:29, 7:10, 7:26, 7:06, 6:47. The 7:10 on the way back was inspired by two camels along the route, I think I got excited. One had two humps, the other had one. Too bad James wasn't there to run through their field and get chased. The last two were fast because I needed to get to the bathroom and was in a hurry. Conversational pace the whole time though, and there were a lot of other sluggos out on the road who met up at breakfast.

1:27 total, really a great Saturday morning run. No pain in the hammy, so I think I'm all clear. Back up to a more normal mileage next week and shooting for 15 next weekend.

supernova -- 159

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