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Jun 03, 2010



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Marathon Finish

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Top of Utah 2010  -  4:25

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Run a sub 4:00 marathon

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Run consistently and have fun doing it.

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I'm an idiot. I've been training for June 2nd. The marathon is actually June 9th. Wow. I went down to Provo to pick up my race packet but there was nobody there. I checked my email (thank goodness for smart phones) to make sure I was in the right place. Oh no, wrong date. Wow, I am an idiot.  So I decided to run a half instead.  I'm glad the marathon was not on this day because I was miserable during the run.  I  was dead after 5.  The heat doesn't bother me much so I don't think it was that.  We've had a bug going around our house so my guess is that I was fighting it off and the only symptom was fatigue.  I finished up the 13 with some walking mixed it and was dead tired the rest of the day.  I went to bed early and felt better in the morning.  Went to 9am church and was home again by 10am.  I went back to bed and slept another 3 hours.  So I'm a blessed idiot, fortunate that the race is actually on the 9th.

Altra Instinct Miles: 13.00
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Altra Instinct Miles: 6.00
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Race: Utah Valley Marathon (26.2 Miles) 04:37:54
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OK, here it is.  Better late than never.  It was a bad omen when I got up to meet my neighbor Richard at 3am and there was a pretty stiff wind.  We drove down to Provo and caught the bus.  It never ceases to amaze me how long these bus rides are.  We have to run all this?  Crap.  So we get off on the east side of Wallsburg.  They had bunches of campfires for us to stay warm and plenty of pops.  My plan was to get with the 4 hour pace group and stay there.  I haven't trained as well as I wanted to over the months, there just wasn't time.  Family, work, yard, these all took priority and my training suffered but I wanted to leave it all on the course and go for it.  It was crowded and I couldn't start up by the 4 hour pacer but I wasn't worried, keeping a good pace would eventually catch me up.  Mile 1 - 8:49,  2 - 8:34,  3 - 8:45.  Good easy miles at a perfect pace.  My breathing was relaxed and I felt great, optimistic.  Mile 4 had the first aid station and I slowed for a drink, 9:02.  Mile 5 - 8:58, 6 - 9:26 (had to find a tree), 7, 8:57.  All these miles were right were I wanted them to be.  I didn't want to go too fast over the 4 hr pace.  The start of mile 8 I took a gel and couldn't get the dang thing open so there was more walking here than I wanted.  It also marked the end of the sheltered Wallsburg canyon.  It also started some big hills.  I didn't know this section was going to be so hard.  A big part of it was the head wind.  Wallsburg was sheltered but we were out now.  So this mile 8 was a big 10:46.  I wasn't tired here because I purposely took it easy.  I was more worried about conserving energy on the hills than I was with time.  Mile 9 - 9:35,  10 - 8:48.  9 was rolling hills and 10 was mostly down hill.  I picked up a little time here.  11 - 9:03,  12 - 9:49,  13 - 9:43.  These miles were more rolling hills and  head wind.  At the half way point I was 2 minutes behind but the big hills were behind me.  There was plenty of time left.  I opened the throttle a little to start to make up those 2 minutes.  Nothing happened.  I was running out of gas already.  My poor training of the last 30 - 45 days was showing its results.  14 - 9:58,  15 - 10:18,  16 - 11:07,  17 - 11:31,  18 - 12:03.  Look at that deterioration.  Bad news.  19 - 9:57 (I don't know why this one was faster),  20 - 11:09.  Mile 21 I stopped to say hi to Smooth.  Yay.  She put a smile on my face and probably cut 2 or three minutes out of my next few miles.  Thanks Smooth!  21 - 12:06,  22 - 11:44,  23 - 12:14,  24 - 16:24.  Mile 24 I realized I had no shot at a PR (4:25).  I know I'd lost the 4 hours long ago but this one I lost a lot of motivation.  I didn't want the last 3 miles to take 45 minutes but it didn't look good.  25 - 12:46,  26 - 12:33.  I devised a method to keep myself motivated for the last 2 miles.  I had to keep the current mile pace under 13 minutes.  When I got well into the 12s I afforded myself a small walk until the pace started to approach 13 again.  Finally I reached the final half mile and I found the will to finish it off.  I was done with this damn thing.  It may sound like a giant complaint depressing blog entry but it was still fun.  The back of the shirt they gave out says it all.  "Pain You Enjoy"

Altra Instinct Miles: 26.20
Race: USDC Hill Celebration 5k (3.25 Miles) 00:24:36, Place overall: 2
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Work is eating my lunch. Worked 65 hours last week and its headed that way this week. I just haven't had time to run. This one however is at work. So really this run didn't take time away from work. Anyway, there is a celebration every year here at the Developmental Center where there is a parade, BBQ, booths, etc.  This is the first year there has been a 5k.  I came into this with no runs for almost 2 weeks and no speed work for months.  I wanted to see were my fitness and speed is.  I'm pretty pleased.  My last 5k was last November and I'd been doing speed work and running regularly.  My pace there was under 7:30 and today it was 7:35.  Not far off.  I was 2 minutes off the leader and 2 1/2 minutes ahead of 3rd place so my place was pretty secured.  There were probably 50 or so participants but many were pushing wheelchairs or walking with someone with a disability.  Anyway, it was a good time.  I'm hoping that work will slow down a little sometime in the next month so I can start running again.

Altra Instinct Miles: 3.25
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Altra Instinct Miles: 48.45
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