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So. Jordan,UT,USA

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May 12, 2008



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

St.George marathon 2009 - 3:34:07.  It was a PR on my 11th time running St. George.


Short-Term Running Goals:

Run St. George in under 3:30; be in the top 3 in my age group

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay strong, run well for many more years.  Still set PR's in my 50's.

Learn how to run more relaxed and efficient.


I'm married with four children.  I run with a group called the Bingham Butt-Kickers, a really fun group of people that gets me out running early on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and sometimes Saturdays.   I recently found out that I've been running with poor form for many years, which has probably contributed to some nagging aches and pains I've had for years.  One of my big goals now is to be able to run with better form and to have running feel more effortless.  I hope this won't take too many years to achieve!

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Total Distance

A few of us--Cheris, Michelle, Nancy and Eric--met at 5:30am and drove up to Popperton Park and ran down 11th Avenue, then around into City Creek Canyon for a little ways up, then back down thur Memory Grove, then up the stairs and back to B Street..  Then we did one of my favorite runs, where you go up an avenue, then over, then up, then over, and repeat that pattern until we got back to 11th Avenue.  The hills were tough, but they didn't seem as hard as when I've run them in the past.  Maybe my bigger mileage base is helping there.  We then ran back to our cars at Popperton and had a fun ride home.  We did see Chad during the run, he came zipping by us.  We also saw my friend Ann Cannon.  Memory Grove is very pretty and was probably my favorite part of the run--except for those hills!!

 P M--took Schneider and ran easy on the canal  road for 30 minutes.  I'll count that as 2.5 miles

Total Distance

I missed my group today because I had a doctor's appt. for a physical this morning.  I was supposed to fast for it, so I didn't think it was wise to run hills for 10 miles and then not be able to eat for maybe two or three hours after.  It turned out that I chewed one measly little piece of gum and they said that would alter the results, so I couldn't do my blood test today.  All because of one little piece of gum!

Anyway, my workout today consisted of 20 minutes on the Stair Master at the SJ Rec Ctr, and then 30 minutes of pool running at Marv Jenson's.  I will count that as 3 miles.  I also lifted weights, mainly for my legs to strengthen hamstrings, glutes and quads.

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I wanted to meet with some in the group to run this morning, but I was fasting again for my blood test, so decided to run after the test.  So I ended up running around noon, the heat of the day, but it wasn't too bad because of the cloud cover.  I ran for 60 minutes straight, stopped to drink and rest a few minutes, then ran for 30 minutes.  I will count that as 9 miles.  I ran mainly on the canal roads.

Total Distance

I met with the group at the Jr. River parkway trail at Gardner Village to run 10 miles.  I started out running with Cheris, Julie, and Lynette, then they wanted to pick up the pace and I didn't, so after about mile 2 I was on my own.  I started taking 1 minute walking breaks at mile 3 just to see how that would go.  I guess it went ok.  My splits:

1- 9:20










What can I say, the total time was 1:30:33, so my aveage was about 9:03.  It would have been nice to have been faster, but it is what it is.  That trail has always been kind of tough for me.  Nice to get in the mileage.


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Different kind of work out day.  I first went to the SJ Rec pool and did some pool running there and other exercises.  Then I got on my treadmill and ran some hill sprints, something Steve told me to do to help my form--getting more of a knee lift.  I enjoyed it so much that I did some more in the evening--quick 30 seconds sprints, not too bad.  I think for all I did, wirh warm-ups and cool downs, that I got in at least 4 miles.

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We met with Steve today at Alta High at 6am.  Those there were Cheris, Michelle, Debbie and Alan.  We ran south and saw everyone preparing for the Draper 5K.  We stopped for a couple of minutes for Steve to talk with Sasha, then we were off.  We went to the road that leads up to Suncrest and ran up it for quite a ways.  Have you guys ever been on it, it is a pretty steep and steady uphill.  Steve says we'll run all the way up one of these days, I can't wait for that.  Maybe we'll bring our BBK group here someday.  After running that a few times, Veyo will seem like a piece of cake.  Then we had the screaming downhill which probably beat up my legs, and I'll feel it tomorrow.  Then it was pretty steady back to Alta, except for a stop at the park again to see how Sasha did.  Steve's prediction of 16:26 was off by 2 seconds.  Pretty good time prediction!  The others in the group wanted to go 16 miles, I was happy with 14, and my legs were saying, "Time to stop" so I hung out at the high school until they finished.   I felt pretty wasted when I got home, but nothing a little nap couldn't remedy.

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