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December 2010

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Member Since:

Jan 04, 2010



Goal Type:

Recover From Injury

Running Accomplishments:

In late 2008 I decided I needed to get in better shape and started running again.  I ran my first formal road race ever, a half marathon, in late 2009.

(unofficial) Track 1 Mile - 7:32 (4/24/2010)  6:56 (9/27/2010)

5k - 27:31 - Riverview Run on 06/11/2010
22:39 - Gatorade Steelers 5k on 09/04/2010

10k - 50:43 - Riverside Run on 04/10/2010

Half - 2:02:58 - Just a Short Run on 03/27/2010
1:51:47 - IKEA Montour Trail Half on 09/11/2010

Short-Term Running Goals:

2011 Races:

Sept 25 - The Great Race 10k (59:15)
Nov 5 - Dirt Monster 5mi (52:59)

2012 Races:

June 8 - Riverside 5k  (27:49)
Sept 2 - Gatorade Steelers 5k (route) with Steve!  (27:39)
Sept 30 - The Great Race 10k (route)  (53:48)
Nov 3 - The Dirt Monster 5mi (52:55)

2013 Races:

May - Pittsburgh Marathon (started, but DNF about the half way point)
June - Riverview 5k  - Bummed I missed signing up for this one. It's one of my favorites!
Sept - Gatorade/Steelers 5k. (Signed up!)
Sept - IKEA Montour Trail Half  (prob not, but leaving it on here)
Sept - The Great Race 10k (My Running 101 goal race)
Nov - Dirt Monster 5mi (Gotta do it again no matter what!)

Long-Term Running Goals:

Finish recovering from my injuries and build mileage.  That is all.


My name is Wes, I'm married with two wonderful children. The nickname BaldNSpicy came from the fact that I have been balding for a (long) while now and spicy for my love of very spicy foods (Thai and extremely hot wings are my favorites).  If eating doesn't bring me near tears and leave me sweating, it's not worth eating.  :-)

Oh, and I'm also known for my doorags.

Favorite Quotes:

"Running without hills is like motorcycling without corners." - rAtTLeTrAp

"Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit.  You are what you do repeatedly." - Shaquille O'Neal

"A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else."  - John Burroughs

Favorite Blogs:

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Weight: 168.50
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Well, there's a very slight improvement to the foot pain.  The novacaine made the toes numb...but that wore off over Tuesday night and the pain was back.  I heard it may get worse before it gets better so I was disappointed but not surprised.  I scheduled another appointment next week since I can always cancel it if it improves over the weekend.

Hit the treadmill after my PT appointment.  It was better than it's been, but I don't know if that was just because I popped a couple of Advil before heading down.  Pace was pretty easy, between 8:30 and 9:15, varying inclines from 1 to 5%.  It felt good to get back to the gym.  I'm shooting for consistency from here on out even if the foot doesn't allow me to run.  Tomorrow, I'm doing the spin class again.  Note to self:  Bring your RoadID!  I'm going to recover with the P90X Recovery drink mix that Burt sent me.  I think I'll need it!

My brother sent me a picture of his goatee after shaving his full hunting beard yesterday.  His wife forced him to shave it off today.  Funny how just a few weeks ago my wife dared me to shave mine for the Primary program where I'd be sitting on the stand for Sacrament meeting.  I call it my Hulk Hogan beard...she calls it my child molester beard.  If my beard were gray, I could play his double.

 My Bro...
 and me

Yeah...I know his is better.  And my wife agrees he's better looking.

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40 mins on the torture spin bike.  Burt's P90X Recovery Drink saved my bacon.

Update:  After work my wife and I went to Costco to get stuff for a party her friend is doing tomorrow.  I was starving so we hit the food court at about 7:30pm when we were done shopping.  I ate a full day's worth of calories:  Barqs, hot dog (Nathan's brand, I believe), slice of pepperoni pizza, churro, and a berry yogurt sundae thingie.  Yummy!

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Second round of alcohol injections.  She increased the alcohol concentration which made them hurt more.  Crossing my fingers...

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I ran at most 1/2 mile.  I had some time at the end of the day so I headed down to the gym.  I walked for about 5 mins reading the news then started a jog but it didn't take long until I was reduced to a walk again.  This is really depressing.  I'm scheduled for a fitness eval at the gym on Friday and I don't know that I'll be able to run the 12:00 treadmill test.  Maybe if I take a handful of Aleve an hour before...sigh.

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Well, I finally got to the gym again this month.  Work has kept me from doing much more than...well, work.  It's like this at the end of every year, but this year it's particularly bad due to the layoffs and "doing more (work) with less (people)."  Funny how that saying changes...

Anyways, the second shot did nothing to improve my foot and since I had to postpone my third shot to the first week of January, so I hope to have some improvement then.  Today was my last PT appointment.  She didn't have anyone after me so we chatted some and we examined the new orthotics I got a couple of months ago.  They're really hard and since they're not helping any, she gave me some off the shelf inserts that feel pretty nice to try.  They haven't cured me, but they do feel softer which feels good.

I had time after work today so I decided to get to the gym and torture myself in another 40 min spin class.  I tried a little running on the treadmill before class to warm up.  The plain inserts may be better...or I could just be imagining it.  I still couldn't really run, but there's promise, I think.  Class was tough but I didn't have calf cramps, which was awesome!  Those ache for days.  The legs are tired from lack of working out, but I hope to get in some good bike workouts over the holidays since I'll be working from home.  Tomorrow is the advanced spin class, so I may go for it if I get the time.  Who knows how "advanced" it is since you basically dial in how tough you want the workout to be.

I'm excited to get back to running because the gym just got a Freemotion Incline treadmill.  -3% to 40% incline!  It's insane!  I can't wait to hurt myself on it.  :-)

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Spin class's getting a little easier but the legs were a bit tired and sore today.  I kept up and got another good workout in!  I think I'll work on getting 2 spin classes in each week until my foot is better.  There were 4 students in the class and two dropped out after about 30 mins giving up.  So, I felt good hanging in there the whole 45 mins.

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Hope everyone's Christmas was great!  Ours was very nice and relaxing.  Having older kids is great.  Everyone slept in until about 10am.  I got up about 9am and went out and got breakfast finished up.  Scones are one of my specialties and a favorite for Christmas morning, so that's my contribution.  :-)

We got another couple of inches of snow on Christmas Eve, so we had an even whiter Christmas than the two we already had.  Kids & wife got what they really wanted, I got some new hot sauces so I got what I really wanted.  The bonus for me this year were some new pajama pants:

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Life has officially ended for me today.  I thought turning 40 was bad, or maybe getting gray hair, or maybe even having a teenager.  Today is my daughter, Annalee's, Sweet 16.  She's been reminding me on a daily basis for the last 3 months that I have to take her to the DMV today to get her driving permit.  In PA, they get their permit at 16 then have to log 50+ hours of "practical driving experience" and wait 6 months to get their actual license.  She passed the tests with flying colors.  I'm working this week from home so I tried to use the excuse that I had work I had to get back to and we wouldn't be able to go anywhere to practice.  She called my bluff, so we headed to the church parking lot (where else!) and I stalled as long as possible, explaining every minute detail of the controls, how an engine works, the advantage of disc brakes and ABS, yadda yadda.  Finally, she asked when I was going to stop stalling and let her drive.  :-) 

I think I got minor whiplash on some unexpected hard stops, and some sliding on the snow patches that where still there in spots, but otherwise she did quite well with no obstacles around.  She wanted to drive on the street so despite my better judgment, she pulled out onto the street and after a couple blocks I had her turn into a development.  I told her to put her right turn signal on and she started to panic since she hadn't used her signals while moving yet and so she just pulled into the development and stopped.  I'm glad there weren't any pedestrians or other vehicles in the near vicinity!  I had her go up a block and turn around, and that's about all I could take for the day.  Whew!  I think she inherited my wife's driving genes. I'm confident I can override those with practice and proper training.  haha

Since the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet says she can't date until she's 16, the rule in our house is your first date has to be with dad...or in the case of my son, his mom...before you can date anyone else.  For months I've been telling her I'd take her on her first date the night before she goes on her mission when she's 21, but that never went over well.  I've tried the "you can date after your married" approach but she wasn't going for that either.  So, knowing that kids will be kids and she'd just go date behind my back, I decided I'd use the Pittsburgh Penguins tickets I just happened to have for the game tonight and we'd go on our date.  :-)  It was supposed to be a surprise with me asking her out in a creative way, but my wife ruined it by telling her friends who are huge Pens fans who spilled the beans in front of the kids a couple of months ago since my wife didn't tell them it was a surprise.  So, it wasn't the surprise I was hoping for, but that's OK.

The game was in the new Consol Energy Center that was finished this last year.  It's sooo much better than "The Igloo," and thanks to my employer who's a major sponsor, the tickets I won in the raffle were awesome seats (as always)!  My employer raffles off a couple hundred tickets for each of 10 games during the season.  The first year I was here they gave 4 tickets per winner, which was awesome since then the whole fam could go.  That was the best since our tickets were three rows up behind the glass of the Pens bench!  After that year they started giving two per winner, which was fine, but then we had to decide who goes.  I've won tickets in three of the four years I've been here. 

Since I don't care who they play and I just want to see the game, I always pick the team that's the worst, or in this year's case, the date of the game.  I figured right after Christmas people would be on vacation, plus we were playing the Atlanta Thrashers which I figured weren't a team most would want to see compared to the other games.  It just so happened the date of the game was my daughter's birthday, but I didn't realize that until I won the tickets and my wife said, "Oh, that's perfect since that's Annalee's birthday!  You can surprise her and take her for your date!"  Me:  "Um,, I know!  That's why I picked that game!"  I'm a loser for not realizing that, although I probably would have picked another date thinking Annalee would have her birthday party that day.  Anyways, I think I'm lucky to have won the tickets for the third time since one of my buddies was stoked he had finally won tickets after 5 years of trying.  I didn't tell him my win streak...  It was a sell-out standing room only crowd (18,322) always...and we had an AWESOME time!  Here's some pics:

Our self portrait while waiting for the bus...Parking is nuts down there and the bus picks us up within a couple blocks of our house and drops us off in front of the arena.  Why pay $20 to park when we can ride the Ghetto Sleigh?  Of course, getting home took some time since the buses were also stuck in the traffic, but it was all good.

 Here's Annalee with the Consol Energy Center sign in the background:

 And a shot inside the Consol before the game:

And us memorializing our AWESOME date after the game.  I think I set a pretty high standard that few, if any of her dates will be able to match.  :-):

The funniest thing was in the third period when Sidney Crosby appeared to have scored his third goal (a "hat trick" for those even less educated than I am on hockey) and everyone started throwing their hats onto the ice.  There must have been a couple hundred.  Turns out it was only an assist as the puck glanced off another player's stick before going in.  There were some people behind us yelling they wanted their hats back.  Haha  They probably could have went and gotten it since there's a net around the goal ends to keep the puck from leaving the ice so their hat had no chance of getting on the ice anyways.  The people down several rows were probably picking up the cool, expensive hats to take home!  :-)

We had a fantastic, very memorable time despite the extremely cold weather, the wind chill, me forgetting a hat, and the 7-11 cleaning their hot chocolate machine right after the game.  I'm always up for an ice cold Coke, but not while waiting for the bus to come in 20o weather!

I have an incredible daughter and although I play the tough dad and give her grief sometimes, she melts my heart!  If you're reading this, Annalee, Happy Sweet 16!!  <3

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