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Week starting Nov 11, 2007

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Woods Cross,UT,USA

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May 01, 2006



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5k: 17:50 (2010 NSL)
10k: 38:20 (2007 Des News)
1/2 Marathon: 1:23:30 (2009 Provo Half)
Marathon: 2:53:46 (2007 St George)

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Daddy to 3 great kids - 16 year old son and 11 year old twin daughters

I do not know what tomorrow will bring but I do know it will start with a run.

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Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance
Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Wife's at work and kids are at Grandmas so I decided to get a few miles in.  Felt really good this morning.  It's amazing how much better a good race can make you feel.  Yesterday's race seemed to snap me out of the funk that I was in last week.  

Total Time: 1:05:38 (7:30/mile) 

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There was a very thick fog this morning and my legs felt just as heavy.  I think that the soreness from the race on Saturday finally kicked in.  Turned the run into a recovery run because I just couldn't get my legs to move.  It was kind of nice and peaceful running in the fog.

Total Time: 57:30 (8:13/mile) 

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My legs are still really sore.  I'm surprised that they are this sore.  First couple of miles were rough but felt a lot better once I warmed up.

Total Time: 1:09:49 (7:45/mile) 

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My feet were extra slappy today for some reason.  As usual, the first half of the run felt awful but I felt good once I warmed up.  It's getting really cold and I need to find my winter gloves.  The $1 throw away gloves aren't keep my hands warm enough anymore.

Total Time: 1:07:45 (7:37/mile) 

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I've had a little discomfort in my chest for the past few days.  Nothing major but enough for me to make sure that I have my Road ID on my shoe.  I'm going to take it easy for a few days until I can figure out what the cause is.  I had a stressful week at work last week which is what I think is the source of the problem.  The run itself felt good but very cold.  

Total Time: 1:01:27 (7:41/mile) 

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Still taking it easy.  My chest discomfort is about the same.  I think that I may hit the Instacare tonight just to make sure that nothing is wrong.  Actually, I made the mistake of mentioning the discomfort to my wife so she is insisting that I have it checked out.  I strapped on my HR monitor just to make sure that nothing is out of whack.  My resting heart rate was normal (43) and my heart rate during the run was pace appropriate (145-150).  

Total Time: 56:21 (7:38/mile) 

Slow milesFast milesTotal Distance

Went to the Instacare last night to get an EKG and make sure that my chest discomfort was not serious.  Instacares are limited as to what they can do and even more limited in what they will tell you (too much C.Y.A.) and even though the EKG looked alright, he couldn't tell me that there was nothing wrong.  I either had to go to the ER or wait until Monday to go to the Utah Heart Center.  The discomfort that I've been having isn't serious and I wouldn't even classify it as a pain.  My wife said that I couldn't run until I had it checked so I decided to go to the ER.  Working in the Actuarial department of a health insurance company, I know what a waste of money this is and really didn't want to do it but to put my wife's and my own mind to ease, I felt that it was the best thing to do.  Got to the ER and was strapped to a HR monitor, had some blood drawn and had another EKG.  They wanted to check the enzyme levels to make sure that there hasn't been any damage to the heart.  Blood test came back fine and I was sent home after a couple of hours.  I am going to the Utah Heart Center on Monday to have a stress echo.  One good thing that came out of the ER visit was that I was able to set a new HR PR.  While waiting for the blood test to come back, I was able to get my heart rate down to 37 b.p.m.  I think that the ER doctor was once an athlete (looked like a tri-athlete).  He told me that as a physician he couldn't give me the go ahead to run but if he were in my situation, he would probably still run (more C.Y.A.)

I wanted to hook up with the South Davis Road Runners this morning by running 2.9 miles to the rec center.  It is a new group and there aren't a lot of runners signed up yet.  There isn't anybody that runs at my pace so I ran alone.  It will be good once the group grows and hopefully I will be able to find somebody to run with.  I was able to find out what the 5k course for the Thanksgiving turkey trot is. 

I read somewhere about the Ryan Shay memorial 5.5 mile run.  It asked people to dedicate 5.5 miles of their run today to Ryan Shay and take time to think about life.  I decided to run the 5K course plus 2.4 miles at a little slower than tempo pace as my Ryan Shay run.  I ran the course in 20:44 then turned around and ran most of the course backwards at the same pace.  Felt good for the most part.  Chest discomfort is mostly gone.  After the 5.5 miles I stopped to reflect on some things for a few minutes.  Finished up by running another 2.5 miles home.

Total time:  1:19:48 (7:19/mile)

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