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Week starting Mar 29, 2009

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Jan 17, 2008



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Running Accomplishments:

yearly mileage totals (actual running miles, not crosstraining etc)

2008 - 1,317

2009 - 2,654

2010 - 2,578

2011 - 2,618

2012 - 3,083 (ran everyday this year. PR's in half and full marathons, at age 48!)

2013 - 1,177

2014 - 1,716

2015 - 1,060

2016 - 951

2017 - 786

2018 - 1,058

2019 - 1,211

2020 - 1010


Short-Term Running Goals:

reacquaint myself with my long lost running freak, and then proceed to get my running freak on

run faster

increase mileage in the Spring 

keep running




Long-Term Running Goals:




born in 1964. married 24 years. one wife two dogs 

6 ft tall, nation wide

"Engaging in a little suffering — however self-imposed, arbitrary and contrived — before breakfast each morning tends to demand some humility and injects some marked relief into the rest of the day, making things sharper, more inspired, more immediately aware of the powerful presence of being. And that seems really worthwhile." A. Krupicka




Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 35.30 Year: 188.00
Mt101 Lifetime Miles: 507.80
Mt101 The 2nd Lifetime Miles: 542.90
Green A5's Lifetime Miles: 149.50
MR00 Lifetime Miles: 158.70
Stillnotmads (2) Lifetime Miles: 512.50
Kinvara9 Lifetime Miles: 580.20
Kinvara9painted Lifetime Miles: 513.60
Graynine Lifetime Miles: 394.40
Vapor4's Lifetime Miles: 9.00
Kinvara5 Lifetime Miles: 239.50
Switchbacksblack Lifetime Miles: 165.30
Switchbackblack2 Lifetime Miles: 45.30
Kinvara11 Lifetime Miles: 83.10
Total Distance
Asics 1130 Bronze Miles: 26.20Asics 2140 Miles: 16.50Asics DS 13 Miles: 14.50Treadmill Shoe Miles: 5.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

It's dumping snow. I can hear my treadmill snickering at me from the corner of the room. It knows I'm powerless against the allure of the treadmill at times like this. Serenity now. Serenity now.

(Time passes...)

I wasn't looking for a workout today, just needed something to break up the monotony of treadmill miles, so I devised the Goal Pace Tempo Medley:

2 mile warmup

4 miles @ GMP (8:27)

1 mi. easy

1.5 miles @ GHMP (8:06)  This is faster than my actual goal. I was going to go 2 mi. oops

.5 mi. easy

.5 @ G10kP (7:48)

.5 easy

.25 @ G5kP (7:24) Not a tempo. An interval of one?

1.75 warmdown

12 m i./1:45:20/8:47 avg.

My treadmill is stuck at 1.5% incline. Also the calibration is most certainly off  on this old machine so none of these pacings really mean much. But it was a fun way to pass time while running on a hamster wheel.

Asics 1130 Bronze Miles: 12.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Afternoon on the Jensen park/syracuse trail. Mostly sunny, 37F wind 7-10 mph N.


Asics 2140 Miles: 8.00
Weight: 0.00
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Total Distance

6:15 AM,  8 miles, from house to LPT, out and back. Moslty cloudy, balmy 33F, light wind out of the North. Extremely slow and easy pace, except for the part where I raced a backhoe up an overpass. The backhoe won.

1:30 PM , 4.5 miles on the 1 mile boardwalk loop at the shoreline preserve. Overcast, 40F, wind 10 MPH NNE. Felt much better this afternoon than I did this morning. Same with Friday's double. Hmm. 38:52/8:38


Asics 1130 Bronze Miles: 8.00Asics DS 13 Miles: 4.50
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Afternoon run from Jensen park North on the Syaracuse trail. Mostly cloudy, 37F, wind from the North at 6-12 mph.

Did 5 x 30 second striders in mile 8 working each one to 6:45 pace. It's fun to feel like a rock start for 4 or 5 seconds at a time.


Asics 2140 Miles: 8.50
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Well, it looks like I'll end up with a short run tonight (like 6 or 7 PM), either on the TM or the trail if weather permits. That's fine. It's good to shake up the routine once in awhile, I stale easily. Also, I'll have to (or get to) run 7 days this week to get my mileage goal since I won't be getting more than 4 or 5 miles today. Just writing it out here on the blog helps me to solidify a plan.

5 miles tonight on the fire break road with the dog. Mostly cloudy, 50F, wind 5-12 mph. Cool looking sky as a storm front is moving in.

Bad poetry alert!


Not a long run

But this course is hillified

My run jones is satisfied

I could have run more if I tried -  but I didn't

So this run I'll abide.

Treadmill Shoe Miles: 5.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Around noon on the LPT. Mostly cloudy, 40F, wind WNW @12-20mph. Very frustrated with the wind am I.

2 mile warmup, 3 mile tempo (7:47, 7:53, 7:47), then 5 miles of push through the wind to get back.


Asics DS 13 Miles: 10.00
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance

Easy 6 under overcast sky, 40F, light drizzle, winds 3-7 mph. From the house, through the hood, 1 mile on the LPT.

I didn't get started until 2:00 pm. I wanted to hurry and finish so the sun could come out. Now I'm done and the sun is out for the first time today. See how that works? I'm just saying...

Asics 1130 Bronze Miles: 6.20
Weight: 0.00
Total Distance
Asics 1130 Bronze Miles: 26.20Asics 2140 Miles: 16.50Asics DS 13 Miles: 14.50Treadmill Shoe Miles: 5.00
Weight: 0.00
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