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St. George Marathon

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Oct 04, 2008



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Boston Qualifier

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8 Marathons completed; PR of 3:29.  Hoping to run Boston in next few years if I can ever register before the dang thing fills (have missed the last 2 years because of this).

Short-Term Running Goals:

Hoping to re-qualify for Boston sometime in 2011.  Hoping to hit marathon #10 in 2011.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run 100 marathons in my lifetime and live to tell the tale.


Married.  2 daughters.  Have a love/hate relationship with running.  Hate the first 3 miles of EVERY run without fail and grumble the whole time.  Feel okay during 3-6.  Love 6+ and LOVE how I feel when I am done (like I can take on the world and then some!). 

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Race: St. George Marathon (26.2 Miles) 03:33:43, Place overall: 1007, Place in age division: 29
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Hello fast running blog world!  It has been quite some time since my last entry but as RAD asked me how St. George went, I decided I would post a decent posting about St. George and my running season in general.

Signed up for the Grand Slam this year to get the Grand Slam monkey off my back.  Did the Grand Slam in 2010 but moved to Knoxville, TN just before St. George so I didn't finish it.  Pretty much hate not doing something I said I was going to do more than anything else in the world and it drove me crazy that I didn't finish it, so it had to be done.

Raced Ogden and PRed (3:24).  Tanked at Utah Valley 3 weeks later (3:55).  Pulled it together for Park City (3:51) and had no idea how St. George was going to go.  After Park City I was exhausted from the summer and had tendonitis in left foot and zinging nerves in right foot so I took it easy (read: seriously slacked off) running only 3 days a week.  I got the long runs done but my midweek mileage seriously suffered and my speed work went out the window especially after I registered for Boston in 2013 (finally getting Boston done after several years of BQing and not registering in time).

Only motivation to run well at St. George was knowing that I had a 6 minute lead on the second place woman in my division and, realizing that I am going to turn 30 this year and will then be in the hardcore division (30-39 year olds), figured this was my only chance to ever win first in a marathon in anything.

Felt decent the morning of St. George.  Scott (husband) tried to reassure me that the six weeks between Park City and St. George of lax training were good for me.  Decided to stay together as long as we could at around a 7:30.  Started 15 minutes off the clock.  Lost Scott at mile 3 when he was doing closer to 7:15s.  Realized about the same time that my tiredness/exhaustion from the summer was not gone after all and that St. George was not going to be a PR by any means.

Held it together over Veyo, losing only 4 seconds.  But after that just slowly wore out.  By Mile 13 was feeling tired and more tired, but tried to keep it going at a decent pace.  Scott says I have no competitive spirit in me.  It's true.  I definitely compete against myself, but competing against others doesn't do it for me, so sometimes between 13-16 I started thinking, "I hope Erica (second place girl) has a great race and gosh darn it, if she wins she beat me fair and square."  At this, my friends and family roll their eyes and laugh.  Yes.  I suppose I am the ultimate non-competitor.  Garmin quit at mile 18 from data overload.  Wanted to chuck it since it was extra weight and not doing anything but thought this was probably not the best idea (I go a little crazy during races and figured this might be running crazy talking).

Saw Scott at 18 about a half mile ahead looking strong.  Caught up to him again at 22 or so but at that point I could tell he was hurting (Scott has a torn miniscus in his left knee).  Ran with him for a while at 23 but he wanted me to go ahead and when I saw on the clocks that I could maybe pull out a BQ time if I got my act together, decided to go for it.

Pulled in at 3:33.  Not my finest race but not my worst either.  Very happy thinking (dreaming perhaps?) that maybe 3:33 is my new just okay/average race day.

All in all, survived the running season and the Grand Slam though I'm not sure if it's an experience I will repeat anytime soon (4 marathons was a lot for me with my kids and all we had going on; I think 2 or 3 is much more ideal for me at this stage in life).  Ended up winning first place in my division and got a lovely plaque for it.  Got a BQ and a PR.  Finished my 15th marathon and only have 85 marathons to go before completing my lifetime goal of 100 marathons which will likely take me until age 100.  Kept saying I would take 2 months off and eat Oreos on my couch but now, a week out, find myself already missing the pavement so heading out for my first post-race run tomorrow morning bright and early.

Planning on a TThSat running schedule during the off-season until January.  Will be enjoying a lot of biking and maybe even some lifting MWF.  And looking forward to Bostin in 6 months.  On the crazy marathoning note, actually felt sad today when I realized it would be so long before my next marathon.  Hows that for crazy?  I know all of you other crazies will understand though.

Signing off for now, Cath

P.S. RAD--would love to get together for a run.  Please call or email! 


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